Saturday, July 30, 2011

The mixed feelings...

I hope history never repeats.


Just that sometimes it just feels so familiar that it makes me kind of worried.

As much as how uncertain the future may deem to be, I am secretly desiring you giving me our definition of certainty.

On a lighter note, it's Frankfurt tonight with Batchgirls Cin Cin and Pammy!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

been awhile...

It has been quite awhile. I just came back from a really long flight this morning. Both Moscow and Houston have been crazily hot. But we managed to take a 1.5hours of cruise in Moscow, enjoying the hard to come by Summer scenery cos Moscow has always been cold whenever I visit, caught a circus play in Moscow, and wish they could have been a little kinder to those poor animals, did a little bit of shopping in Houston (more so for other people), and solved my long time IHop craving... Hehe...

You know it's incredibly delightful when I got to change to the flight. The amount of smses sent, monetary terms involved and all other hassles. No doubt being able to stay together for 9days was good, but getting along and being accommodating and forgiving towards each other's flaws and habits was a test. I know all my short comings. I get upset with stuffs that maybe other didn't agree or probably he also didn't agree. Maybe things I deem are important aren't seem that important to others and you, and vice versa. Seeing things from where each other is coming from perhaps aren't that easy after all huh..

Words that may have blurted out, without much thoughts could have been the real thing that the other party is feeling. Even when sorry always come in. Walking a journey together, embracing the storms that may come our way. I suddenly feel a little helpless.

May god lead me the way.


One more Jakarta tomorrow and I finally get to rest for 2days.
Yay. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from Hong Kong

Back from Hong Kong, but am lazy to blog anything. *lol*...

Hope your week has been great.

Taking a little break from the cyber writing life, and I promise I will be back real soon. :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

A strange sleepless night, totally. It was that uncomfortable. :(

On a lighter note, holidays with the girls is just a day away.

Everything will be fine!

Saying a little prayer...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

getting boring

It's getting boring here...

So, I picked a random picture taken when I was in London 2 weeks ago. Hehe...

Off to Sydney next and then to my well-deserved holidays! Mixed feelings though but aiyah, heck! It so gonna be fun with all the shopping and eating, and also not forgetting the cam whoring!

Wanna book my tickets for Transformers before they are sold out!
And then to snooze. I better... Heh.
Good night loves. :)