Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I love desserts

I had dinner at Jack's Place yesterday & the chicken terribly sucked. *pout* I sweared I'll never order that dish again. However, irish cream mudpie at N.Y.D.C subsided my disappointment. I love desserts because they make me happy. =)

Trimmed my hair today. Yup. Hmmm. & I'm leaving for Perth tomorrow's morning. Will be back on friday's night. I have so many people in mind that I wanna meet up when I'm back. Can't wait. *lalaaaa*

Don't know what's wrong with blogger today. I can't seem to upload any photo. *arghhghh* Shall leave them till when I'm back.

See ya!


I can't believe I used to be so skinny.

I miss the skinny me. *awww* =p

Monday, August 28, 2006

i'm back!

hey hey! i'm back! *hehe* the flight, both sectors were pretty tiring but good thing that i had a nice set of crew to work with. some passengers were demanding but generally most of them were still nice & well-behave. went eat & shopping with my batchgirl (my sny buddy) & my batchboys. i bought my fancl products. *yey* & some small little stuffs here and there. i think i spent quite a bit on food. haha. oh well. but it feels good to indulge in good food. if only i have the luxury to eat & eat & eat without growing any fatter. or even better, to eat & slim down at the same time. ;P

photos tell everything.....

some photos are still in my friends' cameras. will post up more when i have them. *heex*

going perth on thursday's morning. ^^

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane later, transisting in Bangkok 1st then to Osaka. Not really looking forward though. I don't know why. Kind of sian. Nevertheless, hope it will be a good flight. Hopefully I will get good buys & take lots of pretty photos too! *grin*

Managed to catch up a bit with my 2 girls yesterday. It was short & so it made me look forward to our next session in which I don't know when. Probably meet for your birthday. *you know who you are. heh.*

& it's mf's birthday tmr! Happy birthday girl! I won't be in Singapore tmr so I just gotta wish you happy (X endless times) birthday in advance! Hee. *if you are reading this girl. =P *

Alright, I shall go read up my notes & pack some last minutes stuffs now. Waiting for mummy to come back home with my lunch. *hungry* Lol. Will be back on Monday late noon, evening time. *bye bye*

~why do people say something when they actually mean another thing? & why do people like to do something that confuse their own actions & thinkings, especially when actions aren't equal to thinkings. human beings sometimes can be really complicating. i have enough. of you.~

Friday, August 25, 2006

Christian Dior

Yey! I passed my test today! (thursday) No more test till then cos we have cleared all our modules for our training! Wow~ *relieved* Left 2 more training flights, reinforcement, some blah blah blah programs & finally graduation! Time flies when you don't even realise it. *nods*

Went to the airport again today after the test. I think it gonna be my 2nd home soon. *laugh* Then back to STC' s dance studio again to practise our dances for our graduation. Finished everything almost around evening time & headed down to town for some retail therapy. *grin* Feel so happy spending some money. Lol. I love my new Christian Dior lipliner & lippie & I'm going to use them this saturday for my flight! They are just so pretty! *shalalalala* heh.

Supposed to go Velvet tonight as I promised but I was really very tired. Reached home around 9plus pm, eat, watch tv, read magazine & I dozed off. Ha. Just woke up awhile ago only to bath. Sian. I still haven't do my "bible" & my homework for my flight yet & I'm simply too tired & lazy to do now. Hopefully I can wake up early in the morning later to finish off my bible & homework, run some errands & pack my stuffs. If everything goes on smoothly, probably I'll be able to turn up for my dinner date. =P

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I survived.

I survived a taxi crash. Phew. I'm still alive. Hurt my left shoulder arm & my chin. Luckily it's minor, to think that the impact of the crash was considered quite strong. Thanks god.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"missing" factor

Been quite busy these few days. I think I practically slept like less than 5 hours each day on weekdays nowadays. Had aircraft visit yesterday. Then went back home to study for a test that was conducted earlier on today just now. Good thing that everyone cleared. =)

We had wet run today& we stayed back after class for graduation performance practice as well. It was pretty tiring la but fun. *wink* Then went dinner together with some. I sort of enjoy the last few moments that I'm spending with my batchmates cos very soon we will all graduate & start flying solo already. Sure gonna miss those days in STC, my batch & the nice trainers around. Thinking what to get for everyone. Probably go overseas & buy. Eee how. Haha.

I'm pretty worried for a good friend now. I hope she is okay & things will turn out fine for her.

Saturday I'm flying off to Osaka, transiting in Bangkok for an hour or so 1st. Sian. I don't even have time to meet my friends & everyone is like also very busy with their own stuffs too. Really have to do some planning to meet or whatsoever. Not worth to drift apart just because of the time factor right. Heh.

Still finding for my "missing" factor.....

To be continued.....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My thought for the night.....

Been really tired.


Graduation's performance practice.

Lack of beauty sleep.

Haven't been really partying these few weeks too.

I eat. I sing. I shop.

It was great but could have been even better with the even more rightful people.

Many thoughts have been running through my mind lately.

I wish I have an answer to each.

Nevertheless, been long since I come up with a shopping wish list. Hahahahaha.

*big grin*

Not in order though. =P

1. A laptop. (my toshiba laptop isn't working ever since I graduated from poly.)

2. A new digital camera. (with a big screen.)

3. Pretty ipod.

4. A new & bigger wardrobe. (the current one is bursting! lol.)

5. My 1st LV wallet. *beams*

6. A world map. (to trace all the places that I fly. ;P)

7. Ticket to the musical show, "Forbidden City".

Enough for now. Heh.

Just a random thought here. I think human beings are really strange & funny creatures. They would always tend to remember the bad of a person but forget about the good of a person. Somehow it's true right? Probably we should all learn to be look at the postive side of a person more rather than just keep on focusing on whatever negativities that form.

My thought for the night.....

I seek for pure & real happiness.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Nothing much special or interesting happened these few days. Am back to STC for the last bit of training. In the mid of preparing for graduation too. & my solo flight roster is out. My roster schedule is pretty packed which also means lesser time for my loved ones in the future. But the plus points are that my bank account balance is going to increase & I'm actually paid to travel around the world! How nice! *grin* But still, I hope I get to love my job more as I fly.

Something is just lacking. *sigh*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I love Ben & Jerry's.

Report half-way done & nails not painted. *shrug* But anyway, I'm happy because I don't have to fly for the rest of the 2 weeks. Lalalalalalabom. =p

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Off day

Met some of my batchgirls yesterday to bitch about our flights. Sinful hot chocolate drinks & yummylicious cheesecakes, our pure indulgence. *beam*

Seriously, I really think high flyers like me deserve the amount of money that we are getting. Look at the amount of work we have to do.

Bought lots of skincare products from The Face Shop & I got myself their lifetime membership card. Couldn't resist the sales from Bysi too & a new tube dress was added to my wardrobe collection. Needa go for alteration though cos it was a little too long & I want it to be a tiny winy bit shorter. Heh.

I simply enjoy the off days when I don't have to work or whatsoever & just do whatever things I like.

Going out soon. Shall continue more tonight. Bye! =)

Friday, August 11, 2006


Hey! I'm back again. Touched down to SIN last night. It was really a tiring flight, especially for the return sector. This SYD flight the both going & return sectors were the same crew & they were all majority pretty nice. It always feels good to be working with nice people. & some of them were really encouraging. They told me never let any negative comments or nasty remarks put me down. They said sometimes I would meet nicer people & sometimes not so nice people. This is life & people always learn & remember more from those not so nice happenings. Encountering some bad experiences would make me an even stronger person. Somehow it's true isn't it?

Oh. & the stewards were pretty cute too. Wahahaha. *bleah*

Didn't do much shopping & phototaking in SYD either. By the time we touched down to SYD it was already night-time & the weather was super windy & cold. My sweater, jeans & boots didn't even help. Went dinner & drinking with a few of them & then after that my batchmate & I went to look for 2 of our batchmates who were staying at another hotel. We chatted, suppering, laughed, & bitched till past midnight before we returned to our own hotel. The next morning I went breakfast with my batch girl, shopped around for awhile before returing back to hotel again to get changed & ready to fly back to SIN.

Going back STC for training again on Monday. Somehow I miss my training.... =p

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



I indulged myself in food. Fried hokkien prawn noodles, kaya traditional bread toast, pork floss thick toast, yuan yang, sweet potato ball, beard papa cream puff & kfc chicken chop.

I bought a new book from borders. "The Devil Wears Prada".

I bought a new bag & I love it.

I talked to my friends.

I slept.

I listened to music.

I did all these just to make myself feel better & I guess I do.

Leaving for sydney on national day & I gotta report at 0730. Will be back on 10th night.

Till then.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

NRT-SIN = Lousy

Hello! I'm back from Narita. SIN-NRT was pretty good. Everything went on pretty fine. Crew were nice & passengers were not very demanding either. But NRT-SIN sector was really bad. At least for me. I was zapped until I almost broke down. It was such a lousy flight for me. At that point of time I kept praying & hoping that the time would fly faster so that I could touch down to SIN asap. Anyway, it's all over. Had cried. Had said. Feeling much better now though still not as good either. There's still a long way to go.

I didn't do much shopping at Narita. Only bought a bit of food stuffs back for my family. I love the sushi over there. Super fresh & yummylicious & I don't we can get that kind of quality in SIN.

& I met 2 of my batchies there but they were on earlier flight. We went lunch together at this pretty nice ramen shop with the captain , 1st officer, &their japanese friend. Dinner with my batchmate & the tech-crew was at this nice japanese sushi restaurant.

Actually, what determines a good or bad flight is not really the passengers. It's the crew. God, please bless me with good flights.

Ramen. Yum!

Big oyster.

Fried prawn head.

Cigarettes vending machine.

My batchie.

4 girls.

Belle in Narita.

Friday, August 04, 2006


My bag is like still half-packed. Anxiety does get into me. Didn't change much money & I don't intend to either, pretty broke before the money comes in & I need to SAVE.

Flying off tonight.

Will be back with more news. ;)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Been really busy & drained out from the training, preparation stuffs & homework that I got to do before my flights. It's so tiring, both physically and mentally. Probably it's just the beginning. When I get used to flying life, maybe things will seem easier. Luckily, the leading steward & leading stewardess were really nice rank trainers & I have learnt quite a bit from them.

Took some nice pictures in uniforms but think it isn't appropriate to post them here.

Anyway, met evie & lynn for sakae sushi dinner on tuesday. It's nice catching up with one another despite the fact that it wasn't a really long meeting session. At least we made an effort to meet up despite our busy schedules. =)

Today there's pretty much things to be done. Going down to the tailor to collect my other 3 sets of uniforms, going to do express manicure & pedicure, money changer, necessities, pack cabin bag tonight, read up notes, do homework, etc. I wish I have all the time in the world.

Last night I was so tired that I actually fell asleep without removing my makeup & without bathing. I woke up early today to do all & I'm masking now. Luckily my face is still intact. Heh.

Flying tmr~