Monday, August 29, 2005


Actually there is nothing much or interesting to blog about. Hmmm, I had 2 straight hours of exercise yesterday. Pilates & aerobics. Woo-hoo. Very tired but I enjoyed it. Hehe. It had been quite sometimes ever since I exercised so much and for so long. *smile*

Yey! I am looking forwards to thursday! I can foresee the fun that I gonna have with my girlfriends. I can't imagine that I'm actually planning to play on the eve of my test. (i have a test on friday's afternoon.) Well, sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break right? For studying so hard & stuffs. Haha. (like real. =p) Ah-hem. I hope I'll do my part & know my limits, like when to do this & when to do that. It's very important to juggle well between work & play. I understand that it's not easy but I'll try. Really. =]

Been attending lots of 21st parties this year & there are more coming up. Sometimes I just miss the time when we were just young little girls entering & going through puberty & we did lots of crazy & silly stuffs in which when we come to think of it today, we will laugh at ourselves. Haha. I believe there is still a part of me that makes me feel that I don't want to grow up so fast.

Those were the good old days.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Which is nicer?

My latest lemming from Urban Outfitters! Ok. Not necessary that I will buy it but I still need some advices here. Tell me, which is nicer? The white one or the blue one?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Made With Love

My tuition kid showed me a colourful children storybook today. Very nice front cover with a big lovely heart shape & the title, "Made With Love". There is also this very tiny subtitle below it that spells, "How Babies are made & born".

My girl flipped opened the book & bombarded me with lots of embrassing questions in which I really didn't know how to explain to her in an educative way. She asked, "Teacher, why must the boy & the girl don't wear any clothes & sleep together?", "How to read this word? (penis) & this? (vagina)", "Huh? What are these things for?, "Why the baby come out from the sshh-sshh place? Eeeee...", etc.

I asked her why did she borrow this book. She said she borrowed because the book cover appeals to her. oh well. Haha. A 7 year old girl. Is she old enough to equip her with this area of education? Seem a bit young huh? I don't know. She just looked so innocent when she asked me just now. *beams*

Oh, I love kelly's style so much! Have an urge to cut my hair to her length now. Quite bored with my long hair already. Ha. But probably not so soon. Yup. I gotta bath soon! Night! =)

Finally the weekend is coming! Lalalalala.....


Got this from an email. I thought it is quite informative. :D

Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity.
Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time,
it might have adverse effects on your health.

Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more
than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer.
So go to bed without it.

Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged.
Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks,
but please put the phone as far as possible.
Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone
and television sets emit magnetic waves when used.
These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system.
Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you,
switch it off first.

People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run.
Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in
breathing and problem in perspiring.
You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.

You may never wake up again.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Spotted them

My throat is beginning to hurt me. (evie, did you pass it to me through msn? lol. ;p) Anyway, I am now trying to drink more water, eat lots of fruits & I treated myself to some mini cornetto ice-cream just now but it didn't seem to help to ease the pain.

Was at holland village earlier on this afternoon for lunch. Decided to go there to eat as we were rather bored with sim & np food. Spotted kelly and kelvin there. Haha. It was quite amazing. My friend 1st spotted the mediacorp bus when it stopped right along the roadside besides us when we were crossing the road. Then I spotted kelvin in the bus & followed by kelly. The staffs seemed to be very nice & helpful to kelvin & kelvin also seemed to be in very good terms with kelly. He put his hand on kelly's shoulder as he walked & they just talked & laughed as they walked. They were just walking besides us only actually. The distance was like within talking distance. Their appearances created quite a "woo-haa". Many passersby stopped to look at them & some keep turning their heads to catch a glimpse of the 2 superstars. I guess they were on their way to shoot some mv.

Strangely but I don't know why, they are beginning to look & sense like real stars. Maybe it is because of their recent rapid exposures & publicity on tv & papers. Packaging does really matter.

I need some honey.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Time to key in some updates to my blogger. Hmmm, I had sakae sushi dinner buffet at rivermall on friday. Ate until my stomach so big & bloated & it was almost on the verge of bursting. I'm not kidding okay. It was like too full until you felt like puking out everything you had just eaten. The feeling was quite terrible. But that night was an enjoyable one with lovely companionship. *smile*

I am quite stressed up actually. I have a lot of tests coming up. One is down but more are coming up. There is a project to be completed too. I feel that there are just so many things to do but yet so little time. Or is it because of my poor time management? I didn't really go out this weekend except for dinner & pilates but I still feel that I didn't study much afterall. What am I doing? I need some enlightenment. Really.

I can't stand it already. I need to go out next weekend. Partying, ktving, shopping or whatsoever. Haha.

I think I always attract the wrong guys. Grrrr. Why? *scratch my head* I need enlightenment on this area too. Lol. =p

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fun & Enjoyable

Oh ya, I forgotten that I still have something else to blog about. I met up with my two girlfriends for lunch & catching up session at tiong bahru today. It was really fun & enjoyable & somemore it was the first time that the three of us actually go out together. (not mentioning the amore session that we went together before. it doesn't count. =p) *beams* See you girls soon again!

Ok. I think I better sleep soon. Gotta reach school earlier tomorrow for project discussion. Looking forwards to my sakae sushi dinner buffet tomorrow! Yummy! Hehe. Night!

Mixed Feeling

Finally. Finally the champions for the male & female superstars have evolved. Happy for kelly, sad for xinhui, happy for kelvin & sad for junyang. Especially junyang. My prince charming. Haha. But I think he likes candyce a lot. Hmmm. Heh.

Anyway, this is what we called a competition. There are winners & losers. But I feel that the most important things are that you have learnt something out of the entire competition & also the worthy friendships or even relationships that you have carved during the competition journey. Oh well, mixed feeling. *roll eyes*

Very soon superstar will be over. Then I will be soon damn bored. I will have nothing to look forwards to on wednesdays & thurday nights. Mixed feeling again. :]

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My stardom

I wonder if joining tv contests or competitions will make one look better. They have all the beauty consultants & stylists to help them. Even plain jane can turn into a beautiful swam. How true. I was watching the project superstar just now & I can say that the current contestants & the past eliminated contestants have grown so much better-looking & well-groomed as the competition goes by. Maybe I should join the upcoming star idol. The stepping stone to my stardom. Haha. =p

Oh, know what? I walked from sengkang/compassvale to hougang my house today! I am so proud of myself. Haha. The bus took so long to come so I thought I may as well walk. It was even faster. A good form of exercise too. I was sweating quite a bit. Somemore, it was evening time. Nice weather to walk. Yup. Shall do that more often next time. Save bus fare & I get to exercise at the same time. Heh.

I have got a big test next week! Business finance. So many calculations & so many things to remember. Head becoming big now. Hopefully I can cope well. =)

Before I go off, catch this:

This is not shown on tv by the way. Heh.

Goodddy nighhht!

Monday, August 15, 2005

My inner thought

Ok. Let me say something about the test today. It is damn difficult can. Not that I didn't study but the questions are very tricky especially the mcq questions, the diagram drawing & calculation parts are also twisted in a way that it is quite different from what we had done during the lectures & the tutorials. I thought I am the only one who feel that but NO. Everyone feels that. *pout*

Frankly speaking, I can't wait for my graduation next year april/may. It's not that I dislike studying or I hate my course now but I am truly looking forwards to my next phase in life. Working in a job that I enjoy, no more slacking (i admit i do still slack a lot nowadays), enjoy good independent financial status, pursue whatever dreams I have while I am still young & blah blah blah. I just can't wait to get out of my present circle fast. Let's hope & pray that everything goes smoothly for me. =p

Many people don't believe or can't understand why am I not attached until now. Actually I don't believe myself too. Haha. A lot of people have been asking me the same question lately & sometimes I just don't even know how to answer. I think most of the potential guys thought that I am attached & so they withdraw. Or maybe I am quite an attitude person. Lol. Well, I just let nature takes its course. I still meet people now, there are guys in my life & so let's just see how things go. I am not in a hurry. :D

Tmr's morning lecture is cancelled but afternoon lecture is still on. Don't feel like going though but I have to. *sigh*

Yup. Got stuffs to do now. bye-bye! ^_^

Sunday, August 14, 2005

At this moment

Sometimes there are just too many stuffs to blog about & I really don't know where should I start from & where should I end at. Anyway, in short, my life is good now. Good as in everything is rather peaceful. No huge happening, my family & friends love me as usual(yea, i presume. *grin*), school is fine, no new guys to flirt around (*laughs*) & my life still goes on as per normal. =)

Friday supposed to meet my classy gossipy club people but was cancelled in the end. Nevertheless, I still met up with two of them for dinner, ice-cream pie & nice lovely girls' talk.

Been playing some games during my pilates class these two weeks. Fun! Wish I can go more often. Heh.

I have a test tmr. Not very well-prepared yet I must admit. I have got lots of distractions at home. Tv, internet & my phone. Hmmm. Well, wish me luck man. This semester is really tough. I always feel like dozing off when I am studying. Hah. That is not very nice ya? Haha. =p

Yup. Shall end here. Better go study. Not much time left. Miss you guys! Bye!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Derrick is out! =( Damn sad can. *sob*

I gonna miss him & his performance.

For your information, check this webby out. It's nice. =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just a little update

Hello! I just finished my dinner, watching tv now & decided to blog during the commercial break. Haha.

My National Day was a boring one. I did nothing much productive except the time when I did a bit of my tutorial & studied a little for my upcoming test this coming Monday. Other than that, I have been lazing around, watching tv, surfing the net, eat (a lot!!!) & sleep. Actually planned to go out on the eve & the actual day of the national celebration but in the end everything was cancelled. Not really in the mood too.

I went Marina Square on Monday after school for lunch. The place is much more happening than before with really many eateries around. I went to this Thai restaurant called Lerk Thai (, the service was good, food was nice, portion was generous & the price was economical. Me & my friend each of us ordered our own set of meal & each set comprised of three dishes & a big plate of rice. I had green curry chicken, tom yam soup, kailan & a big plate of white rice & they only costed me $7.30. After that, we shared a bowl of red ruby, just in time to give us a cooling feeling after our feast on our spicy lunch. :D

There were rumours yesterday that there was 40% disocunt for petrol because of the National Day. So happily I drove out my car intending to fill up the petrol tank, but when I reached SPC, the queue was damn long & so I gave up, drove to Mobil, there was a queue too but at least not that bad. Who knew when I paid for the petrol, the discount wasn't that much. Grrr. Ok. Nevermind. Feel a bit dumb though.

Suppose to go clubbing with my lecture mates tonight but seriously I'm not in the clubbing mood today. Yup. Recently just not really in the right mood to do anything. Shall talk more about it next time. Long story & stuffs. Heh.

I gonna have a long weekend again. Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Hohohoho. *grin* But I really have to get myself to study. 5 tests, 1 project & lots & lots of tutorials assignments. *faint*

Oh yeah! Superstar is starting soon! Gotta watch. Ciao. =)

Monday, August 08, 2005

How many apples did you save?

Try this:

I think I am damn lousy. I only got 63! Don't care. Gonna try till I got 100! Lalalala...... =p

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Two birthday parties

Yesterday was a tiring day. Went to a chalet & a pub for two birthday parties. Buying prezzies, rushing to the two parties, came across a blur taxi driver who is not familiar with the routes in Singapore, had a hard time reaching the pub & blah blah blah. I was quite mentally, emotionally & physically drained. Ha. =p

So perhaps to some people I wasn't the cheery me yesterday. Pardon me if I had shown some attitudes. Haha. Ok. Maybe not attitudes. Don't know what to say. Mood swings maybe. Haha. If you people get me. Heh.

Oh yea, saw the Superstar, Wei Choong at the chalet. Tall, slim, stands out from the rest & he smokes. *roll my eyes* Don't worry. No prejudice against the fact that he smokes. It's his personal life anyway. *laughs*

Surprisingly, Pilates wasn't that many people today & there will be a new Amore outlet opening on the 15th August at Park Mall. Will go there soon. Heh.

Will also upload some nice photos soon. If I have.

I wanna go do some readings now. Yup yup. *beams* Ciao. =)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Just too bored

Was watching the Superstars repeat telecast for the guys just now. Can't help it but I feel like saying it again, Derrick & Junyang are good! *2 thumbs up* Especially Junyang. His charm & talents are really mesmerizing!

Right. Guess I am just too bored. Heh. Will be going to some birthday parties later. I always seem to have parties to attend every week recently. It is good to catch up with friends at the parties but it also means that with more parties coming up, my pocket-hole will be getting bigger & bigger too. Haha. Oh well. Never mind. =p Alright. Will update more tonight.

I have so many tests & project this semester. Maybe I should just go & read up a bit now. Damn stress. =(


I need some retail therapy to relieve stress! Anyone? *smile*

Friday, August 05, 2005

My thoughts

The superstars' result was quite an emotional one last night Though I don't really like Jason, but when they flashed his farewell video & he admitted that he is the oldest contestant and missed going for his dreams because he was too concentrated in studying, that part was quite touching.

Then when the jackpot screen kept flashing the photos of him and Kelvin, he kept pointing his fingers at Kelvin, indicating that he should be the one to be in & I could see that Kelvin was very sad & he really cried his heart out when Jason was announced out. It seems like their bond is very strong & close. Hmmm.

The "ah ma" thingy that Jason said was also kind of touching. Maybe he wasn't as bad & nasty as what people had said. Hah. I don't know. =p

Perhaps everytime when they announce the results, Jason is always the last two left & the one besides him will always be the person who is out. Maybe that is why so many people hate & dislike him & seriously he always gives the shocking face-expression after he heard the results. It can be quite irritating and fake. Lol. But I feel that last night he had left a better impression for me. He remained calm after the result. Anyway, it's over. Happy for Junyang, Derrick & Kelvin! *applause*

Quite sad that Candyce is out. Her bf is so sweet to her. Hope they patch things back soon. Heh. Sliver seemed to me that she was quite outcasted by the rest because when Candyce was announced out, all the three girls hugged together except for her standing outside of their hugging circle, looked so being left out. Anyway, she looks like a flirt to me after reading some of her news. Don't really like her. I think only the guys like her. *giggle*

Okay, I am having afternoon class today. Probably going out after that or something. I don't know. See how things go. Heh. Ciao. =)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Friends play an important role in our lives. Especially good friends, we love them & we also trust their advices & opinions on issues. They may be right & we may be wrong or vice versa but the most important thing in a friendship is that good friends should support one another. For instance, friends may have different views on certain concerns which may arise in some disagreements or differ in thinkings among themselves. But you know when you have decided to do something or to make a decision, you will really hope that your good friends are there to say that they support you regardless of what decisions you plan to make. (even thought they may not like your ideas or decisions but at least they make the effort to comfort you or something. you get me?)

Not all friends can go through ups & downs, thick & thin with you. Sometimes I feel that when you are too closed with someone, you will tend to see more flaws in that person than your others not so closed friends. It can be quite scary because you don't want to see that I believe. Perhaps, we should just keep a safety distance in order to protect ourselves. This safety distance may still preserve the perfect impressions of your friends in your eyes.

I am not having any hard feeling on any friend now. This thought just came to my mind & somehow I think this is rather true. Just my two cents worth. =p

But... don't worry, I still love you all my friends! *beams*

p/s: JY, you have "dian" me! *blushing* *smitten*

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Latest update

Latest update! (hope I have gotten the right info!)



Cranky lecturers

My local lecturers are cranky. They crack lame & stupid jokes. They also like to boost about their capabilities & professionals. Oh well, but still, their lessons are definitely more entertaining than my RMIT lecturers'. I always laugh at their lameness. *roll my eyes* *grin*

Monday, August 01, 2005

Are human-beings kind at nature?

Do you believe that human-beings are kind at nature? I was discussing this topic with a friend just now & my view is that I feel that every human-being is kind at nature when he is born, & it's the environment, the education & the people around him that carve the kind of character that he will grow up to be.

But my friend insisted that I am wrong. She said that not every human-being are kind at nature even at the time when he is born. Some people are just born evil. She gave me examples like murderers, do I think they are kind? Of course I know that the murderers are cruel & terrible in their doings but we can't say that they are not even kind before right?

I feel that there is always a reason behind everything (except love. haha.) & of course I do know that there are good & bad people that exist but the whole thing behind the message that I'm trying to portray is that human-beings are kind at nature. Hah. Ok. Perhaps at least at the very time when they were born.

What do you think?