Monday, November 29, 2010

big heart

I love how this self heated eye masks with either lavender or chamomile scent put me to sleep. People say it looks like P*D but don't you think it's really cool? It's from my all time favorite station, Tokyo. =p Don says it's good to cover up my teary eyes. *smack his head*

We have been drinking practically every meal, every day. Most of us. When the drinking party gets crazy, game like this starts rolling. (p/s: there is actually a packet of chili sauce in between as protection la...hahaa..)

And I super love my big heart tee from Japan.

Still have a couple of days here before heading back to Singapore. Let's see what are the plans next. Heh... As much as I am counting down to the end of my contract (yes, coming very soon.), I so love how this job let me get away most of the times, let me see the world, let me grow up, and let me not to have Mondays Blues like the rest in Singapore. Opps. Haha.

Have a great day ahead!
Sometimes, some people, just make you speechless for words.

Ta Ma De.

Going dinner in awhile.

~belle in JNB, loves~


At the gym yesterday.! =p

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I think this is it.
A woman's 6th sense never goes wrong, most of the times. *LAUGH*
Some things are just not meant to be no matter how hard you try.
I hope I am not being too sensitive but I want to look forward now, beyond trying harder on the same thing over and over again, just because everyone else says it's best for you.
Am so not going to settle for anything less than what I should deserve.

On a lighter note, I have to sleep liao lor....

Got to work later. Doing a shuttle turnaround flight to Cape Town. *yawns*
Night loves. :)
Am very turned off by how some people still want to know and befriend you through those "secondary ways".
Thanks but no thanks.
*roll eyes*

2nd day in JNB

Second day in JNB.

We had a meaty lunch affair at SPUR. It's only the 2nd day but we were already indulging so much. Not forgetting, the meal was followed by warm brownies with vanilla ice cream as dessert. Very very very sinful. :p

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kitty in JNB

I brought Kitty to Johannesburg with me! First day in JNB, I waited almost 5hours for my room. We were having complimentary buffet breakfast because they didn't have available rooms for us, yet. Sat at the restaurant, in uniforms, playing with iPhone (thank god for the wifi) and kept ordering special drinks like latte and green tea from the waitress, till she showed us face. LOL.

Met my colleagues for dinner at Ocean Basket on the first evening. Had seafood platter and wine. And I was so happy....cos I saw Xmas tree. Hehe... =p

Friday, November 26, 2010

I want my room....JNB.

I want my room. I want my room. I want my room. Still stucked at the hotel breakfast buffet restaurant, without any news of the rooms for us. I thank god for the free wifi. Hehe... ;p

And... It's time for my 小伤口 to completely heal. Knowing the day will come, I should have known better. :)

It doesn't matter anymore. 没关系了.
没事了. :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

a week

Will be leaving for a week to the South Africa. Haven't been there for 2 years, so am looking forward to have good company, over seafood, steak and wine. =)

I saw the Xmas light up along Orchard Road these few days, which reminded me of Xmas shopping and gathering with the close ones, it also highlighted that the year is coming to an end. Like what people always say, time flies. Things happened, people came in and out of your life, decisions and choice made, happy occasions, as well as the times when the whole world seem to die on you. 365 days we move along in a year, we can experience a great affair of events, and setting resolutions for a new year always take place when a new year is arriving, and then to realise at the end of the year, what have we accomplished? Did I meet my own expectations? Did my wishes come true? Did my dreams become reality?

So far, it has been a good whole fair share of ups and downs. Knowing I can do better, but somehow at times I just lack the courage and passion to try harder. LOL. And seeing everyone else around me moving to the next phase of life, Marriage, it does set a certain amount of anxiety in me. Haha. But then again, if you can find that someone worth spending the rest of your life with, I rather stay out of that league. And there is this contradicting part, your life is only complete when you have your own house and own family. Old saying la. Haha. Was just talking to a good friend the other day, I told her, I want a dragon baby. So please marry me off before dragon year ends. So I have 2 years. LOL. Guess it's not about the time together, setting a timeline to meet that someone to marry you. I guess it's more about meeting the one who are willing to love and take care of you, hoping you are the first one he see every morning he wakes up, doesn't judge you, and still think you are the prettiest even if you grow fat, old, ugly, wrinkles face and teeth drop out. Haha. It can be quite a fairytale dream. But I believe it DOES HAPPEN. :)

It's like so ironical. How I use to hope I get married by 25 and when it didn't happen, I laughed it off and say okay before 30 is good. Maybe it was good, it didn't happen earlier. Cos for sure I know things are not going to work out. Even how aggressive and how much efforts and love I had put in, I sense, happiness is tough. But well, I have moved on, long while ago.

One day, when I have found that happiness, I will be gladly to share with everyone. My happiness is simple. The kind of love like when I am old and fragile, and can't bend down to paint my own toe nails, he will put on his thick grandfather specs and paint for me. Isn't this happiness simple? Haha. Even when everyone else always says there is no certainty in everything in life, which is true, you may wake up today to realise your loved one or a good friend has passed on, and there is nothing you can do to make the situation better. But at least, to me, I feel certainty is putting faith, trust and efforts to make things work, even if in the end they don't, you know there was certainty once, that you really want to path the future together.

I should nap. Got to work later. Take care all! =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over the dark and quiet night, 我需要人陪. 你呢?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Auckland is having good weather, I should have headed out for something exciting. Someone actually suggested bungee jump, but I was too timid and all not prepared. So the plan was out.

I spent most of the times reading, watching TV and sleeping at odd hours, cos it's 5hours way ahead of SIN. Had some alone times to do reflections on stuffs and life. Yes. Stuffs. Things which had happened and I did in the past, people I had loved and missed out, and decisions that affected the thereafter.

Very often I wonder if I had been more aggressive, how would things turn out to be? I would probably be lying if I said I didn't feel and mind anything at all. :)

Well, as the old saying always goes, life goes on, and we move on. I guess so too. Maybe one day all of us will be enlighten.

Cheers. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good morning!

Good morning! I have yet to ZZZZZ!!! Just got home a while ago, met a gf for dinner and it was SUPPOSED to be home, met some friends impromptu for beer and ktv (like again..ha..=p). I felt like a tortoise taking the MRT. I didn't know there are so much changes to the trains and it's actually very convenient and CHEAP to take trains. No ERP, No carpark charges, No jam. But I pretty detest squeezing inside a cubicle with strangers, with eyes staring at you all over. And it just got me jitters when people start following closely behind you like an irritating stalker in the middle of the night. I don't care if he is cute or not, it was just a major turn off. I still miss the privacy I have in my own car (at times when there are no boys to fetch, despite the extra money that I have to fork out every month to support it, at least I have peace, you know, peace. :)

Have a beautiful morning. I need to sleep. Half packed for Auckland, un-paint nails and undone homework to be accomplished when I wake up. A week of break from work is gone. No holidays, no exciting activities, just plain lazing around after the wedding of the year, having dinners and drinks with friends, and everything just became history in a glimpse. Ha. Tell me about it.

And how much does it take to bring 2 persons closer? I was watching drama the other day and it brought me to thoughts. The little boy push the daddy and mummy towards each other, and he exclaimed, "neh, like that 2 persons are closer liao lor..." Haha.. Smart brat. If only real life things could be simpler.... Maybe it could be, but it's "us" the human creatures who stirred the whole big fuss about the simple relationship equation, and made it look very difficult. *LAUGH*

Alright, sweet dreams to me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

madly deeply truly

I went KTV today to burst my lungs out. LOL. Relieved the stress, the tension, and the negativities. It really worked. It actually felt quite terrible to fall out with your loved ones over issues that could somehow be solved eventually. Like I always believe, never talk when you are angry, and never make promises when you are happy.
Angry words hurt the most and you can't take them back. Happy promises seem too good to be true and when the happiness is over, you forget all about them.

On a random note....
People like you and hate you at the same time. And you start questioning so do you like me more or do you hate me more? Haha. If you seriously like a person, aren't you suppose to like the person weaknesses and flaws as well? Sorry I am just that cynical. I watched too much fairy tales, read too many happily ever after books, I always believe one has to love you not because of how close you are to perfection, but love you for your imperfections.

Madly, deeply, truly in love, I been there done that. But it still didn't bring me to my destination. Is love supposed to be that madly deeply truly? Or is it okay to be plain and boring? Sometimes I think I am mad. I don't like people to be too nice to me and when people start losing attention on me, I COMPLAIN! HA.

I am that hard to please, that I can't even handle myself, at times. *laugh*

Going back to work soon. It's about time. Enough of lazing, sleeping and doing nothing. Though I love it. =p I guess I have been on energy saver mode for a while, it's time to regenerate, and get some cash flowing in. *grin*

Good night loves. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My brother just called to say he BUANG my car! %^%^*$%#

I thought the day was bad enough to start off with a not so pleasant conversation with a friend, and then now it has to add on with the BUANGness. Like I expected it will be, the night ending off with a silent note. Just as I expected.

As much as I already lay the cards on the table, people still take you as a laughing stock. Blame on my naive thoughts. I should be smarter than that right?

I am beginning to detest whatsapp and msn at times. People always rely on that to convey messages, rather being able to talk about it. I am that guilty, at times too. When will all these stop?

I seriously need to get back to work, to stop myself from all these nonsensical thoughts.
Please pray for my xiaobai, please?

Monday, November 15, 2010

JaSoN says:
cos u earn alot
cos u are pretty
cos u are kind hearted
cos we have know eacch other for more than a decade
most importantly, i got a good memory
somemore say will treat me "back"
*princessbelle* says:
wah wah wah

The excuses to ask a girl out. LOL.
I can't even remember that I earn a lot, and I am not pretty and neither am I kind hearted.
Tell me about it, can you?*laugh*






This is life. =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

lifetime present

Had a really long day. But it was fun and all worth it. Wedding is a happy occasion, and marriage is a lifetime present that symbolizes ever-lasting love. Maybe not everyone think as such, but I truly adore the holy truth that everyone can find someone to complete them. :) Be good, be bad, be the sweet nothings, be the squabbles, there has to be someone out there to compliment you, to complete you.

Do you believe? :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ata seed

Do you know I actually love those traditional ata seed ice cream? It's pink in colour and it tastes just nothing but yummy!

The ice cream uncle selling my favourite ata seed ice cream along orchard road, just right outside Takashimaya.

And me, indulging in the delight. :p

Been busy running errands today. And I have to wake up in 1.5hour time. I gonna be so zombie. Nonetheless, it gonna be a great great day. Wedding is a happy occasion what.... Heh...

I better power nap. Long long day ahead. *grin*

I am beginning to believe....that's it. Karma not? Vicious cycles not? Or just complete north and south poles?

Shit, my mind isn't functioning already. I still want to believe god is kind to me. So he makes certain things happen, makes certain things not to happen, makes certain people come into my life, and kicks some people out of my league. Thank you. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back from Paris.

Heya! Am back from Paris. Very very tired. *whine* Am taking a break from work for the next one week. Lots of errands to run before the wedding, and am still contemplating what to do with the remaining off days. Year end seems like the hardest time to travel. Flights full, price hike.... ROAR!! We shall see. Sometimes even the most simplest thing turns out to be unexpectedly tough. Maybe it's a sign from god. Maybe it's a hint to tell us it's still ultimately not meant to be. Haha.

Alright, belle here needs to have a good shower and sleep. Bye! ;)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

the delay

My Narita was delayed very badly, due to all the 380 planes being grounded for checks, after the Qantas 380 jet caught fire incident news were announced. The agony, the wait, the time lost, everyone was very tired, and the flight only managed to take off 8-9hours later, when the sun was up and bright, when we were all supposed to be in Narita already. I tell you, it's no joke. Lost of allowances, lost of sleep, and the next day the call time to leave the hotel was still the same. *shrugs* Why did I even change flights? I hope my Paris can take off on time tonight.

Going to the state that declares love and romance. I am not sure if I will shop (*cheeky grin*), but I am missing the coffee and macaroons, sipping champagne and white wine by the cafe, people watching.... I hope the weather is bearable though. :p

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Off to a Narita layover tonight. Then to Paris, and LEAVE! Yay! :p Not many days, but enough to be busy with Michelle's wedding, and maybe some times to ownself, enjoying good food and roaming around. Haha. How has your November been so far? Mine isn't too bad, and probably going to get even better. (I am just trying to be positive here. Hehe..)

Enjoy the long weekend people!
Get drunk, get high, laugh, scream love to all those who deserved, but remember be safe. :)

Love ya all.

The Social Network

Are you a facebook user?
I am sure all of us are, or rather MOST of us are.

Are you addicted to facebook?
The first you do when you log on to the internet is it to login to facebook, update your latest status, check out your friends' latest profiles and photos, view who and who latest relationship status?

Are you stalking your exes?
Browsing who are the latest people in their lives, and then to say to ownself,"oh holly shit, he/she has turned so fat and ugly after breaking up with me. thank god i am not with him/her now." Haha...

Just caught "The Social Network" with Don. He came to pick me in his gracious spider. The night wasn't windy, it was freaking hot and humid, but it just felt so freaking stylo without a sun roof over you, with only tiny little stars shining right above you. :)

The movie is all about the founder of facebook, the lawsuit he got involved during the setup of the business, the friendship and love that were jeopardised. Something different. You have to pay attention throughout the movies, cos the scenes move very fast, and the guy who acted as Mark Zuckerberg speaks really really fast. You can be a fucking young billionaire. You can be a fucking jerk. But at the end of the day, you jolly well know, money can't buy you love and friendship.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

All good things come to an end.

Good food, Tresses, Off days...

Good food over the days. :)

And I decided to old girl act cute again. Snipped my long fringe away, snipped my long tresses to slightly below shoulders. Snapping a shot from top down, please tell me my face looks sharper, and my eyes look bigger. LOL.

Okay, it sucks quite big time. Hehe... Did a few turns, changed a few flights, having some off days around, before I am off again for work. Sometimes when you are that determine to get certain off day on certain date, you search high and low on the COF board, message couple of colleagues, getting rejected over and over again, and then you know what? I dozed off on the sofa in front of my lappy just now, and then to dream of someone giving me off day without asking me for any monetary benefit. It was so unbelievable and I woke up to check my phone, having doubts if it was just a dream or it turned reality. Ha. That silly.