Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me! No official date this year for the day but I shall regard today is my birthday. Hehee... =)

Everything has been great so far. Receiving warm well wishes from family and friends meant more than anything else. And I would really have to say the staycation at The Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa was fantastic. I love the layout of the room, the view out of the room, the bathroom and the bathtub (:p), the good spread of breakfast, and of course the dear one planning everything to make this staycation memorable, (though it was always last minute - last minute booking, last minute booking and canceling of birthday cake, and last minute writing of the birthday cake for me.) Oh well, all these actually really didn't matter/bother much. Thank you dear!

I have this problem in me. Putting a lot of unrealistic/ not-so-yet-happened fantasy in my thoughts. Ha! Then when it comes to reality, my heart sank because it all didn't happened. I think I really shouldn't put so much pressure on myself and others. When it has to happen, it will happen. If it never, perhaps that's just how things will be. I have to live with it.  Anywayyyyy...... It's my day. I have to be happy. Oh no, I am happy. :)

Last year of my twenties. Hurray! Haha... May all my birthday wishes come true! May all of us be safe, happy and healthy!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 <3

How's 2013 thus far? Mine has been generally good. :) Headed to Spain and Italy for an almost 2weeks of holidays in January. It was really a wonderful trip, done quite a bit of sightseeing (and of course shopping!! :p) and I was literally reluctant to come back to work!

And before I knew it, it was my CNY leave. *Grin* Almost a week of leave and on the second day of CNY, I followed him and family and relatives to Malaysia for visiting. It was really an eye opener! Fireworks, fire crackers for CNY. How cool is that? Though I was really timid to play with them, seeing the boys playing with them was fun! Heehe... Met all the nice and friendly aunties, uncles and cousins from his side, slowly getting used to the fact that I have to join in this kind of family gathering more often. Lol. But yeah, kind of enjoy it though I was shy most of the times. :p

Enough of all the playing and slacking, it's time to go back and face the ultimate reality. Need to work hard, save more money for the future, and think of what's next to play hard for. Ha! I hope your 2013 is great too! If it hasn't been smooth, oh well it really doesn't matter. We still have 10 more months ahead of us to make things right. And we have to come to agree that sometimes going through the tougher paths are inevitable as they are the ways to a better journey ahead. =)

Last but not least, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat ah!!!! =)