Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye-Bye 2005! Welcome 2006! =)

Today is the last day of year 2005 & tomorrow will be a brand new start for year 2006. I am looking forwards to it because a new year to me is like a new beginning. Whatever things that I had done wrong, whatever stuffs that I had regrets with, whatever unfulfilled tasks & wishes that I had in the previous year, I can just throw them aside & start my life all over again. =p

I can say 2005 is not a bad year for me but neither it is a good year for me too. There were happy & wonderful moments that I would want to keep them in my heart for as long as I can. There were also crestfallen moments that I would want to forget & erase from my memories too.

I hope 2006 is a so much better year for you & I. I hope I can achieve something in all aspects of my life. Be it love, friends, family, studies, career, passion, well-being, etc.

日子每天都要过。最重要就是要过得充实, 过得开心。有时候我也觉得自己太在乎别人怎么想了。But again, it's my life! 我应该为自己而活而不是为别人而活。人生是短暂的。年轻也只那么一次。

新的一年, 我想我会试着更相信自己,更放胆得去做自己想要做的事情。勇敢一点。想做就去做,想爱就去爱。虽然不是每一件事都一定会有结果, 但起码我也成经努力过。

人生就是要这样嘛。千万不要又带着遗憾又过一年。 Best wishes everyone! 祝大家幸福!=)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

More photos!

I'm bored so I have decided to post more pictures up. Hah. =p

Sophia has the best of the both world! All the pictures look so nice! I feel like using photoshop to edit the last picture. Damn it. Lol. Opps. Haha. *kiddingly smile*

Me looking so unglam & tired after everything.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Xmas! =)

Merry Xmas to all! May this season fills you guys with lots of joy & love! For those who haven't found the right one, don't give up! Make a wish & I believe next year will be a better & more beautiful year for everyone of us.

I have made mine. =p

"Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end." - Got this from an email. I think this is quite true. =)

The party

Pictures speak more than words, don't they? Heh. Will upload more soon! =p

Thursday, December 22, 2005

love, fancy, adore

I love my new handphone.

I fancy all my xmas prezzies for my loved ones.

I adore my new hair colour.

*happy* =p

Monday, December 19, 2005

Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Supposed to go ministry of sound on friday but something cropped up in between so didn't manage to go in the end. It's always like that. Long story. =p

Saturday: Vocal class with a nice teacher. =) Then headed down to maxwell for dinner & ktv after that with my singing mates. Quite fun & all. There are two younger girls in my class. You can never imagine how bold & daring some of the young girls are nowadays. I witnessed it. *laughs*

Yesterday went compasspoint cold storage to place order for xmas ham. Probably going to the music clinic's xmas party on friday. Hope it's fun & all though I know there will be a lot of people & many of them whom I don't know. No exact & concrete plans yet for eve & actual day of xmas.

Did one & a half hr of gym too. I swear I want to go back to my previous fitness level! Easier to be said than to be done. But I'll try. Last time I was quite a frequent gym-goer but now I only go once in a blue moon when I force myself to go.

This week I have to do some small xmas shopping, probably getting my hair done too & most likely getting my new hp as well. There is something wrong with the LCD sreen & the camera of my current phone. Can't be bothered to get it repaired. Hundred over bucks I may as well get a new phone & trade in the old phone right? Since there is xmas promotion now at M1 shop. But presumably won't trade in my phone at M1 shop. Shall check out some outside hp shops or something. They probably will give a better rate.

Friday, December 16, 2005

shopping spree

Went to the school for enrolment for next semester's modules & the whole enrolment process only took me less than 10 minutes. What a waste of my time. Could have just drove there. Sometimes I just don't understand why can't my dad fix different days for the usage of his cars. He says it's impossible. Hmmm. Having my own car isn't it better? I can drive as & when I like. I wonder when will the day come. I'm still waiting. =p

After enrolment, slacked around with friends in school for a while before heading town to meet michelle. MANGO SALES! It was so happening! Haha. Super duper crowded. The scenario was pretty scary.

So, we did some shopping at mango & zara.

After that, collected my sim management diary 2006 at heeren. The diary is so "oh-biang" can. Gotta give to my dad as his xmas prezzie. *beam*

Then it was dinner at pizza hut.

Yummylicious! You would love the pizza if you are a cheesy person like me. Drool please? =p

Then, we went xodus to check out the sales as well & hurrily moved on to travel down to bugis village. By that time, my feet were already aching terribly. All thanks to my new pumps. That's a saying: 女人爱美不要命. How true. ;)

Alright. I'm too sleepy.

To be continued..........

I need to curb my spending badly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I was reading the new CLEO magazine that I bought yesterday just now. I love CLEO. Love the fashion insights & the beauty advices that they give. Love how girly the magazine looks. Love the real life / true story articles. Love all the pretty clothes, shoes, bags, accessories & cosmectics that they advertise. Frankly speaking, I do wish I can be part of the CLEO team. So fun. *grin*

While I was bathing just now, I was trying to recall what had I achieved in year 2005. It's like the year is coming to an end & a new year is already approaching. What have I done so far? What have you done so far? What have we done so far?

We always set new resolutions for a new year but how often do we really do, fulfill & achieve what we want for the new year? I can say hardly. At least for myself. I'm quite disappointed with myself actually. In some ways or another. I really really can't think of any remarkable thing or event that I have achieved or done this year. *sad*

How about you? I do really hope the coming new year is a better year for me & for everyone else. I don't want to waste anymore of my time. Should start thinking & planning what I want in life. Maybe I should do a chart & tick-off every item after I do or achieve them. Heh.

Got this from CLEO: No one's hopeless. Start somewhere & keep going until you have the life you want. =)


Saturday, December 10, 2005


My stomach has been feeling so unwell these few days.



Bursting. (very soon. anytime. grrrr.)

Went ktving & watched aeon flux on thursday.

Friday went for my make-up singing class & today went for my singing class again. Class is getting more fun now. Am already looking forwards to my class next saturday. Yeun, if you are reading this you should know what I mean. *winks* =p

My friend actually has a pair of mayday tickets & wanted me to watch with him but I didn't go. I suppose the concert should be quite happening & fun.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm back. =)

Hi all! I'm back! Plane touched down at singapore changi airport on sunday at 11plus in the night, crossed custom, bought liquor from duty free, collected luggages, dad drove & finally reached home past midnight.

The bangkok trip was quite fun. Shopping, thai massage, manicure & pedicure, wash & blow, food, transport & etc. Everything was quite cool. It would be a long entry if I have to spell out everything that happened. Events like people thought that I'm a japanese or we are japanese, some unwanted attention, 艳遇 & blah blah blah. Hehe. But I still love singapore! Haha. Cos the environment is so much cleaner & better! I should feel more appreciative with what I have in singapore now. *winks*

However, one regret I have for the trip is that we didn't take enough pictures! So unlike me right? Probably too busying shopping & so tired & stuffs. Haha. :p

Some of the fun we had.....

我做了一个梦。 梦里出现一个“他”。 “他”会是谁?是你吗? 我想“他”应该就是未来人吧。 一个还在未来等待我的人。