Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi. April hasn't been the best month, till now. Nonetheless, it was still quite eventful. Touring Switzerland (Zurich) with Mr Lau, City Plaza shopping with the girls, my first time savouring Arnold's Fried Chicken, 8days of work trip to Frankfurt and The Big Apple without Mr Lau, discovering how "ugly and shallow" some colleagues can be, understanding not everyone gives me the nod and blessing which I thought it doesn't matter anymore because I have gotten what I want :), Korean BBQ and Cold Stone ice cream with the girls, time spent together with Mr Lau, late night supper, notes-copying, standbys and more standbys, calling me up for random flights, but they coincidentally coincide with the same off days as Mr Lau, trying to give away flights for off days and till now to no avail, planning the July holidays with best friend, and the list just keeps going, and probably it's going to flow over to May.

I understand life isn't always rainbows and sunshine. As a human being, I obviously want to hear things I want to hear. But how often that's the case? Perhaps I am not mum and dad's favorite kid, not the most well-liked employee in my company, not the good friend among my different groups of friends and acquintances, not his greatest love, not an angel in this big big planet. I am still thankful for being where I am, who I am and and what I have today. Curbing emotions is a challenge, and sometimes I wonder should my life and future be led logically and or be decided by the heart?

Heading to Narita for 3days and be back for the weekend. Hope it's safe... I am still excited about Japan. The shopping and groceries! Hehe. Am positioning tonight, Ha, I can watch a movie!

Stay lovely and positive peeps. It's all in the mind. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Was reading through some past stuffs and memories, recalling incidents that took place, and I start to wonder why did I take so long to realise it was you? Genuine blessings, not so genuine blessings, the honesty words and advices from best friends, good friends, the people who think it's going to work, and also there are people around us who think the unity of us two is just a passing phrase of our life.

But heck la... I super like how's things are now. It's my story. :p


One best friend said, "you are always on whatsapp/phone when you are out with us. it's like your body is here but your soul is somewhere else. People called it "心不在焉". but compared to last time it's so much better now. at least now you still come out to meet us and we still see you... last time when you were with mr lim you just totally disappeared. now with mr lau, though you "心不在焉", at least your body is now here with us! Haha..."

I ponder........

Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday

Called up Melbourne tomorrow and disrupted my own rostered Melbourne on Monday. Then it's standby again and the snowballing continues.. What the hell... Was browsing through the list of working colleagues for tomorrow flight and ahah.. so much so for all the familiar names, practically more than 10 people I know, some likeable, some not so likeable, some you haven seen or talk for ages, some you are hoping you won't have to see them again, and probably who knows some may think likewise about me as well. Lol..

The most ironical part, the boy is going there a day earlier before me and probably it's like what some other people say, the mixed feeling that is struggling right within, when he returns and I am leaving, for the same destination.

What lies ahead? Keep going, belle.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

24 hours love

I love being in around in Singapore, surrounded by familiar faces, spending times with loved ones, even if it's meant watching tv and chit-chatting over random stuffs like how smart my cousin is cos he got a scholarship to the U.S., how my 5th aunt keep boasting about her 2 daughters, the chicken rice went up by 50 cents, and the vegetable seller from the market forgot about her cucumbers, (and yes, that's my mum..hehe..)

And not forgetting the boy I haven't met for many days, and his awesome family members. We had 24hours and I can't help but yearning for more. No, no.. I shouldn't be so greedy. Less is more. :)

It's Good Friday tomorrow and so happened, I am not working! Hehe.. Have a great long weekend everybody!


Monday, April 18, 2011

all at one time

All bad things come at one time, altogether. Which make you speechless sometimes, don't know who to confide to, whose shoulder is reliable for you to cry on, who can protect you, who can make you feel better.

Suddenly super miss my parents. I want to call and listen to their voices but it's like so late now in Singapore. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. They are the only persons in the world whom I know they will love me wholeheartedly even when I grow uglier, fatter, unlikeable and irritating. Haha... Thank you for such love my 2 dearest!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a long tiring day

Had a really long tiring day being a New Yorker. Breakfast, bumping into a friend, shopping and more shopping, non stop walking, with lots of tiny adventure episodes along the way, ate my magnolia bakery red velvet cupcake, bought my banana pudding and chicken over rice. My legs almost broke and they are still aching now. I seriously need a full body plus leg massage like very badly! *hinting to mr lau... *cover mouth and giggle*

And today's weather was crazy. It was colder, like very much colder.?
Oh well...
Can't wait go come home. Am missing home terribly

Friday, April 15, 2011

New York

How is everyone doing? Has the week been going on well? I am in New York now, comfortably on my bed, waking up in awhile for breakfast and then shopping! Haha.. The weather is kind, so far. Very nice and comfortable temperature that you only need to walk from streets to streets, avenues to avenues in your light jacket, without screaming cold like how I used to in Jan when I was here.

Checking in I went for burger, chili cheese fries and milkshake. I took photo of the food using my camera, am really lazy to reach for the camera right... *lol*... will post it up probably later part of the day or another time.

After lunch, I went shopping at Victoria's Secrets for a friend's stuffs, then I started roaming around 5th Avenue for a while...

The shopping loots...

The Men's collection...

Sundress... I bought another similar one in pink but by then I was so sleepy, so I didn't put it on and snap picture of it. :)

Last but not least, my latest new spurge in Frankfurt....

A pink miu miu bow bag. :)
How love. *joyful!*

Going back for more sleep now before starting the day, right. Heh.
So take care all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

thank you jazzy

As much as I say taking public transport is so convenient in Singapore, I seriously think I can't live without a car. I was running errands the whole day from the late morning till evening time. I travelled from East to Central, from Central one destination to another destination, then to North East. Lunch was breads, pancake and soya bean milk I bought at Paragon and they were consumed when I was driving from one place to another. Not meeting boyfriend and friends, and the whole day I was just by myself but a lot was accomplished. Get my brows and nails done, (the nails took the longest time, like 2.5hours?), had quick lunch, went to the cobbler, submitted and collected some documents from training centre, took photo for US VISA, went to the money changer, shopped for my necessities, bought my tom yum cup noodles and pocky strawberry sticks, dabao-ed dinner.... What to do without my little jazzy? :p

What a day... Haha..

Was skyping earlier on with the dear one. Realised our rosters were clashed to the max and it's actually kind of disappointing. Maybe I should just make use of these times off to do more reading which I have been lacking, exercise more and meet up with others whom I haven't been catching up with. We will still be fine, I suppose. =) Leaving for Frankfurt New York for a good 8days, I hope it's all good. :)

I was hungry and I snacked on my strawberry muesli with milk. Hehe... Pretty much really for bed now. Have a lovely week ahead peeps. Embrace all the challenges that you may face along the way, they may be tough, but trust yourselves that somehow or rather no matter how difficult a situation can be, it will eventually find its way. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

the weekend

Off days were spent roaming Ikea, eating the classic all time favorite meatballs from the Ikea restaurant, stuffing ourselves with other sides like fish nuggets, cheese nuggets, chicken wings, fries and free flow of ice lemon tea!

Playing with baby and catching up with old friends...

And after a super early morning Bangkok turn on Sunday morning, despite the tiredness I went to catch a movie at AMK. It was quite a good show. Lots of thrill and suspense and blood.

My eyes are closing. It took me longer than usual to type this entry. I can't think anymore. My brain is officially shut off. Need to wake up early to run errands before I leave for a 8days work trip. So good night everyone. I hope your weekend was good!

Friday, April 08, 2011

A Letter to Myself

When you find yourself struggling with words, you begin to ask yourself how long is this situation going to last? Holding on to your calm, thinking before speaking a word, so that you won't create a stir out of no where. Train your own emotions so that they react logically and not chemically emotionally. (If there is such a word. Ha..)

You find yourself losing patience, losing endurance and the worst thing that anyone in a relationship will ever want to lose, love. The passion to love each other over again and again and again, the way to manage the relationship, the perseverance and tolerance levels to accept each other's shortcomings and flaws. I guess it's just in every relationship. It's not the first time you get all these vibes. You have been through the worst remember?

When you are dying wanting to see the person but you felt it wasn't reciprocate. When you thought you are actually missing the person when you have just seen each other the day before. When you have so much to say but you just find yourself shallow back your words.

Don't let emotions lead you anymore.

Jia you!

A Letter to Myself.

The Zurich's Journey again

We had a long walk along the river/lake and trees before reaching The Rhine Falls. It was quiet, peaceful, no disturbance, and made you feel at ease. And most of the times, we were spent taking pictures, with poses like the above. *grin*

That's how beautiful the waterfall is. (=

We spotted someone lying down by the lake. So relaxing and I insisted Mr Lau to capture this image. Hehe..

One day, some times down the road, I will come back to you again. :)


food excitement

Even the boy gets excited when he sees food. So do I. :)

From our Zurich's journey.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


We visited Rhinefall, the biggest waterfall in Europe. The view was breath-taking, the weather was good, and it almost felt like another mini holiday trip with the love again. :)

Will be back for more. Zurich.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Some kind of Wonderful

Don't remember the clothes I wear, don't tell me earlier the time to meet and then I am late, don't tell me earlier when and where to turn when I am driving and then we missed the turn, and my whining of many many other stuffs, and of course the "bu shuang-ness" that I always show. But yet you take ALL of my nonsenses. Why?

"Now every time my little world seems blue
I just have to look at you.
And everything seems to be
Some kind of Wonderful"

Time to snooze before getting up for dinner. Late night work trip later to Zurich, and of course with the favorite. :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

life plans

Do our life plans and priorities change as the days go? Maybe they do, and subconsciously we allow ourselves to set in anxiety.

Just a random thought. Ha...

Just cleared my 2days of recurrent training. Always detest going back to the training centre, especially the oily smell of the canteen that stinks you immediately when you step into it. It's weekend, heading off to Zurich on Sunday night. It's like all about work, home, work, home. Feel like taking up something and make myself useful. *giggle*

Alright, enjoy April peeps. Time is passing so fast that we realise we actually have so many tasks unaccomplished. Let's work on those, stay positive and take care all! :)