Tuesday, November 30, 2004

To go or not to go?

Tmr there'll be this ritual ceremony to commemorate the 1st death anniversary of my maternal grandmum. Should I take leave to go? I told my mum yesterday that I don't feel like gng cos I don't wanna forfeit my pay for the day. I even burst out saying that I'll go only if she is gng to compensate my loss. My mum actually agreed! Truthfully, I don't mean what I say. I just said it out in a spite of anger. I can't deny that I refuse to go is not because of the pay, but my unwillingness to go is also partly because I think that the whole ceremony gonna be super dull & boring & I doubt all my cousins will be present. My mum says it's an unfilial act if I never go. :/

I feel like a bad granddaughter. Or am I not?

5.45pm soon. I gotta make up my mind fast. If I'm gng, I gotta let my colleague know. To go or not to go?

Today's "Adventure"

I am beginning to think that going to work everyday is an "adventure" or an "encounter". On my Dad's car today (he will always drive me to the MRT Station in the morning), I was telling my Dad I wondered if I would see that sicko again. My words really came true. I spotted him. I think he saw me spotted him because I purposely or so called pretended to go down from another staircase in which in the end I didn't because the train was arriving. When I tried to see where he is, I realized he was gone. I thought my eyes were seeing things or I could have mistaken someone as him.

I boarded the train & my eyes were like browsing around in all directions to see if he was on the train. Frankly speaking, I was quite skeptical that he was not there because I thought I really saw him just now. Suddenly, I felt that someone's body was pushing me from behind when I alighted the train. I turned my head & I saw him! Hmph! I squeezed myself to the crowd in front of me & climbed up the escalators as fast as I could. I knew he would follow. I reached the exit & I tapped my ez-link card & waited outside of the exit instead of continuing walking. He saw me doing that & he quickly turned & walked away. I thought I had dumped him away but when I was up the escalators. I saw him following behind discreetly! What the? Sicko. GrRrRrRr.....

I walked out of the MRT Station & I knew he would follow. Hence, I deliberately stopped myself from walking, as I wanted to see what he could do. I saw him trying very hard to catch up with me but when he spotted me standing still folding arms looking at him, I tell you guys, he ran very fast to another walk-way. Haha. It was so hilarious! I used my hands to gesture to him & tell him "ni si ding le". Then I pretended to take out my hp to make a call & continued walking. Haha. Actually I really wondered if he had heard me. Lol. When I reached the road junction, I did a few head-turns to check but he was nowhere to be seen. Wow. I feel a little brave & a little accomplish today. Haha. Sometimes I do speculate why I should bother with this kind of people but I really feel like killing him every time I see him. One day, he will just die in my hands. =)

I have some floating thoughts. Should I give myself one or two weeks break before school starts or should I just continue working till school starts? Money & rest. Which one will you choose?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Colleagues . Friends

Colleagues are colleagues. Friends are friends. Most of the times colleagues are not friends. Agree with me? This question just suddenly pops out from my mind. I'm not trying to say that I don't like my colleagues & they can't be my friends. In fact most of my colleagues are pretty nice people. But somehow I believe that there is this line drawn between the definitions of colleagues & friends. Correct me if I'm wrong. Gee.

Haha. Alright. I'm just too bored so I blog to pass time. Heh. No work for me to do now in office & I'm just slacking throughout man. But I'm sort of enjoying it. Haa. This is my 3rd entry for the day. I may blog more later if I have something new to say. Hehx. Ciao. ;p


Just a small update. I have decided to go for my studies after much consideration & throwing of tantrums at home. Lol. I can say that the decison wasn't an easy one because I was really trapped in a dilemma. I wasn't sure if that is what I want & I'm really afraid that I'll give up 1/2 way. I have got quite a lot of diferent advices & opinions from different people but ultimately the decison still lies on me. I hope that I'm making the right choice. I need your support. :)


It's a Monday's morning, a fresh start for a new week & someone actually SPOILS my day!

Sicko. Sicko. Sicko..... Booooooooo.........

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Where has human beings' nature gone to?

I have been shopping quite a lot lately. ( or should I say I have always been shopping? haha....) Rebecca Bloomwood reminds me of myself. ( if you know who she is.) Anyway, I met Meifang on Friday after work to pass her prezzie. Went out with my movie cum shopping khaki today. With her around, most of the times I will buy something & vice versa. WoohoOoOo...... So what do you think? Good or bad? Haha.....

I watched Polar Express today. It is a super nice movie. Heart-warming, bring me a sense of coziness & it makes me feel like tomorrow is X'mas! Heh. Oh, I realise I have watched 3 cartoons movies recently. Shark Tales, The Incredibles & Polar Express. I just love cartoons. Bleah....;p

Hmmmm..... Sometimes I do wonder where has human beings' nature gone to. I have came across a lot of bad news on the newspapers lately & somehow I just doubt the old saying of the chineses, "Ren Zhi Chu, Xing Ben Shan". Huang Na's case, the rapist who raped the pregnant woman & the 2 foreign flight stewardess & the 11 & 10 years old sisters being raped by stepfather. The 11 years old elder sister was even raped by her maternal grandfather! The grandfather raped the sisters' mother too when she was 18! I mean what are these? All these happenings are totally ridiculous! I feel sad & angry for them actually. I think the rapists are the most despisable criminals. Should get their d**** cut off. Pardon me. They really make me puke. Terrible animals.

Dark rings getting significant. I should sleep soon I guess....

Friday, November 26, 2004

Fish, Fishes, Fishy

I'm a "fish" person. I ate the new Mac Double Fillet-O Fish Burger for lunch for 4 consecutive days & never got sick of it. Haha. Strange. I find it very nice though it tastes the same as the normal Fillet-O Fish Burger. Lol. It has got an extra piece of fillet & it seems bigger to me! Fill up my stomach better. I am a pig. Heh. :p Today I had Mos Burger's Salmon Rice Burger for lunch. You see? It's fish again! Haha. Actually my appetite is always changing. Sometimes I can really eat a lot & sometimes I don't feel like eating even when I'm hungry. Sometimes I like this, sometimes I like that. Maybe it's PMS or maybe it's mood swing. I'm just difficult to please. Hahahahaha.....:p

p/s: I think Mac Double Fillet-O Fish Burger tastes nicer than Mos Burger's Salmon Rice Burger. ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

What's wrong?

What's wrong with blogger? After lunch today when I attempted to log on to my blog page, I saw a blank page instead. I thought that blogger might be lagging so I waited awhile before I tried to log on again. I tried again & again & again & I still saw a blank page. Where had my blog page gone to? I signed in to blogger's website & checked on my template. I realised that all my template's tags & codes were gone! Could be some hackers' doings or something? I told a friend about this problem & she told me blogger would go "bonker" once in awhile, erasing people's templates' tags & codes! What the hell?! I had been working on this template for so many days & so much time & you took them away?! It's almost done & now it's gone. No choice. I have to re-do everything again. It's so shitty!

Pissed off.

Today I feel so..........

Happy - Because my dear cousin is Singapore's top scholar for this year's PSLE. *Big smile*. My mum used to babysit him when he was young. I dote on him the most. More than my own siblings?! Lol. Heh.

Irritated - Because of the Crazy, Insane, Stupid, Dumb, Idiotic, Irritating, Fat, Ugly, Old man AGAIN! This time he alighted the train at Serangoon in which I didn't know why. The train was very packed & when he spotted me, he actually tried to squeeze himself through the crowd & stand behind me. He was saying "excuse me, excuse me" so that people could make way for him to squeeze in. ArgHhHhHh... I would "diao" him whenever I saw him looking at me. Haha. Anyway, I didn't bother to look at him either. His presence is enough to spoil my mood & make me puke. :p Something quite comical happened. He was "stalking" me on my way to my office again. The stupid whistling sound was damn irritating. I was kind of agitated. Then there was this couple walking in front of me. The girl turned her head back when she heard the whistling sound. Then she turned to her boyfriend & told him , "Don't know who whistle at me leh." Haha. I laughed a little. Hope it wasn't too obvious but I really find it quite funny lar. Hee.

Throbbing - My back still aches. I went for a jog just now after dinner but it didn’t help much. I got myself more tired only. What is the problem with me?

Emotional - I cried when I was watching TV just now. *Grins*

Sleepy - I am always sleepy. Everyday. Anytime. ;p

Bored - Work is bored. Everyday. Anytime. The day that I like to go work is Friday. (Because weekend is near.) Haha.

My bed is missing me. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Can these be REAL?

Ouch. My back has been aching for the past few days. The feeling is really terrible. I have been trying to keep my posture as straight as possible & I also tried to do some back-stretching exercise but it doesn't seem to help. :/ Could it be symptom of mensus? Beats me. My mensus has always been very irregular ever since I started having one. Whatever it is, I know all I need now is a good MASSAGE! SPA will be even better! Haha. I want to indugle myself in the GOODY-NESS of massaging & spa-ing. I need to PAMPER myself. I need to PAMPER my body. Eh. My back is really ACHING! Ouchhhhh.....

Oh yes. I heard some rumours about Singapore's Idol. There are people saying that SIngapore's Idol is actually a set-up. Ken Lim is the big boss of Hype Records & he will be producing the album for the 1st upcoming Singapore's Idol. He is also the so-called "chief judge" of the Singapore's Idol judge panel. His decisions & comments are the most crucial & the most important out of the 4 judges. It was rumoured that he had already chosen Sly to win for the competiton & a recording contract had been signed between them. By chance, Olinda knew about this plot & she went around telling everyone & that was why she was always kanna "shoot" by Ken. All the contestants already knew the results but because they were bounded by contracts, they had to play along. The contract is also the reason why Candice pulled out of the contest even before the competition starts.

These rumours are pretty SHOCKING to me. I mean if this whole Singapore's Idol thingy is really a plot, then all the contestants are indeed very good actors & actresses. Don't you think so? If they know that they are not going to win anyway. why should they be bother to put in so much efforts in the competition? What are the votes for if Sly is going to win anyway no matter what? To con money out of the innocence supporters? Why are the contestants' parents & friends cheering for them when they don't even stand a single chance of winning? Why was Sly so nervous when he was on the stage with Olinda waiting for the result to be read out? If Sly is definitely going to win, Taufik doesn't really have to prepare for the Finals right? I have my doubts. Hmmm.....

However, I think these rumours could be spread by Sly's supporters so that the people who want to support Taufik instead of Sly will find it pointless to vote for Taufik since he is not going to win. Or it could be the eliminated contestants of Singapore's Idol who are jealous of Sly & so they want to create a stir out of the whole Singapore's Idol thingy. Sour grapes you get me?

Anyway, I don't know if the results are fixed or not but I do find something that is worth pondering which is that before the results are shown every week, viewers are urged to vote up till the very last minute & after a commercial break, results are tallied (so quickly?) and announced. Shouldn't there be some kind of official audit like what some award shows do? & it seems like the media are "promoting" & "
marketing" for sly more than other contestants? Well, I do believe that there are always loopholes here & there & sad to say you can't possibly avoid politics especially in this kind of idol competition.

OLINDA. Yes. I want to discuss something about her. I can't deny that her vocal is good but somehow I don't really like her. As in her personality (as if I know her very well. lol) & the ways she presented herself in the shows. There was this classic sence of the Singapore's Idol competition whereby Olinda was DAMN BITCHY about the girl who allocated the songs' parts. You can go to Singapore's Idol offical website & search for the video clip under Olinda. There are many more video clips of the past episodes of Singapore's Idol. In the TODAY newspaper, Olinda also said that she will be rooting for Taufik. She also mentioned that "some people come into the competition just to win. I mean, we all want to win, but at the same time, should make friends also. I shall not name names lah". How come she suddenly talk about this? Strange. & the fact that she said "I am rooting for Taufik" makes me feel uneasy. It seems like she dislike Sly or what because she didn't mention Sly when she was asked who's her best friends in Singapore's Idol. I guess Olinda is not very happy with the result that she was out of the competition & that is why she said that she will be rooting for Taufik.

There are so much so much things & stories behind the scene of the Singapore's Idol in which maybe we will never get to know. Human beings are good pretendious mammals in front of others. Can these be REAL? Believe or not, it is up to you. I can't say that I am not affected by these rumours about Singapore's Idol. But I have got a strong gut feeling that Sly will win eventually. Somehow I do hope Taufik will win to prove the wrong of these rumours. I would like Sly to win but yet on the other had I want Taufik to win. I am like contradicting myself huh?! Haha. My mum was telling me the other day that she thinks Taufik is better & he is definitely more handsome than Sly. Well, I can't deny that Taufik is a handsome malay. Haha.

Alright. I have "gossiped" abit too much today. Lol. Whatever it is, we shall wait for 1st December to come. :)

My back is still aching.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Love is.....

"Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end."

I came across this phrase from an e-mail. I find it quite meaningful & I think it is worth pondering. We are always saying that we want to wait for the right one to come but is there really a right soulmate for everyone? We wait & wait & when someone finally comes along, we take for granted that there will be a better one coming later. So we continue to wait & wait again. How long will this waiting part take? It may not work out but at least you tried. You never try you never know. Things just happen. You may not find the perfect person (no one is perfect anyway) but in my opinion what makes love perfect is the endless efforts & love that we put in, in a relationship. Time is nevertheless one of the important factors of love. You never know how much it mean to you until you lose it. Treasure what we have & believe me, things just happen. :)

Monday, November 22, 2004


*Roll my eyes*. Fancy that I am blogging at this hour & I have to wake up at 7am the next morning. Ohhhhh. No big deal. I am used to it anyway. Heh. These few days I have been figuring & working on my blogger's template designs. I am a real dummy at these but being SMART as nature, I believe I will pick up the skills & knowledge very fast. I am a fast learner you know?! Lol.

My Friday's night was boring. Wanted to chill out but I was like really no energy. What was wrong with me? Saturday was slightly better. I caught a movie. The Incredibles. Super duper nice! Cute characters, interesting storyline & good animation! Ohhhhh. I just love it. Ohhhhh. I just love cartoons. ;) Sunday I was at home the whole day minus away the time that I went out to buy food & stuffs & the time that I went out for a jog. I hope this coming weekend will be more happening for me. Ohhhhh. I just love having fun. Hehehe.

Oh yeah! Sylvester gets into the Finals! I feel so happy for him. I was rather expecting him to get in when it only left Olinda & him on the stage. He has got so many died-hard fans to support & vote for him. I think they purposely made Taufik being called up first so as to create the anxious atmosphere between Olinda & Sylvester. Ohhhhh. Side-track abit. I simply love it when Sylvester sang the chinese song, "An jing". Many thanks to Lynn who gave me her user id & password so that I can access the video online. I missed that episode. p/s: Lynn, I still can't seem to register with MySpace. How? Anyway, I am looking forwards to the Finals. So exciting. I hope he win. Giggles.~

2am. Ohhhhh. Good night everybody!
So many Ohhhhh.

Ohhhhh. Monday Blues.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nothing Better To Do

I have got NOTHING better to do now so I have decided to blog a little to at least kill some time. Blah.

It's always like that. It rains like don't know what when I never bring my umbrella out & when I decide to play safe & bring my umbrella out, uh-huh, the sun is smiling so brightly! Not even a single raindrop. Arghhhh..... Maybe I shouldn't be complaining too much. Arghhhh..... DON'T EVEN KNOW why I am blogging about this. DON'T EVEN KNOW what I'm blogging. DON'T EVEN KNOW what else should I blog. DON'T EVEN KNOW why I have so many "DON'T EVEN KNOW". Hahaha. I DON'T EVEN CARE! Bleah. ~ :p

I want to change the skin & the layout of my blog but I'm kind of lousy at these. I'll try. I'll try. Remember to stay tuned to my blog. Always. Heh.

Tmr is Friday again which means my weekend is approaching! But it seems so near yet so far to me. Why? Weird. Tmr is also Emily's last day in school. She has decided to give up on teaching as a career as she feels that it doesn't suit her. But lucky her. She still get her salary for Decemeber even though she don't have to go back school. That's like so wonderful! You are paid during the holidays & bascially you just have to do nothing! I also want! Haha. But well, in my opinion, teaching is not only just about passion, it's also about endurance & stamina. Whatever it is, I have never ever wanted to get into the teaching line. At least for now. I don't know about the future but most probably I won't unless I'm really desperate. Lol.

I have got alot of things in mind that I want to buy now. How I wish I'll strike lottery for once. A big one. (though I don't buy one) Heh. Or just let me meet a RICH guy. Haha. RICH & HANDSOME one even better. Haha. Hey, It's actually pretty nice to daydream once in a while, living in your own fantasy ok?! Hehe.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Look good, Feel good

Met up with Liyan today. After like 5 months? I guess so. She said I look better & healtier now. In another word, she was trying to say I am FATTER I think. I have NEVER EVER wanted to be assosicated with this word. But she said I was way too skinny that time when I was in school. I still remember vividly when I started go gym & adapt a cautious diet last year june holidays, I lost alot of weight. When the 1st semester of my 3rd year poly started in July, almost everybody commented that I slimmed down. My lightest weight was 42kg. It was like really really thin. When I moved on to 2nd semester of my 3rd year poly, I think I weight better. Not that skinny I guess. Maybe my body got used to my exercise regime? Or maybe it is the muscles? Now I am working. I don't really dare to eat too much when I am in the office. I got a phobia of eating too much now. (though I do feast once in a while. lol.) My exercise regime gets lesser too. Maybe I should really exercise more.

Still, maybe we should just be happy with the way we are. If you feel comfortable with how you look like now, just be it. Ignore what others have been telling you to lose or put on weight. However, I will feel happier when I feel & look lighter. Just love the feeling of being light. Look good, feel good. Haa.

Sensible diet + Regular exercises. I shall begin tmr. Hopefully. :) Hopefully I will see results soon. SOON.

p/s: Evie dearie, I DON'T NEED to get fat okay? Heh.

My TV starting. Blog later or what. Byeeee!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

piGGy me

I had a cup of hot oat cereal & a slice of Gardenia Festive Delight cake-bread (A delicious mix of fruits & crunchy almonds.)

I ate ham & cheese crepe, pizza with pineapples, mushrooms, sauages, tomatoes & prawns toppings covered with tomato sause & calamari from Marche. Drank lemonade from Auntie Anna & had one scope of green tea ice-cream & one scope of black sesame ice-cream from Polar.

Home-cooked dishes. Rice. Vegetables. Fried beancurds. Fishcakes. Winter-melon soup. I don't really like what my mum cooked today but I still eat. One big grapefruit & 2 slices of apple.

Shared some hokkien prawn mee & fried kuay teow with my mum & youngest brother.

So, tell me how not to get fat?

Damn. I feel so piggy today. :p

Saturday, November 13, 2004


I met Louis yesterday. He is still the same. Not any taller. Opps. Heh. But he does look much fitter & more toned. NS does make wonders. :)

Stalker. Stalker & stalker AGAIN!!! Well, I don't feel like elaborating too much. You picture yourself.

Shall go read my favourite book - Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinesella now. I love Shopaholic Series & books by this author. Gonna get them all! :)

Oh, I love reading!

"Maybe if I had just looked away that first night you came towards me, everything would be different and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now"

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Champion

I'm not in the mood to sleep yet. I shall blog another entry to keep me entertained. Heh.

Let me share with you guys some of the pictures of the "hip" TV drama, The Champion. Don't blink. ;p

P/S: I have just removed the pictures cos the file sizes are pretty big. However, they can still be found at: http://ch8.mediacorptv.com/thechampion/. Hope the website still works. ;)

edited & signed off at 10.07a.m. 18/11/2004

Start drooling~ Haha.

In the show, I like:

715 ~ He is VERY handsome! His body makes me go wOoOoOo... Lol...
Yan Xing Shu ~ My favourite character in My MVP Valentine. He still looks cool in his long hair. :p Tall & charming!
Julian Hee ~ He is the Winner of the Manhunt 2001. I find him quite cute & boyish. Haha.
Fiona Xie ~ She has the figure that many girls will die for. (including me. ;p) She has a very good dress sense & she simply looks nice in anything she wears!
Jessica Liu ~ She is so tall, slim, pretty & model look alike!
Jamie Yeo ~ All along I find her quite pretty & I like her hairstyle & hair colour!

Well, actually Jeanette Aw & Felicia Chin are
also not bad too. Just too many people to mention. Heh. Xiaoqiao aka Yilin is very evil in the show but I can't deny that she is quite pretty. Hee. But I hate her to the core when she was doing all her evil acts. Feel like slapping her real hard on the face. It can be quite scary ya if your good friend do that to you.

What else can I say? It is a show of Hunks & Babes! Candies for our eyes!
Opps. I'm like promoting for the show. Heh.

It's very late. I better run for my beauty sleep now. Heh. Ciao!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Long Weekend

Yeah!!! I have a LONG weekend! 5 days. Or can I say 5.5 days? (because Wednesday's night I can afford to go out till very late & Thursday I don't have to get up early. heehee.) Well. I'm happy that I have a long so-called "holiday". Bleah. ;p I think my company is too cool to let us off on Friday even when it isn't a public holiday. But I'll be getting a day less of pay. But who cares? I need a rest. I need a break. Very badly.

I was really in the mood to go clubbing last night. But well not many friends can make it & stuffs. End up meeting Lynn for dinner & shopping. It wasn't too bad though. I got myself a bag. A bag that I have been looking for but I can't seem to find. Happy with what I buy. (",) But if my night was longer then it would be even better. I want to enjoy myself, enjoy the glory of nightlife. Woo. That's just me. I like a happening life in which I can have lots of fun & I can really relax myself after days of work or boring days. :p Partying once in a while can be really nice. =) I shall go soon. Heh.

I just received a reply from SIM. Should I accept the offer? Hmmm... I'm still in a dilemma. I want to go back school but I'm scared. I have worries. Please teach me how?!

I'm going to stay at home today. Sleep, eat, watch TV, read shopaholic book, read magazines, listen to my music, surf the net, maybe go for a jog later?................... I'm just enjoying my rest now. I'm loving it. :p

Louis "dates" me to go for lunch tmr. I'm still thinking to go or not. It has been 1.5 yrs or even more since I last saw him. He quitted school 1/2 way. So now he is in NS. Just book out last night & he gonna has his long break too. He "dates" me & he dates his bunk mates too. It's kinda weird. I don't know his friends. All botaks. Go Harbour Front eat dim-sum buffet then go town for pool. It doesn't sound a very good plan to me. But I don't mind meeting Louis only. We used to be quite "buddies" in school. Hee. & he was really vain. A guy who loves to eat yet afraid to put on weight. Heh. He always said I'm fat when were in school. :/

Oh Oh. Almost forgotten to say. I saw a cute guy yesterday. At Heeren. He was working in the New Urban Male Flip-Flops shop. I pressume he's one of the bosses la huh?! Hee. He is really cute & his image can fit to be one of the hunks in "Ren Wo Au You"/ "The Champion". I think I'll start going Heeren more often. Hohoho.... Girls. Check him out. Hee.

"I'm missing you. Not a little but lots."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wo-Hen Nankan

I came across this blog:


Is this meant to be a joke? Even his name is called Wo-Hen Nankan. Lol. It's a super hilarious blog. But be careful. You may puke or faint anytime. I am serious. :p


I am using this entry to reply to the "Anonymous" who posted a comment on my previous entry. (if you happen to read my blog again) I don't know who are you or maybe you are actually one of my friends, just for your information, this is NOT the 2nd time. It happens MANY MANY times. It is nothing wrong to rant to protect yourself or to voice out your thoughts if you feel that you are disturbed. Bring a police to him when I see him again? You are rushing to work & you want to go & find a police to save you? I am not that free.

I am not angry. But who really really understand me? You?!

This is my blog. I just love to whine & rant my thoughts here. Who cares?

Hear me RANT

Please hear me RANT.

Saw the CRAZY, INSANE, STUPID, DUMP, IDIOTIC, IRRITATING, FAT, UGLY, OLD man AGAIN! ArRrRrGgGgGhHhHh..... See him always spoil my mood. Oh manz..... The moment when I saw him at the HG MRT Station also, I was like OMG! It gonna be a bad start for my day. I pretended never see him sitting at the bench & walk to one of the train door entrance to wait for the train to come. Soon, the train was arriving in 2 mins & he got up to come & wait at the same train door entrance as me! I felt so uneasy & hence I decided to walk over further down to another train door entrance. He FOLLOWED! Can you believe it? Nvm. I went into the train & I tried to stand at one corner where no people could stand behind of me. There were some people standing in front, left & right of me & so he didn't have a chance to stand near me. Phew~ But I knew his pair of "perverted" eyes was looking at me. When the train reached Dhoby Ghaut, he actually got down before me but he WAITED at one side for me to come out so that he could walk behind me. I felt so irritated. Actually wanted to turn back & shout at him but I didn't know what stopped me. Hmmm..... I decided to take an alternative route to my office. He FOLLOWED! "Ge Pi Chong"!!!!! The same old thing, made the stupid sound again & alot of people walking in front & besides of me actually turned their heads back to check who was the "siao" guy. Lol. I pretended to talk on the phone again & tried to walk as fast as I could but today I was wearing my new pair of sandals with a little heels in which it was difficult to walk as fast as I wanted. When we reached the road jucntion & were supposed to go split ways, I saw him looking at me & I stared back & scolded him "shen jing bing". Wonder if he heard me. I hope so. Haha. I gonna really seriously rant at him if I spot him again doing this stupidly act again. I promise.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


I shall blog for the sake of blogging. Anyway, not many people know my blog. Shall announce to more people I guess. People that I care to share my daily thoughts with. So my friends, if you have my blog, you should be honoured. Heh.

Don't feel like elaborating too much tonight. I gonna make it a short one. Friday I hanged out with Meifang after work. We went SHOPPING again!!! But the night was pretty enjoyable though. Yesterday was at home the whole day & only went out in evening to Bugis for dinner with my parents & youngest brother. Today I caught a movie with Emily. Shark Tale. The cinema was packed with kids & their parents & it was almost full-house. The movie is nice in my opinon. Hilarious characters & interesting storyline. I was laughing alot through out the show. It is a happy movie. Make me happier after watching. If you are feeling down, you should go watch this movie. I think it can cheer you up quite abit. :)

Food was good today too. Pasta Cafe (pasta), 7-Eleven (cookies & cream ice-cream) & NYDC (sandwich & cheesecake). Yum yum! Hee. Had a pretty good chat with Emily over the meals. She really gave me some good advises. I think I really feel better now & I have a clearer idea of what to do next. Thanks sweetie!

Today's blog is short & sweet. I'm gng to watch my tape now. I asked my brother to record the 7pm Channel U show today. Don't know what's the name of the show but I know today was the last episode. Hee. Yup. Good Night!

(p/s: oHhHhH... tmr is Monday again... sian... I'm looking forwards to my long weekend...:p)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Loving me, Loving you

My eyes are closing. I have work to do but I am doing them slowly. My colleague asks me to take my time. So I am really doing VERY SLOWLY. Hee. I shall blog an entry to at least keep myself awake. *Forcing myself to open my eyes BIG* @@ :P

Nothing much happens to me yesterday & today until now. Work & home sweet home. I guess I am feeling a little better. But still, not extremely good either. : Some pimples-lookalike rashes just popped out on my face yesterday!!! I am so paranoid about it. How? Pray that they will faster go away. Shoo. Shoo. I think I need to start getting more beauty facial products for my face. Women need to take care & invest on their faces even though they may still be very young. You invest now, you will see the results when you grow older. :) Because you are worth it. :)

A few of my female colleagues were telling me to beware of a guy colleague in my office. They said he is very cheeky. Hmmm? Well, I know that alot of people don't like him in the office. Actually I find him quite irritating at times too. :p But he is old enough to be my father. He has a daughter himself anyway. I think she is still a primary school kid or something. Yep. They told me last time before I came, it was another girl who was doing my job & whenever there are credit advices (he is an accountant & he handles credit advices), she will just need to pass to my female accountant colleague & she will then pass the credit advices to him. (the guy told the girl that she didn't have to pass to him directly) But when I started work here, he started to ask me to pass all the credit advices to him. I didn't know about it until my female accountant colleague told me. Anyway, no big deal. I can't be bothered with him also. Bleah~

Oh. My office cleaner auntie told me just now that a serviceman who came to repair our switches this morning asked her why your reception girl not here yet. He commented to the auntie that I am very pretty. Haha. I am flattered. He came to my office yesterday & susposingly he was to repair & change the switches for us but because he had to off all the lights, the plan didn't seem to work because we need the light to work ma. So ya. He came this morning lor. He is a 50+++ uncle by the way. Not any dude or hunk. Sian. Lol. But at least he said the right thing. Haha. Opps. :p

I gonna colour & cut my hair soon. Most probably next weekend or the weekend after next. It is OKAY to dye now since I don't see any miracle yet. : Will keep you guys posted of my latest look. Heh.

Ermmm... I think my parents are really great. Feel like saying out suddenly. Hee. My dad will pack some fruits & snacks for me every morning & force me to bring to work & eat. He will buy me breakfast early in the morning & he will drive me to the MRT station despite it is just a 5 minute walk from my house. He will drive me to tuition & back from tuition whenever he can & he also like to bring me to the neighbourhood supermarket near my student's home whenever I finish tuition to ask me to take whatever potatoes chips, chocalates, biscuits, snacks, etc I want & he will pay. Despite that I am working now (thought it is just temporarily), he still give me pocket money. How to find such a wonderful dad? I think he will be even greater if he can buy me a car for my 21st birthday. Grins...
(p/s: I am stopping my tuition temporarily because he just finishes his exams.)

My mum wakes up very early (i mean really very EARLY. you can never imagine)in the morning to go for morning brisk walk at punggol park. She used to go alone. Can you believe it? When the sky is still dark. But she insists on going because of health reasons. Recently, my dad starts to go with her too. Still not too bad. Rekindle the old feeling that they used to share when they were in their courtship. Hee. My dad will cycle there & do jogging. I can never wake up so early just to go exercise. Give me alot alot of $$ then maybe I will consider la. Heh. My mum has to wake me up every morning after she comes back from exercising. She refills my water-bottle, tidys my room everytime after I go out because I always mess up my room with clothes & stuffs that I tried & I don't feel right & I will take off & change again & again & you will find my clothes laying around on my bed , floor, computer chair, etc. Come to think of it now, I do feel bad to ask her to do all these for me. She has to do all the housework (my dad helps her too) & she has to go over to my late-grandma house (maternal grandma) to do the housework for my 3 uncles. I find it so ridiculous. 3 guys can't even do simple housework? My mum is already busy enough & she still has to spare the extra time to go tidy somebody else' house. I used to ask my mum not to go but she will always reply saying they are her brothers. She should help them. She said if they were my 2 brothers, I will sure do the same. Hmm.. Make me ponder. My 3 uncles are all not married but 1 of them has a gf but they don't intend to get married because my uncle has no $$. Hmm again.. But out of the 3 uncles, 2 of them are out of jobs now. Doesn't it make more sense for them to do the housework themselves? Somemore my mum is the daughter. There is a old saying says "Daughters are just like water. When they are married off, they don't belong to the family. They belong to others already". I have uncles & aunties (their wives) staying nearby too but they don't even seem to bother to pop by to help out in the housework. The aunties are the daughter-in-lawas of my mum's side family leh. Doesn't it make more sense for them to come over to help? Actually it is ok for my mum to help out once in awhile but shouldn't my uncles & aunties be more "zi dong"? Actuallly I know all they care is the money & assets that my late grandma left behind. She passed away last december. Alot of more things to complain about my relatives but I don't wanna elaborate further. Get the picture? Oh ya. My mum can cook too & she really has a kind heart. I don't know how to explain why I say she has a kind heart but I just know it. She is very easily contented with life. =)

My 2 brothers are the sweetest brothers that I can ever have. They protect me more than I protect them though they are younger. They are always the ones who give in to me. :) Oh. My youngest brother is especially fillial to my mum. He will scold me whenever I talk back to my mum. Hee.

Long story about my family & a long blog indeed. I am shy to tell my family how much I love & appreciate them. Hence, I shall do it here. Hehe. Dad, Mum, Qiang & Hui, I really love you all so much. Much more than you ever know. Thank-you for tolerating my stubborness & "da xiao jie pi qi" all these years. I am sorry for anything that I may have done to cause you people to be sad or unhappy. I will try to be a better & nicer person, daughter, sister, friend, gf-wannabe, future wife & mum. Hee. Ohhh... I feel so good voicing out my feeling. Heh. I love you my family, my friends & those who love me. Thank-you for loving me & I love you too~

Give me more hugs. PleaseEeEee.... :)

Getting back to work. Ciao...

p/s: I am freezing. BrRrrrrRrr....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

There can be miracles when I believe?

I feel damn lousy today. The feeling is so sucky. I feel a little saddening, a little disappointed & a little depressed in myself & in the life that I am leading now. Everything doesn't seem to be right. I always tell people to look on the brighter side of life, think positively & things gonna be right one day. It is always easy to say it to comfort & coax others but when it comes to your ownself, it is really the hardest thing to do.

I hate life without goals, living aimlessly on this planet. Some things aren't my ultimate plans but just serve as my back-ups plans in case I can't achieve my goals. Will I be happy if I take up the alternatives? Or should I really need to think probably & find out what I want & work towards them even though they are impossible or they are far? I don't know. I really don't know.

My good friend told me once I already decided on something, I shouldn't think too much about other things. But what if the thing that I have decided now isn't what I really want afterall? Well, life is complicating & confusing. :/

I don't really believe in miracles but I still wish there is a miracle for me now. Do you believe in miracles?

Mariah Carey--When You Believe

Many nights we pray
With no proof anyone could hear
And our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we know we could

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away
And now I am standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles
When you believe (When you believe)
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve (You can achieve)
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don't always happen when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fear
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way safe through the rain
Thought of a still resilient voice
Says love is very near

There can be miracles (miracles)
When you believe (When you believe)
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve (You can achieve)
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe
You will when you believe
You will when you believe
Just believe
You will when you believe

It is a nice song but...can there be really miracles when I believe?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Rashes Attack

I think I didn't mention previously about my recent pop-out of rashes. At first, the rashes only developed at my chest/breasts areas then now they are developing on my hands & legs! So damn ugly! But luckily they are not those reddish rashes, hence they are not very obvious if you never take a closer look. The rashes on my chest/breasts are recovering but they leave down brown scars on my chest/breasts. ArgHhHh... Hopefully they will go away soon. Hmph...;/ Now is my hands & legs' turns. Hopefully they will recover soon too & they better don't pop-out on my pretty face. *cross fingers*. Heh.

I think I am having a slight headache right now. Suddenly feel that everything is not very right. I think I look pretty tired & haggard ever since I started working. I need a change of image. New haircut, new hair colour & highlight, more clothes, shoes & bags (~grins~) & holidays!!! Yeah!!! Sign... I am not feeling well now. This very moment... Hmmm...

Where is my source of light?

My BorRrRrRing Weekend

My weekend wasn't very happening. It was kind of monotonous.


Initially, I planned to go home straight right after work but I received a phone-call from Lynn dearie when I was just about to leave my office. She went Orchard with her friend earlier on & she happened to be at Dhoby Ghaut MRT around the time when I was about to knock off. Yup. So we met & travelled on the train & eventually we decided to head down to Compass Point for dinner. We had Burger King for dinner. We went shopped around too & Lynn dearie had a fruitful trip in less then an hr? Haha. She bought quite abit of stuffs & I only bought some snacks & food home for my family for supper. Lynn dearie didn'y buy anything when she was shopping at Ochard earlier on. Well, I admit I am quite a shopping queen & those who shop with me will always whine to me that they will spend & buy many things when they are with me. Can't be help. Retail therapy is one of my greatest strengths. ;)


Did a little bit of exercises in the morning. The workout wasn't too bad. I sweated quite alot. That was what I wanted. Hee. I need more exercises. I feel like taking up a sport. Any idea? Anyone wanna accompany me? Heh. I need to get my body into shape. Into better shape. Yeah. Met up with Yingxiu in the afternoon to town. Everything was pretty alright. Just some catching up, shopping, eating & stuffs. We settled our dinner at Coffee Club Express located at Wisma Artium. I tell you guys. The services & food suck! The waiters were not friendly & they seemed to be giving attitude problem. The whole cafe works like in a self-service manner & we are supposed to go to the counter place orders ourselves & to collect the drinks ourselves other than that the food will be serve to us. There was this waiter at the counter taking down orders. When it was our turn to place an order, we still couldn't decide what to eat & we pondered & discussed awhile before ordering our food. We didnt order immediately. Then this waiter started to give us face. Like not happy we were taking so long to place our orders. I guess he also started to comment about us with his colleagues in Malay & they were giggling like don't what. WTF. Lousy customer service! The food also totally couldn't make it. The pumpkin soups tasted abit like glue or something & they were very soggy. Yucks! The mango chicken prata wrap & seafood prata wrap were still ok but not fantastic. Perhaps, the nicest should be our dessert, mud-pie. Really disappointed at the cafe. Wasted my $. Most probably I would never eat there again, at least for the Wisma branch. After dinner, we decided to go Citylink to hunt for shoes. VNC sells really nice pretty shoes & the prices are relatively low. I had an eye for 2 pairs of shoes but too bad the colours and sizes that I wanted ran out. Hopefully the stocks will come soon. :) Yingxiu got herself a pair of sandals at only $15.90! The design is pretty nice & it is really comfy. But I wasn't looking for that type of sandals so ya... I didn't buy. The last stop we head to is the "SIX" accessories store. They sell really lovely earringas & hair accessories. I got myself a pink "hula-hoop" earrings & a pearls white hair clip. Rather satisfied with what I had bought. Hee. Yingxiu got herself a pair of sweet purple crystal earrings. After that, it was home sweet home.


My favourite cousin came my house. I was really happy. He is so big, tall, fat, chubby & cute! He has grown so much taller, bigger & fatter. His face is so chubby that i can't resist myself from pinching his face. Hee. But I think he will look even better if he shed some weight. He is too plump now. He is really a big eater. My mum bought fries for him, my auntie (his mum) bought a few sets of Macdonalds Value Meals for us (my brothers, me, my favourite cousin & 2 more cousins) to share, i bought rainbow chocolates donut & some peanut chocolates for him, he also ate a bowl of stewed pork rice cooked by my mum & all these were only tea-break! OMG. How not to get fat? Lol. But I still love him as much as ever. Hee. All I can say he is really clever. He is 1st in class from Pri 1 to Pri 6 which is now & what's more? He is in the best EM1 class. So he is always 1st in his level. He told me he hope he can score well for his PSLE & go to Raffles Institution next year. Woo... Anyway, he is always my favourite cousin. Hee.

Raining again. Shivering. Arrrgg... I need a thicker jacket. Addias or Nike one will do. Please? :p