Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paris tonight!

Heading to Paris tonight, alone. Yes, months ago when I last went, it was with the other half. Putting up in a new hotel this time round. I heard it's a relatively small boutique hotel, the company is really cutting costs huh?

Hope he get well soon. It's like almost every time, either one of us will definitely get into some sort of "trouble". Is it a sign? Or is it just coincidence? Or is it I am still thinking too much?

Shall get off to prepare for work.

I shall continue to pray for good flights, good things to happen, happy mood, and the well-beings for all the loved ones! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Am super thankful for the 4 off days after London, cos the standby wasn't activated and my rest was prolonged. Hehe... Weekend was spent lazing around, mostly sleeping, watching TV, eating at irregular intervals, and cycling at east coast park on the Sunday evening on a 2-men operation bike. :p I should really pluck up on that.

Eye is recovering so it's back to work again tomorrow.

Looking back on days when I was so self-centred, most of the times wanted things my way and till today, this moment, I see myself again, I actually give people a chance to talk before I comment, I listen before I flare up, I think twice before a tantrum, I go makeup-less because someone says I still look pretty like that, I don't have to be always in fancy tops and belts and sandals and I look perfectly fine in tees and birkies. I can be me without pretending.

Thank you...:)

Maybe....dreams do come true.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memories are such powerful weapons. They can either linger the good side with you, or haunt you right from the deepest corner in your heart.

Anyway, eye infection is confirmed. Oh gross... Have to go makeup-less for the next few days. Praying hard that my standby is safe from activation.

2 more weeks to holidays! *claps!* :p

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hello everybody!!

How's everyone doing? I just came back fr london a day ago. Had quite a bit of shopping in London and I just got a shock after checking my credit card bills online. Anyway, life has been good. Being able to eat, live, love and laugh. Lol... Caught the musical play "Wicked" in London and it was really good. Kind of tempted to pop by Kinokuniya tomorrow to get the book. Hehe...

Alright, I better snooze. My eyes are swollen. Which means... no eyelashes and eyeliner for me till recovery. That's so sad... :/ Hope miracle happens when I wake up later.

Good night people. I pray for sweet dreams for everyone. (=

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a paragraph of faith

I seem to have lost the momentum to blog down my thoughts, in which I used to do very often in the past. Skipping the details, my daily life has been pretty much the same. Watching movies, having steamboat, eating ice cream, patronizing hawker food during off days, and still living my life in a suitcase, comfortably though but am slowly losing the passion, which I don't know if the passion can ever be recovered back.

Heading over to London for a couple of days. Haven't been there for almost 6months. Should be expecting summer sales I hope. Lol... Am quite contented currently, at this moment. Gratuity and bonus coming in$$$, Hong Kong holidays in less than a month time, and still very much in love with the same person. :) Promises though not given, the future still uncertain, the picture is still blurred, I am letting god to lead me the way, to a path that is meant to be my fate.


Good night ^^

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I was randomly browsing through photos in my lappy and I so happened to chance upon this beautiful picture, snapped from Phuket, the masterpiece by Mr Lau. The sky is clear, the water is so blue, the scenery is breathe-taking, and the couple completed the picture. The kind of serendipity, I want to visit the place with you one day, just the two of us, standing at the same spot, overlooking the clear blue sky and sea, with the warmth of the sun shining at us. :)

Off to work again. This time to Auckland. Am dreading quite a bit. Will be back 4days later. So, take care all! Half of the year has gone. We still have 6 more months to make things in our life a little more perfect than previous, before a new year comes again. So, embrace and all...for the best only. :)


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back to reality

End of aalv. It's back to work now. Heading off to Melbourne. Had the most delicious cheesecake ever. Not cos it's all the way from New York, it's cos it's from him. :) May god bless the boy. Hope he gets well soon.

Reaching airport...:p Cya!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Enjoying my few days of leaves though not going anywhere. No red nails, no heavy make up, don't have to put on that pretentious mask. Just sleep, eat, run my errands, meet my friends, go for tea and desserts, jogging(which I have been lackng), and rethink what I want to do next. There must be somewhere somehow at a point of time, I should move on. Move on to something out of the comfort zone.

Getting news that many friends are getting married. And am especially excited for a very good friend from my poly days that she is tying the knots too. Korea wedding photo shoot, Cartier wedding band, and her walk-in wardrobe! Pretty much like a fairytale comes true. Hehe...

Not easy to find the ONE that you want to spend the rest of your life with. I used to have found mine, but it wasn't exactly mutual eventually, so I lost it in the end. I think I no longer believe in the ONE anymore. It is more like if you can accept and accommodate the person for his temper, flaws, the goods, the not so goods, and spent the next 50 years or more of your life together. :) Sound like it. =)

One more month to official holidays! *yay!* :p