Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Just came back from my auntie's place. Hee. Anyway, I have yet to wish everyone, so I have decided to do it now. *beams* SHOUT: Happy Chinese New Year to all!!! Good Luck to all of you in everything!!! May the dog year be a so much better year for all!!!

If I can only have one wish for new year, that will be : What I want, I will get. Just a wish but the wish makes me sounds like a greedy person. Haha. Yea. But that's my wish for the dog year. I wish things go well for me & let this year be a real GREAT & WONDERFUL year for me!

Cheerios! Happy eating, drinking, gambling, playing & whatsoever! It's not a very good time to be on diet so just heck lar! Enjoy! =)

I gotta run now. Going my grandma's place for dinner. Bye! ;)

Friday, January 27, 2006


Went for my medical checkup just now & I waited for almost 4 hours before it was my turn. That was a freaking long wait. Luckily I had my book with me to keep me occupied, though I did doze off a few times. I was feeling real sleepy then. Hee.

I was so blur. I forgot to charge my handphone before I went out & the battery just died flat after I made a few smses. So I stayed "handphoneless" for a few hours. Headed to compasspoint after checkup to help dad to buy mei zhen xiang's bar kua & did some small shopping for myself. *smile* After that, I had to meet dad at hougang mall to get some stuffs together so I had to use public-phone to contact him. I think the very last time that I used a public-phone was during my secondary school days. I realise I feel quite helpless without my handphone. I think a lot of people will feel the same as me la. Haha. =p

Going town later to do some last minute shopping & probably going to take my mp3 player from lynn in the evening or night. Hehe. So happy. I'm a mp3 player owner now too. ;)

Still got some spring cleaning & tiding not done yet for my room. So gotta try to finish them by eve of cny's eve. Heh.

Though I no longer feel the excitement for cny like I used to feel when I was still a young girl, I feel kind of happy when I saw people shopping for cny's stuffs. Haha. I was at the ntuc with dad just now & it was really packed with lots of people buying cny's goodies & groceries. I mean it seems so interesting that a festival can bring people doing same things together. It looks so fun. Everybody was just busily buying things to prepare for cny. I kind of like this atmosphere. =D

& I gotta sort out my mood & prepare for some serious studying after cny. I have been lazing & bumming around too much. I need some motivation to keep me going.

I want to watch movies, go ktv & maybe to some nice places to chill out. I am free for dates. Haha.

Alright. Tata. =)

Good things are worth waiting.
Maybe you are one of them.
Or maybe you aren't.
I don't know.
I will just live & move on.
I know I have to wake up from my dreams eventually.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Lucky" day

I am so "lucky" today. When I got off the bus at heeren, some bird shitted & the shit fell & dropped on my hair & my left arm! Eeeeyer! Damn gross lor! You see? How "lucky" can I be? There were so many people walking around & the stupid bird actually aimed so accurately on me! My friend helped me to wipe off the shitty stuffs on my hair & then I went toilet to wash up a little as well. Had lunch & headed off to work. Oh ya. & I bought 4D with my friends. I want to see if I am really that "lucky". Haha.

Quite a bit of stuffs to do at work today. Alot of stocks came so had to do stock-take. Don't know why the stocks keep coming in when we never really sell that much. Overloaded.

Saw a pair of gay couple just now, hugging at the traffic light junction while waiting for the man to turn green. Been seeing quite a lot of same sex couples on the streets lately. Especially gays. What has/have happened? Aren't there no more SINGLE GIRLS around? Look at me! Look at my SINGLE, PRETTY & ELIGIBLE girl-friends! What are the guys thinking nowadays? I am not trying to say that I am very good or my girl-friends are very good lar but I think we sort of belong to the better ones category. Lol. In terms of everything lar. Seriously, we aren't that bad right? I am not that bad right? Haha. Ok lar, actually the message I am trying to convey here is I have so many nice girl-friends waiting for good guys to pick them up & I think guys shouldn't be attracted to guys ya? Let's be normal & think straight. I feel........... Boy & girl still make a perfect pair. ;]

Not full attendance so hope the next take will be! =)

I am living in my fantasy & I don't wanna wake up. But I know one day I have to.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sleeping in the bus or train

Have you ever fallen asleep in the bus or train, irregardless whether it's an intentional act or an unintentional act? I admit I do but it's definitely unintentional.

I was on the train back from work earlier on just now & was standing right in front of this man who was seated down. I swear he must have fallen into a deep sleep! His shopping bags were laying on the floor, he was snoring very loudly with his mouth wide open & the worst thing was his saliva was dripping all over his shirt! Yucks! Can you imagine? It was so damn gross & disgusting! Eeeeee......!!!!! It was such a turn off! Thinking of it now really makes me feel like puking! *shrugs*

Seriously, it's certainly very unglamorous to sleep in the bus or train.

Refrain yourself from doing that. Unless you really can't help it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Vocal theory lesson was not easy but it was definitely enriching. My class suddenly comes so many new students now & it does make the process of learning & the chance of singing a little slower & fewer. Hmmm...

A very small incident happened after class just now. I was so dumb. Grrr. Had the stupidest reaction that I could ever have. What's wrong with me? Come to think of it now, I feel so silly. *knock my head*

Then met april, evie & yeun for dinner, shopping & neoprints-taking. It was really fun, especially the neoprints-taking session! I felt like a young teenage girl again. I remembered I always love taking neoprints & lovegettys during secondary school days. I miss it! =p

Maybe will post the neoprints up when evie sent us the scanned copies.

A nice song by 陈嘉唯 . Actually I don't know who is she also. Haha. But this song by her is really nice!


黑暗之中全凭着直觉 keep my faith watch my steps 一步步靠直觉
他不必是个mr. perfect 只要他善良体贴 be my friend and my soul mate
我等的人会是谁何时才出现 make me whole make me brave
我等的人会是谁不急在眼前 i can wait i will pray
他不必是个mr. perfect 只要他善良体贴 be my friend and my soul mate
我等的人会是谁何时才出现 make me whole make me brave
我并不追求完美只要能用心体会每一天都是better day
我等的人会是谁何时才出现 make me whole make me brave

This song describes my current feeling. Haha. I shall dedicate it to all my girls except april. Lol. =p

Yawns. I need my sleep now. Good night!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts before I sleep:

My hair is like growing so fast. I just cut it 2 weeks ago only lor. *shrug*

I hate myself for blowing my top at my dad over a small incident just now. I feel so bad now. I'm such a bad daughter. =(

I heard some news that GAP and Banana Republic will be coming to SG soon. Hohohoho..... Another reason for me to shop again. =p

My room is so messy now & I don't know how & where to start my spring cleaning for it. Feeling lazy but still have to do it.

I want to renew my package with Amore again but I already have a few money committments.

I want to go ktving.

I miss being a shopaholic. I need my shopping badly. ;p

More nightlife?

I have to study hard. But why no action yet? *slap myself*

I tell myself I have to be a happier person & not to be too bothered by what others have to say or comment about me. Especially at times when things aren't true.

I wish that things that I hope they will come true, they will really come true. Soon. *winks*

Going for a medical checkup on the 26th. Hope that I'm fine. =]

&..... Hmmm..... I shall go sleep now.

Everyday is a better day.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

再一次拥有 - - - 休闲的一天.

Sometimes it's nice to be staying at home for one whole day, basically doing nothing productive & just resting around & doing some tiny bits of stuffs like onlining, watching tv, reading newspapers, magazines or some books, snacking away the chips & chocolates from the fridge & napping on your comfy bed. I'm doing that today & right at the moment now! Haha. You know when you have to keep going out everyday for school, work or some other stuffs & committments, it can be really taxing & tiring. So most probably you will appreciate the day(s) when you don't have to do anything or think for anything but just lazing around, only doing stuffs that come to your mind & things that you feel that you have the mood doing when you are slacking away. =p

If I'm not lazy later, I may go for a jog. Haha. See how's my mood later. *bleah*

Somehow I dread gng to school tmr. I don't know why. Grrrr..... Boring. I hope this mindset of mine won't last long.

I can't wait for the the long Chinese New Year's break when I don't have to go school for one whole week. *claps*

Actually I can't wait to go ktv with that somebody too. Hopefully it's before CNY. Haha. But like as if it will really happen. Don't know la. See how things go. Things are just moving too slow & plus I'm not a very acting person. I think I'm more of the reacting type of person. What am I talking about? Aiya, I also don't know myself. Whatever. ;p





Tell me how to sing this song with feel & picture. I thought I already have lots of feel but people just thought that it wasn't enough. Arghhh..... It's so tough. I need to discover the real element of this entire theory of feel & picture thingy. I hope I can do it. Heh.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

1, 2, 3.

A guy friend told me something just now. He said from a guy's perspective, the first impression that I normally give to guys is that (rank in order) : 1) I am attached. 2) I have tons of suitors. 3) I have someone in mind already. *laugh*

I didn't know I always give people this kind of impression. Lol. I wish I am no. 1 with the right person. I don't mind having no. 2 too because it's always nice to have many people liking you. It's also good to have no. 3 because that someone can be one of my motivation in life.

I'm greedy because I want all three! Haha. =p

It has been raining non-stop for the past few days & the weather is so freaking cold. I was driving & it just poured super heavily. I couldn't even see the road in front of me. It was so damn scary. I just hate driving in the rain.

I don't need a friendship like yours.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

On a rainy day, blogging in the shop. =D

Went to watch narnia with lynn on thursday. Two thumbs up! Like what many had said. Hehe. Plucked my brows too. Friday went kimage for a haircut. Before that, I dropped by centrepoint to look for yingxiu for lunch. Had the wanton mee at heeren level 5. Cheap & yummy! *wink*

MOS & KTV were supposed to be on my list but didnt go to any in the end. Too tired after the whole week of studying & working. Not saying that they are tough but just that I always have a habit of sleeping late. So now though the school term has started, I still can't get used to sleeping early. I have been sleeping like 2am & waking up at 7.30am. Quite unbearable.

For school, a lot of self-studies have to be done in which I am still trying to force myself to do now. It gonna be a busy semester. I forsee. Hmmm.

Saturday had vocal training as usual. I sang till quite terribly I feel. A lot of rooms for improvement still. Lol. =p After class, we used one of the empty rooms to practise our singing. We sang till 6 & then we took a cab down to orchard for dinner. So we had dinner at crystal jade la mian xiao long bao. It's only like less than 10 bucks per person after gst & service charges & everything. So quite okay. Been spending a lot. Don't know on what also. Outflows > Inflows. That's very bad. Haha. I'm trying to curb my spending now. Still a long wait to my pay.

What a weather these few days. Raining non-stop. Anyway, I'm at work now. Working on a sunday doesn't seem very appealing. Ha. Typing this entry using the company's laptop. The supervisor went for a haircut & so he handed me the laptop for me to use while tending the shop. Not much customers also. So I have quite a bit of time to myself now. ;p

Don't know what's wrong with my left eye too. It's a little sore & pain. Awww. Hope it gets better later.


Was humping this song just now. The lyrics seem simple but yet so true. I think it applies to many people. Haha. Alright. That's all. Bye! With love. =)

Thursday, January 05, 2006


School was okay, just that the lecture was boring, the lecture notes were boring & the lecturer was also equally boring. *laugh*

Work was okay too, just that sales were bad, i was quite slacked, not much stuffs to do & the air-conditioning was damn bloody cold. *smirk*

Anyway, I came to know more stuffs about that person again. Unintentionally. But it's no longer about disappointment anymore because I don't carry any good feeling towards that person anymore. Frankly, I hate to feel that towards that person but things just have to turn out this way. No more turning back already because that person has slowly gone in my memories.

Lastly, I hope things work out well for me & my girls. You girls know what I mean. Hehe. I need to sleep. Sweet dreams!

you are my reason to smile. =)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good beginning

Work was fine. Quite slack. Read my own magazine, read some wine books, smsing, used his laptop to online (he asked me to do so cos he saw that I was bored. =p). I don't really serve all customers who come in too. He taught me to see who are the potential buyers & who are the ones who are only there to browse & touch but won't buy. So sometimes I will just sit at my counter, continue to read my books or do my stuffs until the customer approaches me. Haha. What customer service attitude is that right? Ok la. I do serve. Really. *grin*

Going back to my lecture again in a few hours time. Enough of rest & it's time to get back to books & study. Sigh. =( Hopefully, I'll make it for my last semester & that's it. I wanna wave goodbye to SIM. Can't wait. Heh. =p In a few months time. Yey! Hopefully hopefully. Hee.

Oh ya. I purposely woke up early in the morning just now just to go to the gym, then came home to change & head to work. I had to drag myself to wake up & go exercise. Frankly, I'm quite an "exercise" person. The lack of exercising for too long will make me feel lethargic.

Working again after class later. 6 hours of work. So still quite okay. These few days of the new 2006 have been quite good. Hope everyday gets better & all the nice things will happen to me! *winks* =D

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Work on a new year day.

First day of work on a new year day. Everything was fine. My supervisor was quite nice & friendly. He opened a bottle of white wine (he used his staff discount to pay for it) & we shared. I drank quite a bit. ;p My head was already feeling quite heavy when I got home. Took a nap immediately after dinner & then I was back to normal again after an hour of nap. =D

Check this website out. This is the place where I'll be part-timing with for the time-being. Most customers who patronise are more to the high-end class of people. Will be rotating the days of working with Yingxiu. So it's like when she works, I don't have to work. When I work, she doesn't have to work. So probably, I'll be like working like 3 to 4 days in a week, depending on my schedule & school timetable.

Hopefully, I'll learn to appreciate wine more after the end of everything. Maybe. =)