Sunday, February 26, 2006

dinner & chilling out at BREKO

We sang fast songs & duet yesterday. It was so much more fun & lively. The feel & groove can be such a turn on that it makes you feel higher & it simply makes you wanna move & dance along as you sing. Okay. I tell myself I'm going to sing more fast songs next time. =p

Went holland village breko for dinner with the babes after vocal class.

Just some random pictures.

Our yummylicious dinner. We were really hungry manz. (we ordered drinks but didn't take pictures of them though. heh.)

Oreo cheesecake with ice cream. Sinfully delicious.

Marlyn & I.

I am a poser.

So does she. =)

That's how a new happily-in-love girl will look like. *winkz*

The three of us.

One more take.

We looked happy in this picture.

Blur can be a beauty sometimes.

Lynn & Marlyn.

They say one, two & five.

What was so funny, April?

What an expression they had. Haha.

The four of us. If only Evie was here too. =p (i deleted away the bottom part cos it wasn't very glam. ha.)

Lovely chocolates from Lynn. Thank-you!

We had very girly-talks throughout the night & it did make me think about stuffs too. Sometimes we just need some opinions & suggestions from friends because they are out of the pictures or scenarios that you are in & they can give you better ideas of what to do. We don't get to meet up very often as everyone of us has our own life to lead & live on. But it just feels really nice to be able to catch up with one another once in a while. Cheers to our sisterly-friendship!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Life is beautiful only.....

when you are my life.

What a heartwarming phrase. I just pick it up from some website a moment ago & I thought it would be really nice to share. Haha.


There are so many upcoming tests, assignments & projects committments for me to fulfill. *grumble* But I have no mood to do them at all. I hate that feeling. *arghhh*

I tell myself everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be alright. But it is always easier to be said than to be done. I am still trying to convince myself to believe that.

I just can't seem to get myself away from it yet.

Sleep is one of the best ways to run away from reality & I am going to do so now.

May tomorrow be a better day. (long day in school though. bored!!!)

Nighty! =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I didn't know I can be so into it.


I didn't know I can be so affected by it.


Teach me how?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I can't believe I'm turning 22 soon!

When I was 19,

When I was 20,

When I was (still am. *wink*) 21, I made a wish.

Then I blow & hoped that my fairy godmother will make my wish come true.

I smiled.

And now I am filled with 21 years of memories.

I can't believe that I am turning 22 in a few days time! (though there isn't 29th this month) I thought I just celebrated my 21st & went to tons of other friends' 21st parties.

Nevertheless, I know time will not rewind to the past anymore.


May my birthday this year marks the beginning of a beautiful life for me! =)


Was browsing through my music files in my computer & I found this song. Been quite sometimes since I last listened to it. This is quite a few years back ago of song. But I think it is very nice. One of my favourite songs. Look at the meaningful lyrics. =p




Does this song spell out any thought or memories of you guys?

It kind of..... Hee.

Night. =)

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Singing lesson wasn't very fun today I feel. Don't really like the song that was chosen for us to sing & the lesson also wasn't conducted by my preferred teacher.

Other than that, everything was okay. Frankly speaking, I was looking forward to coming school today not because of the singing lesson that I was going to have. There was this something else. Heh.

But still, I know things aren't going to be easy. So probably I'll just let it be & let the future decides.

I have fallen & I can't get up anymore.

My stomach is not feeling very well now. I think I shall just go & sleep.

Good Night!

Tomorrow is just another day. *Oh boring* Ciao. =p

Saturday, February 18, 2006

First, Finally

At first,
I was filled with hopes.

I felt like a dumb ass.

And then,
It was unhappiness & disappointment.

I admit I was pissed at some people for some reasons.

My smile was back again. =)

I don't feel that unhappy anymore.

The motive behind may be just as simple as what it seems to be & no other hidden message but it's more than enough already. I'm contented. For now. =p

Friday, February 17, 2006

Mixed Feelings

Having some complicated & mixed feelings over a few stuffs.

I think.....I may have lost.

Ok. Or maybe not yet.

I really don't know.

Don't wanna think but can't help it sometimes.


A pack of lies is what I have again & again after a few years of close friendship.

It makes me realised even deeper that things are always changing & nothing is guaranteed to be forever & we can't always take things for granted. I may have a few close & good friends now but who knows maybe 5 or 10 years down the road we won't even bother about one another.

We never know what will be happening every tomorrow or what every tomorrow will become into. I am trying to live everyday like a new beginning, treasuring the people & things around me. Frankly, it's definitely easier to be said than to be done because we are all human-beings. Sometimes we only regret or learn our lessons after things happened.

Anyway, I think we shall all try. Treat everyday as a new lease of life, grab good opportunities that come along & fight for our own happiness. Like what some others have said: " Happiness is a choice." So the choice is ours.

Good night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
May those attached stay as lovey dovey together!
May those singles find their soulmates soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Updates for 10/02/06

I came back last night or rather this morning at 2.30am. Showered & slept at 3am. Had lecture in the morning till 1pm then I went lunch & headed home after that. Then met my primary school friends for dinner & ktv at cuppage partyworld. After singing we went swensens for supper. Imagine everyone eating ice-cream at this hour of the night.

This round of gathering only 9 of us went. Hopefully next time more can join. =p

It was a rather good day. We had quite a bit of fun together. But towards the end I wasn't very happy about someone. She is always very blunted at her words & she never thinks before she talks. Always thinking she is good at everything, right at everything. I think there is really something about her attitudes sometimes. Where are her basic manners? *slap*

Some people also very 故意. (ok la. i also not sure 故意 or not.) They know you fancy something but yet they want to do things that don't make you feel good.

Some pictures from yesterday.

Qunjie & I.

This fellow can sing really well man. Everyone is recommending him to join project superstars 2006. Lol.

In the blessings of 2 pretty girls. There is no reason why he shouldn't be happy. Haha.

We didn't get a chance to take a group photo because before we could do that my camera's battery went flat. I think there is like something wrong with the battery. I charged it fully before bringing it out & it could actually run low within an hour. Probably I should get a new battery. Or probably even better, a new camera. Heh.

Oh. I caught the below mtv at the ktv yesterday. My god. How to take my eyes off him? He is so damn handsome manz! I am falling for him! Haha. *beams*

By the way, do remember to click "pause" & let the video loads completely first before clicking "play" to watch it. Enjoy! :)

Yea! I am going music clinic later! Heh.


Friday, February 10, 2006


我怎么了? 三更半夜不睡觉, 还在这里干嘛呀? 不知道。 只是突然有些心情, 有些感触, 很想把它写下来。

有时候事情想太多了会让人觉得很累, 可是却偏偏还是要想。 很奇怪不是吗?

我不是个勇敢的人。 或许我还不是, 又或许以后也不会是。 我想在对的时候, 我就会试着放手。

我到底在说些什么啊? 有时候我自己也不知道。

我要睡了。 梦有时真的会比较美。


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Craving solved.

Have been craving for oysters mee sua & xxl crispy chicken since yesterday. I finally had them for lunch just now & I finished all by myself! Hee. *satisfied*

Bought the food from taiwan shilin street snacks. Actually there's a similar store at plaza singapura basement two selling these kind of taiwan localities as well. Tried the xxl crispy chicken from there before. It tastes sweeter though but it's really not bad too.

I still can't solve my template's problem. Grrrr. Maybe I shall wait till I change a new skin again. *roll eyes*

No school & work today. But projects & tests are really piling up & I really don't know where to start from.

Am on some medication. Making me feeling more sleepy & all. Hope I can finish the medicine soon. Six more days to go manz. Counting down. Heh. =p

Maybe going singing with my primary school people tmr. Finally saturday is approaching! *grin*

I feel like shopping now lei. My shopping urge is back again. ;p

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's wrong?

Don't know what's wrong with the tags & codings of my new template. When it's being viewed in mozilla, it's okay. But when it's being viewed in internet explorer, the paragrahing of the entries are all gone. Weird manz. Without paragraphs, each entry is like a whole chuck of words. Probably it's the setting or something i guess. Was trying to solve the problem but now I think I give up already.

Got a box of nice but sinful chocolates from a friend yesterday. Then another someone asked if I already have a date on valentine's day, if not he would like to date me. Lol. Some guys are really funny manz, I feel. So long never contact already & they suddenly contact you & try to be very nice & friendly to you. Desperate for girlfriends? Likely. I don't know. Can't be bothered too. =p

Haiyo, always the wrong person. ;p

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why blog?

Sometimes I do wonder if people still read my blog. Do my bloggers friends ever ponder for theirs too?

Blog is like a personal online diary for us to rave & rant about our life & happenings but yet we want to share & let others to read it. Imagine if you have a real hand-written diary book, will you still let others to read it? I doubt I will. It's kind of contradicting, isn't it? Hmmm.

Sometimes I also do wonder why do I bother to blog that often when my life is not as happening as xiaxue & dawn yeo. They have so many different interesting stories to tell & share whereas mine are mostly plain & dull.

Raining cats & dogs now, such a nice weather to tuck myself in my cosy bed & I really don't feel like going to school tmr. I really hope I can clear all the modules by the end of this semester & then I'll be able to wave goodbye to the school forever. Gee.

Daddy getting a new car. Not for me but for himself. I doubt he will ever buy me one. He always asks me to work & buy it myself next time. Ahhh..... Okay la. If I get a good-paying job.

I can't believe that I'm turning 22 soon. I thought I just threw my 21st party only. Time really flies man. But I'm going to tell people that I'm 18 every year! Hahaha. Okay la. Maybe to be more realistic, 21 every year! Hehehe. Anyway, my birthday only comes once every 4 years so I have a reason to say I'm only 1 year older every 4 years. =p

you are my benchmark. =p

Saturday, February 04, 2006


My long cny's holidays is going be gone soon. This coming monday I have to go back school for lessons as usual. *pout*

My cny was errr......normal.....nothing special. It's like almost the same every year. *blah* Just that it was getting a little more stressed. Most of my cousins around my age range came in pairs this year. Like all of a sudden everyone has a partner. Actually everyone presumed I have one but just that I never bring him along. Then some "once a year see one time" relatives asked me not to make my dad lose face next year's cny. What the ****? Sometimes I just can't stand this kind of relatives. My brother should has brought his along. Maybe I should bring one next year who can make them go "woah.....impressive! thumbs up!". Hahahaha. Shall see. =p

Went ktv on "chu wu" but I didn't sing till my fill yet. So I really can't wait to go ktv again & go back to music clinic next saturday. My passion for singing seems stronger & stronger. So even when I know the school fees for attending vocal classes are not cheap, I still can't bring myself to give up. I feel kind of attached to music clinic already & I already feel so sian that these 2 saturdays there were no classes. (yeun & ivan, it's not just me right?)

I finally watched "i not stupid too" yesterday. Personally I find it very nice & touching. It made me laugh & cry a lot. & it did make me reflect my thoughts too. Probably will buy the vcd when it releases. Hehe.

I think this picture looks really comical. What a pose. *giggle*

Shall end my entry here with my silly picture. I know I look very silly. =p

But who cares? Lol.

Good Night!


《等你爱我》 by R&B

你看着我 问我有没有 把你当作 最好的朋友
我点点头 却不知如何开口 说我并不只想 做你的朋友
等你爱我 心变得好温柔 每个眼神 都像把我给看透
等你爱我 不再怕寂寞 只要想起你曾经拥抱我 就有莫名的快乐

有一些话 不用再多说 想你应该 都能够感受
握你的手 像握住整个宇宙 只要你给我的 永远不嫌多
等你爱我 心变得好温柔 每个眼神 都像把我给看透
等你爱我 不再怕寂寞 只要想起你曾经拥抱我 就有莫名的快乐

不经意的拿起你的衣服 时间它会走
替你口上纽扣 像美丽的传说
只是短短一个幸福味道 停留在胸口

等你爱我 不管还要多久 只要你开口 我都愿为你守候
等你爱我 是一种享受 只要看见你眼睛里有我 我就觉得很快乐

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY gathering

Yesterday april, her bf & yeun came my house. They didn't stay long cos I got to go out shortly after they arrived at my place. Nevertheless, the short session was still quite fun. Munching on cny's goodies, catching up with one another & taking some pictures together.

After that, april's bf drove me to my friend's house. Actually it was my primary school classmates cny's gathering at qunjie's place. Quite a lot of people went. We stayed at his house for awhile, played cards, ate sushi made by his mum & then we headed to a nearby coffee shop for dinner at 9pm. Actually we intended to "lao yu sheng" after dinner but we were too full to eat anymore so in the end we gave up the idea. =p

Then we proceeded to qunjie's house void-deck to talk. He went up to his house to bring drinks down & we just hanged around to talk. I think we stayed till 1plus am before we all left for home. There were so much things to talk & catch up with. My primary school's class there were really a lot more guys than girls & yesterday our common topic still revolved around boy-girl relationship. I feel that when opposite sex discuss about this kind of topic, you will tend to understand more about how opposite sex really think & you get different answers & opinions from them. It's kind of different as compared when you discuss the same topic with the same sex people.

Anyway, it's really a wonderful feeling to be still in touch with so many primary school pals & I hope it'll still continue. =)

& I went to work today & I couldn't stop yawning my way through my work. Almost dozed off man. Haha.

Itinerary for tmr probably will be gym in the morning (hopefully), lunch at home, ktv & dinner with friends. I miss singing so much! I can't wait to go back to vocal class next week!!