Monday, January 29, 2007

Manchester tmr.

Just did a Penang turn this morning. Finally tmr I'm going on a long flight. I'm paxing up to Manchester & working back to Singapore. Will be back on Saturday's early morning. I know I gonna miss those people that I heaert but I would still love to go to this new destination in which I haven't been to. Manchester-United Stadium, shopping, shopping & more shopping..... *grin* Hopefully more pretty photos taken too. *teeheehee*

Met Mf in the afternoon yesterday & then met him in the evening. We went Plaza Singapura, ViVo City, Chinatown, Punggol Park & hanged around awhile before I went up home. It was fun. We walked a lot & oh, we both wore white from top to bottom! I think it's pretty cool. Hehe.

Despite wanting that special someone to be by my side at all times, I think it's important & good for us to have our own personal spaces too. I gonna get used to the idea.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a day.

Yesterday was like a super rush day. For me (& him as well.) I was supposed to do a Bangkok turn but due to change of aircraft, I was put on standby & was called up to do Jarkata turn instead. Anyway, it was quite dramatic in between. Long story.

He had to work, due to some reasons, he left workplace late, came home late, didn't bath & got himself changed within 10 minutes, picked me up & the car speeded like nobody's business to Marina Square. Anyway, we were very much in time. We thought we gonna be late. The whole scenario was like very rushed & all but good thing, we were there. We caught Babel with his usual brudders & gfs. It was not a too bad show but I found it a bit draggy. 2.5hours. Hohoho.

After movie, everyone went seperate way & we headed down to Geylang for "Dou Hua" & then to my place's void deck to view some videos & photos done by his friend from his laptop. Came back home at 5 this morning. Slept at 5.30am. & I'm meeting Meifang later for lunch at Compasspoint. Been like so many months since I seen her.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

My life lately.....

My life lately.....

Alright. I think I better head for some beauty sleep. I need to wake up at 4.30am later. Doing a hongkong turn. Just did a manila turn on tuesday only. So many turns. Guess I'll be in town this whole week. Nighty~

Monday, January 22, 2007

I think I'm happy today..... =)

I think i love waxing now. It makes me feel clean & good. Hehe. I met michelle yesterday & we went for waxing, lunch & shopping. Then I came back in the evening, showered, makan, watched tv & relaxed till he returned home from work & came over to pick me up. We stayed out & I just came back an hour ago. =D

Something irrelevant, my youngest just got his driving licence today & he is probably leaving for beijing soon for some school attachment. Hah. Good for him. *winks*

Okay. I think I'm happy today..... =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I just choose.

Hihi! I was back from London this morning at around 7am. By the time I reached home it was around 8plusam. Had some food, slacked a bit, watched some tv, bathed & out I go to meet Emily for lunch at Orchard. We had lunch at this thai restaurant at Ngee Ann City called "SaBai". The food was not too bad but it was a little pricey though.

Then we walked around for awhile & eventually we settled down at The Bakerinz at Paragon for dessert & coffee. Met him at 5pluspm. Emily joined us for awhile while waiting for her friends to come. He wanted to have some cheesecake & coffee. So we headed to Project Shop Cafe. Shortly after, her friends came & only left me & him. We hanged around & things were almost great until a phone call of his came in. A friend of his needed some help so I told him to leave. I was kind of sad & disappointed though cos I hadn't seen him for a few days when I was away. But I thought I should be understanding & all. Oh well, I just choose to believe & trust.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I did a jarkata turn today & am flying to london tmr. I only slept like an hour last night. Waited for him till he finished work, home & bathed, picked me up, & we had some coffee & cheesecake together at amk mac.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Sometimes I just couldn't help worrying about us. I mean it's true that I should just enjoy whatever I have now & see what happens next cos no one will know what will exactly happen in the future. But I just couldn't help it. I'm worried. I'm scared. So much so I want everything to stay beautiful & last till ever, but what if it doesn't? Ok. Probably I'm just thinking too much.

Things gonna be great, greater & greatest. I really hope.

Will be back on saturday's morning. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Going to fall sick again.

I think I'm going to fall sick again. I keep sneezing & my throat starts to feel irritated. I keep coughing out phlegm. Grrrr.... I hate it. *pout*

Had 2 hours of ktv yesterday's afternoon & a cup of milk tea & a big piece of french toast (i couldn't even finish them) at hongkong cafe yesterday's night. Wasn't much in the mood until supper time. Okay. It was a last minute thing. We had prata at jalan kayu. Talked about quite a lot of stuffs. How I wish time can pass slower. ;)

It has been like raining almost non-stopping for the past few days. It kills my motivation to do a lot of things. Alright. Time to get my bum out of my chair & do something productive.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"I Love You"

I wonder why some guys can easily say "I Love You" to girls whom they haven't seen or contact for very long. My boyfriend doesn't even say that to me, yet. & I'm waiting. Haha. But seriously I feel, don't say "I Love You" like it's something that is very convenient to say out from your mouth to please somebody if you don't really mean it.

I really do.

Had coffee at starbucks with the girls just now. (yeun, you missed out! heh.) It was alright. Just that it was like still pouring & it has been like that since yesterday? I don't know. It's a nice weather to tuck yourself under your blanket & sleep la but it's like a hassle if you want to go out.

Gonna fly again on monday. Don't really feel like working, especially after not working for so many days. But I need the money la. So I just have to fly & earn my bucks. Hehe.

Saturday....No confirmed plan yet. I wish I can see him but he has other committment. Oh well, i understand. =)

I miss you & I really do., my dear. =)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


So... I met april & yeun yesterday at orchard for lunch & catching up session. It was great. I thought things gonna be a bit weird but it still went on well. It's a good thing ya? Hehe.

At night I went to watch fast food nation with him. Then after the movie, we went acid bar to drink. Actually, it doesn't matter where we are, what we do, I just love spending time with him. *smiley*

Today met some of my batchies for lunch & coffee & emily for dinner & ice cream.

Oh man, I wish my leave is longer.....


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm so in love.....

I'm so in love with this song..... haha... *grin*


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How time passes!

Was browsing through the 21st's birthday photos & I saw these.

I gotta admit I do miss those days.

How time passes!

A little forgetful

I think I'm getting a little forgetful these days. I need to pause & think for awhile, recalling what I did for the past days. By the way, I met Michelle at Hougang Mall on Saturday for sushi & drink before going back home to bath & change & meet my batchies. Forget to mention it earlier on. Heh. It always feels nice to hang out with her, even though it was just for a short while. =P

Oh & I met Emily at Orchard instead. We had dinner at Crystal Jade & dessert at The Coffee Club. Then night time was spent with him. We went suppering. Wanted to go Chomp Chomp but maybe cos it was a weekday, most of the stalls were closed. So we had prata, maggie goreng & ice tek tarik at one of the prata shops at Serangoon Gardens.

Actually, I'm pretty sleepy now. Didn't sleep much. Oh & I just went Hougang Mall to buy some groceries & KFC Zinger. Been craving for the special value meal. Haha.

Alright. I think I need to take a short nap now. After which, probably continue tiding my room, then bath, follow by dinner. I wanna read up some stuffs. Hopefully I'm not too lazy tonight. I need to do some reading la. Heh.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I have been enjoying my leave so far, catching up with people & doing things I like. Though I didn't get out of Singapore for a short holiday, it has been great still. Probably I may plan for a trip on my next leave that is coming up in a couple of months' time. Anyway, I'm entitled to a free travel ticket, so perhaps I can start thinking where I wanna go to. ;)

Met up with some of my batchmates on 6th.

After that, I went down to Bishan then headed down to East Coast. Everything was good. Till now. *winks*

I watched Blood Diamond yesterday. It was not bad. Wanted to watch Fast Food Nation instead but it was not available. Then it was buffet dinner at this japanese restaurant at Hotel Miramar. It wasn't very fantastic I feel & there weren't much varieties either. After which, 3 cars & we headed down to Vivo for a drink at Starbucks. Everyone left at 11pm, but we didn't feel going home yet, so we drove to Yishun, hanged around awhile, had his car washed & home sweet home.

I promise I gonna tidy up my room today. It's really messy! Let's see if I have the time to go gym also. If not I shall make it tmr. Heh. Meeting Emily at SIM later. May want to go town to get some stuffs before meeting her. Hmmm. Shall see how. I'm good at dilly-dally. I scare no time. Haha. Alright. Ciao!

Begins. =D

Friday, January 05, 2007

Start of my leave

Yey! So my leave has started. Hehe. I met Evie yesterday for some hairdo at Kimage. Then I went back home, got changed, he came to pick me up & we went for late dinner together at Mr Bean Cafe at ard 9plus. Actually he already had his chicken rice earlier on in the evening, somemore he has a photoshoot this Saturday but he couldn't resist the food & just seeing me eat only, so he ate again. Haha. The food was quite nice though. His grilled sauages with mashed potatoes & ice latte, my beef lasagna & strawberry smoothie. *yum* =D

We hanged around at the cafe for awhile, then we headed down to Cineleisure, intending to catch a movie but there wasn't any suitable one. So.... We went down to AMK McDonald. Stayed there till like 3.45am I think. By the time, I reached home it was like around 4.10am & I gotta wake up by 9am cos I need to go back to training centre to meet my ward leader to review my performance.

Anyway, I did feel a sense of belonging when i went back to STC this morning. I miss the food! Haha. So I had malay food for lunch with Lydia at the canteen. I felt "senior" being back there, seeing all the newbies. Heh. Saw our beloved Mr Leong too. He seemed to have slim down quite a bit. I heard he's coming back to fly again. Hopefully I can get a chance to fly with him. Hehe.

I think....flying isn't that bad afterall. =)

I went shopping at Vivo just now too. Got myself a Clarins Eye Serum, (the salesgirl was so nice that she gave me some small samples of the eye serum & face cream so that it's easier for me to bring them along with me when i fly.) Loreal UV Perfect, Face Shop cleanser, a blue tube top from Forever21 & some stuffs from Giant. =D Oh & I had Long John! Heh. *grin*

Guess which one is mine? =P

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thought of the day

Just chatted with a batch girl of mine. She just broke up with her bf. I was like pretty shocked cos I had never expected them to end up in this manner, & somemore so fast. It really made me ponder & realise lots of things. Nothing is forever. Nothing is ever. You never know what will happen next & when the least expected thing happens, it takes lots of courage to accept it & to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that follows after which.

I'm really very scared actually. But who knows?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 days leave

Standby called up to do Manila turn today. It was really tiring. Everyone worked like mad sial. But good thing I'm having my 10 days leave as from now. *yey* *hehe*

No particular plan yet but hopefully I can make full use of the "non-working" days. Feel like going for a short trip or just some nearby places for some getaway. Still thinking & even if I really wanna go, who's going to go with me? (even though he did suggest to go on a short tour but i'm not going to take it too seriously for now cos i don't fancy empty promises.) Okay. We shall see. =)

Trying to stay positive-inclined......*cheerios*

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"We learn how to live, but we don't know how to leave."

There are seriously other guys around me & I think they seem to be more appreciative of me. I can just let go & start everything anew. Teach me how cos I really can't.

I keep telling myself, taking things easy & stay positive. Moreover, it's a New Year. Yey right. If only it's that easy.

I also don't know what's up with some friends as well.

Some things just change overnight.

Strange but it's true.

"We learn how to live, but we don't know how to leave."

I think about you & I really wonder if you do think about me.

Ups & downs

I do enjoy my off days. (like today) But I really have no idea what to do yet. No plan at the moment. Kind of bored. Been eating like alot lately. Went Hong Kong Cafe yesterday to meet a girlfriend for supper, had many slices of Japanese cheesecakes bought back from Osaka, the Jappy goodies from Osaka, ..... Oh manz...~totally sinful~ heh.

People always say there are bound to be ups & downs in life. & life isn't going to be interesting if there's only ups or there's only downs. We need to go through downs to make us learn, let us see more things, cherish & appreciate what we have.

《你要的不是我》 - 林俊杰

怎么能忘 时间多长
你快乐吗 想代替你回答
你知道吗 走了好远
这份牵挂 沉默伤悲
我被遗忘在 你遗忘的角落

Monday, January 01, 2007

1st post for 2007

Yey! It's my 1st post of the year. I was back this late afternoon. The flight was pretty tiring but crew was great. So it was still okay. Heh. I left in 2006 & now I return in 2007. Oh manz! It has been a year! (seems like. *heex*)

*thank you for the perfume. totally love it cos it's from you. =P*