Monday, January 31, 2005

Prank Calls

Been getting strange calls on my hp recently.

The conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello.

Caller: Silence.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Still silence.

Me: (Getting a abit annoyed.) Eh.

Caller: Hello Shu Zhen. (Finally. Lol.)

Me: You are?

Caller: Silence again.

Me: Can you please talk if you wanna call? Who are you? (I started to sound a bit pissed. Hah.)

Caller: Your admirer.

Me: (Puzzled.) Huh? Who are you?

Caller: Your admirer.

Me: What? But who are you? What is your name?

Caller: Secret. (He hung up the fone after that. ) Siao. =|

Crazy. He sounded like a China man to me man. Yucks. Hah. How he know my name? How he know my number? So strange huh? I don't remember knowing someone like him. Whatever. I can't be bother either.

Need to sleep soon. After my facial's mask. Heh. Good Night. =)

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I had my 1st Pilates lesson just now & it was a full class attendance. The lesson was pretty interesting. I mean at least to me lar. Hehe. All the stretching, breathing & stuffs. You need some really good control & coordination to do them well. Anyway, I went for the beginner's class so overall it was still quite easy to follow. Heh. Yup.

Thinking of buying the Pilates's mat so that I can practise myself at home. Haha. Shall think how man. =)

Looking forwards...........

Saturday, January 29, 2005

My S.E.N.S.A.T.I.O.N

I just came back from Bugis. Everywhere you see is people, people & more people. Well, got myself a short from Adidas. Initially I was intending to get my pilates pant but too bad, I didn't get to see any nice one around.

Saw a really nice sling bag. It's a new arrival from Adidas. Pretty cool. There are white & black. The white one looks nice but the black one looks better when you put it on. I'm still in a dilemma thinking to buy or not. I have been spending quite a lot recently. *Guilty* Now I'm hoping Heeren Adidas does carry the bag so that I can use my Heeren card for discount. Lol. Heh.

I had a 4 hours lecture yesterday. From 10am to 2pm. Almost drained. All the equations, formulas, graphs & steps can really make you go bonkers. I need to study hard. Practice makes perfect right? Hehe. But overall the lecture was still ok. The cute lecturer manages to keep me awake. =p

Oh. The cute lecturer wore almost the same clothes everyday! Same pant, same tie & 2 shirts to alternative each day. Haha. Despite of this, his clothes still look so tidy & straight everyday. *Wink*

So sian. Saturday's night & I am blogging at this hour at home. I miss my night's life. Haha.

Alright then. I shall go bath. Bye.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Nice Song


黑暗中的我們都沒有說話 一直想回家 不想你回家
寂寞深的太讓人害怕 溫柔你的手
輕輕揉著我的發 你的媚顏說你渴望我擁抱
你身體卻在拚命它 等慾望在燃燒
你愛我還是他 是不是真的他有比我好
為誰在掙扎 你愛我還是他
就說出你所說的真心話 你到底跟我還是他

Monday, January 24, 2005

Cute Lecturer

Oh well, lecture was quite boring today. Business Statistics. Something that I studied before in poly. BUT, the lecturer is surprisingly quite CUTE! Haha. He is very YOUNG too. I was pretty astonished when I came into the lecturer hall this morning. I was late for lecture (as usual =p) & when I walked in & saw him I was like WOW. Not too bad huh. Haha. But ok lar. He is not those super duper handsome dude but Emily & I had came up with a conclusion that he would be the type of guy that your parents will like if you bring him home. Lol. Alright. I am thinking too much already. Heh. I am not liking him but just commenting on a CUTE lecturer like him. Hah. Anyway, he will only be in Singapore for 2 weeks & after that he will be going back to Melbourne to teach. Yup. Hehe. By the way, do you know how he pronounce "data"? He pronounced it as "da-ta". (Please read it in chinese hanyu pinyin) Haha. It was so funny. Everyone was laughing. Lolx. He is not an ang mo. He is a chinese but I am not very sure where is he from. But he definitely speaks with an accent. Hehe.

Hmmm.... I am beginning to doubt guys who say they like me & PLEASE. I am not the open kind of girl that you may think. Say what you want & it really doesn't bother me. Cyber-world is just so fake. I still love meeting people visually. =) Well, I still have kind friends so I am still happy!

P/S: Don't say you like me if you actually don't.

I realised...

Did I say I have changed my hp's plan? Well, I have free incoming calls all day & free 500 sms now. I wonder whether 500 sms will be enough for me. I am quite a heavy sms user. But at least it's still better than my previous free 300 sms. Heh. So yeah. Feel free to call me. Haha.

My thoughts drifted to some past events & memories just now. I realised I still can remember them so clearly. When I recalled, I felt so silly at some of the things that I did in the past but there were still some that really made me put on a smile on my face all over again. So sweet. Hee.

When I was thinking, I realised my heart is not throbbing fast anymore. When I was thinking, I realised my heart doesn't ache anymore. When I was thinking, I realised time can heal everything. :) Oh yey.

& I realise now that I need to go back school tmr! Haha. After a week of break. Well, I still haven't finish my assignment. :( The lecturer didn't even tell us when is the deadline. I hope I can finish it before Chinese New Year.

Oh... Shall we organise some Chinese New Year's events or something like that? Haha. Right. Good Night. =)

Problematic MSN. =\

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Customer Service

Phew.... Just came back from gym. It was not too bad. Sweat myself out. Heh. Munching on a pancake (made by my ah ma) & mugging on my cup of hot green tea now. Total relaxing. Hee. =) Oh ya, I just signed up with Amore last week. I am still thinking when to start going for lessons. Quite excited actually. Can't wait to go for my pilates.:)

Talking about yesterday, I was super pissed off with Samsung Service Centre at Centrepoint. I sent my youngest brother's hp for servicing on Friday & the lady who attended to me promise me that it would be ready on the next day & I could collect it anytime I want during their operating hours. My brother lost his hp's warranty card so I couldn't produce any written proof that the hp is still under warranty.

However, I called & checked with my brother & he told me that he still had the purchase receipt. The lady understood my situation & she assured me that she would proceed with the servicing for the hp & if I couldn't produce any proof of purchase upon collection of the hp, she would have to charge me $210 for the service & maintainance. I was quite sure that I had the purchase receipt at home & so I agreed with the terms & conditions stated by her.

So when I went there yesterday, I waited at the collection point for quite awhile before a service staff came to attend to me & he still dared to tell me that they had not service the hp for me because I did not produce any warranty card or purchase receipt when I sent in the hp for servicing on Friday. He even asked me to come the next day to collect if I want. If I want??? What the ****?! I was getting hot already when he told me this. I argued with him quite furiously & a manager saw it & came to salvage the situation. She was very nice & polite & she said that she would ask her technicians to service my hp immediately & she would give me a call when the hp is ready.

Well, what to do? I had to agree right? By the way, at that moment I felt like a nasty customer. Heh. =p

Enough of saying. Did some shopping & stuffs as usual. Yup.

P/S: Evie, my brother keeps talking about you. I will tell you more next time. Haha. Bleah. ;)

My assignment is progressing very slowly. Argghh.... Sigh. Shall work harder on it tonight.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Human Jam

Do you guys know which are the top 3 festivals/events in Singapore that you can find a lot of people shopping for stuffs? In my opinion, the answer is:

- Chinese New Year
- Great Singapore Sales
- Christmas

I was at Orchard today. The crowds were really terrible especially when I was walking from Wisma Atrium to Ngee Ann City. Many of the retail outlets were so jam-packed that I didn't even feel like going in. Everyone just seemed to be so rich, kept buying things & their hands were filled with so many shopping bags. Anyway, I sent my youngest brother's hp for servicing just now (need to collect tmr. diaoz. so ma fan.), bought 2 tops, 1 skirt (which is too big. shall change tmr.), a pair of earrings & some necessities from Watson. Ok la. I still haven't shop till I drop. Haha.

In the evening, my dad called to ask me to join them at Chinatown so I left 1st & went straight to meet my parents & my youngest brother at Chinatown. Hmmm. We had made a very bad choice to come to Chinatown today at such timing. Traffic jam. Human jam. Extremely bad. We were stucked in a human jam for nearly an hour do you believe? Freaking terrible. I was sweating like hell & the people just kept pushing & I thought it wasa really good opportunity for pickpockets & molesters. Luckily, my dad was walking & following behind me so I felt safe & protected. Hee. =p

The street that we were walking along was very small & narrow. With such a big crowd, it was already very difficult to walk, let alone a 2-way human traffic walking. Some people walking from my direction were shouting very loudly to the people who were walking towards our direction to have only 1-way human traffic walking. Somehow, I really didn't understand why there were still people who saw & witnessed so many other people trying to walk & squeeze out from the crowd & these people they still wanted to walk in an opposite direction as oppose to the crowd. Crazy right? There was this really fat, clumsy & fierce auntie who forced herself to walk & squeeze in the opposite direction of the crowd & when she was doing that, she kept scolding people saying that there was no such thing as 1-way traffic & blah blah blah. Super irritating. The businesses for stalls along the street were surprisingly no good at all because people just couldn't simply stop down to look at the things.

By the time we walked out from the street & the crowd, I was already super duper hungry & my legs were arching badly. We had to walk a pretty long distance to the carpark to get our car. ;\ After that, we bought dinner back home to eat. I was glad I was home. Sometimes I think it's rather nice to stay home & eat & watch tv rather than going out & squeeze your sweat out with the crowd. Haha. But somehow, you could sense the Chinese New Year's atmosphere over there. :)

Alright. I shall end here. I'll go & continue my assignment. Heh.

Good Night! =p

Is it YOU?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

So..... I have finished reading my book. Fascinating & trilling enough to stir your adventure-seeker brain juice I can say. *Applause*

A trail that leads to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci - & suggests the answer to a mystery that stretches deep into the vaults of history. The surprising revelations on Da Vinci's penchant for hiding codes in his paintings will lead the reader to search out for renowned artistic icons such as The Mona Lisa, The Madonna of the Rocks, The Holy Grail and The Last Supper. The Last Supper holds the most astonishing coded secrets of all and, after reading The Da Vinci Code, you will never see this famous painting in quite the same way again.

The discovery of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene's union. Not only was Jesus Christ married, but he was a father too. The royal bloodline of Jesus Christ was the source of the most enduring legend of all time - The Holy Grail. Quite stunning isn't it? All the historical details & information will grab hold of your attention to make you to use your imagination to solve the riddles & the secret codes. Awesome!

I consider myself as a free-thinker & I have no prejudice or favoritism towards any religion. Perhaps there are some modern devoted christians who may refuse to accept the historial truth of Christianity or simply the historial truth of Christianity that this book, The Da Vinci Code claims to be the real precision. Whatever it is, I think the real answer lies in your heart. When you believe, that will be the truth. ;)

Forgiveness is God's greatest gift. - quoted from The Da Vinci Code.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Too many thoughts

I have many thoughts in mind now but I don't know how & I don't feel like blogging them all out. Don't guess me why. Weird me. :|

Met Yingxiu at town today. Just some catching up, shopping & food. ;)

Ohhh, & I don't have school for 1 whole week which is this coming week. I also don't know why. I think there is really a lot of things that I don't know. Somehow, I don't wish to know either. Hmmm. Don't know what I am talking about also. Lol.

I am planning & going to fully exploit this 1 week of break by doing more exercises (hopefully), finish my Da Vinci Code, do some reading up for my Law of Finance & Securities Assignment, revise my school work, teach tuition & catching up with some friends if possible. Yup. Everything just sounds so perfect but will I really follow the intented plan? Lol. That is a very good question huh?! Heh. *GRINS*

I want to join my Amore soon! Hopefully I will have the TIME & the MONEY to go. Yey. Hee.

I am wondering what got into me today? Or now? I simply feel that something is missing inside me. Strange. =|

I need something to hold on.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

gooD fooD, gooD moviE, gooD booK, gooD maN. ;)

"My Brother" is good. But "Brotherhood" is even better. Won Bin really makes me go Wow! Haha. Charming. Glamourous. Alluring. Seeing him you will probably feel that no Mediacorp's male star can be compared to him. Lol. Ohhhh..... Drools manz. =p

Before the movie, I had my lunch at a restaurant called Mayim Chinese Cuisine at West Mall. Yup. Went there right after school. The food was not bad & the prices were rather reasonable. Similar to Crystal Jade's style of food but in my opinion, Crystal Jade is still better. =)

So this was my Friday. Heh.

I am indulging in a good book now. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Just something to share with you guys actually. Hee. Reading is definitely a good & economical way to pass time & not wasting time. That is what I always think. Haha. Yey. (I am trying to cultivate my passion for reading. Lol.)

Nothing very interesting to update for today. So yea. These should be all ba.


Women like to flirt with the bad guys but marry the good men.

How true is this?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fatal Attraction

I am the Honey.

You are the Bees.

Bees just love Honey, don't they?

Well, I think I always attract the wrong people.

This is not a very good thing.

I don't want. :/

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Don't Play Play with the Kids

Well, I had a new tuition assignment today. It was a primary 4 girl. It was supposed to be twice lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson & $200 for a month. So yup. That was the term that I agreed on when the agency handed me this delegation. But when I turned up at the girl's house this afternoon, the mum told me to spend 1.5 hours with her primary 4 daughter & the remaining 1/2 hour with her primary 1 daughter. I was like huh?!?!?! The agency didn't tell me anything about it. Still afterall, me being sOoOoOoOo NICE as usual, I accpeted the condition. The mum looked quite nice so I didn't want to be so calculative also. Heh.

The primary 4 girl is a FAT FAT girl. Haha. I know I'm mean & I'm bad. =p But she is really quite too much on the obese side. She was wearing this long flowy girlish dress just now & I was quite shocked when I saw her. In my mind, I was picturing her to be a young little girl who is small & petite in size but the reality of facts just looked completely so opposite & different. Lol. Alright. Alright. I shall stop it. It is quite sinful to criticize people's look but eh, come to think of it again, I'm not criticizing actually. I'm just commenting & giving my own opnion. Haa.

Well, & her results sucked big time. She told me she failed all her subjects all the way from her primary 1 till now except for her English in which she still managed to pass at the borderline brim at some rare circumstances. Wow. I think I gonna have a hard time.Wonder if I'll vomit blood soon? Haha. Anyway, her younger sister was so noisy & talkative. Keep on disturbing us when we were tutoring. But actually I like the younger one more because she is really cute & she is really clever in her talking. She said she has a bf whom she knew from her PAP last time, she love S.H.E & 5566, etc. Hah. One thing also. She was cleverer & easier to teach than her primary 4 sister because she knew her work. But perhaps it is still too early to judge now since today it is only the 1st lesson. I shall see how things go.

Kids nowadays, DON'T PLAY PLAY. :: wink ::

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's all about

Lecture was much better today. Macroeconomics. Something that I studied before in poly so it wasn't really that bad. Heh. The lecturer was also nicer. She could deliver the lecture in a more interesting & impressive way as compared to my Finance lecturer. Well, I guess I'm adapting. I mean I have to anyway. ;)

Went to Orchard after school for lunch & to buy my belts. But the belts that I saw & fond of were really expensive even after the discounts. In the end, I got a belt from 77th Street. (But I still prefer the expensive belts.) Shall see how again ba. =p

I carried my Puma side bag today & it was really hurting my shoulders with all my lecture notes, textbook & many many more things that I always carry around with me. Grrrrr..... I almost felt like my shoulders gonna break into half anytime. I got home to ask my Mum to massage for me & I did some hands & shoulders stretching myself but still, they hurt. Ouchhhh...... Now there are red patches on them & I think I'm really suffering from shoulder-ache. So pain. Hmph.

Met some crazy fellows at Orchard & when I was on my way back home just now. The irritating pesters made me felt even worse with my aching shoulders. (I feel the aching now too!!!!)

I need a good MASSAGE. SPA will be nice too. :) Any nice soul out there? Hah. =p

Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Jun Nan Mei Nu"

Guess who I went out with today? My brother! My younger brother! Haha. Initially I was planning to go gym but my brother kept on pestering his PRETTY sister to go orchard with him because he wanted to do some shopping & he just couldn't find anyone to go with him. Being such a NICE sister, I just had to oblige. We wanted to pull our youngest brother along too but too bad he had his own plan already. Hee.

At 1st I was wondering why he didn't ask his gf to go with him & then I realised the truth from him that they had just broke off a few days ago. I wasn't really surprised because I had sort of expected it. A lot of stories lar. Don't wish to comment. But I came to realise something. You know we girls are always blaming guys for flirting, fast changing of hearts , hurting & breaking our hearts. But we seldom think the other way round that some girls are also capable of doing those. Maybe it wasn't intentionally but it just breaks one's heart. I have been pondering if I have ever before being so bad & nasty enough to hurt someone. Hmmm. Perhaps I did. But believe me. It wasn't deliberately.

My brother had a rewarding shopping trip with me. Haha. Okay lar. He didn't buy many things actually. Only a long-sleeve shirt & a part of shoes. But the prices themselves were enough to kill. He's a Armani Exchange fannatic. What do you think? Imagine yourselves. =p

I was kind to my pocket today. Only got myself a nice pinky tube top from Utopia. Heh. By the way, I'm seriously in love with belts now. Saw quite a few nice belts recently. Shall work out my budget & grab them home. ;)

Saw many of my brothes' friends & familiar faces today. I think a lot of them thought we were couples. Lol. Then there was this couple who walked past us & the gf commented to the her bf that we were "Jun Nan Mei Nu" & their friends also turned around to look at us. Haha. Ok lar. I'm not trying to be thick skin lar but you know it's so paiseh. Somehow you'll notice that many people are looking at you & commenting about you to their friends or loved ones who were besides them. & surprisingly many people also recognised my brother as the school beau & I actually overheard people gossiping about him when we walked past. Uh-haa. Heh. Tell you guys something. My brother is so VAIN. SUPER DUPER VAIN. More VAIN than me. Can't stand. I think he's a metrosexual. Lol.

Alright. That's all for tonight. Night bloggie & night everyone. Love you guys. :p

I need to lose weight.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sleepy Beauty + Late Queen

Feeling slightly better today but still feeling as sleepy as ever.

Oh yea. I actually met up with Yingxiu yesterday after school at town for lunch & retail therapy. Woo-hooOO. Hehe. Forgotten to blog about it yesterday. Heh. We ate Pasta Mania at a 30% off discounted rate because we are still students! Haha. Well, this promotion actually only valids at Cineleisure Pasta Mania from 2pm to 5pm (or 6pm? I can't remember. =p) with the presentation of your student card. When we were asked to show our student cards when we were paying, Yingxiu took out her Ngee Ann student card & the cashier just took a quick glance of it & straight away gave us the 30% off. We could have taken out my SIM student card or her ACCA student card but just to play safe in case they don't accept SIM or ACCA student card. Lol. Anyway, I also not sure if they do regard these educational institutions as students in their eyes. Heh. Yup. So after lunch as usual we went walk around & did some shopping! Yey! Haha.... Quite fruitful but I had been controlling myself too. So yup. Happy with what I had bought =p

I was late for lecture today. I think I'm almost late everyday for this week of school except tuesday & today in which I was like really late. There were always so much notes to copy from the lecturer's slides everyday. I copied & wrote until my right hand wanted to break & I especially hated it whenever I had to write very fast because there were just too much things to take down & my hand-writing would just look so terrible & indirectly making my notes not appealing enough for me to read. Haha. Weird me right? But yea. I l just like to read & study notes that are nicely writen. Hee.

I'm wasting my friday's night again. But I think I want my beauty sleep even more! Ah-haa. ;) Good Night!

I miss you.

Friday, January 07, 2005

I want my beauty sleep

I'm seriously depriving of SLEEP. Nowadays, I always keep sleeping late & waking up early. I sense that I can't take it anymore. Because of my lack of sleep, I think I can't really concentrate well in dng my things. I'm also starting to hate myself for bathing so late everytime. Always tell myself that I must change the habit but you know I'm just plain lazy w/o motivation. Arghhhh.... By right I should be asleep by now because I got a morning class tmr & yet you see I'm blogging at this hour. I just can't help blogging. Hmmm.... Lol.

Ulcer. Headache. ArRrrRRr.....

Another resolution for this year: I want a healthy body that makes me glow from inside to outside. Look good & feel good. Ooh. This phrase does sound a little familiar? =p

My eyes are hurting. Shall go off now. Good night!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep................................

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Draining lectures

School is getting tougher & tougher with all the lectures, tutorials & the upcoming individual assignment. The assignment was given to us today. I felt almost quite DEAD when I read through the questions of the assignment. Investments, Financial Products, Financial Services, Financial Advisers & blah blah blah. Uh-huh. No doubt this module is called Law of Finance & Securities. Seriously, I really don't know how to get myself started on this assignment. So far, the lessons were very draining because I'll have to study this module for this whole week & next week study another module for the entire week & so on. I'm taking 4 modules this semester & so it's not like when I was poly whereby I could study a different module everyday. BoOoOoOoOo........... HELLISH.

Though hesitation arises, I'm still trying my best to cope with everything. Shall not give up. (Easier to say than to be done.) Hmph......

Saw HIM yesterday. He broke off with his gf AGAIN! Trying to flirt with me somemore. Lol. Uh-ahem. Heh. Nothing much. I just don't know what's on his mind. Anway, I don't bother either.

Why did I choose this course?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My 1st day of school in SIM

It wasn't really that fantastic afterall. Dried lecture & boring australian lecturer. Lecture-mates I'm not so sure yet. Never really communicate with them today. Maybe only a few who self-intro themselves to me & Emily. Anyway, can't really remember their names also. Haha.

The topic looks & seems tough. I don't know how I'm gng to cope & survive throughout these 1.5 yrs. It's kind of pointless now to say I have regretted choosing this course cos I've like already paid my school fees for this semester & even if I decide to stop after 1 semester, I'll be like wasting my own time & my parents' $$. I'll also not be able to get the cert if I don't complete the entire course.

I'm trying to tell & convince myself that today was only the 1st day, so perhaps I might not be able to adapt to the environment & the course so rapidly yet. Hopefully this perception of mine is right. Things are gng to get better themselves. Wish me luck!

Studying in SIM seems so mack slacker than when I was studying in NP. I still miss my poly life. Miss the people. Miss everything. I don't feel any sense of attachment to SIM at all. At least for now. I need to find some part time jobs to do to make full use of my time. I don't wanna lose any single second of my precious time in 2005. I know 2005 will be a good yr for me & my loved ones. =p

Will my tmr be a better day?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I gonna be a student again.

So fast. Sch starting tmr. I'm gng to be a student again. All over again. I'm quite worried actually. Don't know how everything will be like. I'm scared I don't like the course, the sch, the ppl, etc. So many things in mind now. Some of my friends are already working & I'm like gng back to my bks. I know I shouldn't be thinking about all these now since I've made the choice & chosen this path. But I just can't help getting & feeling paranoid. It's like I'm moving on to another big step of my life. Quite scary actually. But I've been telling myself that I gonna be brave & strong. It's a brand new yr & it's gonna be a brand new start for me. Forget all the unhappy events that happened last yr & move on now to search for my happiness & meaning of life. For now, I just hope everything will turn out to be right tmr. Not only tmr but for the next 1.5 yr of my studies.

I need a source of strength.

I need your comfort.

Surprises! Haha... ;)

Surprises? Haha.... Anyway, these are fake curls lar. Do it out for fun. Testing how I'll look like with permed hair. Heh. =p

As promised.....

This was taken outside Borders. Haa.

At Pizza Hut.

I find this photo of Emily quite interesting. She looked a bit "feng shao". Haha.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Not in sequence.

I promise I'll..........

1) Be a filial & better daughter to my parents.

2) Be a nicer sister to my 2 brothers. (Though I admit I'm already a very nice sister to them now. Lol.)

3) Be a better friend to all my pals.

4) Be a good & wonderful gf if I'm someone's gf this year. Heh.

5) Live in the joyous feeling of happiness. Not only for this year but for always. Forever.

6) Do well for my studies.

7) Earn & save more $$.




That's about it. Shall update when I think of more resolutions that I wanna pledge. Heh. Yawny..... Nitey!

I promise I'll be a better person.

1st blog entry for 2005

This'll be my 1st blog entry for 2005. Time really flies. It's 2005 now. 1st Jan 2005. 1/2 an hr or more ago, it was still 31st Dec 2004. Just a day of difference, we had to call yesterday (31st Dec 2004) last yr.

Anyway, I simply had a lot of fun on the eve of my new yr. Met up with my gd old buddy, Emily & we went feasting & shopping again!!! As usual lar huh? Haha. We had Pizza Hut for lunchs. Very full but yummy! Hehe. Then we shop & shop & buy & buy. Aiyo. How I wish I have more $$ & more $$ & more $$ lei!!! Heh. However, I could have spend even more today but I didn't because I didn't want to buy in impulse. So yeah. Still quite proud of myself lar. Heh. There are just so many things that I want to buy. My things can never be bought finished. =p

After all the shoppings. we headed to this newly desserts franchise store from HongKong, Xu Liu Shan & we planned to have our light dinners there. But oh gosh! Guess what? When we looked at the menu, we were so shocked. A bowl of dessert is priced at $9! Some are even priced at $11, $12! When we had the desserts in Hongkong, they were so much cheaper. But somehow you can't compare also. This's Singapore & the store is located at the town area. Afterall, we ended up having our dinners at Starbucks. Haa. Muffins & Mango Frapaccino. Awesome. =p

Emily brought camera so we took some pictures. Shall upload some nicer ones here when she uploads the photos to her yahoo album. Hee. =p

Some fellows tried to befriend me on the street & asked me to join them for countdown. Of course I didn't bother. I don't befriend just anybody you know? Opps. Haha.

Emily was just telling me, girls should not play too hard to get. You can play hard but not too hard. Somehow, I find it quite true. Do you agree with me?

Anyway, I really feel so sad for the tsunami tragic. So many things. Just so many things.......;/

I still didn't get to see you, my orange-tee boy..... =p