Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I will be away from 1st dec-4th dec.

So exicted! Hehe. *beams*

Oh no! I haven't finish packing my luggage yet.

I better go & do so now.

Lazy lazy. =p

I'll be still bringing my hp so if there is anything I can still be contactable.


I'll be back. =)

In the middle of the night,

I received some pictures taken at the airport the other day.

This is one of them.

Sometimes I do wonder if only things are simpler, what I come to know are wrong.

But anyway, I'm now in a good mood cos I'm going bangkok in one day time! Hehe.

Haven't really pack my stuffs yet. Shall do it tmr. Don't intend to bring too many barangs barangs too. I wanna go there & buy & fill up my luggage & shopping bag.

Oh... & I don't know what's wrong with my body these few days. I always get hungry in the night like 12++ am to 1++ am. I can even hear the rumbling sound of my stomach. Haha.

I am feeling hungry now as well as I'm typing this entry. Grrr... It's quite terrible. My weird body. =p

Okay. I think I better go & get some sleep.

Kiss all goodnight. =)

I can't wait for breakfast!

Monday, November 28, 2005


想试着用中文来表达自己的心情。 写着写着, 突然还蛮怀念当年念书时写作文的时光。 我记得我最喜欢自由发挥的作文题目。 因为它能让我毫无约束地把自己所想的,所感受的都写出来。 真得好久没用中文来写作了。 不知道现在写的这些句子是否还可以。 等我有灵感的时候, 或许我也会试着用中文来创作。 写一些歌词,写一些想法, 写一些有的没的, 好让自己对自己的作品也有所期待。

好兴奋!原来用中文来诉说自己的心情感觉真的很不一样。 =)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Sometimes it feels better to let off your feelings rather than keeping everything to yourself. Blogging may be a good venting outlet for us to rant about our ups & downs but apparently I feel that verbal communication between human-beings is still the best remedy to the situation.

In today's world, technology is so advanced that we can actually don't need to talk to people & still send our messages across to the opposite parties. We can just simply log on to the internet, msning & emailing to communicate with people; sending numerous smses (i believe a lot of us rather sms than call. am i right? cos i'm one. =p sometimes it's easier to confirm stuffs through calls but we still prefer to use smses. why? probably when you type & send an sms across, you have no time limit. you don't have to express or think too much of your feelings as you are not going to talk to the person you are trying to communicate. you can take your time to think what message you want to send across before sending the sms. however, when you make a call, there is so called a time limit. you can't wait & think too long what you wanna say. you gonna make the decision like on the spot when the receiver picks up the call. some people may find it easier to present their messages through smses rather than through calls. something like that. i hope i'm not confusing here. haha.), etc.

So what is the use of our mouths? Just to eat & kiss or what? We should make use of our mouths more often to communicate with people. Don't you guys agree that we are communicating lesser & lesser verbally? We are relying more & more on the technology to communicate. Not saying technology advancement is not good but I feel that it kind of shadow the true feelings of human-beings. For example, writing letters as compared to emails. Writing letters may be old fashioned but it's sweeter & more sentimental than typing emails. Anyway, who writes letters now? I mean there will be people writing letters but sending emails is still the choice for majority. Fast & efficient. But probably once in a while we should try writing letters instead. The feeling is so much different when you write a letter to someone or when you receive a letter from someone. =)

I feel better now as I shared my problems & sorrows with some of my friends. Especially those that I trust. It feels good to have people lending listening ears to you. I'm not trying to bad-mouthing her by telling people stuffs about her but I do feel so much light-hearted when I let people know what's happening to me & how I feel. All I can say is that sincere friendships are really hard to have. You trusted someone so much but it ends up hurting you so much as well. Some people say if you treat others sincerely, they will treat you sincerely as well. But that's not always the case right? I believe that as long as you have a clear conscience, even if your sincerity isn't appreciated or reciprociated, it's already enough.

Four more days to bangkok. I gonna enjoy myself to the fullest. Not going to think about anything but just purely enjoying & relaxing myself with my two girls. We gonna shop & eat & shop & eat & shop & eat. Worries free! Hahaha. *grin*

Friday, November 25, 2005


It's friday again & the weekend is drawing nearer. But well, there isn't much differentiation between weekdays & weekends for me now cos I'm neither studying or working this period of time. So, everyday just seems the unless I'm doing something in particular.

For the past few days, I did a little bit of gymming, met up with friends for dinner at swensens, stayed home to watch vcd & enjoying the cosy chilling weather, did a little shopping & basically doing nothing much productively.

I am also counting down to my bangkok trip in which I'm going in less than a week time. Yeah! =p

Being thinking quite a lot lately too. I think I really need to rearrange what I want in life & prioritize the things that I wanna do or achieve. Sometimes I feel that I'm a bit too slacky. I just live my life as it is, move on as each day goes by & I believe most people are like that. Aren't you guys?

I guess I need more vitamin L to make me feel better & live on happier. I know my family loves me but probably they can show me more often that they do. I know some of my true friends love me too but the feel is getting weaker & probably in a while time I can hardly sense it anymore. I know HE will love me but I don't know who is he & where is he now.

I don't know why am I discussing this issue again. I think I did discuss it before in the past. When I have nothing to do, my mind will start wandering off & think about stuffs. Maybe it's at the certain point of my life again. Things get rowdy & emotions just arouse.

Probably I need the comfort of a hug to make me feel better. Please give me a hug when you see me again, if you love me. Haha.

Okay. It's 12.14pm now. Lunch time! *beams*

Bye Bye! =)

I feel like a fool but it's okay now. I know I'm going to be better than you.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Singing class was quite fun. The teacher is very nice. He is young. Only 23. Heh. & he plays keyboard very well. He has a grade 8 in piano & I think he is just so musical incline. He is attractive not because he is handsome but because he is very talented. *grin* & there is this cute guy in the school too. Don't know who is he though. =p

Michelle's 21st party was cool too. Yummylicious food & managed to catch up a little with some old pals. Supposed to go to a music workshop but couldn't make it in the end due to time allowance.

A lot of people have been asking me what have happened to me. What or who have I been disappointing with. Well, that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I have grown to realise who are the ones who are really nice & truthful to me & I'm sure I gonna treasure these people even more in the future. Moving on is good. Widen social circle, know more people & let more people love you.

I am feeling better now. So much better. Cos I can't be bothered already.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


It's quite an disappointment when you expect yourself to be the first person to know but end up being the last person to know. Or even worse, you are being hidden from the truth as the person just has no intention to tell you. It hurts even more when you found out the truth yourself.

Things aren't just what I think they are.

I'm so disappointed. Really. =(

My two days

Swimming (okay. maybe not really swimming. soaking & playing with water. hehe.) was quite fun yesterday. We played, took pictures & discussed about love & boyfriends issues. We were big eaters yesterday too. We had Jack's Place, Ya Kun Kaya Toast & they also bought Polar Puff before going home. After I reached home, I ate homecooked food too. I can really eat a lot if I want to. Haha. People who know me will know. *grin*

Just now met michelle at orchard to accompany her to buy her birthday's clothes. We saw felicia chin & she was damn gorgeous. Hehe. Then we had dinner at Pasta Cafe. The slipper lobster pasta, fried calamari & oreo cheesecake. Total yummylicious!

We headed to Bugis Village at 10pm or so & she managed to get herself a pretty skirt at the hour when most shops were closed/closing. The nightlife in Singapore is so boring. All shops close so early except those pubs & clubs. I really think they should extend the operating hours of those shops in town.

Then after everything it was home sweet home. =)

Be right back.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

There she goes

I just came back from the airport. I still can't believe that she is really leaving. Things just happened & it's so unexpected. Can you imagine? When someone so close to you tells you that she will be leaving you, leaving Singapore, leaving all her loved ones in less than a month time. & it really happens to me now.

I hate the feeling of departure.

It feels kind of funny without her around me.

Well, I guess I need time to adapt.

Just now, someone told me that he feels that she is a very special girl. Indeed she is.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Long & tiring day

I had a loooooNg & tiring day today! The waiting part was especially torturing. But it was worth it afterall. =)

Just bathed out & gotta prepare to get changed soon. Going to the airport later to send her off. I wish I can get the car to drive there. *shrug*

Monday, November 14, 2005


Met up with em today for farewell lunch & tea break before she flies off on the 17th. We had seafood hotpot, deep fried tofu, fried gyoza, ice cream dessert & hot japanese green tea at sushi tei. Yummy yummy! =)

Then she bought her levis jean & i bought my triumph bra. Haha. But shit. I spent money again. I thought I'm suppose to be on a shopping ban until my bangkok trip. But well nvm. I need it also. Gee. =p

After all the shopping & stuffs, we went tcc for coffee. I have a fetish for coffee recently. Heh.

It was great catching up with her today. Afterall, we have been such great pals since poly days. There were/are ups & downs but come to think of it it's the infinity that creates the friendship bond between us. So we better treasure it.

Things just get emotional ya? We won't know when we would see each other again. Probably not so soon. She is going to embark on a different journey. All the best girl!

I think I gonna miss her.

Human beings are really strange creatures sometimes..........

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Somehow, not too sure in what way, the feel is just so different now.

Well, i guess things do change, people do change.

Or probably I'm the one who have changed & not you.

Still, I send my wishes.

Witty Taxis-Uncle

I met this really funny taxis-driver yesterday. He was preaching christianity to me throughout the whole journey. This was the first time that I met a taxis-driver who shared his reglion beliefs to his passenger. How weird.

I was actually quite bored with the conversation but I still pretend to practise my enthusiasm to the discussion by answering back with replies like "oh is it?"; "how come?"; "why?"; "i didn't know that."; that's interesting."; etc. He seemed to be quite entertained by himself throughout. Haha.

Along the way, I was trying to type a sms & he actually asked me if I could sms later & concentrate & listen to what he had to finish saying first. I was sitting at the back seat by the way. He never even turned his head back to look at me & he knew I was smsing. Ok. Probably it was the mirror? No idea. *laughs*

That was so hilarious & I actually really stopped my smsing & listened to what he had to say. That was really quite ironical. Huh? Haha. =p

When it was reaching my home, I was like thank god I'm getting down soon. But, when I paid him the taxis-fare, he asked me if I could stay on for another five to ten minutes to let him finish his words. Being a very nice me, I didn't know how to reject him. Anyway, even before I was going to say okay or not okay, he had already continued with his talking. Lol. He gave me some brochures at the end of everything. Witty uncle I had to say. =p

I had singing, dinner at suntec nydc, yami yogurt for dessert & some groceries shopping at carrefour. My poor pair of legs was so tired after the end of everything.

I tried out the new bistrio delifrance this afternoon. It wasn't that fantastic actually. I guess I would just stick to their usual sandwiches, pastries, puffs & tarts next time.

After much consideratons, I bought my full house vcd just now. With discount of course. Heh. I love the show so much & I actually missed some episodes while it was still screening on the scv until it ended a few weeks back. Hehe. So happy. *beams*

Okay, I shall go read my cleo now, then bath & full house! =)

Good luck to me, please?

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I didn't go for my massage yesterday. Cos I couldn't get ready on time to go out. Dilly-dally me. =p Will try to go next week probably if I have the time.

Had lunch at Wisma Atrium Food Republic yesterday. Quite a lot of food to choose from & the food is not bad. (actually i only ate the fried prawn mee. not too sure about other food though. but they sure look good. *grins*)

I feel that I should try to refrain myself from spending too much. I have been spending a lot lately! Transportation & food are fixed expenses that I will incur everytime I go out. I'm jobless too. So the final verdict is I should go out less often! Not easy though. Hmmm.....

I went to my cousin's solemnisation of marriage just now. It was held at his new house. I reached the place with my parents & youngest brother at around 7.15pm & the solemniser only arrived at around 8.30pm. Faint. I was so hungry then but we had to wait for the solemnisation & photo-taking sessions to end before we could proceed for the buffet. & there were like so many people! Relatives & friends. Many many unfamiliar faces. Got some cute guys actually. Haha. I think they are my cousin's poly friends. But these cute guys each had a girl beside them. *sigh* =p By the time I got to eat it was like already 9plus pm. Didn't eat much cos I waited for the long queue to clear first before queuing up to take the food & by the time it reached my turn, most of the food was snatched up fast by people. Some had so many rounds & those people queuing behind like me were left with all the unpopular dishes. =|

Anyway, the food was all vegetarian food cos the bride is a vegetarian & hence my cousin has to follow her. The bride was really very pretty. She looked quite plain on the photo that was attached to the wedding invitation card which was given to my family earlier on. No wonder people always say girls are the most beautiful at their own weddings. How true is this. She was really the limelight just now.

The bride & groom are only 4 years older than me. Consider pretty young right? To get married at this age now. Some people of this age haven't even finish their studies or some may don't even have a proper stable job. So it probably depends on individual. Some relatives were already telling my parents that a few more years will be my turn or probably the next wedding will be mine. Another faint. OMG! How can it be? I really can't forsee myself getting married at their age. At least for now. It seems quite impossible for me.

The blissfulness in the couple' eyes is so true. That is so real. *beams*

Was msning with a childhood friend just now & we haven't see for each other for many years. She claimed that she saw me last week & she said she was so shocked that that I have changed so much over the years. Hahaha. Did I?

Ok la. It's 1plus am now. I gotta sleep soon.

Hope tmr (saturday) is good & lucky day for me!

Night! =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Guess what? I went gyming just now! Like after soOoOoOo long... Haha... *bleah* Even the administrative staff, gym attendant & gym instructor said so to me when they saw me.

Anyway, the workout was quite okay. I gotta tame my laziness & start going to gym more often. Exercise is good you know? Lol. =p

After an hour of gym I went to the pool to look for lynn & yeun. They had been swimming (or should I say soaking themselves in water) for one & a half hour when I reached the pool. I wanted to change into my swimming attire & jumped into the pool too but then it started raining before I could do anything!

Then they went to bath & change & I waited for them. We were very hungry after all my gyming workout & their swimming workout & hence we decided to head to hougang mall to eat. We had mcdonalds meals & their ice-cream! Eating back all the calories that we had burnt earlier on. Muahahahaha... But who cares? I don't care! Heck la. Just eat. Hah. =D

I had a great time with them. We ate & chatted from 6plus in the evening to 9plus almost to 10 in the night. I didn't know we had sat & chatted for so long! While we were walking back to my house & to their bus stop, we stopped at the pasam malam to buy some food back for snacks & suppers. Haha... Food again... =p I love my tapioca cakes! *grins*

Probably going to my massage later. (tmr) Will update about it soon!

Dreamyland soon.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

When love says.....

I chanced upon a friend's blog that she set up to write about what happened between her & her boyfriend. (or should I say ex-boyfriend now since they have just broken up.) I know both of them & the guy was my classmate for 3 years in Ngee Ann. I can't believe this thing happened & he did that to her. They were always so lovey-dovey. In people's eyes. In my eyes.

You have to believe that some guys are really bastards. I feel sorry for her.

I'm not close at all to the girl & most probably she won't be reading my blog because she doesn't have my blog address & I don't publicise my blog to everyone. But still, I hope she will get on her feet again, walk on bravely & be strong enough to face her future.

Falling in love is too sweet to resist & falling out of love is too bitter to bear.

I hope all my beloved girlfriends will find the right guy to love.

Every worthy girl in fact.

Gossip Gang's Gathering

Met up with the gossip gang just now. It has been quite long since everyone gets together though I did still meet up with one or two of them occassionally before this gathering.

We went ktv (except lynn cos she said she has no mood to sing. heh.) & sang from mid-afternoon to like evening time. It was quite fun but the atmosphere just wasn't very high enough. I don't know why. Maybe the room is too small? Haha. & there was apparently some problems with the ktv system. Quite a few of our selected songs keep getting rejected by the system. Boooo-hoooo. =p

Initially wanted to had dinner at fish & co but we ended up having at marche. Surprisingly there was no queue. Normally weekend there is always a long queue outside the restaurant. Anyway, we ordered quite a lot of food & shared. *yummylicious* *grin* Lynn joined us at 8pm. April was telling us about the story of "flight plan" movie, funerals (pretty scary.), boyfriends, etc. I think she talked the most just now. Haha. We sat & drank & chatted till around 10pm before leaving.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Over!! Finally! =D

Hohohoho... My exams are over! Yesterday 4.30pm ended everything. How relieved I was. Hehe... Frankly, I'm quite worried about the result. Got a very bad feeling for 1 or 2 papers. Hai... Since it's over now, I shall not think about it anymore. Hopefully I'll pass everything!! =p

Had dinner at Ramen Den after school. It wasn't very nice. A bad choice for Japanese food. But since my friend had the 1 for 1 dining voucher, we decided not to waste it. Haha... Walked & shopped awhile before heading back home empty-handed. Disappointing. Ha. I still thought I can buy something for myself right after the torturing paper. But..... Nvm. *grin*

Anyway, I went for a hair cut today. Not much difference though cos it was just a trim. Heh. But today was more satisfied than yesterday because I had my dinner at Sakae Sushi (a much much much better choice for Japanese food) & I bought something for myself too. *finally* *winks* Mostly importantly, there was a great company as well. *beams*

Oh ya, that day I bought myself a massaging lymph therapy voucher for $35. (with gst $36.80) I was walking past the booth & the pretty beauty consultant sweet talked to me until I couldn't resist the offer. Ha. Oh well, I shall pamper myself then. For a pure relaxation after the exams! Hehe. I can go any time any date I want. I just have to make an appointment before going. =)

Ok. Enough for now. Good Night!