Sunday, April 30, 2006

Big wu-ha

The carparks & roads around my house were congested for the last three hours. I heard cars' horning, saw drivers getting down of their vehicles to check out what's happening in front & people like me peeping out of the kitchen's windows to see what's the big wu-ha about.

So what actually happened? Who came? Superstars? If not why were there so many people rushing to reach the same destination despite seeing the heavy traffic? It was the WORKERS' PARTY! They were here to give a rally speech. & know what? My dad went. Lol. & he said it's shiok to hear the opposition speaking out what's on his & many other singaporeans' minds. Haha. He came back home with the workers' party flag still. Haha. I asked him who is he going to vote. He said this kind of thing is confidential. Oh well..... You never know. =p

I broke the promise

I promised to spend only after the exams but.......... I broke the promise. *guilty grin*

My MNG white shade...

My mini cardigans...

My tubes...

My new birkies are on the way too...

Retail therapy never fails to make me feel better. =p

I need it badly to perk me up during this period. I seriously have no more mood to study after the previous two papers. *arghhhhHhhH*

Enough of saying. Shall go shower & back to my notes!

Boring..........!!!!!!!!!! ;p

why do i always have ulcers? ouch......!!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My reason to spend

Yey! The progress money is here! Earlier than expected. Gonna spend a bit of it after exams to pamper myself. My reason to spend. Hehe.

Seriously, I'm already having holidays mood now & my exams aren't finished yet! *slap* Just a week or more & I'm done. So much looking forward to the activities & things that I'm going to do after the exams. Retail therapy, manicure & pedicure, haircut, partying, meeting up friends, movies, exercise & lose weight, makeovers (personal or friends), singing, learn keyboard, ................... Hahaha. I want to go on a holiday trip too. But looking into my schedule now it seems not very possible. Maybe a short nearby trip is still possible. Hah. Don't know. Shall see how things go. =p

Okay. I'm going to the gym now. Need to shed some fats la. Haha.


Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am lazy for words. But I still want to keep my blog kicking & alive. Pictures are more interesting isn't it? =p

I love BIG & OVERSIZE shades! They are my best friends on days when I'm lazy to put on make-up or when I feel ugly.

Self-obsession gets on me nowadays. Haha. But who doesn't? If you don't love yourself, how do others love you & how do you love people right?

Alright. Will be back soon. Mugging time! *pout*

Bye! =)

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Peter made us sing & dance during class yesterday. He also demostrated A LOT (i mean really A LOT! hah.) of dances to us and it was rather impressive. Dancing is fun and I think it's also a very good exercise to keep trim. Heh. Like what he had said, when you are really enjoying the music and engrossing yourself into the music, you will move your body and bum in the way that you think you would have never dance like that. Haha.

My mugging isn't very productive. I'm seriously getting a little worried. Hope everything goes well and all.

Have you ever dream of people whom you think you would never dream of? I had a weird dream last night. Dream of people whom I have not been thinking. I thought I'm supposed to dream of people who are always on my mind. Very weird. Haha. Nevermind.

I went jogging the other day & I saw a young man who is handicapped (he is very short. just like a kid. & he has a super serious hunch-back, with the hunch protuding out from his back very obviously.) jogging as well. He was jogging very slowly & I could see he was trying very hard to finish every round & he looked determined. Seeing this sight kind of making me feel depressed. He is like so poor thing. Young & somemore his look is quite okay but too bad god has made him a handicap. It's kind of saddening to see people like this but at the same time, it also makes me feel that I am a lucky one.

I'm recalling & I realise I almost lose at least one good friend at every stage of my life. It's rather disappointing & I didn't want them to happen. But not that I can control or stop them from happening. Haha. Oh well, as you go through more things in life, you will come to realise that those people that you know when you were younger were the dearest people you haven known.

Any remedy for eye-bags? Let me know too! =)

Friday, April 14, 2006


Damn it. I think I have made a mistake. I just went to check out my driving licence. I passed my driving on 11th APRIL 2003 & not 14th APRIL 2003! OPPSS...... Why did I always think it's 14th lei? Haha. Silly me. Paiseh. =p But anyway, it's still not too late yet. Just a few days of difference. Thus, it's supposed to be happy 3rd year & 3 days anniversary! Hahahaha..... =p

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

To me & my..........


Shalalalalalala..... :P

A KIA PICANTO in red would be very nice and good enough. (maybe for the time being) Haha. =p

It's small but it's cute & chic!

Anyone? ;p

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last day of school

Yesterday was like the official last day of school. This semester the time passes damn fast manz. I thought I just start the semester only and now it is already ending. But actually almost every semester I also think the time passes very fast. Is it just me or what? Haha. =p

I thought I won't miss school at all but now I think back, I think probably I will. Maybe a little. Heh.

I make friends and lose friends along the way. I gain and I lose. But that's life. Isn't it?

Less than two weeks to exams. ArgggHHH! Wish me lots of luck! ;p

Back to books. ZzzZzzzzzzZZzzZZ.......

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Show me some respects

I hate it when people take my things without asking, especially when it involves money issue.

Not that I want to kick a big fuss out of it. So what if you are higher up in the hierarchy ladder. I believe you should still know what is the meaning of showing respect to the others.

Show me some respects & I will show you mine.

I know you will never read this but I don't care. I just want to blog about it.

I really don't like the feeling of being angry & pissed off with you.

Soon, we will all cool down. I hope.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I don't like mood swing. It just makes me feel lousy. *pout*

Still not in a very good mood but I'm getting better. ;)

Know what? I was browsing through my past photos & I seriously think that I have grown a bit fatter. My eating habits are almost the same like before but I have to admit I exercise so much lesser now. I remember there was at one point of time during my poly days when I was really super slim. (I exercised really quite a lot that time.) Though many people commented that I was too skinny, that was one of the very few times when I really felt light & slim. No offence to the bigger size people & friends, but I feel that even if you are really too thin, you will still tend to look good in most of the clothes & you don't really have to bother about how others think of your figure. Look at Stefanie Sun. I rather be too skinny in bikini than to be too fleshy in bikini. I'm not trying to say being super slim will make you nice & pretty. There are also people who are a bit more on the heavier side who are still very pretty as well. Just that the above are my points of view. =)

I'm feeling very flabby now. Metabolism rate seems to get slower & slower. It's so depressing manz. =( I know it's time to work out an exercise plan & work hard on it. Any good keeping fit & slim tips please share ya? :p

It's also time to start preparing for my exams. I only have like slightly more than 2 weeks for me to study everything. But there's just no motivation to study but I promise I'll try. I hope I'll be able to make it.

& Daddy's new car is finally here. Very stylo & cool & I just can't wait to drive it. *teeheehee*

Too tired to do my stuffs already. I will start afresh on a new day. (I always say that. haha.) Good Night.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


One more project, one more test & one final round of examination. All these events are going to happen VERY SOON & they are also going to be done & finished in just one month. OMG! Didn't I just start this semester only & now it's going to end soon??!!

Endure & persevere, I tell myself. Just one month more & that's it. I'm so looking forward to the post-exams' activities. Though I don't even know what are the exact activities that I'm going to have after exams. Haha. But it's still nice to know that I'm going to finish everything in a month time! Yeah! *big grin*

I do hope I have enough time for myself to enjoy & relax before embarking on something new. =p

Money really does & makes wonders. If I have the money now, I won't be still hesitating to proceed on with the thing that I wanna do. Hmmm.....

I want to earn lots & lots & lots of money! & I can't wait to do that! Wahahaha. ;p

Alright. I think I better go & do a bit of reading for my upcoming test. Been lazing around too long & too much. Lol.

Tata. *smile*

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Korean Dramas

They are ADDICTIVE. *i mean seriously ADDICTIVE!*

They have super DRAGGY storylines but people just LOVE watching. *non-stop*

There are bound to be a lot of CRYING scenes EVERY EPISODE!

Sometimes the GUYS CRY MORE than the girls & their tears can just flow out non-stop like nobody's business! *you know something like running tap-water?! haha.*

The guy & the girl always have to go through a lot before they can really get together & even if they really get together, one party has to contract some incurable illnesses & DIED eventually.

They have a lot of touching & FAIRYTALE sentences in which you can't find them in local dramas.

I always wish if only I am the girl. *haha.*

Some of the love stories are too FAIRYTALE to be true. *but it's really nice to be able to fantasize once in a while when you are watching this kind of dramas. hehe.*

Lastly, Korean Dramas never failed to make me TEARED.

I felt.....

It was a lousy day. To me at least. I felt so disappointed with myself. Don't ask me why. I just do.

I think I should really put in more efforts & hardworks in the things I do. If not why should I even bother doing right?

I bother because I love. I bother because I care. I shall keep reminding myself.

On a lighter note, I had a mini retail therapy session just now to loosen up my mood a little. I got to agree retail therapy does help. Heh.

I bought dresses. The prices are really affordable & they look really pretty! (to me lar. =P) Sometimes I prefer wearing dresses cos I don't have to think of what to wear for the top & bottom. ^^

Follow your heart. - A friend keeps telling me this lately. Haha. Good Night.