Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Japanese Name

My japanese name is 井上 Inoue (upon a well) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty).
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Embarrassed. But it's all okay now. Phew. *beams* =)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


He asks me if I'm a lesbian because I DON'T have a boyfriend now, & he thinks that it's so unbelievable for a girl like me to be unattached now! Hey! Don't have a boyfriend now doesn't mean I am a lesbian okay? I am NOT! Grrrr..... Why can't I not have a boyfriend now? I'm enjoying my singlehood now & if my mr right comes along, I'll also be happy to accept it. Don't understand these people. Don't understand guys too. Sometimes.....

Anyway, I went to a music workshop at music clinic just now conducted by fang zhong hua. Quite cool & enriching. Heh. I love singing! I wanna go ktving again! Anyone? =p

Where is my SO?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Her 21st

Yesterday was a whole load of fun at holland village's swensen with shirin, sitti, tingli, jasmine & emily. It was emily's 21st & we had a mini celebration there. I realised I was involved in all her birthday celebrations. I went to her party at partyworld last week too. Oh well, ha. =p

We played number game & I was so "lucky" that I kanna truth or dare forfeit a lot of times. I had to tell a kid to shut up when he was crying & ask the restaurant supervisor for his number! So embrassing. *blush* But we definitely had lots of fun & laughter & I had totally enjoyed myself! *grin*

We ate really a lot. Soup, main course, soft drink, ice cream dessert, birthday ice cream given free by swensen & mango ice cream cake! I was so full that I had to drag myself to my 2pm lecture, feeling so sleepy & I had a hard time concentrating during the lecture.

Went to al dente at esplanade for dinner. Had my meal at the roof top. Quite cool. =)

Alright. I think pictures speak more than words. I will upload more when I receive more pictures from the rest. Enjoy! :D

Qq's 21st last month.

Me & qq at partyworld.

The babes.

Kissing the birthday girl!

Some friends commented that this picture looks very clubbingish. Looks like we just went clubbing. Partying! Ha. =p

More pictures coming up soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


With courtesy of shirin..... :D

My pretty project-mates! *beams*

Oh duh... I have a 3 hours tuition later!!! *faints*

It's a rainy day.....

Monday, September 19, 2005

I just don't understand

What have the classical's & keynesian's theories, debates & arguments got to do with me? Am I going to apply the whole philosophy behind these two economical models in real life? It just doesn't make sense.

I don't understand. I just don't understand. Please tell me why. *booOoo*

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Realise your dreams

My fridays' nights are like so lifeless lately. Haven't been going out for quite a while. What a boring life I have. *laughs* But I'm really tied down with school work. There are practically tests every week & & there is a project deadline to meet before I can start preparing for my exams.

Anyway, I went partyworld yesterday for a friend's 21st party. Not too bad. Catch up with some old friends & took some pictures. Shall post some pictures up when my friend sends me the pictures. I had only had a few in my camera.

After ktving, we went alleybar. I stayed a while only as I was going out the next day.

Had lunch at teahouse today. Quite nice & the restaurant is very hongkongish. Reminds me of the days in hong kong last year. We ate quite a lot & the bill came up to be quite a bomb. I think going to the hi-tea buffet from 3-5pm is more worth it but our stomachs couldn't wait till that time. Haha. =p

Shopped around & I thought I can pamper myself with some retail therapy but I didn't get anything in the end. Only saw a pair of boots from zara that I rather fancy. Quite stylish. $119. I shall save up. If it's still there after my exam period, I shall go grab it. I'm so in love with boots lately. I think it just goes with anything. Hehehe.

After that, we went for coffee at tcc at the shaw house. It's a newly open branch & I love the atmosphere. We went given a seat near the window & it just felt so nice to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while looking out the window. (though there isn't any alluring scenery but still, I adore the feeling of enjoying my cup of coffee just like that. heh.)

I had mocha villa & it tastes just so yummy! Mocha coffee with vanilla ice-cream. Nice! The menu also has a lot of tempting food & drinks to cater to the greedy customers like me. Haha. & the cafe also seems quite condusive for studying. Maybe I shall try it during my study break. =)

I was having a particular topic conversation with a friend just now. We were talking & discussing about our dreams & choices in life. Whether we like what we are doing now, what are our dreams & if time can be rewind, are we going to make the same choices again or are we going to choose a different path to walk on. It just made me think & talk a lot just now.

Frankly speaking, if I can be given a chance to start all over again, I want to lead my life in a different way. I want to choose mass communcations or films, sounds & videos for my course in poly instead of business studies. I want to learn piano & guitar. I want to learn dancing & be a good dancer. (i always had this thought when i was younger) I want to learn singing & composing. (i always love singing since young) I want to go into the modelling industry (that's my primary school's ambition & I have yet to actually fulfill it) I want to be a flight stewardess. (my dream when I was about to graduate from poly)

I realise I have so many dreams. *grins*

It seems like I want a glamourous life. Oh well, I can't deny that I like being in the limelight. Tell me, which girl doesn't like to be? Maybe this is what people call "ming xing meng" but I just don't want my life to be so dull & plain. I want to be somebody. I want to live my life colourfully since I only live once. I mean if you are given a chance to be a star, why would you want to reject?

Seriously, I can't imagine myself doing a desk-bound job in the future. I want to be moving around, meeting & interacting with people. That's me. I may not be a star ultimately but I hope I am doing something that I like in the future. I hope I am happy to talk about my life when I reflect my younger days when I grow old. I told my friend we should all pursue our dreams if we have any when we are still young. I believe no one want to regret next time. Things may not go well & smoothly for everyone but at least we fight for it before. Then we won't let down ourselves. It's more of the process & things that we learn along the way. But often a lot of people just say & say & talk & talk but just don't do anything about it. I admit I'm one of them. Opps! Hah. =p

Very often we must encounter these episodes of our life before we realise that we have regretted what we did before. It's no point looking back at what you have regretted you doing or not doing. I hope from this very moment, my friends, my loved ones & myself can start treasuring every moment of our life & go forwards for our dreams when we are still young & while we still can. There are a lot of things in which you never try you never know. The time periods of our youths are just so time-limiting.

I wish I have more courage & determination to do the things I like. Let's encourage & support one another! Hahahaha.... *winks*

Oh ya, I don't what's wrong with my camera. The screen will just auto turn black when I on the camera but the power is still on & running. I wonder if it's the problem with my battery. So irritating. =
Alright. I think I have blogged quite a lot this entry. Heh. Time to bath & study soon!

Before that,

*some pictures from my camera*

Ciao. =]

Realise your dreams.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


在镜子前面 我是个被爱的女人
他站在门外 这个周末我可以依赖在他的胸怀

在情人面前 我还是单身的女人

为什么被爱 有时却觉得悲哀
为什么相爱 日子却仍然空白
为什么你 走不到我的未来

让爱固定下来 我不会永远青春可爱
让爱固定下来 我和你 不要不要分开
* 我不是每次失恋后都能重新再来 *

*my song of the day. love it! -beams-*

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dumb brat

I was up at around 7.15am in the morning & was only back home like around one & a half hour ago. I am so dead-beat. It was really a long & tiring day for me. Anyway, I had dinner at billy bombers just now. The portion was sooooo big but the food was very yummylicious. I had a hard time finishing all. Thanks to my friend for the lovely treat. My tummy is protruding... *blush*

My youngest brother is so dumb! I phoned to ask him to help me to record channel 8 9pm drama. He did help me record but when I rewind my tape & wanted to watch it just now, I realised that he used the tape that we recorded the superstars grand finals & he also forgotten to tune the tape recorder to the correct channel & ended up recorded a malay channel show. So pissed with him ok. I kept nagging to him that why he was so dumb but he didn't seem to response to me. Because..... He was already fast asleep in his dreamland & he couldn't be bothered with me. Argh argh. Dumb brat! Now my superstars grand finals is like half erased away.

He is trying to make friends. He is trying to be friendly. He is trying to be nice. But... It's just too bad. =p

Monday, September 12, 2005

Big eater

Oh well, went to park mall amore on saturday. I love the environment! The studio is damn cool, very big & spacious, & the gym looks bigger than their previous location at cineleisure. Quite enjoyed the workout (it's call xblitz or cardioblitz by the way) but you really need lots of stamina to be able to finish the whole exercise session. The exercise comprises of step-workout, hi-lo & kickboxing. Yup. Not too bad. Sweat a alot. Hah. *grin*

After the workout, a spa consultant from amore spa approached us (me & my friend) & showed us around the spa studio. The spa environment & facilities look very prestigious & luxuriously relaxing. It seems like a total indulgence if I can afford to frequent there for spa & massage. How heavenly! *dreams* Heh. When I start working next year & if my salaries allow me to indulge in all these kinds of lovely treats, that will be so nice. *beams*

Then we went to eat at plaza singapura long john silver. I ate the new treasure meal & it sucked. It didn't even taste a little tiny winy bit of nice to me at all. After that, we shopped a little & we bought some stuffs. Yea. I have been spending quite a bit lately again. Bad. Hmmm.....

Sunday I went to my usual pilates then meet another friend in town for lunch & shopping. Ate at central (a newly opened restaurant at takashimaya b2) for lunch. The price of the food is rather affordable. A bowl of noodle is like 5 bucks. Yup. But the portion isn't a lot. Well, or should I say at least it isn't a lot to me. (i am a big eater. haha. =p) I didn't even feel full after a bowl of noodles & a glass of red beans with grass jelly soya bean milk.

We shopped & we felt like having tea-break & so we went to marche & eat again at 3pm. (had lunch at 12 plus) We shared rosti & ham & cheese crepes. We were so damn super full after that. Then we continued shopping again & 2 hours later we felt like buying some drinks so we went to subway & we were so tempted by the sandwiches. So, we bought a subway sandwich each & shared a big bottle of pink lemonade snapper. After that, we went home. When I reached home, after bathing, I ate some snacks again. I have been like eating a lot lately!!! Don't know is it good or bad. I think I should exercise more instead. Yes. Exercise. Ha. =p

Oh ya! I got lemmings for birkenstocks! Please orgainse sprees soon! I can't wait to get myself one. Haha.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quick update

Decided to do a quick update for the past few days before i go out.

I went for a fringe cut on wednesday after school. At first i wanted to trim my whole head but my stylist insisted that I shall only cut my fringe as he thinks my back is still okay. Oh well, what can I do? So I listened to his advice. Ha. (nobody notices I cut my fringe until I say out myself. hmmm. =p) It isn't obvious anyway. I guess. =p

Met up with a friend on thursday. Quite fun & everything. Eat, catching up, trimming brows at hollywood secrets, shopping & stuffs. Yup yup. But my legs almost breaking from all the walking. Haha.

Went school early to do project yesterday & supposed to meet my gang for supper & night out but was still cancelled in the end.

Two friends having birthday parties today but I will not be going. *happy birthday to you! & you!* Yey yey! *beams*

Alright. I gotta run now. Going to the newly open amore at park mall for the open house & class.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Yeun's 21st

Went to yeun's 21st birthday party on saturday at this really cool japanese restaurant at tanglin shopping centre. We had to sit on the japanese tatami mats & every now & then we had to stretch our legs because they were getting numb for sitting down so long. Haha. But anyway, the food was really a lot but it was very yummylicious. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant which is rather nice & of course with great companies, it complemented even more. =p

We took lots of photos & some videos. The videos was damn funny. All our silly expressions & stuffs. Haha. Definitely, I had enjoyed myself. =)

Everyone is kissing the birthday girl except me. Opps. =p

Finally I kissed too. *beams*

Me & lynn trying to imitate kelly while yeun trying to act cute like kelvin. lol.

Our "okay" pose. =)

Me & april. *hugs*

I was so tired after everything. *bleah* =p

Sunday after pilates I came straight home to study for my monday's test who is today. School was fine today. Had lunch with my project mates after lecture & then after that we discussed our project. It was quite fun & funny though. Especially the gossiping part. (shirin if you are reading this you should know what i mean ya. haha. =p)

Uh-huh. Time to bath. Heh.

Byessssss. ;]

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Yeah! Kelvin is the final SUPERSTAR! I am so happy for him though it is quite a fact that his performance tonight wasn't that fantastic as compared to Kelly. I have to agree that Kelly really performed better tonight & she really looked like a superstar holding her own concert. She can sing & dance & her images tonight were just so superstar-ish. *thumbs up*

Kelvin's hard works really pay off. His courage & his determination to pursue his dream have definitely touched me. All the best to him! He is a miracle in our local music entertainment industry. Let's hope he will go far. =p

Derrick & Junyang were very impressive tonight too! I missed their performances! Heh.

Oh well, project superstar is over now. Finally over. *sigh* But the whole competition I can say it is really a successful project. I am quite attached to it actually. Haha. *wonderful*

I didn't any class today so I met up with my 2 best pals, evie & yeun & we went ktving at hougang kbox. From like 3pm to almost 7pm. It was really fun & enjoyable & I can always be myself whenever I am with them. That is what I like about them. As my close friends. =p

After that, we took a cab down to evie's house for dinner & to watch project superstar finals together. What could I expect? Good food, good companies & good show. ;p

& thanks to evie for the safe & smooth ride back. Hehe.

Alright. I need to go study for my test soon. Looking forwards to the weekend. Night guys!