Monday, November 30, 2009

Heading to...

Heading to Osaka later.
I didn't even catch a single wink yet, since I woke up this late morning.

Anyway, nevermind. The flight gonna be merry.
I suppose.
Hee... =p

Till tomorrow morning.
Loves. =)

for once.

Gym, New Moon, Dinner, Supper, guess they all covered up the whole of my Sunday. It's less than a month to Christmas. Time to start hunting down presents for people. And you know I always thought Christmas is the most beautiful festive in the calendar, and probably also the most perfect time to show your love and affection to those who meant a million to you.
Ling, sorry but I am going to quote what I read from your blog. Don't scold me ok. I know it's copyright but it's too sweet that I thought I wanna share. Haha... =p
"love is... when he cant sing, but he tries so hard to sing just for is... when he is thinner than u but he carries all e stuff just for is... when he trys to act smart to impress but end up looking dumb dumb to u.."
You know just when I always say I have a fetish for men who are tall, handsome and can sing. *laugh*
Maybe loving the less than perfect man from your dream isn't such a bad idea.
I am tired. Perhaps a comfortable and strong shoulder to lean on would be just fine.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Miss Green thinks Miss White and Me, Miss Pink look better from the back. You know who you are. =p

Today was great. Punggol Marina steamboat, Changi Airport (and bumped into one of the favorite batchgirl...), Sitex, Movie (Xmas Carol, I slept. Don't ask me what's the story about. I don't know. And I paid $13 cos it's 3D, but the spec is so uncomfortable. I am whiney. =p).

What else? Maybe should get my ass to jog when I wakie.


Okay. Good night.
Much love.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

tame vs wild

"“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them."
-Sex and the City.

I so totally agree. ;p

Glad to be around for the weekend. Raining out there, but i am totally fine with it.

Happy day ahead! *grin*

Friday, November 27, 2009

delicious way

Just when I say I feel fat...

Campbell Instant Corn Soup

Shangri-La Nasi Goreng

A delicious way to complete the stay in Jarkata. =p

"oh its sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along".

Saw a good friend posted this shoutout on her facebook,
"oh its sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along".

I feel for her actually.
But then do you define "the right one"? How do you know that the person is the very right one for you? What makes you think that the person is a better choice than the one you are with right now? Who fits the bill now?

I think Love is such a miracle. Probably it's like yeah...I like him/her. Don't ask me why cos I also don't know why. I just like him/her. Strange but so true. It just happens.
I guess so.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Belle is weird.

Forsake the earlier sad and moody-ish post.
Was being EMO for some don't know for goodness sake what reason. Anyway, they aren't important. Hee.

I just did my nails today and they were pretty and clean all over again. =p It's a pity that they have to be painted for work. But...still happy la! *grin*

IT fair tomorrow and I am so tempted to get my G10. Maybe I will pop by. Heh..

I wonder when will I going to stop having shopping list in my agenda. The list just goes on and on and it never seems to have an end. *headache* ;p

On a random note, I look very ah lian meh? This stupid friend of mine, made this idiotic comment to me just now, "you look so ah lian, sure always kanna pick on by those top10." HAHAHA! That's so funny.

"you and some random gs"...... enough to make me ROLL MY EYES. Remark from the same friend. Diaoz...

Many people come and go in my life. Some stay. Some choose to leave, and probably some left without much notice. And all I can do, is to take things in my pride. It's such a weird feeling that I have been having for the longest time. It's like there are many people in my life. People who care for me, people who love me. And yet, at the end of the day, I still feel very much alone.

Belle is weird.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Need someone to talk right now.

Why are thoughts messed up once again?

How can I even allow my tears to roll in my eyes, for you again?

It must be illusion.




Was driving and heard this song over the radio....


Why are some memories now take a longer time to recall?
Maybe it's a good sign. :)

Work was tough, days off in town seem more precious than ever.

Hungry and sleepy now. But I rather sleep. =p Good night.

Maybe I will dream of you.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Something to ponder....



不是我啦! Haha...


Off to work. Bye!


Was playing this song on my laptop, and I suddenly felt for it again. :) 过去了. But somehow, I still miss being a fool in a relationship. 很变态对不对? Haha...

Liking somebody leads you to many many craziest acts. You will do many things that you wouldn't have done if you are alone. 我觉得啊。。。超喜欢一个人的感觉其实也蛮好的. *roll eyes and LOL*

Yolene 超喜欢一个人的时候,应该是连喝水都会想着他. ;) Using this as a benchmark, thinks it will never go wrong la. Ha.

Hmmm....suddenly I have no idea what I am writing about. 白痴! Time for bed before heading back to gmt+8. Good night 傻瓜们.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bought a new wallet. Suddenly feel it's not necessary. But but's PINK!!! and I couldn't resist. ;p A little expensive but it's pretty. Hehe.

Munching on the fruit cocktail salad from M&S. Yum~ =p

Saturday, November 21, 2009

For a moment, ...

For a moment, I was wondering why the packets of peanuts are stained with red spots, why the plastic cups have red paint?

It's me and my fingers.

Was helping this tall and big size passenger to pull out his screen and trying to help him to retrieve one side of his slippers (seriously I have no idea how he makes his slipper stuck in between the screen. *roll eyes*) I think I have enough cuts, bruises, scars and injuries all over my arms, legs and body.

Out for breakfast.
London, love. ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live. Love. Life.

Was driving behind a lorry, raindrops splashing the road, blurring the sight. The lorry was carrying some foreign labour workers. They were seated at the back, no shelter, just with a umbrella that could barely shield them from the heavy rain, and surrounded by their working tools. This sight kind of made me feel uncomfortable. It reminded me how fortunate I am, somehow. I have everything, and yet I complain about what I already have.

Remember the 3 "L"?
Live. Love. Life.

Be contented. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


on a random wednesday afternoon.




Am always tired lately. Sometimes I feel I can fall asleep even when I am standing or walking, literally. That's very bad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

where it should be.

It's quite amazing that some people can know certain things about you, hearing from others, Do we call it interested?, like?, crush?, love?. I think it's curiousity.

I am spaced out from work, which is pretty good. No more packing and unpacking, no more hair spray, for the time being. Hee. ;p

Life can be alittle upside down sometimes. But I don't intend to make it upright anyway. It will be, at where it should be, one day. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meet Belle

Meet Belle here. :)
A very sad video. Maybe you will be wrecked with tears and emotions when you listen or see this.
Ok...A little exaggerating. Hehe...
But it's my new favorite video. =)

A lot of times, we thought we have tried hard enough. But actually when you can pause for a moment and look back, you may realise you are still at the same spot.

The grass may always seems greener on the other side. And why is it so? It's not we are greedy. It's not we are shallow. It's just that we can't see the green on our side. Maybe certain things are being camouflaged, emotions are being kept. The leaves turn yellow, the fruits turn rotten or just simply refuse to ripe, the tree stands alone, anti-socialising from the nature.

We are all standing under the same sky, don't we?

Won't be working for the next few days. Wedding to attend and many little events going on.
I am still time-racing, but nevertheless, my deep-felt emotion and feeling should be the key. I am happy.


Friday, November 13, 2009

lucky some people don't look at you when they talk? Shy? Think you are too ugly to look at? Too bad...

Cos... to me, making eye contact somehow is a form of sincerity and love. It expresses connection in a way.

Okok...maybe I am trying to be diffcult. Ha...=p

Friday the 13th shouldn't be that bad though?

Let's be lucky! =)


With the bride-to-be

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Someone said I look meaty in uniform, and I look slimmer out of it. Kill me please. I? Yolene Peh looks meaty in uniform? Thank lei, to the whoever. *bleah* =p

Off to Shangri-La Hotel (Jarkata one la...Not so lucky to have a free night stay at the Sentosa's branch.) for a night stay.

Tata. =)

~I think I rather believe in myself for almost everything, than to believe in anyone else, including you, for a single thing.~
Sorry, I am that pessimistic. Ha.
"Love" is short-life. "Like" is temporary.

True, maybe?

Full stop.

Just when there were 2nd thought.


I think there are worms in my stomach. I keep feeling hungry, or rather I feel my stomach never seems to fill up? And I have to tell myself to stop eating somehow. Batchgirl's wedding this coming Sunday. Maybe I will be the fattest jiemei of all. =p

How about getting back my gym's membership? It seems like I should do so before I cry in front of my full length mirror. You know, it's that bad. *sigh* Heh...

Decided to spur on EuYanSang at the airport tomorrow. Need some tonics for complexion, body and health. Feeling a little vain than usual. ;p

Was reading someone's blog and she wrote..."Love is ...buying you a big box of durian puffs becoz he knows u love it.:)"

Tell me about it.
Tell me about Love.

Good night:)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

left alone

Somehow, I pretty much want to be left alone, for the time being. Away from crowds, away from everyone. No phone calls, no smses, no emails, no msn, no meet ups, no attention, nothing. Life has been too preoccupied till I don't even know what exactly am I thinking, how exactly do I feel.

Some people, some things, some memories can be a little pain-killing to the mind and heart at times. Furthermore with that amount of feeling and effort I had once put in. How much can one really love/like someone? Maybe it's more than you yourself can even imagine. Haha.. But.... I understand time never travels back, so I move on. :)

Sorry if I didn't reply your smses or answer your calls. Pardon me for all your missed calls. I just feel like being disconnected from people for awhile. However, I will still selectively choose who to reply, who to talk to. Just want to be a little anti-social today. :p

Have a great weekend everyone.


Friday, November 06, 2009


The christmas deco is already up along Orchard Road. They remind me of time. It's another one year again. Christmas reminds me of someone too. Someone who loves xmas more than any other festivals. Someone who loves scrolling down Orchard Road after midnight, with the xmas lighting on and up, taking pictures of the wonderful sceneries, and me doing the accompany. =) It's always picture perfect, somehow. :) Wonder which part of the world will I be this year. Can't wait to buy pressies, receive pressies, having parties with the loved ones, drinking champagne, eating strawberries. I wonder how XMAS will be like this year....


Thursday, November 05, 2009



I wish I feel like a Queen...

After 8days away to Japan and US, and now back home, stiff back, bruises all over my arms and legs, chipped one of my gel nails, hair seems to be dropping more than usual (perhaps snipping the tresses away is a good idea. twisting the hair every time makes me think that I am closer to my balding doom day. ha. *exaggerating laugh*), very often too tired for words, just like now.

I think I deserve some pampering treats for the next few days in Singapore. Like you know, I can just lie down there or sitting down there, doing nothing, with people servicing me from head to toe. Feel like a princess, or rather I wish I feel like a Queen. Haha. *cheeky grin*

Time for some winkz now.
Good night and loves.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A lot of times, we may regret things we did in the past. Somehow, all the past incidents have to happened, so that you can meet your present today. I have no regret. :) If time goes back, I will still do the same thing. Like what Ling said, "you knew why you did that. if someone does the same thing to you one day, you know why he does that. =)"

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Started on a new show lately, 下一站,幸福 by Vanness Wu. Didn't really know he can act until this show. Ha. The usual, tears, bitter sweetness that almost every taiwanese drama would deliver. If you feel like crying, maybe can consider watching this? =p

Sunday, November 01, 2009

In the middle of the night in Los Angeles,

I was on the phone for an hour or so, comfortably on my bed, then it was complete silent for "i don't know how long", and when I realised the line was being cut off eventually, oh shit, I had dozed off for a good 10minutes! Message back the caller, and I got back the same message at the same time. "Doze off?" Haha.... When both parties fell asleep during a phone conversation together, either the topics discussed were too not entertaining or tiredness really set in, especially with the gmt plus here minus there. I guess we are really tired. I suppose. =)

Then I had my take-away dinner that I bought from the mall earlier while watching online drama, showered, put on a relaxing mask and fell asleep again, and then to be waken up by the same caller again. Now I can't seem to go back to sleep already. There is a change in gmt in Los Angeles with effect from today, I am so afraid I will miss the call time later. Haha...

Am reading 美容大王 by 大 S. Quite interesting though. Trying to make myself sleepy again but it seems like I am feeling more awake than ever. I even look through the room service menu, already had my idea what to have for breakfast later. Hehe.

Tokyo next. :p Shopping , eating and guess what? It's Japan. It's love. Hehe.