Friday, August 31, 2007

Flying to hong kong

Flying to hong kong later then san francisco tmr. It's another 8 days affair. Will be back next friday morning.

Anyway, everything is okay, again.

The magic of love. Hmmm....

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Why do all these craps happen again & again? Isn't everything suppose to be sweet & beautiful?

You definitely make me feel like crap.


I have enough.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dinner & night...

Dinner & the night spent with boyfriend yesterday was great, despite doing nothing particular or spectacular. Went to his studio too, met his partners & they are two funny chaps. I can't stop laughing. But they better don't take advantage of him. Like make him do things or whatsoever. I mean don't bully him la. Cos he is like everything also okay. I scared people will bully him la. Hahaaa... *bleah*

Have got to attend a "React Workshop" tmr at training centre. I don't know what's that also. All I know is I have to be there by 0845 which means I have to wake up early. Hmph...

Life gets so busy that sometimes we tend to unintentionally forget those that we care & we don't even find the magic time to meet up with them. Somehow, I miss those days. My younger days. I miss everyone in my life.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Phew! I just came back from manila nightstop. I came back from bombay on saturday late evening then straight away the next day I do the manila flight. Cos, being the ever so nice me, *winks*, I changed flight with my batchgirl cos she needed the off day so I gave her mine. Haha. *great me, bleah* =p

Anyway, I'm so freaking exhausted. I only slept like 2 hours last night. But I met some new friends on flight. I love flying with crew whom you can click with.

~the world is really so small. everybody seems to know everybody. what goes around comes around. & my reaction was like "what?"~

Saturday, August 25, 2007


@ bombay & missing the dearest ones......

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Teach me.

I keep waking up from my sleep because you keep running through my mind.

Teach me how to sleep soundly without keep thinking of you?

What have you done to me? Is it a curse or something? Why can't I stop thinking & worrying for you? I try not to think so much about you but sub-consciously I know I'm pretending.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thoughts from sydney

@ sydney. weather is good. 15 degrees. chilly cold but it's still bearable with a nice cosy sweater. (= i'm feeling bored. i have been pondering what should i do if i wanna leave my current high flying career. somehow the job now is making me feeling dumb. i don't really use my brain & there's no sense of satisfaction. my bond is ending soon. should i leave or stay till my 5 years contract is up & take my gratuity before i leave?

i should start planning & start living. for myself.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Retail therapy always makes me happy

I did shopping today & I really spent quite a bit. *guilty grin*

But retail therapy always makes me happy. So it doesn't really matter anyway as long as I'm happy & when I'm happy I feel good. =P

Oh... & I bought this book called "Why Men Marry Bitches" from Borders. I think it gonna be really interesting. I shall indulge in it tmr.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

For the night.

I just got home. Met my batchgirls at a cafe beside jelita cold storage. (near holland road) The taxi uncle actually dropped me off at holland village cold storage. So I had to take a bus (5 min journey) to the correct place. It was quite drama but yeah I got there in the end. Haha.

Supposed to meet the girls for coffee but was cancelled last minute. He called & asked if I wanna meet him for awhile after his concert rehearsal. I said okay. Then shortly jeremy called & asked if I wanna join him & shiyu at wala wala. So jeremy & shiyu came to pick me up, we headed down to wala wala, ordered drinks, listened to the band & talked. He joined us awhile later then all of us went for supper together.

Yup basically that's all for the night. Didn't get to run my errands just now. So probably tmr. Heh. Good night.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm a strong girl.

I have been feeling really lazy since I woke up this morning. Besides getting up for brunch, my butt is like glued to my sofa, watching Heroes. (it's really addictive)

But now I'm going to get my butt moving. I'm going to have a nice shower, head down to town to run some errands & meet my batchgirls for dinner & then maybe coffee tonight with the usual.

Sound good? =)

I'm kind of used to it already & I think it's getting better. Taking things easy, not be too bothered by them & of course, loosen my grip a little of what I have always been holding on tight seems a good idea. I feel happier. If things aren't meant to be, no matter how hard I try, you try, we try, they aren't going to be in the future.

So I think I sort of getting the idea already. I'm a strong girl, remember? =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

thank god it's over.

Finally home, after so many days. I had a really hard time at work just now. It wasn't encouraging at all but thank god it's over.

Just woke up from nap but I'm still feeling verrrrrry tired & my throat is killing me!

i want a shoulder to lean on...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

life is too short to keep worrying....

Just heard news from friends that my poly lecturer, mr kenneth tham just passed away yesterday. It was rumoured that it was sudden heart attack in school. How unpredictable life can be. A friend told me before, life is too short to keep worrying, so just enjoy & don't think so much.


i wanna go home!

~falling sick~ =\


I was chatting with naylui earlier on. He is such a dear friend. I feel so much better after talking to him. I gonna see him in 3 weeks time when I fly to san francisco! *yey*

maybe I'm just bored...

I wanna go home! The stay here (abu dhabi) is really too long. Everyday i feel like I'm like wasting my time away. Everyday hibernating, sleep, eat, slack, relax, very comfortably, but I'm seriously bored.

& I think I can fall sick anytime now. My throat is like so dry now no matter how much water I drink. Must be the food & the damn weather.

The saddest thing is when you are overseas, long stay, bored, lonely, falling sick & no one (especially the loved ones) bothers to check on you & you always have to be the one checking on them first.

Ok la, maybe I'm just bored & my thoughts wander.

People always say think happy thoughts, think positive thoughts. But I always think negatively. I try to be positive at times but it still goes back to the same in the end. Where can I find that sense of security that I always have been missing?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jay Chou. The Secret.

By the way, I watched Jay Chou's movie, The Secret the night before I left for my flight. (sorry evie, i watched it.) I think it's nice. It's kind of touching to me though. I think it's a must watch. Haha.

Love is so magical.

@ Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is damn freaking hot. 40 degree? I suppose. It's kind of boring here plus the unfriendly weather, & I still have a few more days to stay. Boooo....

But anyway, I did the desert safari tour on friday. It was pretty interesting. We had sand-duning (i almost puked in the end but it was fun with the unexpected turns & slopes.), camel-riding, belly dancing performance, dinner in the desert & we tried shisha too (it's something like smoking.)

Gotta do a shuttle flight to Jeddah on sunday. It's like a turnaround flight then we will return to Abu Dhabi again. I will only be back on the 16th 12noon.

But actually it's pretty relaxing here. Everyday I just sleep, eat, gym sometimes, watch dvd, read books & stuffs like that. It's really nothing much to do here. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my boy.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dumb me right?

I went to watch a midnight movie last night & then I only realised I had actually watched that movie before when it started. I watched it onboard the sq plane when I flew to taipei for holidays a few weeks ago. Dumb me right? But movie tickets had been paid so I still watched it, again. It was a good movie afterall. "Disturbia".

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I miss Me.

A friend said that I have changed. I used to be so confident of myself. Where has that charisma gone to?

I don't know since when, I also feel that I have changed, somehow or rather.

I miss ME.

London has a very nice & sunny weather now.

I always love london. =)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weekend in london

Off to london tmr. I gonna spend my weekend shopping along the streets of london & drinking my cup of hot chocolate or hot latte. Sound perfect isn't it? Sometimes it's good to get away from where you are. Maybe you will get to think better, isn't it?