Monday, October 30, 2006

In Hong Kong Now

Hihi. I'm in Hong Kong now. Flying to San Francisco tonight. So far so good but I miss home & everyone! Haha. Counting down..... =)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Leaving for 8 days.

I'm leaving for 8 days. You guys gonna miss me for sure right? Haha.

Arghhhh..... I wish 5th Nov faster come.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I love shopping sprees

I love shopping sprees. They make me feel happy despite the fact that they aren't friendly at all to my bank account balance. But I don't care anymore. I need such indulgence occasionally to make me a happy girl. & you (yes, you.) are also my pure dose of happiness. =)

Did a Hanoi turn this morning till this evening. Tiring man. But I still give myself a pat on my shoulders & tell myself, "I have done a great job huh. I have brought service & smile to everyone." *grin* Sometimes I just need some encouragement to motivate me to continue on. i think it's not only me, everyone needs that. We all need some motivation in life to help us to find the purpose to live & to love. Oh well. We are all human-beings. *heh*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Canton turn

Did a Canton (Guangzhou) turn today. I reported for flight at 0600 & only returned to Sg at 1700. Damn sian. I only slept like 1.5hour & I actually drank quite a bit of red wine before the flight. So I was like dragging myself to get up this morning just now. This month's roster is like quite KNS lor. So many turnarounds. Waste time & little money. Good thing I have a SIN-HKG-SFO flight this weekend. 8 days pattern flight man. It's long but at least I get to go Hongkong & San Francisco. Nicer places & nicer money too. Hehe. =P

Oh love. Oh guys.....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flight delay

Flight got a slight delay tonight. So i only needa report at 11pm instead of 9.50pm. *tihehehe* I think sometimes I really have to drag myself to go for flights in which I know it's not very good. & I hate to leave Sg for too long. How to survive long in the job right? Ok. I promise I'll try to love my job a tiny winy bit more. Heh. I'll TRY.

I gonna miss you.

Seoul tonight

Flying to Seoul tonight & will be back on Monday's afternoon. I can't wait to come back! What sial. Haven go already say wanna come back. Heh. *grin*

Hanged out with the girls again last night but things didn't turn out as well. Then I met him after that. *beams* =)

An unforgettable night.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ikea & Movie

Standby called up to do a Jarkata turnaround flight later. SIAN!!! & the haze is like super bad there. Wish upon a safe flight. =)

Went Ikea yesterday. After like so long. Hehe. Had the swedish meatballs. They are like the must-eat kind of food if you go ikea. Nice! Heh. Had a great time walking & shopping around with the right company. =P

Then we went Burger King for a drink & to waste a bit of time before he sent me to marina square & he went for his lesson. Then we met again after his lesson. For dinner at Cafe Cartel & movie at Cineleisure. "The Departed" is like the English version of "Wu Jian Dao". Not too bad la. 2.5hours. Heh.

After that he was supposed to send me back home but we decided to proceed to somewhere near my place again to stay a bit longer. So yea. That's about it.

Hope things go well. =)

Accidentally in love.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm blinded now.

Doing a Saigon turnaround flight later in the afternoon. Will be back to Singapore by probably 8 tonight. Boring. Little money & waste time! *boo*

Good thing it's my off day again tmr! *tihehehe*

Met up with evie & lynn yesterday for dinner & coffee. It always feels good to know that there are good friends like them who are always around & there for you. Thanks girls! Thanks for sharing my happinesses, my worries & my everything! Greatly appreciated. =)

Supposed to meet my batch people too but I too lazy & no mood to meet them. So I didn't turn up. I went out again like 2plus late night & only came back like 5plus this morning. Such a timing again. You know why. =P But this time round we stayed near my place. Didn't travel too far & all. =)

Oh... & don't know why I developed bruises so easily nowadays & some I don't even know how did I get them. Hmmm... Bad.

What are we?

I'm blinded now. =]

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boring life

My life is so boring now.

I don't exercise like before. Not anymore.

I snack a lot. Yes. I am FAT.

I only keep in touche & hang out with certain people only.

I feel that my circle of people is getting smaller & smaller.

The only thing that I do often now is to FLY.

What's so fun about flying?

*bleah* boring sunday.....


Now we know how we feel about each other.

Things may seem slightly clearer but maybe still not so?

I ask myself, how clear I want it to be?

Yes. I'm a piscean. I'm born a dreamer.

I dream about the most perfect, most beautiful & most romantic things that I wish they happen.

I'm wondering if you are really the one & I know you are wondering too if I'm really your girl.

But now at least we know our feelings are mutual.

Why did I behave in such a way & do all these things that I have never done before?

All just because you are you.

I wonder what does the future hold for us.

不知道为什么心里还是会难过 。。。。。

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


London tonight. See ya guys back in Singapore on Saturday's afternoon. & yes. I was out yesterday till this morning 4plus then I came back home. It has been like a habit or rather something we have to do before & after my each flight. But why? I know my reason but I don't know his. I really don't know what's holding him back & I think our relationship is like stucked between the black & white area. (i call it the grey area) I have people who asked me to get things cleared, people who asked me to wait & see how things go, & also people who asked me to give up. So if YOU still don't get it, what YOU want me to do?

God, can I don't choose & just make me the happiest girl on earth?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Leaving for Melbourne

I am leaving for Melbourne later. It seems like my off days always passed very fast & I have to fly again. It gonna be very cold there. Hopefully I can get to do some nice shopping & take some beautiful pictures back. Back on Sunday night only by the way. If only I can come back in the morning or even the least afternoon. *sigh* I wish. Heh.

Yesterday I attended a buffet lunch date with some of my batchies at Merchant Court. Then after that we drove to Orchard for coffee at Borders Cafe. I only like sat down for 10 minutes at the cafe & I had to leave because he was there already. So finally he got his shirt & tie after checking out some places. They look nice on him though. *beam* Then I just proceeded on with my plan & gave him the stuffs & all. Guess things went on fine & yeah... Shall see the progression & just hope he gets what he wants eventually. Anyway, I'm always there. Haha. =P

i just love doing things for you. because you are you.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lazy to blog

Back yesterday's evening. Then midnight went out for supper till morning 3plus. Didn't really have much rest today either. I went for a haircut, trimmed my brows & catch up with some friends. Tmr gng some buffet lunch with some of my batchies. Eat & eat & eat again. Someone already complained that I'm "fat". *laughs* =p

After buffet probably meeting up again. Don't know. Heh. Till tmr then. I'm like so lazy to blog & update now. ;P

Wait till the mood comes. *beams*

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Hmmm..... Or maybe I should just leave things as they are? Maybe that's what friends do? I wish I have an answer but yet I don't wanna destroy the memories that were created earlier on.

I really can't decide what to do.

Why is my mind still all about you? Can someone just slap me hard & wake me up from my dream?

Wish me good flight later. Till Tuesday's evening. I miss you.

Everything was really sweet & all.....

Everything was really sweet & all. & I always do wish time would pass slower at every moment spent with him. But after some serious consideration & advices from friends, I realise I really need to get things cleared. Feelings & matters are getting more confused & complicated. I think I gonna be fair to myself & to him as well.

Narita Tokyo later.....