Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tiring day

Yesterday was a damn tiring day for me. Woke up, had brunch, got changed, headed down to orchard to meet my friend for little shopping for ourselves, & a prezzie for the birthday girl before going to the birthday party at night.

Town was very crowded, partly because of the NDP preview, many people were wearing the red Singapore t-shirts, & although Great Singapore Sales was over, the shopping crowd didn't lessen & some shops were still participating in even more alluring sales.

We couldn't resist ice-cream temptation & so we had a nice ice-cream pampering from Haagendazs, toffee creme. Ice-cream always makes me happy. *beams* After that, we had japanese food at Takashimaya basement. *ah-haa. we are foodies! =p* The food was really cheap & nice. I can't really remember the name of the restaurant. I think it's called "Udon-something". Not too sure. But it's quite significantly located. Very near to Ajisen. I had katsu curry rice & my friend had katsu rice with egg. Then we shared a plate of fried vegetables side dish. The rice is like $4.50-$5.00 per bowl & it's very filling. The plate of side dish is like only $1.00. *feeling satisfied*

Reached the birthday girl's place at 7 plus. I had another round of food again. Scoped myself to the buffet food, then followed by a bowl of dessert (stomach was bursting already but yet I still wanted to eat. haha.), & later on a slice of birthday cake. At least I went Pilates just now. Still not so bad. Heh.

Catched up with friends at the party, we were like all discussing one another's lives now. It seemed to me that everybody is doing very well now except me. Haha. Studying doesn't has much life either. Lol. Friends went holidaying, spending over $2k plus per person, enjoying life & stuffs. *envy* I also want to go on a holiday! *lemmings* If only my pockets allow me to do so now. I wish. :p

I also came to realise that a lot people whom I know are miss high-flyers or miss high-flyers to be. I was quite surprised that some friends told me that they went to apply for the positions. Some of them I would never thought that they would apply but they did, & they are now already moving very much closer to this frequent roamer's life. Somehow, I wish I could finish my studies fast, score beautiful results & land myself with a good job that I like & enjoy. Oh well, in less than a year time, I'm going to graduate. Hopefully I will graduate in time & start earning my big bucks right after that. My dream. *grin*

After the party, I went Club Momo. It was too happening. Sometimes you are staying at home on a friday or saturday night, everything is very peaceful & stuffs. You watch tv, surf the net & fall asleep to your dreamland soon after that. At this very moment, there are many many young people like us than we can think of, having fun outside, fully utilising their youths, leading a kind of life called the nightlife. For me I think once in a while, it's pretty much ok. Too much of it, makes it doesn't seem that appealing anymore.

Next saturday I have 2 parties to go to. Initially only wanted to go to April's party only but yesterday from what I knew, it seemed like most people are going to my another friend's party. Probably I would go la. If he can sponser me cab fare to go to his chalet. Haha. Ok. Shall see what arrangements I can make then.

Right. I shall go & have my lunch now & take a nap after that. I think I had only like less than 5 hours of sleep last night.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

At the bus-stop

Wanted to blog about this funny incident on thursday but I kept on forgetting. Now I remember. Heh. Actually, it's just a small matter but I find it quite hilarious when I come to think of it. *grin*

I was at the school's bus-stop with a friend waiting for buses. Then there was this guy who was from our lecture came walking down the stairs to the bus-stop as well together with some of his friends who were also from our lecture. Then he kept waving goodbye towards our directions but I never waved back because I didn't really know him that well & I didn't think he was waving to us. My friend saw him waving so enthusiastically at our directions so she presumed that he was waving to us & she also happily waved back to him. Then when I turned towards my back, I saw that there were these two girls who were also from my lecture kept waving to that guy. Then I came to realise that the guy was actually waving to these two girls & not us. I couldn't help laughing when I saw the actual scenario. My friend she was damn paiseh after that. Haha. *smirk*

By the way, there was these group of rather cute japanese guys at the bus-stop at the same time. At 1st I thought why these group of guys look & dress like japaneses & I thought they were only acting to be like one. Then they opened their mouths & started speaking fluent japanese to one another. Then there was this group of girls who walked past & I assumed that they were their lecture mates as I heard the guys speaking english to them & when the girls boarded the bus they told them "see you tmr". Their english was rather good too. Too bad, they were not from my course. Oh well... :p

Oh I happened to browse through Channel U webby just now & then I realised that there can only be one Superstar ultimately after the competition. Only one guy & one girl will go to the finals to compete with each other. I always thought that there will be like one male Superstar & one female Superstar. Yup. I think the final result is rather obvious now. =p

Going town later to get prezzie for my friend before heading down to her party at night. But it seems like it's going to rain soon. Lovely weather to laze in bed. *beams*

Friday, July 29, 2005

Why the carebear?

Oh no! The carebear is in again! Rumours that he has many rich gay friends to vote for him. Who knows he might just kelong all the way to the finals?! Even if he does & so "heng-sway" that he wins the Superstar's title, I think nobody will buy his albums. People will say he is kelong & I will laugh my way out. Hahaha. *feeling evilish* =p

I hope he will be like Jerry from the Singapore Idols. Out eventually! Ha.

My bed is calling me! Heh. Good night!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

After watching feeling

Alright. Just finished watching the Superstars semi-final for the girls. Basically I think most of the contestants can't really dance & sing well at the same time. Ok. Maybe for girls, I feel that Kelly had performed the best. She could still dance & sing rather impressively despite of her sore throat. The rest of the girls' performances I find them rather disappointing. For the guys, I was flabbergasted by Junyang & Derrick's performances. Kelvin's singing was touching too. For Jason, he can just forget it lar. Don't know why, he looks like a carebear to me. Lol. Silver looks like a mickey mouse to me too. Haha. Opps. =p

Actually singing & dancing at the same time I know they are not easy at all. Sometimes when I was watching their performances, discussing how good or bad they had sung or danced with my family or friends, come to think of it, their efforts should be appreciated as they have gone through so many rounds & all the trainings & stuffs everyday, it is really very tiring & not easy tasks. If I am to join, I think I will be eliminated during the 1st round. My voice can only make it to the ktv. *Laughs*

Oh, I am quite pissed with my tuition kids. They put me aeroplanes for 2 consecutive days. Don't know what happen. Grrrr. I mean if you can't make it at least give me a call or something right? Hmmm...

I feel like giving up.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Muscle ache

I have been eating quite a lot lately especially sinful food like ice-cream, cheese pie & cakes. So I decided to go for LO (low impact aerobics) class with Michelle in the evening just now to shed some fats & burn some calories. *laughs*

Anyway, the workout was pretty tired but rather fun. However, some of the moves & steps I still need more practice to get myself more familiar with them. I think I am suffering slight muscle ache from the exercise just now. =(

By the way, the Superstars 1st semi-final round results for the guys & girls are out. I got to know about it from some forum. Let me be a spoiler for this time. =p

Junyang - 39
Derrick - 38
Kelvin - 36.5
Weichoong - 35.5
Jason - 31

Silver - 31
Xinhui - 33.5
Ruth - 28.5
Candyce - 30
Kelly - 39.5

Oh yea, Happy Birthday Evie! I think I have wished you many times! But still, hehehe... =)

*beams* Good Night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Balenciaga Bags

In love with these Balenciaga Bags. I think they are quite into the fashion now. I want to get my hands on one. *grin*

Monday, July 25, 2005

Parties, parties & more parties!

I have like 3 more 21st parties to attend these coming 2 weeks. This coming saturday my poly girlfriend is celebrating her 21st. I will be going, quite good friends with her during poly days & it is also a good opportunity to catch up with the other poly friends who are also going. It had been quite a while since we all last met. Somemore her party is at Hougang, no reason for me not to go, it is so convenient. Heh.

Next saturday is April's party & my poly guy friend smsed me just now saying that he is also celebrating his 21st next saturday at Aloha Changi. 1 is at Marina Bay, 1 is at Aloha Changi, it is like very far & it seems to be pretty rush for me if I am to go to both parties. April's party I definitely will go, my guy friend's party I shall see how things go. April, please feel honoured. =D

Oh, by the way, I am currently reading Roald Dahl "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It is quite interesting. *thumbs up* I can't wait for the movie to start. =p

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Yey! My PC is up & running again! So happy. Hehe. Gotta be more careful of my capacity usage & the websites that I go to in future. Heh.

Went for Pilates just now & I forgot to bring my wallet! Thank god everything went fine after all. Michelle lent me coins for taking buses & Adeline, the sweet sales consultant of Amore, helped me to mark my attendence even though I didn't bring my membership card. Heh. It feels good to have nice people like them around. *smile*

My favourite Pilates instructor is back after 2 weeks. Finally. Miss her classes! She is like so much better that the attitude problem replacement instructor that I went to last week. =p


Saturday, July 23, 2005

PC's servicing + Evie's party!

Oh, I eventually sent my PC for servicing this afternoon. Thanks to my mummy who helped me to carry the CPU all the way to the shop. *muacks* I had no strength to carry the whole thing myself & my idiotic brother just refused to help me.

Hmmm. But well, the person told me it's the display card which is spoilt & I gotta change it. My PC is also bombarded with lots of virus. It seems quite serious. So I'm suppose to get a new display card & he will also help me to do virus scanning & clearing plus an installation of an anti-virus software in my PC.

Total charge is $135 after discount! Only need to pay upon collection of the CPU. I asked quite a few friends & they all told me that the price is quite reasonable. But still, heartpain. Heartpain for my mummy or daddy either one who is going to pay for the charges.

The person said he would call me if my CPU is ready for collection, probably 5 hours later. (as in 5 hours later of the time that I brought my CPU there) Ok. But I didn't receive any call from him just now. Hopefully by tmr it will be done. I miss using my PC! *rants*

By the way, the PC shop's guys (technicians) look like nice people. Very friendly & they are like around my age. Hehehe. =p

Went to Evie's birthday party just now. Picked April & Lynn up & met Yeun at the carpark before going up her place. I think I'm getting more comfortable with auto car now. Heh. The party was quite cool with all the home-cooked dishes (thumbs up!!) & friends whom we didn't see or contact for sometimes. Though some of us may not have talked much just now. =p

I really can't remember how many 21st parties I have went to this year. 21st is like a big thing to almost everyone & everybody is like celebrating its arrival. I guess it's a new beginning of life because we are entering adulthood & we are solely responsible for our ourselves. We shall treasure the youth that we have now. So next time when we grow old, we have something nice & memorable for us to recall. =D

Right. Will update soon. With pictures maybe. I think my blog is getting too boring & wordy with all the words. Haha. Ciao. *wave*

Friday, July 22, 2005

"breaking up" virus

Hooray! Derrick & Kelly are back into the competition again! Well, it's kind of expected actually. Without them, I think I wouldn't look forwards to the superstar competition anymore. =p

The tv was flashing some past competition scenes & I feel that the contestants have really grown to become better-looking from the very beginning until now . Maybe it's grooming that was given. For instance, Hagan doesn't look that irritating to me this time. More manly so to speak. Remind me of F4 Jerry Yan. Lol. But I abit can't stand him when he said if there is any advertisement can ask him to endorse. *roll eyes*

Kelly is not the super duper pretty type but I find that there is this special attractiveness in her. I like her face & her powerful voice. =D Chanel looks quite pretty tonight too. Her rapping is rather impressive.

Actually Leon is good too. If only that Jason can be pulled out from the competition, then Leon shall take over his place. Haha. I believe Leon can definitely sing better than the stupid Jason.

Ok. Enough of superstar. *beams*

I went to a friend's house after school just now. Had lunch at her place, helped her to see if she looks nice in her gown that she's going to wear for a D & D & chatted all the way. After that, I went supermarket to buy some ingredients for sandwiches making tmr morning. (July's fridays I have no class. =p) I'm going to make "Avocado, Bacon and Egg sandwich". Yipee! *winks* (If you guys watched Jacelyn Tay's new beauty tv show, you will know what am I talking about.) I have made an appointment for eyebrows-trimming tmr afternoon too. Can't wait to go. My brows are so messy now.

I need good time management now. I need to get myself to settle down to study & not waiting till exams periods then I rush through everything. I want to read more books too. Been watching too much tv lately & I think this is not a very good thing. Ha. =p

2 of my friends have just broken up with their boyfriends & some of their other friends have also just broken up with their boyfriends too. 1 of my single friend feels that maybe there is this "breaking up" virus passing around which is definitely not very good for couples but beneficial for singles because she said that there will probably be more single guys available now. *laugh out loud* She & her logic. How true? I don't know. No comment. Heh.

I miss my bed. ^_^ Good night!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I have been having similar dreams for 2 consecutive nights. Dreams about flying. *laughs*

1st night, I dreamt that I went for Silkair interview & I got selected. Then I was hestitating to accept the offer or not because Silkair only does regional flights. Before I could dream further, I woke up. Lolx.

2nd night, I dreamt that my aunty got selected by Japan Airlines & she would be quitting her teaching job to start her flying career. She even told me that she was scared that people would make nasty comments about her because she is already a 40+ aunty. I was like oh my! You are a 40+ aunty & you wanna be a flight attendant? I mean if you had started flying since young until now when you are 40+, it is still okay lar but if you only joined when you are 40+, isn't it a bit super too late? Okay. I think this is a rather stupid dream. Haha. I can't help giggling when I'm typing this entry too. =p

Maybe I think too much. Too much about flying. Hah. But I think I didn't. :p

Oh, Derrick was cute tonight! Love his image & voice. *blush* Leon sang quite well too. Actually Sebastian wasn't that bad lar. He was also quite cute for a 18 year old boy but too young for my taste & preference. Heh. If I am a secondary school girl, I may like him. =p Actually, I quite pity him too. He got such low marks & dunno why he sang quite badly just now. Hagen didn't really perform well too. Frankly, I think it is really abit unfair also because Derrick & Leon would have more time to practise their singings rather than Sebastian & Hagen who only got to know that they need to sing in the revival round last week. Oh well. Hmmm. Can't stand Dawn Yip again. Copycat. BooOooHooOoo... *heex*

Oh ya, I went town after class just now. Had lunch at Pepper Lunch. It is a new restaurant. Not bad. Heh. Bought some stuffs too. SsShHh... *grin*

I wanna bath.

Bye peeps!

Love, & lots of love... =D

Monday, July 18, 2005

Rainy Monday

Today is a rainy day. (ok. the rain seems to be stopping. =p)

Life has been quite monotonous lately. It all resolves around school & stuffs. I went to pilates last Friday & it was a total disatrous. My favourite instructor was absent & there was this relief instructor to replace her class. She has utterly attitude problem & the entire workout was not effective at all. I felt that I had wasted one lesson. If I had knew it was a different instructor, I wouldn't have go. *sulk*

Went gym on friday's night too. Been quite awhile since I last went. Saw some familiar faces. Will try to go amore & gym more often if not I'll feel quite flabby-licious. =p

Tried my brother's driving during the weekend. Ok la. Still not too bad. Guys tend to speed you know. Heh.

Everyone around me is like falling sick. There are at least five people from what I know have fallen ill. Most of them have similar symptoms. Cough. A doctor had told one of my friends that there is some kind of virus passing around. My pals, please take good care of yourselves. We need to build up our immune systems. :D

I am hungry again! I had a plate of "cai fan", a slice of watermelon & three pieces of jackfruits for lunch just now but now I feel like eating again. Hehe. Alright. I shall go grab some snacks to munch while waiting for my mum to prepare dinner. Byeee!

Friday, July 15, 2005


Heehee... I'm quite satisfied with this week's superstar result. Hagen, Sebastian, Chanel & Macy are eliminated. At first I thought the result would be shocking again but in fact the contestants who were out were so called the expected people in my mind that I hope they will be out. =D But I think the girls' peformances are kind of lousy this week.

Oh ya, I missed out something in my previous entry. I have 2 BIG ulcers in my mouth. I mean they are really BIG okay. =(

Met Annie for lunch, retail therapy & some catching up session after my class. Happy to see her again. *smiles*

Last thing, I want to rant again that my PC is still sick! Don't know lar. I'm just so sad that it's not working now. Hope I can get everything settle by this weekend. *hopeful*

Okay. I want to be a good girl now. I want to go & read my lectures notes. Haha. Hey! I'm talking serious okay. *laughs* By the way, people have been telling me that club momo is a new & nice place to chill out with friends. Feel like going there somedays. Anyone going or interested can tell me & we can go together. Haha. Been quite a while since I really chill out at such places.

Sweet dreams =]

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I haven't got a good PC technician to service my PC yet. Called up Acer & they told me consultation fee is $80, transport fee is $30(unless I travel down to their office then I can have the transport fee waived) & there will be additonal charges if they need to repair or change anything for my PC. I was like "woah!" You sure you need $30 to get to my place? Shall check out for better deals before I decide for one. Meanwhile, peeps, keep me posted if you guys know any good lobang. =D

I'm quite stressed up lately. This semester's modules are all very tough & you really can't leave all to the last minute to study because you wouldn't be able to understand at all. Yup. Was having a slight headache during the last hour of the lecture just now. The aussie lecturer speaks very fast & we really have no time to put down our pens. Totally brain-drained after that.

My brother passed his driving yesterday & he hao lian that he wants to drive me home from school. I told him ok, I'll sit besides him & in case something happens, I can step on the brake on time. Don't really feel safe sitting his car yet. Haha. =p

Superstar updates again! Lol. I feel that Sebestian & Kelvin duet is better than Hagen & Wei Choong duet. Hagen & Wei Choong duet a bit cannot make it lar & I don't know why Wei Choong gets the highest marks today. I don't find his singing special. His marks are even higher than Junyang from last week. I think Junyang is much better than him lor & I also feel that Kelvin can sing better than Wei Choong today. Maybe it's discrimination. You never know right. How can a superstar be visually-handicapped right? This is a shallow world. How true. I don't like Dawn Yip. I find her quite irritating actually. Her comments make no sense & she will tend to copy what the 1st two judges say. Sometimes I do wonder if she knows music. *bleah*

Time to bath. Will blog again. Bye! ^_^

I don't need you.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


My PC is down! GrRrRr... So annoyed by it. All my stuffs are inside especially my precious photos. If I have to reformat it, everything will be gone cos I didn't do any backup & I think I'll cry man! My friend assures me that my hard-disk will be safe. I hope so. Ok. I think I'll trust him. =p

I didn't have pilates class today cos the instructor wasn't free. So basically I'm lazing around at home the whole day. (ignoring the time that I went nearby to buy food) Hah.

Oh ya. I realise by teaching someone else makes you understand your work better. My friend was asking me about some school work just now & when I tried to solve the problem & explain the answers to her, I realise I can absorb the knowledge faster. Haha. I am gng to do that more often. It does helps. Heh.

I did an express manicure & pedicure yesterday at Good Earth Nail Spa. They are pretty good & the environment is rather relaxing too. I had the pictures of my nails uploaded in my PC but I can't access to them now. If not, I can show off my nails here. Haha. By the way, I'm using my brother's lappy now. Yup. Heh. Had dinner at Bugis Junction Crystal Jade Macau Cafe Restaurant. The food wasn't very fantastic & the service was neither impressive. Anyway, a big thanks to Yeun's sister who gave us the dinner treat & drove us safely back home after that. =) For more details, you guys can read Evie's blog cos I was with her yesterday. Lol.

That's about all. No mood to blog more. NiteZzz!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Superstar's discussion forum?

Not sure since when has my blog became a Superstar's discussion forum. Haha.

I really can't believe Derrick & Kelly are out & that stupid sissy Jason who can't sing for nuts is in! I think even Leon is much better than him. This proves how shallow the competition is. As long as you have lots of $$, you can easily bribe people to vote for you. Sometimes I do wonder what are the judges there for since their grading only make up to 30% of the final results & ultimately the final results still have to depend on the sms-votings.

Junyang is in. At least there is some justice done. *relieved* Haha. So happy that Lijun got booted out. Lalalala... I can see that she is very bu shuang. I hope she wouldn't make it during the make a comeback competition (wildcard round). I hope Derrick & Kelly will be back! =p

Maybe the result is a wake up call to all the supporters. Want to make people to vote. But frankly, I don't vote. I only watch. Lol. *beams*

Share your views!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Just to share. My new fringe cut!

Image hosted by

At the salon. =p

Good night!

What a night.

I am not super crazy over the Superstar thingy but I have been following the show ever since its 1st episode so I would tend to want to comment something on it whenever I feel like it. Haha. =p

I want to say I like M1-Junyang & M3-Derrick today. They are good. I hope they wouldn't be eliminated when the result is out tmr. The sms-voting part can be quite cruel to the final results of the contestants.

Tell you peeps something. I was playing with my youngest brother just now & I fell down from his bed when he tickled me! I hurt my head, back & left arm. Damn pain can. =\ I can forsee more bruises slowly developing again. *whining*

Sometimes I really buay ta han my tuition kids. Keep changing dates & timings with me. I really feel like giving up sometimes. Any good part-time lobangs you peeps can share with me. I maybe interested provided that it fits into my schedule. =)

Alright. Nothing much to update too. My life is boring now. Everything just revolve around school & then back home. I have too much shopping during the holidays so I have forbidden myself from retail therapy at the moment. Hah. =p Maybe I should pick up some skill or activity to enrich myself, or maybe I can be a volunteer to help the needy, or maybe I can even get myself involved in a relationship to spice up my single life a little. Lol.

Craps. Yawn... Time to zZzZz... I need to wake up early for class!! Sweet dreams peeps!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fringe cut

Yey! I had a new fringe cut today. Only $4.20 after discount. Good. Haha. I quite like it actually. =p

Oh ya, recently I am like so prone to bruises. Keep getting bruises on my legs & my back. My brother said I must be very clumsy, keep banging onto things but the thing is i don't remember knocking into anything significantly. Hmmm, I hope they are not symptoms of any illness. *thinking positively*

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poor boys

I was watching this NKF Cancer Foundation charity show just now & I was really very sad when I saw these 2 young boys who were suffering from leukaemia & bone cancer. The one who had bone cancer even had to have one of his legs amputated & he is only 7 years old. Really feel very sad & sorry for them. Poor boys. Couldn't stop myself from tearing when the tv flashes the interviews with them. =
May god bless them.

Soya bean ice-cream

I tried Mr Bean new soya bean ice-cream just now. It's a new product & it's nice! =p I have always been wanting to try that ever since I saw the advertising banner in front of the store & today I finally did! Lalalalala... So happy. Hehe. It claims to have reduced sugar, reduced fat & contained calcium & dietary fibre. Haha. *thumbs up*

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Yay! I finally drove an auto car today. For the FIRST time. Haha. No big deal actually right? Heh. But you know I have gotten my driving licence for 2 years, 2 months & 21 days & this is the FIRST time I actually drove an auto car. I must have been deemed as a sua ku as compared to many of the other drivers of my batch. =p

Anyway, it's good to drive an auto car because your engine will never die on you, you don't really need to have superb driving skills & the journey will always be so smooth & flow & steady. *smiles* But it's definitely not shiok to drive an auto car cos it's like the car is controlling you rather than you are the one controlling the car. I love driving manual cars cos I can control the cars. =) Yup. Pros & cons for both types. Heh.

Waiting to have my own car & it just seems so looooong to me. *

Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh well.....

Image hosted by

This is good. =)

Today was a food day too.

Breakfast was a glass of soya bean milk & a packet of fried thick bee-hoon.

Had lunch at Phin's Steakhouse. I didn't eat steak. I had fish & chips instead. Don't laugh. Go steakhouse don't eat steak. Haha. =p

Then I had my Haagendazs ice-cream! Hohoho. Yummy! I love ice-cream! *beams*

Dinner was Subway & McDonald's nuggets. Reached home & had a bowl of nice cooling dessert prepared by my mum. *winks*

I love food. *big smile*

I want more ice-cream.