Friday, October 29, 2004

A crazy, insane, stupid, dumb, idiotic, irritating, fat, ugly, old man

Rain, rain, rain. It has been raining quite alot these few days. Nice weather to sleep. Ohhh... I am looking forwards to my weekend then I want to be a sleep beauty. Haha. I mean I don't actually get to sleep well during the weekdays partly because of work & It is quite a total turn-off when you have to force or drag yourself to wake up early.: Shiok. Today is Friday! Grins~

I need to comment on something. Some guys really insane or they really have nothing better to do. There is this guy who stays at Hougang (I assume because I always see him lioter around at Hougang & he boards train at Hougang MRT too). I think he is a real pervert. He has been following me to work & back home for quite sometimes le. At first, I thought it was just pure coincidence but after awhile I was thinking how can it be so qiao that he was always walking behind me & he like to "zu zu" when he was walking behind me. Damn irritating. He is a 30+ years old man. Ugly & crazy old man. My daddy doesn't know how much more handsome than him. Lol. But it's true. My dad is a hunky man. Like father like daughter ma. Get it? Haha. I guess he works near my workplace too because he also gets down at Dhoby Ghaut MRT & he will follow me behind till a road junction whereby we will cross at different traffic lights. There was once when I reached Hougang MRT after work, I spotted him sitting at a bus-stop near the MRT station. I just ignored him & I continued to walk past the bus-stop. Suddenly, he got up & started to follow me. Wah liao. I walked as fast as I could & I just couldn't be bothered by his "zu zu" sound. So idiotic. Haha. "zu zu" sounds funny?! Haha. But i think you guys get what I mean la huh?! Hee.

It was a bad morning today. We were in the same cubicle in the train. Wah lao! & the worst thing was he was standing behind me & we were so closed. I was really scared to body contact with him. If he dared to touch me, I would sure shout at him loud. But I could feel some body contact with him just now leh. Not sure was it because of the crowd in the train or was it because he did it on purpose. EeEeEeeee... Come to think of it now I wanna puke. :p When people started to get down the train I tried to move away from him so that he won't be standing behind me. Got down the train I walked as fast as I could but he still managed to catch up. Know what? "zu zu" again. OMG. Seriously, I can't stand guys doing that. Sorry, i mean crazy, insane, stupid, dump, idiotic, irritating, fat, ugly, old man like him! After that, we went seperate ways. Yup. That was my encounter this morning. Encounter with a crazy, insane, stupid, dump, idiotic, irritating, fat, ugly old man. A bad start of the day.

I guess I need a "Yolene's Protector". I need a cute & good guy to protect me whenever I go & to shooo away the bad people. Haha. Any eligible? Application starts now! Lol...

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I see an old friend

Met Shihui (my secondary school's classmate) on the NEL train just now while I was on my way to work. It has been a very long time since I last see her. Count years. Heh. She still looks the same to me. Tall, lean, fair complexion, long rebonded hair & Fann Wong lookalike. Sound like a babe right? Hee. She is working at the Ministry of Law as a Finance Executive or something. Sound pretty cool. It is a government job so I guess the pay & benefits should be quite attractive. Good for you girl. Heh. We chatted along our train journey & it is such a great feeling to catch up with your old friend whom you have not seen for very long. She told me there might be a secondary school's gathering so I am actually quite looking forwards to it. Heh. So ya. My secondary school's friends, you guys better start planning & organising. I am waiting. :p

So good to be young

My tuition kid was kind of interested & curious of my SGH-E700A hp. Keep pestering me to let him play with my fone & let him see the photos in my fone cos he wants to see my bf's photos. Hee. I just uploaded the pictures from my hp to my PC.

Some cutie pictures for eye pleasure:

Cute right? He is very playful, always give me the "huh" look when I give him work to do. Heh. Every tuition lesson he will ask me to tell him a story. Stories about aliens, snakes, etc. He loves aliens' stories. I don't know why. Haha. I have to crack my brain each time to come up with a story for him. Time passes pretty fast lar when I am teaching him. He loves chocolates. Everytime ask me buy chocolates for him & he has good memory (for certain things only. lol). When I promise to buy him chocolates or tell him more stories the next lesson, he will remind me about it during the next lesson. When I say I want to test him on the multiplication timetable, he says he has no time or he forgets. What is this? Kid... Hee... But he can be rather sweet at times la... always call me "yolene jie jie" & there was this time when I complained that I got rashes on my legs, he actually went to take a medication lotion for me to apply. Melt my heart. Hee. Kids are always so true. They are always so true to you. It is so good to be young. Things seem to be much simpler. Simplicity can be a blessing. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Read from a girlish forum that some people are actually posting nasty comments to other people's blogs. It's like helloooo... if you are not happy, if you don't like it, you can always to close the windows, you can always choose not to view it... why bother to make comments (i mean nasty & mean comments) when perhaps you don't even know the person? The blogs are our & we are free to write about anything we want. These people just really need to GET A LIFE! I sound pissed huh? Actually I'm not la. Hehe. Just happened to surf the girlish forum just now & I came across this topic. So ya. Thought of pointing something out. It can be quite nice to have your friends commenting on your blogs but when anonymous are making mean & nasty comments about your blogs, it is not very nice huh?!

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Right. I am found guilty. Guilty of spending so much $$ on shopping these few days. I can be an impulsive shopper sometimes & this is really bad. :? Well well, I guess I really need some control. :p

Bought some minis & tops at Forever21 w/o trying cos the queues to the dressing rooms were dreadfully long. I just shop, see, touch, grab & pay. Impulsive buying huh?! Haa. Luckily the clothes can fit very nicely on me when I try them at home. :) I can forsee myself dng more shopping the following week. Arghhhhh. How? I think I need to implement some saving plans or else I will be spending even more $$. HmMmMmM.....

I saw Jamie Yeo today. (Satursday) She is damn gorgeous & pretty. I luv her tan & her pair of long, nice, shapy & toned legs. Woo..... I must really buck up & work hard. :p

Yawns..... I am sleepy.... Gng out tmr still. (Sunday) Nighty!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tao hua yun? :)

Let me tell you about my small encounter a moment ago. There is this guy, a client of my company came down just now to have a short project discussion with one of my colleagues. After they finished, he actually approached me & asked for my name. I recognise his voice & name (shall not mention the name) as he called my office before. I told him my name & he asked whether I am a newbie here. Yes. I said I am & I am only working temporarily here cos I just graduated & blah blah blah. Ok. Then he went off. In around 10 minutes time, he called my office. Of cos the line got thru me (cos I am sitting at the reception ma). Heh. Well. He introduced again & asked if I mind making another friend. When he said that, I already knew he meant another thing. He didn't just want to make friends I guess. Hee. Out of politeness, I said I don't mind. After that, he continued saying that he finds me really attractive & initially he wanted to pass me his namecard just now when he came down to my office but found it to be abit awarkard. Haha. Then he actually asked me to take down his number so that when I am free I can date or ask him out for coffee or movies. OMG. It's hilarious! Haha. I rejected him. I told him I shall take his name card next time when he comes my office again. He replied said he don't know when he will come again. Finally I decided to tell him I shall give him my email. He can always drop me a message if there is anything. So he happily jotted down my email. I assume he is happy lar. Haha. Dumb guy. I think the previous guy that I mentioned in my previous entry is much better than him. This guy doesn't look neat to me. (i saw his clothes kinda crumpled. haha) He is not handsome. He is not cute. & he doesn't look rich. Lol. Doesn't appeal to me in any sense. Haha.

Though it is not very nice to judge a person by his/her look, I think the first impression really counts. It's a lie to say looks are not important. To me, it's rather important. Haa. The most least his look has to appeal to me. Who wants a ugly bf? Hehe. The previous guy may still have the possibilty of a chance if we really know each other well & spend time together. This one..... Forget it ba. Haha. I am mean. Yup. Heh. But currently at the moment, both guys don't stand a chance at all! It's obviously that they want to know me b'cos of my look. I am not trying to say I am very attractive but at least I still possess some assets & appeals that can make me hmmm..... somewhat appealing to certain guys. Haha. Yar. Tao hua yun. Tao hua yun. :)


Hurray! Forever21 is opening in S'pore! Opening today at Wisma Atrium at 4.30pm. There'll be some fashion shows thingy or something. Didn't expect they'll open a branch in S'pore. Good news to my shopping spree but bad news to my pockets. :/ Heh. Their clothes & accessories are quite nice. (From what I saw from the website - All from the States. Hee. Well, now they are opening in S'pore, I can save on my shipping & tax fees. (As if I really do online buying?!) Lol. Gd gd. I shall check out the store soon. Maybe tmr after work. Yey! Tmr is Friday! Time passes pretty fast. Friday, friday, friday..... =p

When is Abercombie opening in S'pore too?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sha la la la la...

Sha la la la la...I am bored. Haha. Hmmm... Let me recall what I did for the past few days. I caught a movie on Sunday. 2046. Well. It's too "chim" for me. I felt like sleeping even before the movie was shown half-way. Was forcing myself to watch. Haha. But the movie really makes me wonder why it needs to take 5 years to finish shooting?! The movie is very science-fiction and very "arts". You really need to pay alot of attention to the movie to get youself to understand the message of the movie. You need to work your brain to know what is the movie talking about. But... you watch movies to relax, don't you? Why would you want to crack your brain juices to guess the meaning of the stories?

Monday & Tuesday were pretty routine. Work than home sweet home. However, before, in between & after work I did abit of shopping here & there for some necessities & stuffs. Yup, Boring life. Teach me how to spice up my life? Oh ya, Monday I went for a workout. It wasn't too bad. Sweat quite abit. Felt better. :) Let me share something now. There is this client of my company. I seen him a few times before cos he came to my office. Young chap. 26. Still considered young right? Heh. Has a car & I guess he has $$ too. He SOUNDS, SEEMS & LOOKS like he has. Haha. Ok. He SEEMS to be interested in me. Haha. Or maybe I'm too sensitive? Lol. But well. He kept prompting me with alot of questions like "so today never go out with bf?", "eh, really lar... tell me... are you attached?", "not attached?, aiya I think I also no chance liao. you sure have alot of suitors one." etc etc etc. Haha. & he called my office yesterday to look for one of my colleagues but she has went for a business trip. Won't be back in a few weeks time. When he called, I told him she was not in & he could still answer me "ya. I know. she tells me she won't be in office these few weeks". It is like eh hello, you know already then you still ask?! Then we started to chat abit. I asked him not to eat snake too much during office hours. He told me it's ok. He can still afford time for COURTSHIP during working time. Lol. Haha. Alright. Let him said. Hehe. Then he asked something like "so where is your bf now?" I just told him currently I'm not attached. He said "ohh...then are you gng dinner with me?" Haha. I forget how I ended our conversation & the call but ya, I didnt say yes to his "date". Hee. He's not bad-looking lar. Not say super duper yandao but ok la. Acceptable in my sense. Hee. But I feel that he's isn't really serious about me. How can he like me when he only see me a few times? Maybe he looks at look. Lol. Haha. I'm not trying to say I am very pretty lar... But hmmm... It is just a feeling that he's not for real. Anyway, I can't be bothered too. Have no feelings for him. Hee. Yup.

Some pictures for eye-candies.

I took them with my hp today. Love my hp so much. Make me so pretTtTty. Haha.

I'm crapping! =>

I'll blog again. Heh. Soon. =] Byeeee!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

How true is this?

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It's COOL to drive at night. It's even COOLER when you are driving & spending time with your loved ones. :) Friday's night was fun. Driving, food, drinks, chatting & photo-taking. It does brighten & lighten my mood after a week of work. Simply COOL! Hee. Looking forwards to more night driving & chilling out! Yeah please! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

mOOd swings

ArRrRrR... It's freaking cold in office!!!

Was VERY VERY sleepy jus now till I buai ta han that I actually went to the toilet to sleep. Haha. Sit on the toilet bowl, bend my head over to my knees & sleep. I always do that when I'm really tired/sleepy in office. Especially after lunch. Haha. SsShHh... Heh. So I slept like 15 minutes or so. Lol. But actually I never really sleep lar. I was juz resting. The strange thing is everytime when I'm gng to toilet to "sleep", I'll have a small dream or I'll think about something. Funny. Going home SOON! So I'm energetic again! Yey! =p

Just a penny of thought now. Do you have secrets that no one know? Not even your closest, dearest ones know about? Well, I believe everyone does has. Me too. It's like there's always something in your heart or in yourself that you won't tell anyone. Not that you don't trust the person, just that ermmm..... you know..... that's what we called "secrets". Yup. I do alot of things, have many thoughts & feelings but not necessary I will say out everything. Just want some space for myself. Maybe not even my bestest friend know.

Talking about bestest friend/friends, how many do you have? Friends I have many but bestest friend/friends I can count with my one hand palm. Hey hey... Wonder what has got into me. Suddenly so emotional. But recently I can be happy at a moment then out of a sudden I feel so depressed, feel so sad. How I wish I'll always have a shoulder to lean on, a hug for me whenever I need one. Hai. Feeling abit sad when I'm typing these few lines now.

Maybe I'm just having some mood swings.....

Anyway, I gng off now. 5.35pm. Time to toilet then come back, pack my bag, off the PC, off the laptop & off I go. Heh. Byeeeee!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I wish, I hope, I pray

Yep. I filled up the application form, wrote the cover letter & got my almost full length photo ready. Finally I sent it earlier on just now. Hopefully, I'll be selected for the interview. Pray hard. Heh. & also hopefully I can pass thru all the rounds smoothly & get the job. It's my dream. Hee. Will tell you guys what job is it when I'm really confirm to get the job. God bless me. Winks. =p

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fate or Coincidence?

HelloOoOo! Been quite a few days since I last blogged. I got time lar but yeah I'm lazy. Heh. Well, work is still as relaxed & slacked as ever. Basically everything is pretty much the same for me now. Yup.

Shall talk about something that happens to me almost everyday when I'm going to work. There are these 2 girls that I'll always bump into whenever I come out from the MRT station & walking to my office. Along the way, I'll definitely bump into them. These 2 girls are also strangers among themselves too. So the whole scenario is that the 3 of us will bump together! Interesting huh?! Is this called fate or it is just simply coincidence? God knows. (p/s: 1 of the girls is very pretty. heh.)

SIA is recruiting again. Haha.

Ciao. :p

Monday, October 04, 2004

Each friendship you bond comes a long way

My weekend was fine. Went out with Meifang on Friday after work to Harbourfront centre. I thought the place would be very happening but.....just one word to describe, "Boring". Unless I'm gng to Sentosa or else I don't think I'll go there again. Haa. Maybe? Satursday I went to SIM to submit my application form & after that met Emily for lunch & dinner & then had my tuition. Bought a correction tape & some chocolates for him. He demanded. Haha. But well, he was pretty well-behaved that night. Kids are still kids. So easily bribed. Somemore is a Primary one kid. Lol.

Received a letter in which I had never ever expected I would receive. Could not deny that I was a tiny winy touched at that moment. But come to think of it now, I feel that everything is over. Perhaps we should look at things at a simpler way & maybe you will feel happier too. Learn to forgive & forget. It's easier to say than to be done. I'll try anyway. Each friendship you bond comes a long way.

Grrrrr.....It's cold here.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Happy Children Day!

I have my birthday once every 4 years. Come to think of it, I'm like only 5 years old? Lol. I want my presents! Haha. Seriously, if I'm a child, I'll sure go hooray, hooha. Haha. Hiaks. How I wish I'm still a child. How I wish I won't grow up so fast. Really. How I wish.....