Friday, July 30, 2010

My favorite duck rice joint

Dinner at my favorite duck rice joint Gold Mine at Bayswater, plus my shopping and Starbucks from Bond Street and Oxford Street. That's my day today. =) How's yours?

Been thinking about some stuffs and I still can't figure out the logic behind them and I still don't understand why. Like what....again??

Sidetrack a little, Mr Jean's facebook status yesterday was "‎3 kinds of ppl in life: 1. those who make things happen. 2. those who wait for things to happen. 3. those that don't know what's happening."
I think it's damn good la...
And I think I am no. 3. That sucks. HA.
Okay. Good night. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Milkshakes from Jones at Mandarin Gallery. :)
London later. Be back on Sunday evening. So... Catch me then ok?

Wild Honey

At Wild Honey!

This is Californian Breakfast. The breakfast is all day anyway. I had it at 3pm. :)

Cranberry scone with jam and butter.

This seriously forget what is it called. But it's a combination of banana, caramel, milk and honey. I think so if I did remember correctly. *heh*

Check out the website

I am not advertising for them but I just thought it's really a good place to hang out with your loved ones. I have been there a few times already and it hasn't failed me yet. Hehee...

Okay, I better ciao for real this time. Bye! =D

Waste time

Just finished packing my stuffs and painted my red nails. Have to head down to the office in the morning, then to town to meet the girls for lunch, and off to London in the night. Time never seems enough. Those people I want to meet, but yet our rosters and schedules clash big time. And the weeks and months just past like that. How much time have we really wasted?

Thank you Missy Potato for the insightful chat over the phone earlier on. But you know, being me, being Yolene, there are still certain things that I wouldn't change and certain beliefs that I am still going to stick on. I am tired and maybe she was right. I am the one making my own self so tired. I am just sick of going through cycles and cycles over and over again, and then to realise in the end I have actually wasted so much time, or rather we have wasted so much time, on so many unnecessary issues.

I am thankful to those whom have been really helpful and caring to me all these while. I may not say it, I may not express it, but I am not blind and my 6th sense seldom fails. :)

Perhaps it has been me all these while. I am confused and I contradict myself and my verdicts most of the times. I run a little too fast and some of you just catch a little too slow, so we ended up at different poles. And it's not so easy to reverse sometimes.

I should sleep, like genuinely. =p
Good night~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday E

And to my very good friend Evie, Happy Birthday!

I hope you will read this. You know I love you! =)


Inception by Leonardo Dicaprio. It was a very good movie. Not that easy to understand though, a little different from the usual movies. So what if I kept asking questions throughout the movie? Hahaha.. Thumbs up to Inception. It was heart throbbing.

Shopping at Mustafa then followed by Supper. Oily and high calories fried food at 3.20am.
*guilty grin*

Alright. Have to sleep. Yet to settle the token problem can be quite a headache. Lots of things to do when I wakie. So I better get a good rest. Cheerios! :p
By the way, I am reading this book called "Lovely Bones". Pretty captivating! Hee..Okay...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Token no stock. What the hell?


It's pouring outside. Am lying down flat on my tummy on my bed. Almost time to sleep I kept telling myself for the past one hour. Suddenly feel that Frankfurt New York is like a taboo flight. Ever since I started flying, every time I fly this route, there bound to have something happened. Big, small, trivial, serious, heart-breaking, breath-taking, whatever you name it. And I have a colleague telling me she always quarrel with the husband whenever they do the Frankfurt New York flight together.

I remembered my first Frankfurt New York I bought my first 2G iPhone ( okay that's for the ex), I queued for hours and still found it all worthwhile. I ever spent $800 on phone calls out of Frankfurt to Singapore just to quarrel with the ex-boyfriend. I had a great set of crew to fly to the big apple with me during the Christmas season and despite all the sectors were delayed cos of the snow storm, it was a happy one because everyone was nice and helpful.

And I also had one of the craziest Frankfurt New York flight ever. We partied. We drank a lot. We joked. We played silly games but we had fun. And for once, I was secretly hoping the 8days didn't have to end so quickly. I made a mistake. And I so totally regretted. I trusted certain people too much and end up I was the one losing out everything eventually and things had to turn out ugly. It's like sweet dreams turned out to be nightmares. And you know how it had felt? It's bitter.

We always fly. A lot of things can happen. And Frankfurt New York makes you think more than usual. Or maybe at least for me. As much as everyone is forever excited about the big apple. As much as people are guilty for disappointing others again and again. As much as people delete their thoughts away perhaps in fear of others reading and putting judgements to those thoughts. As much as we should always speak up for ourselves. Why can't people just face up with the reality, deal and embrace it?

Living up with expectations is tough. Embracing them rather than running away from them are more practical isn't it?

I have another Frankfurt New York coming up next week. Let's see what's next.:)

Back home~

Back from Tokyo Los Angeles with Aaron!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The journey home

A couple of hours more to reach home and I am getting sleepy already. Lots of errands to run and people to meet for the next 2days before I am off to London.

Yawns...*rub eyes*

Why is the journey to the airport take forever?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I LOVE Japan. (=
I was so careless to left my token behind in Los Angeles and apparently the hotel claimed they found nothing. :(

I hate to make comparison but somehow or rather you just see the difference because it's just right in front of you. You have people so concerned over you missing your token, trying and finding all means to help you to check if it's really left behind in States, giving you the relevant information you may need to get a new token at nearing 6 in the morning. And on the other hand, you have people who can't care a single bit more for you. Maybe I just don't see it but eyes are always the best weapon to judge intuition. And then, I can't help to feel that tiny bit of disappointment.

The picture just gets clearer isn't it? As much I was hoping for a twist....
Alright heading out to Harajuku with Aaron! Bye:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Quoted this video from Facebook. And I think it's so true! 每个女孩身边都有一个不是男朋友的男朋友. Many of times, the two persons just can't be together, and yet they still want to revolve around in each other's life. So I guess it also applies, 每个男孩身边都有一个不是女朋友的女朋友. Uh huh... Heh.

Off to bed. And then to Tokyo next. :)
Good night!

Lax, gmt-7.

Afternoon in Los Angeles

Afternoon in Los Angeles was spent....

Playing games on IPAD,

Wordpressing on IPAD,

And occassionally camwhoring. :p

Other than spending my USD on food and some cosmetics, I bought another new book from Barnes & Noble, "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. I hope it's a blast. =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

And why

为什么在我想停止寂寞的时候,还会担心另一个人怎么办? I must be MAD! Haha...

*shrugs* Reaching airport soon... Meaning? Time to put on the mask again.

Till Narita. :)
Was waiting for the final episode of 偷心大圣PS男 to be out in the web, and apparently, it hasn't yet. *yawn* Shall turn to my book then sleep. Barely few hours to sleep. *yawn*...

Mondays' blue


And then to find out some things have long expired, and there I was hoping the expiry date could be extended if I had added some preservatives or stored it well properly. But that was just total misleading.

Oh well... Yolene survived, as usual. :)

Another 8days work trip again. To Tokyo and Los Angeles. I will be missing ah JAY's concert. =/
I seriously see Mondays' blue now.

*crossed my mouth*

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just realised, the three good friends are all engaged to different girls now. That was for comparison to 2 years ago. It wasn't a joke, but it almost felt like a picture being painted, got destroyed, and then it was redrawn all over again, with different characters and themes to highlight the drawings. All the best to you guys. I sincerely wish. =)

Anyway, it was a great day out with the GIRLS. 13years of friendship and still very much counting. We don't meet every other day, every other week or even every other month. But we know when anyone of us fall, the rest will be there to hold. Love ya all. :)

"I jump a little too high, and fall a little too fast"

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Mr R was just preaching to me over Whatsapp. Dunno what the winners in life make things happen... Life is too short to be sitting around waiting for things to happen... Christians believe life on earth is just a trial and their true life is after death... Why not make the most of your time here, make all the mistakes... Embrace it or simply just look upon it and wish for things to happen... Duuno what we can never truly know the absolute about anything...

Wah lao eh... This man... Haha...

He was hoping he can swing my perspective about life a bit by his so called "preaching" or "enlightenment". Haha... And he ended with "Maybe you don't wish to get disappointed but that's life."

I guess I was just looking for some light. And he has given me. *laugh*

Mr R you better be happy now, cos I am blogging about you and your preaching! HA.
Saturday with the GIRLS.

Cheerios! =p

i like you

Somehow, I miss having someone important for me to call, to sms and to meet up with. And I miss being that important person to that someone else. But I can't help to have the feeling that sometimes I am just trying too hard to find that someone to fill up the gap, and then to realise that not any Tom, Dick and Harry can make me feel over the clouds. And it's actually that hard for my heart to skip a beat faster for just anyone.

And then when someone says "I like you", he just expects you to answer "yes or no", and think the chasing part is unnecessary. Cummon lei... Please don't expect any girl to move a step closer to you when efforts aren't even put in. At least for me. Say me hard to please, but I think that's at least the basics to be formed.

Anyway, it was dinner with dear xiu xiu at Esplanade today. I was craving for sushi and yay, I was damn satisfied just now. Hehe. I saw a PINK cargo bag that I really like, but it's like so unnecessary. But I so wanted to own it. KIV first la. Been spending way beyond limits for the past few months.

I miss my brother already He went sailing for weeks and still not back. And the youngest brother is doing his degree soon. Everyone seems to have a new purpose in life now. As for me, staying happy and have an open heart to welcome whatever that's so going to come along next. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Less than 12 hours

Will be back home in less than 12hours time, after like 8 long days away. So looking forward the weekend in sin. Just don't feel like working. Haha. Have got some leaves next month & am contemplating on a holiday trip. Well, the decision is like on me now. Since I have no obligation and am not answerable to anyone, I should have the liberty and freedom to choose. Not as in some actually bother. A lot of things need hard work and recognition. Since there are people who care for you and are obviously trying to create opportunities, at least seen making efforts, am I still going to forever continuing saying I am not ready, please give me some time?

It's time to give myself a chance, am I right to say so?

Time to catch some sleep. Can't wait to be back.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Love the oatmeal for breakfast. :)

SFO is sunny, with chilly wind though. Sales is everywhere, I told myself not to sign any card this trip, but I just broke my promise. I shopped for myself and on people's behalf. Just figured out that there are some stuffs which aren't really suitable, like the top that I thought will look nice, turn out to be not so fantastic. Yeah, I should have tried it earlier on, but you know me, I am the kind who don't like to try clothes. Haha... Well, one good thing in States. They do refund or exchange within 7days, some 30days and some even 90days. I still have tomorrow to make some correction. :p

I love the room. Very huge, and the bed is too OMG. Haha... Marriott's beds never go wrong. Had thai fried rice, thai ice tea with pearls and kahlua coffee cream cheesecake for dinner while watching Germany VS Uruguay. Very very satisfied. *winkz* Next up, a nice hot shower and sink into the bed to read my book. And oh, the books in Borders are really cheap. I just bought 3 books. Ha. Maybe will pop by again tomorrow. =)

And many things seem to surface, slowly. You don't even need explanations. I will deem as it is just a page in my life, a page in his life, which was a total mistake. But now all back on tracks. Happy, contenting, and hopeful for the future. The pursuit of our own happiness just lie in our own hands. Grab it, let go, or chase after it. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The new Hong Kong room! Renovated, slightly more spacious, and cosy!
Well, I am in San Francisco right now. Just checked in about 2hours ago. Am tucking in to bed soon. Having a little stomach discomfort.

Before zzz, it's Pocky time. I need to eat my strawberry Pocky first! Haha...

Thursday, July 08, 2010


猪肝面 or 猪肝粥 plus 冻柠檬... Supper for tonight, at 尖沙咀!

Off to grab lunch then catch some winks of rest before getting ready for work.
CTS on board some more but heck la...Haha...
Be back next week~


The important list

So... Spain won! :)

Having lying down on my bed, typing away this entry before I sleep. Actually there are nothing significant to note down. No new loves, no new hobbies, no new encounters to brag about.

Been spending quite a bit of time alone & with my family. Cutting out my contacts and interactions with the unnecessary people, which is good. Many of times, we just keep going round and round in circles, and in the end it's back to the same spot again. I don't want life like this anymore.

I always thought everyone out there has a list of important people in his/her life. A list of people who are of higher level of importance and greater level of significance then the rest. I do have a list and I thought everyone else does until a friend highlighted to me it's not true because he doesn't have one. He said just meet who he feels like meeting, no an exact priority to anybody. Really? For me I just can't treat everyone equally. You don't love everybody the same don't you? Haha... For eg, a hi-bye friend of 10yrs vs a good friend of 10yrs. Who has that slightest higher level of importance? Lol.

Maybe it just all boils down to the different perceptions of individuals. People like me are just more emotional and don't know how to take things easy. *cover mouth and giggle*. Am I typing any sense here? Am so lazy to scroll up and read through what I have just typed. I am using iPhone screen not iPad screen lor... Heh.. Good night, still have to work later.

Zzzzz loves. (:

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

If time can go back, I really wish certain things didn't happened.

As such, no one will be heartbroken.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Came back in the morning, had breakfast, napped awhile and went out with both of my parents. They exclaimed how rare... HA! Bought a casual dress and only to realise the new piece they gave me wasn't the design I wanted. #$%^&&**# *ROAR* I still have to go down and change. So gonna waste my time, energy, petrol and cashcard. I tried to convince myself to like that "wrong" design and I failed. Haha. Well well... some things are just not meant to be la huh?... Don't like means don't like. No feeling means no feeling. The harder you are trying to like, the more you will realise it's just so wrong. Not only for clothes, it applies for others things in life too.

Just cooked mee goreng for daddy and myself for supper. He is happy to heaven. Hehe...

Good night~

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Zurich delight

Am typing away this post in the dark, cos batchie still sleeping and I didn't wanna on the light to disturb. Even the typing of the keyboard is careful so that I will make only minimal noise. Haha.

Zurich is having freaking summer hot weather. These 2days were spent going to pilates, gym, cooking in my room (ya i brought my cookpot~), feasting on fruits and salads and my yummylicious clam chowder soup, having sparkling wine and champagne and beer over watching World Cup, and to sing along "don't cry for me argentina". =p

I am eating this raspberry yogurt that comes with rice bits now. Very tasty, I still have lots of left over food in the fridge and in my bag, We have been too ambitious. Thinking 2girls can eat the whole cargo bag and the entire fridge of food finished. *laugh*

Okay, be back home on a brand new week. Then off to HongKong then San Frans! Been missing HongKong pretty much. Hehe...

Bye and muacks!
Love ya all (=

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Have a Champ~

Off to Zurich tonight! My bag is packed with cookpot, and lotsa food. Hahaha... Am not in the best of my mood, but I will meditate. Hit the gym and attend the exercise classes in the hotel. Have more wine and champagne and return home on Monday with a new heart.
Wish me all the best ok?


I suddenly feel there is hardly anybody you can trust and find faith with in the airline. People twist the stories, people back stab you, people make you look like the villain and they are the angels. All the airline craps. I have enough. Sometimes in the fit of anger, I really feel like packing up and go. But then again, I can't please everyone. I can't make everybody likes me.

Some say don't bother about what other people have to say about you and don't care about how they look at you. But I cannot lei.... I super bother... and I super care.


I feel like I am suffocating. I need a breather.

dinner, ktv, supper

It was dinner, ktv and supper. There goes my workout in the afternoon. Yet to pack and prepare stuffs for my work later. Heck... Sleep first. :)

For whoever, whatever that matters, sorry I have begun to lost my instinct. I don't know anything anymore. I don't wanna live in uncertainty. I don't wanna assume. Time will tell huh?

Okay... Bye and muacks!:)