Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sleepless in Sydney

Sleepless in Sydney. Jinx it.

28years and 3 months old me. I have 1year and 9 months to hit the big 3. Ambitious me I have so much in mind to accomplish by then.

Buy a property with MY NAME on it(hehehe...), save lots more money($$$$), finding a niche in my career(either to move on to a new path outside or I climb up the ladder), marry myself off to the prince charming whom I always dreamt(like those in fairytale. I hope he will appear in my life, soon. LOL).

Enough of those thoughts. Haha!

I better try to snooze for the last few hours. If not I so going to be a zombie at work later. I hope your weekend has been great thus far. Stay happy all! (: