Saturday, April 07, 2012


I was randomly surfing on the web and I suddenly remembered, I do have a blog. (holy shit. how can i not remember?) I remembered those days when I blogged almost every day, talking about the events and stuffs that were happening in my life, the people whom came in and out, and practically, strawberrymelts was like my baby, my diary for years.

It has been the 4th month of 2012. And this is my first post of the year. Hi. Hi strawberrymelts! I am back. *lol* And...Hi everyone! How's everything going? Well, let me start off with myself first. I am coming to my 6th year of flying. Not too bad, just feeling a little stagnant at times, and if opportunity really comes along, why not, I may consider moving on. Have been to 2 holidays, thus far. Phuket and Taiwan. How lucky am I huh? Hehe. Am not exactly the sun and beaches person but when I stepped on the ground of Phuket, I really love it. The big blue sea, the islands, the carefree feeling while you are riding the scooter, (okay I was being pillared..:p), the yummy thai food (oh i love thai food!), and the warmth of the people. Went to another city of Taiwan, Tainan. Did a photoshoot there, whch made me feel like a celebrity for a day. And the best part, the hospitality of the Taiwanese.

And having coming so far with you, I thank you for being around by my side. Without you, I would have lost a bickering partner. Without you, I have no one to massage for me when I complaint about a long day at work. Without you, I have no one to cook for me when we are doing long flights together. (instant noodles using cookpot..haha) Without you, many many memories would not have taken place.
Thank YOU. :)

I promise to be back more often!