Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Those were the days.....

Was browsing through my yahoo photo albums just a moment ago. Memories started to flow back. Most of the photos were actually taken this year but my feeling was felt as though it was quite sometimes back. Looking at my own photos, I realise my look has changed over the past 9 months. In fact I think everyone somehow look alittle bit different in each set of photos taken at different time frame though maybe the duration apart of taking the different sets of photos are not very long. What am I trying to say? I think I sound abit confusing. Haha. You know what I mean ya?

Missing all my friends. Missing all the good old times we had in school. Strangly, I'm missing the time when we had to rush for projects & the time when we had to burn mid-night oil for exams too.

Why do time have to pass so fast? Sigh.....

Those were the days.....

Monday, September 27, 2004

A Date with Jillyn

Met up with Jillyn for dinner today after like sOOOOO many years. Haha. She has grown prettier & slimmer! Jillyn babe, are you reading this? Haha. It was quite fun. We went to eat Pasta Mania at Scotts. We each ordered a plate of pasta & after that we felt that it wasn't filling & satisfying enough, so we order a small size pizza to share. Chicken & mushroom pizza. Yummy! Haha.

We went walked around after that & we took some pcitures too. We were like hiding at one corner along the 2nd level corridoor of Far East Plaza to take the pictures. So funny. Haha. Still havn't get off the kick of photography & we continued to take some more on the bus when we were on our way to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, using my camera fone. Haha. I love to take pictures. Capture moments with your loved ones. =)

It was a pretty enjoyable catching up session but I'm REAL sleepy now. Lol. Gotta work tmr. Sigh. Shall go for my beauty slp now! Heh. Byeeee!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Help Please!

Today's work was ok cos I really got nothing much to do. Basically just doing my own stuffs, surfing the net & slacking. Haha. But it's fine lar actually. Cos it's a friday today! Again! Haha. Always looking towards for friday. Hee.

Had an appointment with agnes for eye-brows trimming right after work. After that, I had a date with Meifang. We went shopping & dinner. Spent $$ on shopping again. Come to think of it, I am feeling alittle guilty now. :/ I need to save $$. Gotta learn how to save. Stop! Control! Resist! Save!

Well, I think I need a new image. I'm looking freaking terrible these few weeks. Don't know what got into me. I look so tired & restless. My face is dull & I feel fat when I'm not eating alot. Or mabybe I'm just too stress? I really don't know. But this has been going on for long. Arghhh... I need some help!

Jay Chou's Songs


翻着我们的照片 想念若隐若现
去年的冬天 我们笑得很甜
看着你哭泣的脸 对着我说再见
来不及听见 你已走得很远
也许你已经放弃我 也许已经很难回头
我知道自己错过 请再给我一个理由
说你不爱我 就算是我不懂 能不能原谅我
请你回头 我会陪你一直走到最后
就算没有结果 我也能够随
我知道你的痛 是我给的承诺
你说给过我纵容 沉默是因为包容
如果要走 请你记得我 如果难过 请你忘了我


久未放晴的天空 依旧留着你的笑容
哭过却无法掩埋歉疚 风筝在阴天搁浅
想念还在等待救援 我拉着线复习你给的温柔
暴晒在一旁的寂寞 笑我给不起承诺
怎么会怎么会你竟原谅了我 我只能永远读着对白
读着我给你的伤害 我原谅不了我
就请你当作我已不在 我睁开双眼 看着空白
忘记你对我的期待 读完了依赖 我很快就离开

Was listening to these 2 songs repeatedly just now. Just to share with you guys. They are really nice & I love them! Maybe partly it's because they are by Jay Chou. Woohoo... Haa...=)


Yes. It's sOoOo common & popular now. Was browsing through my friends' blogs & friend's friends' blogs & so on. Alot of them seem to be really very "pro" in doing their blogs. I admit I'm a blog-dummy. I only know the basics. Lol.

Blogging is like a online diary. I didn't have the habit of keeping & writing a diary initially until I discovered about blogging. It creates a space for me to write down my thoughts. Daily thoughts. ( If only I'll to update my blog punctually everyday. Haha. ) =) I think it's pretty amazing as you have something for you to look back & reflect on when you are reading your own past entries.

Currently, I'm not in a hurry to learn everything about blogging. At least for now. Heh. Anyway, I'm glad that I started blogging & I guess I'm getting fonder of it more. Each day. :p

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A long long time

Yuppie! As per above title, it has been a long long time since I last blogged. 2 weeks? i guess so. Just alittle bit of laziness + alittle bit of "tired"ness + alittle bit of "busy"ness to blog. Haha.

Work was rather busy last week (12sep-17sep). Amazingly. This seldom happens to me. Alot of work & things to be done but I think I still manage to juggle well. Hee.

Celebrated Emily's Bday on sun (19sep). Her bday falls on thur (23sep). Early celebration for her. Just the 2 of us. Quite fun. As usual. Met in town. Initially wanted to had our lunchs at S'pore Meritus Mandarin Hotel. The environment is cool & the food menu looks pretty gd but the prices is even more attractive. Haha. Eventually we ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant (can't remember the restaurant's name) at Paragon. Food was not bad. Very soupy & light. Make us feel so healthy. Emily's treat. Heh.

Then we went shopping after lunchs. Spend $$ again. Girls. Never get enough of clothes, earrings, bags, etc. But shopping does make me happier alittle.=) Headed down to Haagendazs at Esplanade for ice-creams. Yummy! But the scopes were small & rather expensive.

More shopping again. Lol. We both bought a bag each. After that we went Kuali for dinner. Penang food. The food was not bad too. Met some funny act cool guys there, as if thinking they were very handsome. Puke.... Shall not elaborate more. Haha...

Took some pictures. Show you guys one below. Pretty girls wor. Lolx.

Oh ya. Let me complain about something. I think I'll freeze to death one day in my office. The air-con is really killing me!!! Arghhhh....

Alright. Time for bed.

Will update again.

Good night!

Friday, September 10, 2004

So Tired... I need some Beauty Tips...

I just simply feel so tired & lethargic these few days. Don't look as good as before. Lol. What has happened? I need to regain back to my pretty face & vibrant attitude soon. Haha. Any beauty tips to share? Anyone? =)

Don't feel like typing anymore. I'll blog again when I feel & look better. Heh.

Shall go for my beauty slp now.

Sweet dreams to me!


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Some people claim that they know me very well. I find it so hilarious. Especially the person saying that doesn't even fit into my catagory of "You know me well". I don't understand you at all? Hello. Pls. As if you really know me that well.

Say what you want. I am not appreciative. I am an attention seeker. I am flirtious by nature. & what more? I don't need you to tell me how nice you are or how sweet you are to me. I am not dumb nor stupid. I am a human being & I have got feelings. I am sincerely trying all my best to treasure all my relationships with my loved ones. I know what to do. What gratitude you want from me?

You can go around telling people how much efforts you have put in & this is what you get in return. Go ahead. Yeah. If that's what you want. You are the victim & I am the villain.

I can't believe this's what I am to you & I can't deny that I am not pissed.


Do you know something?

It hurts.....

A Moment of Joy

Went out with Emily today for our "usual" catching up session. Heh. The meeting today was like extremely or exceptionally nice. Orchard again. Hah. We went for unintentional shopping. Lol. I bought a top, a pair of earrings & a hairclip. Pretty satisfied. Heh. Emily got more. Haha. No la. As in she spent more den me. She got herself a dress, a tube top, a bag fr Xcessories & hmmm... That's all? Mabye. Cos that's all I can remember. Hee.

Ate Haagendazs ice-cream. The new lychee flavour. Yummy! & we paid like only 2 bucks or so per person. One for one promotion coupon fr Cleo. Cheap cheap. Heh.

Time was slow today. It was like we went to alot of places & we thought it was getting late but it wasn't. Something likes that. Get me? Maybe god wants us the best buddies to spend more time together. Haha. But the feeling was great. A moment of joy. Especially today. =)

Settled down at Bakerzin (They got a new name. Used to be called Baker's Inn) at Paragon for dinner. The food was really really nice. We ordered pizza, pasta, camomile tea, new york cheesecake & mango mousse. The waiters & the other customers must be stunned that we 2 girls could actually eat so much. Glutton. Hah.

Tonight's tuition was not very productive. I took a cab down fr Hg Mrt to my student's hse cos I was late. Hiaks. Waste my cab's fare. So sleepy throughout & the boy was not concentrating at all either. At least I tried my best to teach. It's not easy to be a tution teacher either.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy Teachers' Day

So nice. Pri schs, sec schs & JCs get to rest on sep 1. It has been quite a few years since I last celebrated Teachers' Day. I can still remember vividly that years back when I was in my pri & sec schs, I would always buy presents for my teachers. I bought flowers, pencil holders, cards, bottles filled with coloured sands, chocolates..... The teachers who are nicer to me would always get the better presents from me. Haha.

If I'm not wrong, I remember that we always did ACES Day Workout on Teachers' Day in pri sch. There would be teachers & some students standing on the platforms or stages to guide us with the steps. After that, we would have some talent time or concert performances for the teachers. Then when the concert ended, all the teachers and the principals would come up to the stage & cut the Teachers' Day cake, open bottles of champages together.

These are old gd memories. They are the things that you will only do when you are still very young. Who will give a damn about Lecturers' Day in poly? Lecturers' Day is definitely not a public holiday & very few students or I can say no students will go buy presents for the lecturers. Personally, I feel that this is kind of saddening but it is reality. Yeah. Reality.

Anyway, it's not easy to be a teacher & it is even tougher to be a gd teacher. Hence, teachers, you deserve a break. I mean GOOD teachers only.