Saturday, April 30, 2005


I really can't stand the weather lately. SoOooOoo hot! I simply hate it whenever I have to walk under the hot sun & sweat like nobody business. Yesterday I boared a non-aircon bus 74 to school in the morning. I was sweating from the start I boarded the bus till I alighted. Imagine my makeup, hair & clothes all filled with sweat & feeling so unclean. So yucky!

So girls (& guys), remember to drink lots of water to keep yourselves hydrated, put on sunblock cream, UV protection cream or moisturiser before you go out, wear little to make yourselves feel cooler (sleeveless tees, tank tops, spaghetti tops, halter tops, shorts, minis, etc.), wear caps, sunglasses or carry umbrella if you are the kind who always carry umbrella around. & lastly have more ice-creams! (yummy! haahaa...)

Friday, April 29, 2005


Yey! 1 paper down today. Still has 2 more to go. Right. Shall look forwards to that very last day. Haha. =p

I just came back home 1 hour ago & finished my shower 10 miniutes ago. Haa. Went to True Yoga for the free Power Yoga session with Michelle. It was not too bad. I sweated a lot & I had really worked hard throughout the entire class. As in I was concentrating. Heh.

Yoga is so much of a slower pace as compared to Pilates. But well, I think they are both interesting & beneficial to our well-beings in their own ways. -grins-

Tell you guys something spooky that happened at my house yesterday or should I say this morning 1am?.... Whatever. Haha.

The story goes:

I was still studying in my bedroom around 1am. Everyone in my family had already went to bed & lights were all shut off except my bedroom's light of course. =p Then, all of a sudden, I heard the flushing water sound from my kitchen's toilet. I thought my dad or mum or brothers just went to the toilet so I just ignored. The flushing water sound continued for like 15 minutes or so. I felt quite puzzled & distracted somehow. Hence, I decided to check it out what was happening.

I walked to my kitchen, I on all the kitchen & toilet's lights & made my way to the toilet. The flushing water sound was loud & clear. I flipped open the toilet bowl's cover & I saw the water was like flushing & running down so rapidly! Awww.... Actually after I flipped open the toilet bowl's cover, I quickly moved 1 step backwards before I peeped in to see what was inside because I didn't wanna see anything that I didn't wanna see. Hah. At that moment I had a mentality that a human head might just pop out from the toilet bowl. Lol. Scary right? Haha. >

I quickly woke my dad up & he went to check it out. He was too tired to do anything so he just turned off the main switch of the flushing system & said he would do something about it the next day. So this morning when I woke up to get ready for school, I was so called the 1st one to use the toilet again. I had actually forgotten that my dad had switched off the main switch of the flushing system & I wouldn't be able to flush. But I could flush after using! Everything was back to normal. I questioned my parents & brothers just now on the usage of the toilet last night but all denied & my dad said he haven't even switch on the main switch yet & how did I manage to flush again?

Hmmm.... Weird right? Heh. Anyway, I got no mood to study now. Too sleepy, tired & lazy. Hehe. Didn't really sleep well these days.

Alright. I shall go watch some TV now. My youngest brother had helped me to record Dolphin Bay & Beautiful Illusions. Heh. Yup. Byeeee~

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tong Hua


Ah-hem. Let me rant about an incident that happened to me just now. I was at Hougang Mall buying some stuffs (went there after school) & while I was coming up the escalator, a guy standing behind me suddenly bumped himself to me. As in bumped his body to my back. I was actually smsing at that moment & I didn't really go & notice who was standing behind me.

When I felt the "bumping", I shouted "Wei!" & the guy replied "Sorry sorry. I didn't see you." Then he faster walked away & I saw him taking out his hp to make a phone call. I was like eh hello?! Wasn't it obvious I'm standing in front of you? I don't know if he was intentionally or unintentionally but somehow I just felt "molested". Lol.

Another sicko. I think he is. Boooo...


Monday, April 25, 2005

3 more to go...

Phew... Just finished a paper today. Can someone please tell me why is it so different from the past years papers? Grrr... Nevermind. Pray for me. Hope that everything will turn out fine. :D

3 more to go...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Exams Fever

Gonna miss a few of my friends' birthday parties. When it comes to exams period, there are just so much things I can't do. Or maybe I choose not to.

Oh well, nevermind. 9th May is the day. *grins*

Saturday, April 23, 2005


It's a long long journey

Till I know where I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey
And I don't know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you

Many days I've spent
Drifting on through empty shores
Wondering what's my purpose
Wondering how to make me strong

I know I will falter I know I will cry
I know you'll be standing by my side
It's a long long journey
And I need to be close to you

Sometimes it feels no one understands
I don't even know why
I do the things I do
When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul
Will you break down these walls and pull me through?

Cause It's a long long journey
Till I feel that I am worth the price
You paid for me on calvary
Beneath those stormy skies
When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feels like everything is out to make me lose control
Cause It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you ... to you

Friday, April 22, 2005

Legend of the Dolphin Bay

Have you ever heard the legend of the dolphin bay? A very long time ago the son of a god broke the rules of the heaven and fell in love with a girl living in the mortal world. The god of jealousy was very angry and sought to destroy this forbidden love.

The couple traveled around the world in an escape to find a hiding place where they could live peacefully. A fairy queen from the deep forest heard of this couple's story and was deeply touched by the couple's unconditional love. She presented them with a pair of enchanted rings. This pair of bronze rings safeguards and protects the couple from all perils.

But the God of Jealousy learns about the secret of the bronze rings and impulsively grabs the rings and throws them into the sea. The couple in love loses the protection provided by the rings. Mercilessly they are swallowed by the sea and separated.

Even though the end is near, they still try to search for each other even until the last moment. As the sun is about to rise and as the couple in love are about to turn into foam, the jovial dolphin is deeply touched by their love.

As the dawn breaks the dolphin leaps out of the sea with the bronze rings in its mouth. Again the couple in love are reunited with the rings blessed from the fairy queen. They rejoice in happiness and live together forever thereafter.

At the moment when the first rays of the morning sun shines on the white beach, the entire beach instantly turns into joyeous pink and the dolphin becomes the eudaemon of love.

The legend says that if you pray to the Dolphin Bay from your heart the expected love will come true. And at the Dolphin Bay the first person you declare love to is your destiny lover. The bronze rings could protect the couple in love until forever.


I don't know what's wrong with blogger last night. I actually wanted to blog but the 1st time, I couldn't login, 2nd time, the pg couldn't display, 3rd time, the loading was super duper slow. & these sequence of process continued. aRrRrRr...... Then I gave up. Bloody hell.

Anyway, Do you guys realise there are alot "cows stands" on the grass patches around S'pore island lately? They can be spotted like almost everywhere. I think the "cabs & buses tails" are somehow related to these "cows" too? Lol. But these "cows" are really lovely. So cute & colourful. Haha.

Then I realise these "cows" are actually advertising media campaign by "Moove Media", a newly-reestablished advertising company wholly-owned by ComfortDelGro Corporation. (a land transport company that owns SBS, NEL, Comfort Taxis, etc) Pretty interesting huh? Heh.

Image hosted by
The cute colourful cows

Image hosted by

Power98 called me yesterday but I didn't hear my phone ringing! I was charging my phone in my room then. I remember their no. that's why I know it's them. Aiya. I missed the chance. They better called again soon. =p

Oh yea, I saw Julian Hee yesterday at PS. Cute! But not very man. Boyish to be frank. He seems quite fair huh? But still, drool..... Hehe.

Shall do my stuffs now. Byeeeee!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I think I'm suffering from insomnia. These past 2 weeks I have been sleeping late. Like 2 plus am, 3am or so. Actually I'm not sleepy at all but I just have to force myself to sleep. It's like I ought to be sleeping at this hour. I'll be like just lying on my bed, fidgeting my body till I fall asleep. I can't even remember how long did I take to fall asleep because the next moment I open my eyes, before I know it, it's already morning. In the daytime, I may feel some degree of sleepiness. I don't know. Maybe it's the stress from exams. Hah.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

uGLy me

Finally decided to blog a bit. Like after a few blog-less days. Haa. -winks*

These past few days I have been doing my exams revision & stuffs. Quite monotonous actually. Nothing interesting. At all. I'm not the kind of person who will sit still for a very long duration & study. I will like walk around, watch tv, disturb my brothers, hunt for food, surf the net & stuffs during the intervals. You get me? Haha.

At last I went to the gym yesterday. Like after so long. Realise I haven't been mentioning my exercise regime for quite sometimes? Heh. But the workout was great. One whole good hour of workout for me to burn calories & sweat myself out. I always feel better after exercising. :D

I'm missing my Pilates lessons. Haven't go & renew my package yet. Really has to find time & money to go do it.

My money & my phone aren't here yet! Arghhhh.... I don't think they will forget right? Lol. They better don't. ;p

& I think I look damn ugly now. Not in my top form. I'm like always stuck in this situation during exams periods. Feel a little bit older somehow. Hah. Aging is scary. =p

Ok. That is about all. I shall surf around , chat a bit & then continue my mugging. :)

He can never be mine.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Study study study

I'm having my study break now. I have been telling myself that I really gonna study very hard cos there are just simply too much to study. Hiaks.

BUT there are Distractions. Tv, internet, & food. I have been snacking away & munching food everyday, every hour, every minute, every second & I'm not kidding! This isn't very healthy right? Don't wanna see a fatter me. Haha. I shall start exercising more. Well, if I'm not lazy. (I think I'm getting lazier & lazier) I need some motivation. Heh.

I miss my retail therapy, movies, good food, chilling out with friends & many many more! Nevermind. Just a few more weeks & I can have all the time to myself to do all the things I love. I need to revamp myself. Hah.

Sometimes I do wonder if that time I had chosen to pursue my degree at Australia, would my life be more happening than what I'm leading now? Perhaps I would have found my Mr. Right there by now. Lol. Haha. You see here in Singapore I'm not meeting anyone new now & everyday it's like I go school, come home, tuition, go out & blah blah blah. It's very routine. Singapore is just so small & it really gets you to no where. The education system is also pretty rigid here unlike other countries that practise flexibility.

Just a moment of thought. I can't complain or regret much now either. Since I have already chosen this path, I need to continue walking. When there are dreams, there are hopes. One day, the lights will shine on me. =]

I believe.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Astrological Weight at Birth

Your Astrological Weight at Birth is

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Solar Birthdate = 29 Feb 1984
Lunar Birthdate = 28 Jan 1984

Although you may feel there is something missing in your early life, you will start to enjoy good fortune when you are older. Although you will not inherit much from your parents, both your career and livelihood will prove more than ample for you. You will enjoy good fortune when your time comes. Place a dragon tortoise in the North sector to help boost your career luck. Marrying the right partner is crucial to your success. Getting hitched to the wrong person could be your downfall, so be very sure before you commit yourself in a marriage.

This is some Feng Shui thingy. Pretty interesting. For me, getting hitched & marrying the right guy is very important to my future success. Haha. I gonna start open my eyes wide big now! Lalalalala. =p

2nd Anniversary

Today (11th April 2005) marks the 2nd anniversary of my driving licence. Wow. Time really passes so fast. & I still haven't had a car that I can call my own. Hmph...

It's my brother's turn to take his driving test this month. If he's so lucky to pass at the 1st attempt, that means there will soon be 1 more person fighting with me over the usage of my dad's car. Haha. I don't want! Lol.

I used to have a wish which is to have my own car when I'm 21. There are still several months before I reach my 22th birthday next year. So there are still chances for me right? Haha. (consoling myself. =p)

Time for my beauty sleep soon. 1 last lecture in school & then study break for us. Gotta wake up at 7 plus. Yup. Nite bloggie. Nite everyone. =)

I wonder if my wish will be fulfilled.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jiu Shi Ai Ni


我 一直都想对你说 你给我想不到的快乐 像绿洲给了沙漠
说 你会永远陪着我 做我的根 我翅膀 让我飞 也有回去的窝
我愿意 我也可以 付出一切 也不会可惜
就在一起 看时间流逝 要记得我们相爱的方式
就是爱你爱着你 有悲有喜 有你 平淡也有了意义
就是爱你爱着你 甜蜜又安心 那种感觉就是你
我 一直都想对你说 你给我想不到的快乐 像绿洲给了沙漠
说 你会永远陪着我 做我的根 我翅膀 让我飞 也有回去的窝
我愿意 真的愿意 付出所有 也要保护你
Oh 在一起 时间继续流逝 请记得我有多么的爱你
Oh 就是爱你爱着你 不弃不离开不在意 一路有多少风雨
就是爱你爱着你 放在你手心 灿烂的幸福全给你
Oh 就是爱你爱着你 我都愿意 就是爱你爱着你 要我们在一起

Have you ever thought is there anyone who can make you feel the same way like what the song is portraiting? I wish I had. Or maybe I wish I have. :)

A Life of Hope

I wonder if you guys do watch the drama on channel 8 weekdays 9pm, "A Life of Hope"? I pretty much love the show but it is somehow quite annoying especially when they keep emphasizing how great the NKF is, how important it is to do medical check-ups regularly & blah blah blah. I mean yeah...of course I agree that it is important to take care of our own healths & NKF has definitely been a really great help to the patients all these years. But seriously I don't find there is a need to keep promoting & accentuating so signifantly on how noble NKF is right?

I remember watching one episode & there was this guy who threatened to beat up another guy just because he commented that NKF is rich & loaded with money. -roll my eyes- Wasn't it a bit overreacted? No doubt I also think NKF has lots of funds & they are captial-accumulated. Hah. =p

There are NKF TV Charity Programmes every year to raise funds for the needy patients by encouranging people to donate money to NKF & through those donations they actually stand chances to win lucky draws prizes like cash, cars & condominums. Aren't the programmes meant for charities? Why are there prizes involved? Maybe they are just gimmicks or motivational tactics to lure people to donate more to NKF huh? Sometimes I do wonder whether people make donations out of pure compassion for the patients or is it just the prizes that are attractive to them. Hmmm......

Afterall, "A Life of Hope" is pretty nice show in my opinion. -grin-

Oh yey. The loanshark with the purple hair has caught my attention in the show! Haha. His real name is Elvin Ng I think. (if I am not wrong) Heh. The winner for NUS School Belle & Beau. I find him very charming & cute though the way he speaks & pronouns can be quite funny at times due to his inner invisible braces. Hehe. Julian Hee is definitely charming & cute too but Elvin Ng attracts me more. Hah. I find him more attractive in the show than Julian Hee. I don't why. -blush- 男人不坏女人不爱. Haha.

Image hosted by

Silly me

I felt so silly suddenly. Was chatting on the MSN with a primary school friend, Melvin, earlier on just now & he was telling me how happening the KTV outing was & how much fun I had missed out from my absence. I was like "eh"? When did we have a KTV outing? How come I don't know anything? But he insisted that he called me twice & smsed me quite a few times last Friday.

Then it came to my realisation that we had a miscommunication. I remembered I had a few missed calls by the name of "Melvin" & I received smses from him asking me whether I want to meet up for KTV & stuffs & he also told me that quite a lot of people are going. I didn't know what had came into me at that point of time when I saw the missed calls & the smses, I literally thought it was the Melvin (the prefect. he will sms me now & then. find him quite irritating though. lol) & hence I replied & said I couldn't make it to the outing.

There are 3 Melvin in my phonebook & I actually saved their names & numbers in accordance with their surnames (the 3 of them have different surnames by the way) for differentiation. But that day I didn't know why I would keep having the mentality that it was the prefect Melvin who called & smsed me & I just didn't feel like meeting him. Haa. Silly me. =p

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A new template

Woohoo... Just changed my template, had a new layout. Tell me where to improve. I'm a complete idiot at these. Haha. =p


Image hosted by
Illustration with poker cards

Image hosted by
Squeeze our ways

Image hosted by
On the stage - anxious

Image hosted by
On the stage - joy

Image hosted by
Are you sexy enough like us?

Sushi Feast

Had sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi Wheellock Place yesterday with my beloved friend, Emily! Yummylicious! We ate till an extreme limit where both of us thought our stomachs were gng to burst anytime! Haha. Super duper full! Emily even commented that she felt like a pregnant woman. Lol. The Mochi ice-creams were totally awesome! Drools..... :)

Image hosted by
The 2 of us

Met 2 perverts on my way back home. It's not my dressing ok. A lot of people wear like me too. Emily has similar dressing like me & she is always so safe. I smsed her about my incidents & she said I'm so suay, always encounter these kinds of things. Haa.

Anyway, the 1st pervert was standing behind me in the train & he was squeezing himself towards me & I felt so uncomfortable plus there were so many people inside the train. I almost wanted to shout out but I didn't know why I didn't. Hmmm..... When I got off the train, I turned back & stared at him & I spotted him following me out of the train then walked back to the train again. Ewwww....... Disgusting fellow!

The 2nd pervert I met was the time when I was walking home. He said "Hi Miss! You are so pretty! Can we be friends?" I said a straight "No" & walked away very fast past him. He continued to follow & ask me why. He asked "Was it because you are already married?" I replied "Yes". Haha. Then he was like "Wow". "Who is the lucky guy? Why you so young & pretty & you are married already?" I totally ignored him & continued my walking. Then he asked again "So where you stay? You are gng to where now?" I responded " Gng to my fiance's house." Lol. Then he walked a bit then suddenly ran very fast acrossed me. Haha. Crazy.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fruitful day

I am so exhausted. Tired legs & deadly mind. I went out at 2pm & came back home at 11pm. Not really a very long day but it just seems to be.

Anyway, just for a little update & for those who concern, I won the contest. -smile- $1000 cash, a latest Nokia Hp, $200 Lee Jeans Voucher, 12 months subscription to Catalog Magazine (seriously I don't know what magazine is this. lol.), a pair of Lee Jeans & a Lee T-shirt which were sponsored for me to wear on stage just now & I could just bring them home after that. Frankly speaking, I don't fancy Lee items. I would rather they are Levis. Then that would be like more "woohoo". Hehe.

I was still hesitating this morning whether to go or not. After some thoughts, I decided to just go & try out for fun. No harm also right? Haa. My dad drove me there. Thanks to him cos it was raining. The stage was situated outside Cineleisure in which I thought it is pretty unglam. Haha.

Well, there were 3 girls & 3 guys for the Finals. So yeah. I was 1 of them. 1st round was the self-introducing part & every1 has to individually to do a 30 sec catwalk on the stage with the music played in the background, posing one's sexiest pose & ass. Haha. 2nd round was the poker cards game. Our bums were sticked on with double-sided tape & there were cards placed on the ground of the stage, & we were supposed to roll our bums over them & see how many cards could we stick on to our bums. A bit dumb la. It was like the girls competing with the guys, see which group can stick the most cards. The last round was the bursting of balloons game. A girl & a guy would be paired up. The guy would blow the balloon & the girl would tie up the balloon & later they would have to use their bums to burst the balloons side by side. In 1.5 min by the way. Heh. Pretty hilarious la. Haha. Anyway, my group didn't win this round. Me & the M2 guy only managed to sucessfully burst 1 balloon. Lol. So paiseh sia.

There were 3 judges. 1 from Power98Fm, 1 from 88.3Fm & 1 from Lee. The judging criteria was like 80% sponstaneous & the way you present yourself & 20% on the games. I think so la. Heh. I think people are gng to start asking me for treats. Haha. =p

By the way, the winner for the guys is cute! He is really very tall & well-built. & know what? He is from NP & he is my brother's poly friend! 2 years younger though. Too bad. Haha. Blah.

Oh yey. Gotta thanks Michelle & her bf for being there throughout to support me. Thanks for taking pictures for me too. I am greatly appreciated. =)

Met April & Yeun for dinner after that. Know something? April was late for 3 hours lor! We were supposed to meet at 5pm & she turned up at almost 8pm! Luckily Yeun was there with me or else I would have just gone home straight. Heh. & know why she was late? She went to do her hair! This April ar. Always lydat. April, are you reading these? Lol. But afterall, we still needa thank her for the dinner treat at Crystal Jade La-Mian Eatery at Scotts. Food was yummy! Cos we were hungry. Hah ;D After dinner, we went Spinelli for drinks & some chilling out. Great drinks. I love the place except that so many people were smoking & it really made me feel like a 2nd-hand smoker. Gee.

Some pictures of us:

At Crystal Jade La-Mian Eatery

Image hosted by
April & I.

Image hosted by
Yeun & April.

Image hosted by
Yeun & I.

At Spinelli

Image hosted by
What is Yeun dng?

Image hosted by
Candid shot.

Image hosted by
Acting sweet. Lol.

Image hosted by
My 2 great pals.

Image hosted by
With flash.

Image hosted by
Without flash.

Image hosted by
Under the moonlight.

Image hosted by
We are cute. =p

I need to sleep soon. Gotta wake up early for my Pilates tmr. Hee. Gd nite!

My special someone has yet to come.