Monday, March 30, 2009

Task accomplished

Task accomplished. I snipped off my long hair today! It looks something like....


But of course Jessica Alba is prettier! And mine is slightly tiny winy bit longer. I still want to tie my hair for work. =) But I am happy! I can't remember the exact number of times I visit the hair salon this year till now. But you know you know, I always love to play around with my hair. Hehee..

I will be having courses at Changi for the next two days. Meaning I have to wake up early, join in the morning traffic. *whine*

Anyway, Daddy was in my room earlier on, starring at the photos on display, and then he caught me looking at him. His eyes immediately changed direction. He must be thinking. He must be wondering. I am also thinking. I am also wondering. Maybe not thinking and wondering as much as I used to be, I guess I am just plain too lazy to change new photos. Lazy to change to my new love. Haha... Yes. That must be the reason. :)



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes my job can be "disgusting". I am so freaking drained and tired from Sydney. I think the big boss hates me. Haha... Give me such "good" work positions. 380 up JCL full load, 744 back YCL full load and I gotten myself the least preferred position for the aircraft. Service was non-stop. Imagine the numbers of carts to change and load. My legs are still aching. And the most annoying thing is my nails are ugly now. Saver please? =p

And can someone please stop me from snacking? I have been snacking on my australian cheese and crackers, and M&M Easter chocolates. I can't seem to stop! Lol... I feel....fat. Maybe not exactly fat but you know, not slim. *depressing grin*

Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was spent drinking Starbucks coffee in the afternoon, reading books in Kinokuniya, shopping for the "wants", eating japanese food & desset for dinner (i am a sucker for japanese food. =p), and suppering at HongKong Cafe. It was quite a day of events. All unplanned but it took on quite smoothly. :)

Every off day, there is always something to do, some people to meet. My life should be fulfilled.



Anyway, I am off to Sydney later. =)
Till I am back.
Much love. =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chic flick

Had very good authentic japanese food at Far East Plaza yesterday. And the price is totally affordable. But there is always a long queue outside the restaurant. So be prepared! But I tell you, it's so very worth it, cos their food is LOVE. =)

Confessions of a Shopaholic. Chic flick but I love it! Shopping makes people happy! And she has great dressing and fashion sense in the movie, boobs that make people envious and a pair of legs to kill. But the best of all, she has a relationship with a man who loves her back, a man who never declines her like her credit cards.
Sometimes you can look silly, appear clumsy, say the dumbest things, do the most outrageous acts, be really funny, make a fool of yourself in the public, always finding an excuse or reason to shop, burst to the last bit of your credit card limit when you still have many many unsettled bills, somehow, somewhat, somewhere, there will be someone out there who will love you just the way you are. :)
Thank you B for the dinner, movie and the night. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

impossible and impossibility

Was back from seoul this morning. Shopping was good but not great, cos I didn't really buy a lot of things. Just a few random stuffs for myself and people. Supposed to collect my new uniforms today, I waited 4months for the collection. But now they say they are not ready and ask me to go down 2 weeks later. *roll eyes* Good thing I called, if not I gonna leave the shop very empty handed. *hmph*

That day I dreamt the most impossible dream. The most impossible person is coming back into my life. The most impossible person + the most impossible me + the most impossible scenario + the most impossible words = the hopeless case of fantasy. *heavy sigh* Messed up my beauty sleep hours, wasted the time which I could have been dreaming of the possible(s). Something that used to be a miracle becomes an impossibility, and it makes me somehow, somewhat feels that I had lived in a fictional storybook for years. A notorious relationship that was never looked upon to blossom.

Read this line somewhere...."If I could rearrange the alphabets, I would put "U" and "I" together." Ewww...quite cheeky right? No doubt it's sweet but it's a fact that "U" and "I" can never be together in the alphabetic order.

Monday, March 23, 2009


It's nice to have people helping you to buy lashes from taipei, buy you lunch and herbal tea, and friend to meet for japanese dinner. But in return, I have orders for my seoul flight, from different people. And they are all in my shopping agenda now.*smack forehead* I hope I can get a good sleep tomorrow's night, and head out early the very next morning. For the reason we have to check out that very night and fly overnight back to singapore. But still happy, cos I will be back by 5am tentatively. So it seems like an off day! *big grin*

3 years of flying but I still get excited about my job, at times. =)

Tank's new song, 全世界都停电.

" 全世界都停了电 全世界都封了街
我所有窗子外面 被贴上黑夜
我呐喊思念 却没人听见

全世界都停了电 全世界白雪满天
才发觉在我心间 有回忆碎片
一作梦翻身 就刺痛流血
像一个句点 "


Sunday, March 22, 2009

I miss.

Went to Halo Bar at Ngee Ann Poly with the girls. Xiu and I were exceptionally excited because we were reminiscing those days in NP and exclaiming how much the school has changed. Really missed my 3 years of studies there, somehow. :) Drove past SIM too, I was there for 1.5 years but NP days seemed more memorable to me. Late for lectures and tutorials, rushing to classes, canteen 1,2,3,4, library, atrium, friends, those guys. I miss. :)

And something funny, Xiu said she was choked by 豆花. Can someone please tell me how can you get choked by 豆花? I want to know. Ha.

Good night, and love. :)

afternoon with J. =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

flowers car?

THIS IS NOT MY CAR, of course. I definitely can do better than this. *giggle*
I spotted this car at the heeren's carpark just now. And I thought it's kind of hilarious. I supposed the driver must have been a flowers-lover. Lol...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Pizza, fries, CLEO, Twilight and Bombay.

Pizza, fries, CLEO, Twilight and Bombay. And surprising they kind of went well together. =)

I am kind of looking forward to the weekend in Singapore. No particular plan but I just love the idea of being around. And then it will be SQ18 on monday! *grin X3* Though it's only nightstoping but it's okay. I haven't been to Seoul for the longest time and now Korean Won is so attractively low! Hehe...

I kind of miss my brothers now. One away in the sea, one suffering in the camp. Ha. Okay I shall shoo and off to shower, catch a short nap, before my friday begins. :p

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


They say dreams are thoughts that you have been thinking all days and nights long, or maybe even thoughts that you don't even know they have always been with you.

I had a dream last night. A long dream. 现在我真的讨厌做梦了。因为看到的都是同一个某人。真无聊。I rather not have any dream, not even sweet dreams.

happy birthday 老豆!

It's daddy's birthday and he always wanted to take over my old phone but I hated the idea. He didn't want to waste money to get a new phone. My messages and photos were all inside and I have this habit of keeping my old phone even though I am getting a new one. Trade-in seldom applies to me. *laugh*

Daddy's mobile is not working. I secretly bought him a new phone after class today. It's a very simple basic nokia phone with camera, fm radio and other normal functions. Good enough for daddy. I don't think his fat fingers will get used to any of the latest touch-screen phone. I reckon if I get him one of those, it will drive him crazy. Ha.

But but know what? I have to lie to him that it's a free phone from ml because I am their lifelong regular customer. And he actually believed what I said. $123 lei and I have to say it's free. Lol. I didn't wanna lie but I am pretty sure he would bark at me if I spend a single cent on a new phone for him. He would probably say something like, "you have so many unused old phones at home why don't you just give me anyone of those and you don't have to waste money buy me a new phone?" And this nagging probably will go on for a few days. Haha...

Anyway, happy birthday 老豆! =)

My wine course was not too bad. We got to drink and some of them thought I am a 酒鬼 just because I finished all my different glasses of red and white, and insisted I drink some more. Evil colleagues. And I still had to drive after that. But but but....I am yolene lei. Nothing gets in my way, even the few glasses of wine. =) And I still managed to catch up with batchgirls who I bumped into at the training centre and had lunch together. =)

Then it was dinner with ling and home sweet home. I still have a bombay to do tomorrow. No off day but I am back on friday's morning and off for the weekend. I guess that can be a bonus. :)

Was preparing for work that day and vanity came in. Keke... My stupid laptop keyboard is not functioning properly (it's time for repair!) and I have to use my youngest brother's laptop. Good thing he is in camp! Ha. Time flies, people change, things change and life goes on, whether you like it or not. Anyway, it's super random here. I don't see the linkage. But nevermind. =p

love love.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

when smiles are just masks

Going for some wine course tomorrow. Maybe it will be fun, drinking wine! Ha. I wonder who else is going tomorrow too. But I am sure to see many familiar faces around! =)

When smiles are just masks to hide the sad face and to hold the tears, do you say the person is strong and brave, or do you say the person is in self-denial?


Monday, March 16, 2009

It's depressing...

It's depressing when it was raining cats and dogs the whole day.

It's depressing when your clothes and shoes were drenched even with an umbrella.

It's even more depressing when you found your car stained with lots of BIRD SHIT after a movie.

So horri-gible! :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Driving and parking parallel at mustafa is a challenge. And taxi drivers are even crazier.

Just when I needed someone, where were you?
Just when I need someone, where are you?

Super tired. Good night.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

back from Heathrow :)




Friday, March 13, 2009


I practically walked the whole of london yesterday, with my adidas shoes (*boosting* =p). It was good though, retail therapy, time alone and coffee. :)
Something small from Chanel, a pair of earrings, can't bear the heart to buy my 2.55, yet. Lol. I saw Prada and Miu Miu which are so irresistibly pretty and classy too. Keep in view first. *cunning grin*
I heart LONDON. =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

real man

"I don't want a boyfriend. I need a real man." Me too. =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I met quite a few people yesterday, unintentionally. Somehow, everybody just seem to know everybody, especially those in my life. Is it a good thing?

You know every now and then, every time we wish, we want, we hope, we pray, we encourage our loved ones and those people around us to be happy. And very often we say happiness can be very simple. But then again, it's easy to ask people to be happy, to be contented and all, but when it's to our each individual self, it's not always the case.

Actually I feel to be really happy as a person, to be really happy with your own life, the events, and the people that are happening to you, isn't easy at all.



I am off to London tonight. =) Actually I kind of love London though I have been there like umpteen times. It's one of my favourite cities. =p

Till then, love.

Monday, March 09, 2009


方炯镔 - 你不必爱我。
keke... =p

天啊! 下雨了!
There goes my $6 car wash last night at Shell. =(

A batchgirl just told me over msn... "i met someone who i am crazy over...someone who is also crazy over me. my life is crazy, but i cannot be any happier. :)"

Awww... somehow, I think this is so sweet! =p

"heavenly in love"

The varieties of crepes almost drove me crazy. Ha. It tastes like....hmmm..."heavenly in love. =)"

Japanese food. *drools*

The beauty junks. :p

The food and tibits junks. *greedy grin*

Ermmm...My vanity rolls in again. :)

Friday, March 06, 2009





方炯镔 - 坏人









Flew and worked with one of the top 10 today, but surprisingly, I thought he is alright. Just a little naggy but he is fine. =) Top 10 is what people proclaimed. But sometimes you gonna judge for yourself. Or maybe I am just lucky today, that he likes me! Ha!

On a random note, it has been raining almost every hour, every day for the past one week, which is just sooooo gloomy!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

hair hair HAIR!

My throat has been irritating me since birthday, and now yet to recover. *pout* Anyway, I went to perm my hair again today! And I bought my RMK foundation, which is not a very necessary buy. Ha! I just shopped at the duty free at the airport yesterday, too. =p *guilty grin* I have an overwhelming range of skincare and products and cosmetics, which I think can last me forever. Hehe... I fall in love with new beauty junks easily. I am now in love with the new M.A.C. hello kitty range and I swear I gonna get them, soon. ;p And I look forward to Japan work trip. It may be a short one but it's Japan lei! My all time fav destination. =) But before that, I have to do a turn tomorrow, or rather later. Silly me, cocked up my change of flights and off days.

Off to some reading and then SLEEP!

Muacks! =)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mel =p

Work was not a bit of less tiredness. It was hardwork and patience. But there was a fair share of fun, happenings, rewards and gratitude.

Thank you to all my melbourne crew this trip, the lovely card, the birthday song, the strawberry champagne after flight, most importantly, the sweetest thoughts.

And best of all, batchgirl was on the same flight! =p

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I am hard to please.

Off to Melbourne later.
Itchy hand me, forsaken my standby which can be pretty safe nowadays and change for a aussie flight to do. You see... That's me. Please try to understand, ME. =)

My 6th sense seldom fails me, about things and people. But there's always this person that makes me doubt my 6th sense. And it's only this person who I don't dare to play my 6th sense with. My only 6th sense's strong opponent.


No fancy celebrations. All the random friends and people that I met these few days, thank you. =) Even for those whom I haven't met up with, but with all the phone calls and smses wishes, thank you too. =) Thank you for the surprises and presents and thoughts, to whoever. :) Zouk on friday wasn't very fantastic, with the crowds that manipulate the atmosphere. I wish I had a better one. :)

No 29 feb, so I am just 6.25 years old to be exact. Haha... But that's the leap day that makes me special. The leap day that makes me different from many many others. The leap day that makes me shine. Hehe... Thank you mummy, for her greatest plan to deliver me on this special date. (But she claimed it was unintentional and I was just too eager to see the world that I came out earlier than expected.)

Suddenly, I feel it's like going to be another chapter or story after the birthday. Probably another stage of life for me. I don't know. But I am looking forward, because it just gonna gets better. My story. =)