Thursday, May 31, 2007

belle in london

belle in london. looking tired & all after a day of sightseeing, camera-whoring & shopping. but still, she can't wait to fly back. =p

love london

I love london but I hate falling sick out-station. My cough & sore throat are pretty terrible, even until now. I couldn't really sleep well cos my throat was really disturbing. The weather wasn't really good. One moment it was raining, another moment it was hot & sunny. Nonetheless, I had yummylicious food, beautiful sightseeing, camera-whoring, indulgence shopping & great company these few days. It feels so good to meet up with my batchgirl, lydia & roam around london together. =)

Actually...... I feel quite proud of myself. I'm able to go around london, taking & changing the tube (tube=mrt, it's called tube in london) to various places, all by myself. Been here a few times though staying at a few different hotels depends on the flight pattern that I did, I'm pretty much quite familiar of where to go & head to. Hehehe....

Anyway, met up with evie on monday & we went for a haircut together & had some catching up session. It's really nice to see your good friend again after sometimes cos all of us have been so busy with our own stuffs.

Oh..... & I think an adult should behave like an adult. =P

It's gmt+1 here in london. I wanna go get changed soon & head out to buy some last minute stuffs & food. Anyway, i just had yogurt with crunchy sultana granola & big & fat juicy strawberries for breakfast. Haha. I gonna fly later. So I gonna be back tmr's evening at 6. Cya!

Monday, May 28, 2007

bad sore throat

Having a very bad sore throat now. & it's kind of terrible cos I couldn't really sleep last night as I was like coughing & coughing. Hopefully I'll get better soon. I still want to go for my london flight. *rant*

Human beings are really complex species. I read somewhere from a book, it goes something like, "we don't have to understand everything. cos we'll never understand everything." Indeed. Some of the things you can't just look at the surface & deem everything as you perceive.

In life, many things aren't really the way we exactly want. But if we can't change it, we gonna learn to accept it.

We always want the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, the perfect group of best friends, the perfect job & the perfect lifestyle so as to make up our desired perfect life. I also hope my boyfriend is like this, my best friends are like that but I come to realise it's impossible. Cos no one is perfect & I'm not perfect either. I know..... I'm not the perfect girlfriend. I'm not the perfect friend, I'm not the perfect daughter. I'm not the perfect sister.

I love these people & so I accept the ways they are.

Some people think I'm like this. Some people think I'm like that. How am I going to explain myself? If you really think that is what I'm, so be it. If it really makes you happier, so be it.

Aiya. Actually I also don't know what I'm trying to say. Haha. Thoughts just flow through. Wait till I can organise my thoughts better. Heh. Okay. I think I wanna go have my breakfast & maybe go see a company doctor if I'm still not feeling very well.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back from denpasar

Back from denpasar this late morning. Both sectors were alright. Crew were pretty nice. Rest was rather minimal. Check in at night & we gotta check out like very early the next morning. So I showered, watched tv, read my book & tried to get myself to sleep. Didn't really sleep very well. I kept on sleep & wake up, sleep & wake up. Nonetheless, bali seems like a really beautiful & nice place for vacation. =P

Going out for my dinner & pirate's movie soon. I can't wait! Hehee...


Saturday, May 26, 2007

brother, roster, holidays!

Brother came back yesterday. So glad that he's back. After training & test yesterday, I stayed back at training centre awhile to talk to my batchgirl. I'm meeting her in london next week & we have lots of plans & things to do together. I can't wait! *yay* =) Then we went airport together, went to control centre, checked our individual mailbox & roster. My new roster wasn't too bad. I'm going tokyo-los angeles! We are going to stay in the city of tokyo which means lots of shopping & shopping! Hehe. & I haven't been to los angeles. So i guess it should be nice too. So looking forward, though I gonna be away for like 8days. & I gonna have like 11days annual leave in july & I'm going holidays! I so looking forward too, especially when I'm going with him. *beam*

Met him yesterday after picking my brother up from the airport with my parents. We went to tour agencies, had dinner, joined the late night shopping which was like so boring cos only a few shops were opened, went mustafa & home sweet home. There was like this small little tension going on between us yesterday. It kind of affected me but I guess it's alright now. As long as he is happy, anything is fine with me. This is how he meant to me.

You know ever since I become a flyer, I have seen & heard so much stories. Somehow I find it really hard to trust people now, sometimes even the close ones. Hmmm....

Doing a denpasar nightstop later. Gonna be back tmr morning at ard 11plus. Cya.

I wanna watch my movie!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mars vs Venus

23rd May 2006. The very 1st day that I dedicated myself to S**. Yesterday was 23rd May 2007. So happy anniversary to batch 872! Time really flies in a blink of an eye. It has been a year & I believe most of us are still going strong. *hehee..*

Went back for training & exams today. What a day manz. But well, I have made it through. Tmr is yet another day. Gotta do first aid & stuffs. Anyway, my youngest brother is flying back to us tmr. Hehe. Probably will go to the airport to pick him up together with my family after my training. You see, time really passes. I thought he just go over not too long ago & now he is back. My parents are the happiest. =)

Went for dinner after training with my good friend. Lots to catch up & update each other. Found out so much things about her. Men can be really evil sometimes. They only know how to make women upset & cry.

Shall read up my first aid training manual & practise the quizes online now. Bye! With love. =)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What so special about you?

2nd post in a day.

I didn't go yoga, cos I overslept. Haha. But actually I haven't been sleeping well for the past few nights. Keep having dreams & it seems like my mind isn't really resting.

Maybe I can only sleep well with him besides me. Hehee.

I'll try to be as understanding as I can & I think I'm doing it pretty well. I don't whine or cling though I do wish I can do it at times. You know girls la. They like to be pampered. They enjoy the attention from their bfs. I'm no different from them. I'm also a girl lei. But...... I keep telling & reminding myself, put myself in his shoes & I think I always do. Sometimes I do wonder if he does put himself in my shoes?

Don't worry. I'm very fine. We are very fine. Just get emotional with thoughts & feelings at times. Maybe that's the personality for a pisces?

Just hope he understands one day.

I never felt or did so much for a guy before. Not even my past.

What so special about you?

Maybe cos it's just you. =)

I wanna watch "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"!!!

STC tmr & friday

Going back to STC tmr & friday for recurrent training & test. I guess I need to do some reading & practise the online quizes badly. Don't really quite remember a lot of stuffs. Ha. *grin*

Need to dig out my polo tees, pants & shoes again. Actually feel like getting new ones. Excuses to shop. Heh. Shall see.

Maybe going for yoga class later. Don't wanna waste my package for nothing. Heh.

Though the weather doesn't look too good. *bleah*

Feel like getting a new phone. Maybe wait till my bonus. Can't wait! =P

I think my blog is getting boring. But anyway, not many people reading also. Only some loved & closed ones. So it doesn't really matter. I just need a place to write. Maybe I should start carrying a diary around in my bag. Pen down thoughts wherever I go, whenever I feel like it. Nobody reads it except me. Haha. You know things & thoughts just come to your mind like that no matter where you are.

Alright. I'm feeling kind of sleepy now. Maybe it's the "after brunch effects". Probably go take a short nap now, read my notes & follow by the rest of the stuffs. Yay! Should be like that. I want to keep myself occupied. =)

Missing my boy already. *pout*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wonderful people, sucky flight

Wonderful people make a sucky flight enjoyable.

So afterall, it's not as sucky as it seems to be. =)

Monday, May 21, 2007

The shrek couple. =)

The shrek couple. =)

You know there are times when you wish time will pass faster & there are also times when you wish time will pass slower.

Whenever I'm with him, I always wish time stops or at least goes a little slower than usual.

I really don't know what has love got me into.

Must be him. Hehee.

But I never forget the thing that everyone needs his/her own personal space & breathing space, which is like very important.

By the way, I'm doing a manila turnaround tmr & I just checked my crew list. I'm flying with silver, the ex-project superstar contestant. But anyway, it doesn't matter. =p


Saturday, May 19, 2007

food indulgence in taipei

I love the food indulgence in taipei. You'll be amazed by all the food stalls at shilin market. Guess what? I'm drinking my milk tea with pearls now while typing this post. Hehe.

I hurt my chin during a pretty bad turbulence on flight this morning. Thank god it wasn't very serious & most importantly I'm not disfigured! Still pretty la! Hah. =p

Friday, May 18, 2007

Is it just me or what?

Things seem to be fine now. To him, nothing seems to be wrong anyway.

Is it just me or what?

Looking forward for the weekend shopping in taipei but at the same time, I'm looking forward to coming back on sunday too.

Cos I'll get to see him & spend time together.


Am i very silly? Haha.

I gotta wake up at 4plus morning later. Gosh. I better try & sleep now.

Good night....

It's not that I'm not understanding, I just don't understand.

It's not that I'm not understanding, I just don't understand.

Fancy blogging at such early hour, Ha.

I just need a place to rant & I don't know who to tell either.

I woke up from my sleep, jumped up from my bed out of no where, very quickly checked my hp & it was such a plain disappointment.

Really. It's not I'm not understanding. I tried my best to understand everything that's going on & everything about you. Seriously, sometimes I just really don't understand. Don't tell me you don't even have a minute to spare for me for the whole day/night? A minute only 60seconds lei. I'm not greedy right? Check out what some other girls do. I'm not comparing cos I know everyone is different. But hello? I'm also a girl lei. You know what a girl wants?

Aiya, I just can't undertand!

Shall go back to sleep a little while more before heading out for yoga & errands. Hope all these take my mind off everything awhile.

It's just getting into me. I don't like myself to be like that either.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

We'll get thru.

Though we can't see each other that often now, I believe we'll get thru right?

I know he can't be reading this cos he doesn't even know this exists. But whatever it's, I just hope we'll make it till the end. =)

I'm going taipei this coming saturday again. Means more shopping & food. Haha. I so love much. Heh.

I'm getting $200!

Singapore's Government is giving out money again & I'm getting $200! Yay! =p

Anyway, bumped into Jeremy's at the control centre just now. He looks pretty good in uniform. Haha. & I bumped into this crew whom I flew with before & she was flying with him for the 2nd time. Such a small world huh. Heh.

I didn't know I'm so vulnerable to tears.


Anyway, I really need my beauty sleep now. Feel that I'm getting uglier. Boohoo.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007



I kind of love red nails. Ha.

Doing a jarkata nightstop later.

Can't wait for paydays.

Can't wait for bonus.

Can't wait for holidays trip in july!

By the way, I have already signed up for yoga classes! Probably I'll start going for classes on friday. Yey!

I love this: "It's only when you're happy alone that you can be truly happy with another person."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the dear one

Just came back home from meeting the dear one.

My emotions still triggered.

I don't like to know things that I don't wanna know & I don't like to hear things that I don't wanna hear.

I think the dear one sometimes really doesn't understand.

Alright. I gotta go read my new issue of cleo & head to bed. Meeting emily tmr (later) for lunch.

Good the night! =)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

home sweet home

Home sweet home! & happy mummy's day to mummy. I will buy her belated pressie. Too tired to buy anything from the airport just now except my beer. Hehe.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Looking forward

We didn't have korean food in the end. We were quite plain lazy to eat out. So we did a quick takeaway of subway & I bought my hot chocolate too. Eating & drinking in the comfort of my own room, surfing the net then watching "Because I Said So" dvd. I just had a nice shower & I think I'm supposed to sleep soon. But the tv seems to have some nice movies playing on & I kind of don't feel like sleeping though I'm a little sleepy. Yeah. I'm contradicting. I'm ficker-minded. That's me. Haha. Will reach sg tmr's night at ard 8plus. I'm looking forward to that! =)

happy buys

We didn't make it for buffet breakfast today. I knew it. Hehe. So we slept abit more & we met for buffet lunch instead. After lunch, one of the crew's friend who is studying in Auckland came to meet us. It was so nice of her to drive us to the new market area for shopping. Needless to say, yes, I spent again. I bought a dress, a pair of short, 2 tank tops and a cardigan for myself, a cardigan for him & a polo tee for my brother. *happy buys*

I haven't go to the gym yet. But I think I'll go la. Need to burn the calories that I took in at the buffet just now. So terrible right? My body is not like before. So better exercise. Hehe.

Meeting them for dinner later. We should be having korean food. Yummy! Hehe.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Hi all. I'm in Auckland now. Wanted to go do bungee jumping but it's like $200NZ. I heard the people say it's cheaper to do in Christchurch. So wait till I fly there then. Hopefully my heart can take it. Hah. =P

By the way, it's gmt+12 here. Heh.

This flight the crew are okay la but not very fantastic either. I flew with much much much nicer crew before.

My team ifs just emailed us & told us a goody goody new. Our july bonus is 6.07months! *yey* Hopefully it's not just rumour & the many more months the merrier. *double yey* *beam* More bonus means more money for me to spend for my July's holidays trip. Hehe.

Mother's Day this Sunday. Shall I get mummy something? I'll be back on Sunday's night. Yeh. I think I probably gonna get her something. See, I'm such a good girl. Heh.

Haven't seen him for days. The last time we met was on Monday. Long enough? Yup. I think it's. I miss my boy.

Haven't sign up my yoga classes yet. I think I gonna do it soon. I'm going for buffet breakfast tmr with some of my crew. & I'm going to the gym at the hotel after that to burn some fats. Can't wait. *grin*

We had Thai food for dinner just now & I so love the green curry. Hehe.

& I finish my Corner with Love dvd already. I like. Heh.

Ok. I think my thoughts are like super random. Haha.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was called up to do a KL 2 sectors on the 7th. Reporting was at 0500 which meant I had to wake up at 0300. I slept at 0130. Cos I was like out before that. I overslept & I woke up at 0335. But I was still early for reporting. All thanks to my speedy preparation for flight nowadays (*grin*) & my sweetest daddy who drove me to the airport.

Know what? I'm rostered for KL 4 sectors later! I mean on the 8th. I complained to people but of no use. Company doesn't care. Hah.

Went Tampines Ikea & Giant just now. We had swedish meatballs, almond cake & soft drinks at the cafe & we bought a lot of junk food & drinks from Giant. It was such a fruitful night!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

hooked, addictive, misses.

I'm so hooked with "Corners with Love". My new found love on a saturday's night when I'm not out to party or date. At least, it makes me happy. It's addictive. *grin*

I think I'm going to sign up yoga classes very soon, probably with Pure Yoga. Then I will have all my reasons to buy pretty yoga attires! *yay!* *hehehx*

& I think I really miss you......... I mean my brother. He told me he bought me pressies from Beijing. Isn't he sweet? =P

Friday, May 04, 2007


I'm in shanghai & there's free internet in the room! Yeyey! The room is pretty nice too. Hehe. Anyway, I bought quite a few dvds & they were like dirt cheap. $1? $2? About there. Hopefully the quality is not that bad either. =P

I'll be working in business class tmr on the way back to singapore! I'm not trained yet but they want me to learn. The chief looks zappy. Grrrr. Good luck to me!

7th is coming. it's another month, again. =)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I need a new hobby.

I need a new hobby.

I need a new pastime.

At least I have something to keep me occupied.

Especially whenever I'm back in Singapore.

Any suggestion?

Taking up language classes?

Yoga classes?

Mr Spidey

Mr Spidey was good!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I watched 200 pounds beauty yesterday & it was very very very nice! Go watch too if you haven't ok?

He is going through a phase of change in his career path. So much so that I wish & pray for his success, I know somehow or rather it gonna affects me as well with the change.

But it's okay I guess? I will be strong.

Please let me be.

If I can be granted with a wish, can I buy forever, with you?