Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not disturbed

Did a Hongkong turn and a Bangalore turn for the past few days. It was a test of both my physical and mental capability. Company still called and asked me to volunteer for flight that day, pretty early in the morning (10ish is consider early for me. haha...), for Australia flight, Sydney and Melbourne she said, let me choose. And the best part she said "you know you don't have to do your tiring Indian overnight turn you know?.." I was like eh..."thank you very much... but I rather stick to what I have." Why give away my off days? But then again, if you are giving me Europe flights, I may be more than happy to help and offer my service. *laugh*

That day....has finally came and brought to known to me. Such mixed feelings... And I suppose it has to take place at a place where memories were kept the most.

Right. I am not disturbed. I am not disturbed. I am not disturbed. Full stop. ;)

Off to run some errands and do some packing... Gonna be away for another 8days work trip tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday everyone. Stay happy! =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How can someone actually tell you he misses you, and has more feelings for you than the girlfriend, when he only just got attached recently?

Strange, Unbelievable.

You sure you like me?


*roll eyes*


As much as I feel, it doesn't matter to be alone. As much as I feel, one person you can still live an amazing life. But when you are alone for too long, you start to feel the loneliness and the frustration. You want to scream, you want to vent. You are going rounds and rounds in circle whereas others have already moved on way ahead of you. I am so wrong to say I am independent and it's perfectly okay to be alone. It's definitely fine to be a solo philosophy. But it's just pinches you that little bit, or maybe just a strange and weird evasion of feeling, that someone else is moving to the next phase of life, and you are still harping on the same spot. Perhaps not on the exact same spot, but maybe it's still within the vicinity. Silly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back from Taipei

Back from Taipei and going off to HongKong in a few hours time. Crazy work schedule. It was visit to the "Monga" streets and town, XiMenDing, Shilin night market, whole night of roaming on the Taipei streets, drinking beer at lounge and Macdonald supper in the room till late night. Can't wait for the HongKong turn to be over. Doing with my favorite batchboy again. Haha.
Life gets so busy that people hardly talk or meet now. Is it really time-constraint or people just don't make effort, quite enough?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Off to Taipei later...
Not exactly excited but I will make do with it. =)

Anyway, caught S.H.E and 周定纬 - 两个人的荒岛 on the radio just now. That's sooooOOo love~ Hehe... Good night people.

May each and everyone of you find a source of love in your life, everyday, anywhere, anytime. Cos, love is great. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



But the cherry blossoms long dropped off.

Out for errands..Bye!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday lurve~

Quite a heavy downpour outside right now. Brother drove my car and I can't go anywhere. Been craving for chicken rice over the past few days and mummy is so sweet to buy me that for lunch. Awaken up to a wet weather plus a good whole packet of Singapore chicken rice, what else can I ask for? Maybe for my pimples to go away. Been haunting me for weeks, and every day when I look at the mirror, I get so demoralized. So tell me. what have I missed out over the past 8days when I was away? New relationships? New found loves? New goals? Haha.

A week of away with batchboy was so cool. A week of hanging out together, drinking, enjoying good food and snapping pictures away was so fun. Colleagues still thought we were an item despite our umpteen times of clarification. In the end, we just gave up. Haha. Nobody dared to sit beside me on bus, cos they said that's for batchboy. Ya la... Whatever.. *laugh*

Anyway, this is raman from Tokyo. I so love the EGG you know....! Yum~

Monday lurve~ :)


One of the Japan's Love. :)

Drop dead tired. I am home finally. =)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Maybe.... it's so much better to be a BITCH sometimes. Even when people get on your nerve, you can just roar and be a BITCH and get away with it, without getting emotional, without bothering how the others would have felt, without worrying how people would have thought of you.

Be a BITCH is good.
Like seriously.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

from LAX

Hi! I am calling from Los Angeles, AGAIN. *stick out tongue* I was here like 2weeks ago. Time checked. Now is 2.40am. I am having weird sleeping pattern. After work, checking into the nice hotel room, thinking after shower and a short nap will just be nice to wakie in the late evening for dinner. I was so physically and mentally mind drained. So was batchboy and the rest. We continued sleeping and ignored our hungry stomachs! Haha... Food and sleep, seriously I would love to have both but if I could only have one, I rather sleep. And fancy now waking up at this hours, stuffing myself with fruit yogurt, green tea cookies, red bean dessert and milk tea, all from Japan. Hehehe... Oh so satisfied and I think I can go back to sleep anytime soon, and then to wake up in time for my American Breakfast. ;)

You know I always have this love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love it because you can see all your friends' updates even if you don't have time to contact, talk proper and meet. You get to know what's happening in their life in the daily recent and probably, you catch up with them on your own pace. I hate it because (maybe not exactly hate, but it's not an exactly nice or good feeling. it's more of a negative vibe that comes to you.) people don't tell you stuffs personally anymore. They might as well publish their thoughts and latest status in Facebook and let everyone else knows without having to informing each and everyone. Okay, it's quite a good communication outlet actually but I just feel it has lost that sense of human touch.

I come to know friends who are attached and I only realise it when I log in to Facebook. Not that I mind, not that it matters so much to me, but it has happened to me so many times. People whom you are somehow close, and hang out together for awhile, but because of job nature, people hardly meet, and then they have better chances of meeting other people when you are not around, and you are opened to more options and probably perhaps, slowly you will forget who and what you used to like. And then you move on to the readily available choices. Right?

Not that I really like or mind those who jumped into relationships during the week when I am not around, and then to found out myself through Facebook. I am left wondering, so.... feelings do fade over times huh? And it's so easily being replaced? No matter how much people claim their heart always skip a beat for you, no matter how much people claim how much they feel for you seem like a knot tied in the heart, no matter how much they claim the feeling for you is so breath-taking, somehow it can just change over the night.

But really, only to this point, I realise a lot of things don't work out and will never work out, if people never have the time to meet each other and talk proper, you find yourself detaching from the strong feeling you may use to have from certain people, and then to divert your attention and heartfelt feeling to the next new person who steps into your life. But hell I seriously understand. We are all human beings. Physical togetherness and communication play such huge important roles in relationships, and if you don't even have time for either one, be mindful that things will change, people will change and then you will wake up to a day of facts to realise that eh...actually those people who claim how much they like you how much they actually feel you have actually deteriorated, and people is getting over you.

I don't know what I am worrying for. I guess I am not. Hehe. Maybe that little tad of scare that people whom you care for, left you the last one to know everything, people whom you thought they sincerely do care for you, decided that the care they used to have for you have to be replaced and shift to someone else in their life now. And then you are left alone to update yourself with what's going through Facebook. Haha. I don't blame and I can't blame. I am guilty of that too. Arriving at every country, updating my Facebook status on my whereabouts, what's happening to me and who I have been missing. And sometimes I am wondering, who can live without Facebook? Haha....

Like what the fortune teller told me last time, I see it happening and happening all over again. It's a little hell load of scary, or should I always believe destiny and fate lie in my own hands?

My thoughts went wild again. But I tell you, my 6th sense is back. Really.

Love, from LAX gmt-7.

Monday, April 12, 2010






Saturday, April 10, 2010


Caught this movie over the midnight hours.
Love it. =)


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

window period

Hi! How's everyone doing? Not in the best of my time now. Crazy huge pimple that pops out on my "almost flawless" (*laugh*) cheek during my tokyo-los angeles trip, and it's still happily sticking with me right now and refuses to go away. Work hasn't been exactly that smooth, pretty much lately actually. I growing fatter and fatter, and when I always say I want to exercise and diet, I always give in to temptation. And I have not so helpful family and friends keep feeding me with food, probably they are thinking there might be a war soon and if I don't eat I may just starve to death and look so not pretty. I am already so not pretty now, with a pimple on the face, and a butt that takes up 2 seats. Okay. Please let me sound a little exaggerating can? *pout out tongue & roll eyes*

People whom I haven't spoken to for years can suddenly call me, and me, being so paranoid and realistic, the first I ask was "eh you wanna sell me insurance huh....haven't talk to you for so long and now you suddenly call me." He said..."I know I sound like an insurance agent but I am not la...I am an auditor okay...Just wanna meet you and catch up." I am like....oh so thinking...after so many years from poly days? Haha. Probably it's time to meet the unexpected. =)

Mandy so enlightened me about the "window period" thing. I think I won't have realised it until she said. Maybe some people may think we should decide our own fate. But frankly, I do believe everything has a time frame. It's an unspoken rule for everything in your life including the people that crossed path your destiny. After the window period, we will be back to square one again, and something else will come along and create another window period with you. There's a lot decisions making during these so called window periods. Cos you know once you pass the deadline, it's over. You missed it, it may be kind of hard to pull back that string of chemistry. So still part of it you are actually still creating your own fate, just in a given time frame. Fair enough? I guess so. We should all move away from those expired window periods, and stop even being that little bit of hopefulness for the slightest chance to extent the periods.

Off to paris tonight. Just in time to be back on friday and to savour the weekend offs.


Saturday, April 03, 2010


There are times when everything seems to be so wrong, putting you in jeopardizing position. You sigh more than you smile. Even when you do pull your lip muscles so that they create an illusion of happy sign, you come to a point to even doubt yourself about the amount of genuine contentment in it.

How much to shallow, how much to tolerate?

Tighten my jaws. And tell myself...

Embrace...and Be Strong.!


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shinjuku love~

Been eating and eating and eating, and then still eating right now, typing away this entry (*duh*) like non stop for the past few days. Indulge myself with a lot of carbo, meat and ice cream (even during work), and then to feel guilty, thinking I must have put on at least 5kg, with a protruding tummy, flabby arms and thunder thighs, and yet still eating away. *shake head*

Anyway, can't wait to be home soon.

Shinjuku love~