Sunday, October 31, 2010

How was your Halloween? Mine was peaceful and quiet, with the company of a few close friends. No disturb, no crazy crowds, but relax moments over a few beers, finger foods and supper. Life has been kind to me so far. Maybe not the best, but I am happy enough. I will just take things as they come my way. The goods and the negatives, I welcome them all. I will grow out of them somehow. I look forward to November. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was Minnie for a night. ;p

Going for dim sum at Taste Paradise later. I hope they serve good food, if not someone said he's going to make me pay for everyone. *laugh*

Have a great day. Happy working, happy studying, happy doing whatever you do at where ever you are. Love ya all. (=

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what happened in los angeles and tokyo.

Hey.. How's everybody?

I had quite a fruitful trip.
I caught 2 movies in Los Angeles. Paranormal Activity 2 and Jackass. Then a friend drove us to the Korean town in LAX for shabu shabu dinner, and then to this nice pub at Malibu beach for drinks. Sipping cocktails, overlooking the light waves of the beach, was simply breath-taking. If only I was there with the loved ones, it so gonna be drop death romantic. :P I heard there are plenty of other interesting restaurants and pubs at the other sides of beach that overlook the sea. I am so excited. *grin*

Then I went to Disneysea in Tokyo. What can I say? Disneyland always make people happy, make me happy. Like the saying, it's a place where dreams come true. :) And I can't wait to go back again. Hehe..

Talk more later. I will be right back home after midnight later. So take care all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

15hours away

Every time when I wanted to write, by the time I returned to my room I got so freaking tired to fully write the journal. Here am I in good morning Los Angeles and leaving for Tokyo later. I promise for more details when I reach Japan. :)

Too much thoughts, some unnecessary(maybe), but I guess everyone has to move on somehow one day. He might not be the person you thought who he is. Or she might not be the person you thought who she is. Time somehow locks in everything. Only when feelings and people begin to change, then you start to wonder why the lost all of a sudden feels important?

Okay I want to go eat my cereal & milk now, then slowly getting ready for work. I wish everyone has a new and better week ahead. Love ya all! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Monday, October 18, 2010

the weekend

Was back on Friday after a 8days work trip and I met the girlies for hawker food and drinks. :)

Then it was MICHELLE's HEN NIGHT on Saturday! We had so much of fun. Dinner at Outback Steakhouse (OMG, the fried mushrooms are damn yummylicious!), drinking champagne and wine in the room (we booked a room at PAN PACIFIC, and it overlooks marina bay sands, the fullerton and the view is simply breath-taking!), party at PUMP room till 5 in the morning, did lots of stupid stuffs, drank and drunk and danced and laughed and ended the night with MACDONALDs supper before we slept.

Then I came home on the Sunday afternoon, had a quick shower, changed and met XIUXIU for a little catch up, over her shoes-shopping and desserts and sushi.

Came back home in the evening to nap and met a few batchies at ICE COLD BEER in the night for the usual, BEER, PIZZA and my all time favorite CHICKEN WINGS! And we ended the session with congee supper at CHINATOWN. Now I am still super stuffed and bloated with all the junks and beer I put into my body. I still have 2 more off days before heading off for another long work trip again. Love the time in Singapore, just catching up with people you deem important. However, everyone is so busy, it can get a little tough to arrange an idealistic time to meet up with one aonther. *smirks*
Okay... So...
Good night, I wish all of you happiness and feel loved all the times! =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a toast

How's everyone? It has been really a long week. Finally heading back home later, with 4 off days. *yay!* *stick out tongue* I have been stuck in the bed for hours and hours, slept a lot, watched drama, surf the net, blogs surfing, eat and eat, drink my coffee and more coffee, (and I could still sleep like a pig!), ignoring phone calls that kept bugging me. They were having a party last night, and all drunk, I rather stayed indoor in my OWN room, and be a loner. (=

Suddenly, like really all of a sudden, I said "thank goodness to myself" that it wasn't me in the end after all. I couldn't believe I used to yell and cry and beg, and I can be the cow or horse or anything, as long as everything else remains, as long as we can still be together, I can forgo my pride, and the ultimate, I can also forgo my worth. But today, just today, having reading through what someone else is currently going through on behalf of me, I can't help it but to say I am so lucky I left. I hope whoever is out there, you will find your peace and a way out, to your much deserved happiness. :)

I am selfish. I wish you happiness, but I wish I will be happier than you. :) A toast to you, a toast to myself, and a toast to my future, a toast to the man of my future. Maybe you are near, maybe I haven't met you yet, but it all doesn't matter. I know it will be much better than the past and the now. =)

Alright, I need to get my ass out of the bed and go for a shower.
Bye all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tory Burch

I love Tory Burch. (=

Bought 2 pairs at great price when I was at Woodbury yesterday. YES! I resorted to temptation and went to the premium factory outlet. Never regret though, with all the shopping loots which were dying to kill....=p

Bye bye Big Apple in a few hours time. Before that I need to mask my super dry face and take a short nap before leaving. So take care all! *winkz*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday was a much fulfilling day. Had a group lunch together, to the village for yogurt, came back for reading and an hour of gym workout. Then batchgirl pammy came over and we talked for hours! More to write but I need to go. I am heading to the Big Apple now. So till then. Bye! (=

Saturday, October 09, 2010

chain of repeating cycles

Whisky, beer, music, crazy laughter, smokes, bad rhythm dancing. And this is only the first sector. Do you remember me saying how taboo Frankfurt New York the flight can be? It feels like a chain of repeating cycles. I barely slept for a few hours and I am up and awake now, very the hungry, but luckily I have my all time favorite strawberry pocky. ;p And I am into the 2nd packet now, continuously, happily eating. Hehehe... *cheeky grin*

Lunch session with the whole set of crew later, plus the "gold tie policeman". Not a compulsory lunch together, but then, we still have 3 more sectors to go, can don't go meh? Better show face for at least one gathering ah, maybe at the end of the flight, you get a beautiful check report. *laugh out loud X 3*... But then, as if I really care. Ha. I miss the pasta though. Can't wait. ;)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Am trying to sleep, badly. Have to wake up in a couple of hours time for work. Just a random thought before bed, why are some things seem the same yet different, seem different but yet the same? It's such a contradicting thought. Like for example, we talked earlier about losing faith, the vicious cycles and never endless disagreements, and yet we could pretend like nothing ever happen, and still joked & laughed together. Are we all covering up the history, thinking happiness is just as easy? Just a clueless thought. Lol.

I can't help it but to feel the sudden disappointment in myself.
How can I do better?
How can I be a better person?
How can I convince myself?


Did I show you my new cap from Moscow? Not a fan of Russia and I never like it, but I love caps. They work like miracles especially on days when I have bad-hair-days, makeup-less face, or when I am just simply too lazy to dress up. *grin*

Am constantly feeling fatigue and sleep never seem to be enough. These few days had been spent meeting up over dinner with a long time no see school friend (someone I couldn't imagine how can I even ever have a crush on him when I was in school? maybe I was young, naive and ignorant. lol..), buying hens-night party accessories, going supper, catching up on some girlies session over sushi, tea and cakes. I really have to apologise to some whom I don't have time to meet or talk to them. I am really sorry. Off days are tight and there are so many priorities. Not that those whom I didn't get to meet aren't of any importance, just that there are just so many things to do, errands to run, and people I wish to see. Till I am back from Frankfurt and the Big Apple. I will have quite a few days in town before I am off to work again.

Over coffee, dinner, supper, alcohol or anything. Plenty. =) We will have fun. =)

Good night, loves. (:

Monday, October 04, 2010

Red Square

I had a full breakfast today, then I headed to the Red Square on a freezing Sunday morning. Was hard embracing the cold, trying to snap shot pictures. Saw the ugly side of human beings. People cut our queue when we were lining up to go into the mausoleum to see the body of Lenin. Had the worst KFC ever and that made me miss my Zinger in Singapore. Hehe.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

dme gmt+4

How's your weekend? I am spending mine in Moscow. It has been almost 2 years since I last came. The weather is very cold, very much like what I was anticipating. I took a nice slow scroll earlier on in the evening to have dinner. The food wasn't exactly fantastic. I think my Frankfurt pasta could have tasted so much better. But the desserts thereafter the meal were quite a taste bug stealer. Like a small girl again, I was delighted putting all the sweet stuffs into my mouth. Heh. Life should be such, isn't it? Be happy even at the slightest thing, you will eventually find yourself a much much much blessed person. =)

I will be enjoying my Sunday. I hope you will too. :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Donnie Yen

I caught "Legend of the fist:The Return of Chen Zhen" last night. Pretty exciting, lots of fighting scenes, blood, screams, plus Donnie Yen's superb kungfu skills. Hehe..

Was having this conversation with best friend evie, and I can't help to agree with her that mos guys out there have more than 1 target at a time, and they will just keep moving on until one responds. Talking about the only one huh? Hah. Then again, she said girls also have to do their parts. If they keep shying away, and not try out anything, in the end they are at the losing ends. Oh evie, you have grown and changed! Hehe.

I am heading to Moscow tonight. Enjoy the Friday night people. Party hard, or have some quiet moments over good food and wine with your loved ones. (=



Hello! How's everybody? Everyone seems to be very busy with either work, school, assignments, wedding preparations, holidays and what else? Probably everything except taking a break for own self. :)

Ever wonder whenever we are racing with time, too engrossed and preoccupied by what we deem are important at that very moment, we may miss out the small little things in life which could have been important, and somehow they may just eventually lost their identities in our future because we missed them? I am also guilty of that, very often.

Take a breather everyone. I know life is competitive and all of us are working very hard towards a better future. But just take a moment of your time to reshuffle your thoughts, show your cool, manage your time, give yourself a pat on the shoulders and say well done, and go hug those who matter. Most of us are so shy and very afraid to show our affection. But don't. Go hug your family, your good friends, your loved ones. No matter how tough the life can be, how difficult and rough patch anyone of you are going through, a hug soothes your worries away. :)

I just did a Manila nightstop with Aaron and we had so much fun. We ordered room service, laughed over lame jokes, till we were both left with minimal hours of sleep. Lol.

Tuna melt...

Nasi goreng...

We have soup and baked apple pie too...

And Aaron cam-whoring. Haha..

Alright, good night everybody. I hope you find your way to love tonight. :)