Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was having this msn conversation with a long time no see friend from school days....
And it went....

JaSoN says:
unfounded rumour

*princess belle* says:
we so long nv meet
still can hear rumour abt me

JaSoN says:
i wanted to meet....
i even cut my hair
style nicely
wear my best shirt
but someone told me she is tired

*princess belle* says:
dont rubbish la you
but really...
has been so many yrs

JaSoN says:

I miss school days, like seriously. (:

I had a short work trip to sydney, came back, slept like a pig, eat like a glutton, but I managed to catch up a tiny bit with friends, spreading my love and care around. *laugh*
Been busy, flying and flying, if not sleeping and sleeping, eating and eating, I feel very mentally and physically drained actually. I don't know where to begin to make changes, I have no idea what else do I expect out from myself and others. If life is a game, how many chances do we get to game over?
It has been a long while. It's time to stop walking alone, somehow. It's good to be independent, but it's almost time to learn to rely on somebody. I hearsay from a good friend say so. I so agree. Hehe..

Have a blessed life everyone. No matter what path you have chosen, just remember it's always a faith created, and you have a fate following you. =)


Saturday, September 25, 2010


All these huge and dark coloured grapes are very in season now in Tokyo. I bought a box back, and I so wanna share the joy with friends but there was barely enough time to meet up with everyone. I will be in Sydney over the weekend, but am still quite delighted to see names of certain people whom I have always wanted to meet. So it's not too bad afterall. Hehe.. =p

I will be back on Monday afternoon. I so wanna to be around. I have Royce chocolate to share too. Chestnut flavour, I am sure you can't find it in Singapore right? *claps and grins* kekeke..

Oh and did I mention Chris Daughtry and his band was on my flight yesterday? All super nice people. And Mariah Carey is coming to Singapore today. Why didn't she come together with Chris and people? *lol* All here for the races. It should be fun. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy F1, enjoy the good company of all your loved ones!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As the saying goes, "time, once lost, can never be regained." Opportunities, people, choices. And many often, we would still say, "if only...". That's quite a laugh isn't it? Be realistic a bit, face up to what's yours and understand that there are some things that just can never meant to be yours. Even in your dreams you dreamt it's yours, it somehow feels too superficial and too good to be true. So let's be more practical. :)

It was a hot and sunny day. I travelled a lot. To Shinjuku for lunch, Asakusa temple, Shibuya, Harajuku, back to Shinjuku. Then it was dinner and supermarketing, and late night suppering at Denny's. I was barely in the room and I can count the number of hours I get to lie down on the bed. *lol*

Right. I will be back home soon. Happy festive everyone. They don't celebrate here in Japan. I want my mooncakes! *roar* Hehe..

Take care all! =)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deja Vu

My dreams are signs, and the signs become reality. Deja Vu. I wish I can write more but I am setting off to work. Heading back to Tokyo and this time to the city! =p
So till then.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

lax gmt-7

I always like the tv programs in states. Plenty of movies and cartoons. Was watching sex and the city(I have watched it like for the 3rd time?), and am now watching love happens(yea I caught it in the cinema too but it was quite a total love. Hehe.. =)

My crazy loots when I was nightstopping in narita. Looks like there's a lot, but actually it was okay, to my standard. *cheeky grin*

Hello kitty, pink and girly. I know I am quite a little too old to fancy all those little young girls' sweet obsession but I just couldn't resist. :p

Stickers make me happy! =D

Dove facial foamy bubble wash, which many claim to be very good. I don't know. I love to experience new products and plus it's not expensive at all. So worth my time and pocket to explore that mystery. Heh...

Jill Stuart magazine. I so love their cosmetics and packaging. They are so pretty.

The best part, the makeup pouch that comes with the magazine.

Went to the supermarket after dinner just now. By the way, it's Los Angeles. I had flown. :)

I love my bling bling sandals that I wore for dinner today...

Dinner at seafood port. The portions were tremendously huge!

Have a great Sunday everybody. It's 15hours behind in Los Angeles. I am heading to bed. Waking up later for brunch, shopping, bookstore, starbucks and pinkberry. It all sounds like a plan! Hehe.. Love ya all.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello! How's everyone doing? I am leaving for Tokyo-Los Angeles later, for a good 8days. Off days don't seem to be enough. I have never endless of errands to run, the necessary and the not-so-necessary *haha*, people I haven't met for hundredth year and I still couldn't find time to see them, leave for 2011 yet to ballot, room yet to revamp, and there seems to be thousand and one things on my mind, and sometimes I can just get lost like, so where should I start? *laugh*

Having to recall, I think I am quite bad with human relationships. The coming back home with a different heartbeat thingy that complicated everything that followed and things ended up to the ugly side, then a friend changed to my leave slot and I failed to fulfill whatever I was expected, though it wasn't officially spoken, I know the friend was disappointed. And there is this wedding of a childhood cum secondary school good friend, I have to shift my upcoming leave so that I can be around to be the sister to help out for the wedding. A girl friend has the same leave as me and I pretty much feel she was upset that I have to change the leave away for another friend's wedding. I was weighing the importance, and I really won't want to miss that important day of my good friend. I am hoping the girl friend can understand but it just seems like things aren't that easy to resolve. And last but not the least, the vicious cycle that never fails to haunt me and a friend. I think there must be a curse being spelled on us. Like seriously! Haven't gone through so much commotion with a friend before, even when we didn't meet up for very long, the curse seems to be working and acting even stronger, affecting every little bit of us. p/s: i know you are reading, :)

Like what I was being perceived, me getting on people's nerves, unknowingly, me failing to appreciate the thoughts and efforts people made, me, being too "me", messing up people's life. Maybe many people are already questioning my characters, sizing me up as a person. And to be frank, sometimes I am even doubtful of myself. Perhaps I am just not sensitive enough to people's feelings. Perhaps I am too reliant on expectations, expectations and more expectations. Perhaps it isn't that much of expectations on others, it's more on excuses for myself to stop getting what I shouldn't deserve.

At this point of time, I think I still fail at being who I am. I am not what people deem I am. It always seems like many people don't meet and come up with my expectations, but it's only today then I suddenly realise I actually did worse than them. I failed. I didn't meet people's expectations for a greater length, and just when I thought people disappoint me, I actually disappoint people even more, or rather all the times.

Life is such, huh.
Good night, till Narita.=)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Laze in Mumbai

Had breakfast earlier on at the hotel's restaurant. And here I am almost dozing off, for the umpteen times while reading my book. Leaving Mumbai tonight. Still have some time left to laze, which is good for a bum like me. Hehe. Bumped into friends, worked with acquaintances whom I have never met for quite long, everyone has a house or rather enough money to buy a house. I want my own place too. Suddenly it all seems a house is such a wiser investment than the yearly depreciating car. Ditch the car? But I can't help having 2nd thoughts. Haha. I am such a fickle. In matters in life, in stuffs I need to deal with, in decisions I have to make, in all my personal relationships with people.

He said....stop buying all the BIG brands yolene!

I smiled, guilty and said..."orh". :p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off to Bom

Was talking to Alex yesterday during the journey to Kanch's wedding.
"Hey I saw your XXX at taka that day and he's like fatter now!"

I laughed it off.

I was very much hoping he say I am slimmer but he didn't. Hai. Sigh.. Haha...
The only thing he said was..."Yolene you used to be very demure lei...why now"
*smack forehead" Ha.

Anyway anyway....

Good to see one of my favorite batch boys again. Always disappear, but still looking so good. Alex hor? Lol...

Off to Bombay. Will be back 2days later.

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful start of the week tomorrow!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

crazy night

It was another fun, memorable and crazy night with the GIRLS, but without teacher evie again. Miss ng, you owe us like 100times of dates already!

And I truly believe in window periods now, like totally. It's all surfacing and I can't help it but to exclaim how selfish human beings can be, and it somehow includes myself.

Everything else is ordinary, and it just needs that tiny move to step forward to make everything else becomes extraordinary. And that tiny move is always the toughest and all you ever want is nothing but pure courage.
Good night, world. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

crazy long day

I had a crazy long day at work. How about you? And the best gift now is sleep. :)

It had been quite awhile since I developed my fisheye photos. Gonna do it very soon again, and will share the nicer ones with everyone. If any. Heh.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

still away

Still away on a work trip. Am doing very well. Been eating A LOT! Haha. I don't have much thoughts these days. All dried up maybe. *laugh* SOooo I gonna stop here. I will catch all of you when I am back ok?

Love! :)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

coping well

Back from Frankfurt this morning and I am off to London next morning again. Work is packed, but I am coping well. Trying very much to keep myself healthy by drinking more water, taking more vegetables and fruits, vitamin C and not forgetting my gym regime and my precious deprived beauty sleep. Kind of looking forward to the off days and short flight after London. It's just time for a break in between. :p

Been having weird dreams. Like really WEIRD dreams. Dreams that aren't supposed to belong to me but I kept dreaming about them. Am I actually been thinking about it all along in the another part of me? Images that haunted and they all just seemed like yesterday. Seriously, I don't understand. It's just....WEIRD.

Have been raining badly since morning but I am perspiring like I am in a sauna. Going for another shower then head myself to bed. Long tiring day ahead tomorrow. Will be back on Thursday afternoon. So, take care all~ =)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dozed off, with drama still playing on my lappy, the eaten yogurt cup at the side of the bed, and books on the floor. (I must have kicked them!) Just had a proper good night's shower. Time for a proper sleep!:)


stress and time management

I have just came to a different realisation all of a sudden, that many people have poor stress and time management, and more often or not, including myself. But YET, I get very turned-off when I witness people sinking into the pool of stress and frustration, and indirectly affected and messed up the whole planned time tables of theirs. Maybe people just take things for granted. Maybe people just can't be bothered. Maybe they just can't weigh the importance.

HA. It so seems like a whole new aspect of enlightenment. Lol. I am throwing away any unnecessary stress and thoughts that are bothering me. I am getting old and lazy nowadays. Too much stress will cause wrinkles and lines on my face. Maybe by then SKII can't even save me. Haha.. As for time, don't you think god is fair actually? He gives the same 24hours a day to everyone. Just that all of us have different agendas and different issues to handle everyday. I was on the treadmill just now, listening to my music, pacing my steps and it just suddenly brought to me that 30minutes away from everything, just concentrating on finishing my jog is so fulfilling. And it always seems after some exercises, I have a clearer mind. I am no longer angry at people who upset me. I am no longer hurt by people who have hurt me. Instead of all the negative feelings, why not I deviate them to things and people who will bring me positive feelings?

You see, I feel even greater writing this entry. I am smiling. =) All of a sudden, nothing else matters anymore. People can choose to leave. People can choose to stay. I won't accommodate and I won't allow myself to jeopardise further. It's enough. :)

Yolene deserves better. :)

Yay! Haha..

Friday, September 03, 2010


Looks like everybody is in Frankfurt. The wanted, the unwanted, the desired, the undesired. And it seems like I can't have a plan before hand what I wanna do, where I wanna go and especially who I wanna meet. It's all mixed up, stirring up a little drama, and it all ended up with different stories from what I expected. Well, I think I still have a long way to go, to learn to take and accept things as they are, and not to brood over any unnecessary thoughts. I will I guess. =)

Dinner time! Favorite fried been hoon with crispy chix and my online drama!

xoxo. =)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

new month

It's the beginning of a new month. I wish everyone out there, has a complete mind, clear soul and healthy body. Despite all the challenges and tasks thrown at us, let's embrace them, trust god and most importantly, trust ourselves, that we will eventually overcome everything, and ride above the victory. :)