Thursday, March 29, 2007


Went ktv with bf last night. So happy to see him again. Meeting up with him is something that I always look forward to whenever I come back from a flight. *BIG BIG GRIN* It did feel a little stressed to sing with a superstar. Haha. But it's ok. Superstar is my bf. I don't know why I heart him so much. *BEAM*

Off to london tonight. Will be back on monday's 2pm. & jolin's concert is next saturday! *YEY*

thinking of you...always...=)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i really work hard

I think I really work hard for this sydney flight, both sectors to & fro. Time rushing, full passengers load, unlimited passengers' ad-hoc requests & there were 2 trainee stewardesses onboard & I was the mentor for one of them. I had to guide her along, teach her the work duties & stuffs, & I had to give her grading & write comments about her performance on her report card. I felt pretty senior on these flights because there were quite a few crew who were around my time & a few who were like slightly more junior than me. Hehe. I kind of like it. Clicked pretty well with them.

Oh ya. & there was this pretty cute passenger who wanna make friend with me during the flight back to singapore. Haha. =P

Some random photos..... =)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I think I never.......

NATAS wasn't that fantastic afterall. We didn't get any deal. Travelling in July, probably it's a little too early to settle everything now. NATAS only offers deals till end of June. Had nice japanese food & dessert for dinner & after-dinner. I was home like 11. That was considered very unusual early for me especially when I was out with him. He had to meet his colleagues for drinks at Clark Quay after that. I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up. All because of him. I was so worried for him that he hadn't returned home at such late hours & he got to work like this morning. Anyway, he is safe. That's what I wanna know.

I think I never like someone so much before.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I watched TMNT yesterday. It was not too bad. It's pretty much a boy's movie. Bf loves it though. Met up with Justin yesterday. It feels really good to see him again but poor boy, he lost so much weight. I really wish I can donate my fats to him. I can be very generous about that. Haha. We shopped around, chatted(we seemed to have lots to catch up. he called me earlier on before meeting up & we like had so much to talk about.heh.), then we had some nice tea and cakes before goodbye. Took some pictures together too. *BEAM*

Then met Emily awhile to pass her notes & to have dinner together. After that we went Famous Amos together, bought some cookies for Bf & headed down to suntec to meet Bf. Bumped into friends along the way.

I'm going Sydney tmr's night. There goes my one week of leave. Time to get back to work & earn myself some money. *GRIN*

Oh ya, we had a small gathering at one of my batchgirl's place on Thursday. It's pretty fun! Heh.

Going NATAS later! *YEY*

Thursday, March 22, 2007


So........met up with emily on monday for steamboat dinner, lydia & jermaine on tuesday for lunch, movie, coffee & lots of catching up, wednesday supposed to go dentist but was cancelled in the end & xavier asked me out for dinner & coffee, but oh well, we had changed it to another day, night time i went jogging with bf at east coast park, you must be thinking that's so crazy, yeah, it was my first time to jog at this hour, we jogged from 11plus to 12 plus past midnight, what do you think? then we went 7-11 to get some h20 & home sweet home, i showered, online & slept till now, going to a batchgirl's house later, she just got married not too long ago & yeah, we were invited, shall update more tonight or something.

you are like my dream come true but am i your dream?


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Friendster Horoscope for March 21, 2007

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The Bottom Line
Not all illusions are false -- sometimes they're a sneak preview of what's to come!

In Detail
Not all illusions are false -- sometimes they are just sneak previews of what is to come! It's time to see the glass of water as half full, and make the choice to hope for the best. The conclusion of what is coming to pass over the next few days is still unknown, so why not choose to believe that everything will work out just fine? Visualize the best-case scenario. You won't be fooling yourself -- you'll just be setting the stage for a very happy ending.

I wish I can.

Sometimes I feel that my bf doesn't know how much I love him. Maybe like what some people had told me, I love him more than he loves me.


I wish I can prove this statement wrong.

Seriously. I wish I can.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Music & Lyrics

I love this movie. I love the music. I love the lyrics. I love the songs. *thumbs up*

Way Back Into Love.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Came back from perth on friday's afternoon & since then, I haven really had a good rest. I went to a lot of places, seemed to have accomplished MANY tasks cos I did like MANY things in just a day or two. 1st it was the CLEO's thingy, supper, overnight, lunch, jeremy's place, dinner, drinks, cards & games, & eventually home sweet home. I miss my bed though. It feels good to be able to fall asleep immediately once I hop on to my bed. *BEAM*

never compare because everyone is different.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I swear.....

I swear I have had enough of japanese food. I had japanese food at auckland & had genki sushi with him when I came back on monday. I need a short break-away from the jappy. Hehe...

Caught 300. It was rather good. Love the animation & most importantly, i love the one watching with me. Heh.

Haven been taking much photos overseas for the past few trips. Haven really go sightseeing & stuffs & haven really go to new places.

I met up with emily yesterday & we had whole lots of fun. Eat. Shop. Take photos. Eat again. Drink. Chatting non-stop. *BEAM*

Then met him again after meeting emily. Took the VIP invite from him, then had supper & we went loyang. Then it was home sweet home. I wanna spend more time with him when I'm on leave. By the way, I will be on leave from 17-24mar. Date me out ok? I'm flying off to perth tonight. Will be back on friday 1plus noon. I can't wait to come back! Yey! =P

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Thanks GIRLs for the pretty little dress. (you know who you are.) I love dresses. *heheeehe*

I think I'm sucha sweet gf. Not trying to boast but you know.... it's true. *lol*

Oh yes. I am sweet. & you better be sweeter. =P

Yey! Paxing back tonight. Don't need to work. Can sleep & watch movies onboard! Yeyyey! =D

Will be back on monday's early morning. Bye bye!


Friday, March 09, 2007

It's never easy

When 2 persons meet, then they fall in love & create a beautiful fairytale together. It's such a sweet thing, isn't it?

What keeps 2 persons together? I think is love. Or at least it's love in the first place.

To fall in love & stay in love, forever, is the hardest.

It's never easy to be an understanding gf. When bf has no time to spend with gf, gf has to be understanding & all, understands that bf has to work & all & other committments. But what about the gf? Gf needs an understanding bf too but bf never thinks as much.

It's never easy to be a gf who trusts her bf completely. Why? Cos gf loves bf. Gf is afraid of losing the bf. Especially when we are in a world of temptations.

It's never easy to be a gf who always places bf as her 1st priority. Bf doesn't do that. Bf has much more committments, dreams & goals to reach. Bf feels he has better things to do. Bf still loves gf but gf is never his 1st priority.

It's never easy to be a gf who is always giving & thinking of ways to make bf happy. Gf needs receiving too. Gf loves to be pampered. Gf loves to be constantly reminded by bf that he loves her, he cares for her, he misses her & he needs her.

It's never easy to be the gf of my bf. But what to do? I have chosen to love this man..

Everyone has different expections for a relationship. I think I'm someone who needs more attention. I'm already playing my part, at my very best. I guess I'm greedy. I just need those extras.

Just some random thoughts.

Think I'm falling sick soon. Blocked nose, slight flu & headache. It's kind of irritating. Grrrr.....

Auckland tmr........

By the way, I have cleared my flying probation today! Congrats to all 872 batchies!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

"It's not always rainbows & butterflies."

Right. I'm back. =)

Sidetrack a little. Something not related. Frankly, I don't really care or bother if anyone does read my blog. I'm so used to registering my happenings, thoughts & feelings online & a blog is actually just an outlet for me to rave & rant. I blog for the sake of blogging because I need to. Don't know. It has became kind of a habit to me.

Nothing major happens. It's just random thought that sudden pop out fr my mind so I thought I need to write it down somewhere. Hehe.

I miss my retail therapy. Haven been shopping much ever since I came back from states. (though i just bought a zara dress last week as my bday's pressie for myself. I need to pamper myself too right? *winks*

Something meaningful. I saw this tag from a friend's msn. "It's not always rainbows & butterflies." Love it. Heh.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Shanghai is like so freaking cold. 1 degree? 2 degree? i think so. It's around there. Brrrr....

Just check my new roster. Not that fantastic. As usual. Really wonder what's up with the planning department. *sigh* But good thing I'm coming back from Beijing on 7Apr 6plus morning. Earlier on was trying very hard to apply leave on that day but they didn't approve. Good thing come back morning & the following day I'm off too! Hehe. I'm watching Jolin's concert on 7Apr! Yey! Ok la. Not that I'm a fan of her. But you know, I go because he is going. =)

Yay yay! Will be back tmr's early morning. Shall go take a short nap now. Gonna fly later! Cya!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday, tuesday.....

I was called up to do a hanoi turnaround on sunday. Long day manz. Celebrated lynn's birthday on saturday. We had sushi tei for dinner & mac for dessert. Hehe. Before meeting the girls, I went bugis & orchard. Didn't manage to catch him at the bugis's showcase but did manage to see & talk to him awhile. Poor boy, he had to work nightshift for the past 2 days. Then went orchard to collect my lappy, met a friend for coffee & cheesecake before heading down to serangoon gardens to meet the girls. It was pouring really heavily then.

So monday was my off day. I slept, eat, packed my stuffs, watched tv, painted my nails, read my books & magazines & met him. We realised sometimes we really don't know where to go & you know how small singapore is. Been here, been there, done that & stuffs. So we decided maybe we should just go each other's place. Save money & it's a whole lot comfy. =)

Flying to shanghai later in the afternoon. Will be back by thursday's early morning.

Till then. Muacks! =)

*at the end of the day, i still come back to you. awww.*

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I wanna thanks all friends & loved ones for their warm wishes & lovely thoughts. I am a year older but a year wiser, prettier, happier & richer! (i hope!. hehe. )

I have been eating japanese food for the past one week or more. I admit I do love japanese food but is it a little too much? & I'm eating again tonight. Alright. Japanese food is nice. Haha.

KL 4-sectors yesterday was tiring & draggy. Met this funny steward onboard & we clicked pretty well. You know it feels good to work with people whom you can get along.

Caught "Pursuit of Happiness" last night with him, his 2 good friends & their gfs. Was soOooo sleepy & tired after the movie. Reached home at 3plus. Washed my face & brushed my teeth & fell asleep straight away.

I love you girls. Thanks evie for the handmade poster! *grin*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm a happy girl. =)

Let's see what happened for the recent few days.

I remember.....

I slept a lot on monday but it was never enough. *grin*

I accidentally spilled water on my laptop & there it went. It's not functioning very well now. How clumpsy can I be. *roar*

Then on monday's late night met him & we went amk mac to slack.

On tuesday, I did a hkg turnaround. It was pretty tiring. After work at 10plus at night, dad came to pick me up. On my fone & saw bf's smses. He asked me to faster go back home to change cos we were going out. It was really rushed by I still managed to get ready by 12. Wait for him to come pick me up, then we headed to hg's blk401 for supper, went 7-11 to buy some stuffs & he brought me to this nice place near clark quay.

It was a really lovely surprise. I love the place. I love the cakes. I love the watch. I love the thought. Most importantly, I love him. =)

I'm pretty much okay now. I know I'm weird. But you know which girl doesn't behave like that once in awhile?

Yesterday we went to a lot of places too. Brought him to this nice japanese restaurant at vivo to have nice jappy food. Caught dreamgirls. Walked around. Had some funny incidents along the way. *laughs* Had ramen for dinner & home sweet home. Was like out with him for almost 24hours.

I'm a happy girl. =)