Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday night!

Friday night is spent watching tv with mummy, eating home-cooked food, drinking lychee champagne with daddy, and talking to brothers about random stuffs. Was just complaining openly on Facebook that it's boring to stay home and have no date on a friday night. But no doubt spending time at home with family is more joyous than I expected. :)

Craving for movie dates, dinners and beaches, and probably wines too! Polling day tomorrow. Still don't know which tan to vote. Okay, have a great weekend everyone!

May all of you be blessed with love, happiness and more happiness! =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back from Athens & Off to Dubai next

Athens is beautiful. And I am pretty much looking forward to explore the islands with him next year. Rather excited if you want to say so. Hehe...

Been hanging around with the same people, mostly girls. Haha... Lost the alluring energy I suppose. Maybe no new guys or existing guys are interested in knowing me better anymore. Lol. Oh well, with the occasionally whining and over whelming emotions, I am happy to be where I am now, to be with someone I deem the dearest to heart now.

I am scared too. Especially, when happiness and unhappiness all arise just become of one person. Sleepless nights when we ended the night with unhappy phone calls, cry alone in my room because the days apart grow longer and longer, (probably that sounds really silly and dumb. I am a 27 woman and yet I get so emotional when handling relationships. wake me up please...) Scared of being too needy...

Okay, please tell me I worried too much and I will continue to be bubbly and cheerful. :) Going Dubai for the next 5days. My bag is stored with a lot of food. Am ready to hibernate myself. Go to the gym, read my book (which I have been lacking for very long), and cook! =p Can't wait to come back. For the off days, election voting and the dearest one.

Life maybe isn't always a bed of roses, but I guess I have found that rose, that solely belongs to me, keeping me strong and hopeful for the future.
It's crazy, seriously.


Friday, August 19, 2011



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hate it especially when things weren't just as what you thought they would be.

Hate it when you were so looking forward in the beginning and then it just wrapped up in a way that you were disappointed once again.

Hate it when you have to go to bed like such.

Hate it, totally.

Friday, August 05, 2011


For once, I boldly dare to post picture of myself not putting a single bit of makeup on my face. All thanks to the man at the back, he always assures me that I still look pretty with or without colour. Haha... I know I may not look the best out there, but I definitely feel confident and happy just being myself, no mask on, no cover up, agreeing that sometimes flaws can be a beauty too, and most importantly, with him around to seal away my imperfection without any colour. =)

Heading to Seoul in a few hours time. Another 8days away. August is such a packed and busy month. Let's hope everything is good and I will come home in no time.

Meanwhile, please take care all! :p

Monday, August 01, 2011

Fra with batchgirls

Love doing flights with batchgirls, sharing pizza, pasta, spinach mushrooms and pork chop together. Having coffee and sinful desserts by the cafe, people watching and talking about random topics such as the best way to kill a flying mosquito. Lol... Eating takeaway chinese food in my room, sharing insightful advices about love, relationships and people of your life.

Gonna surf the net for awhile and then head to bed. Buying my new cargo bag later! And my favorite yogurtS! Hehe... Good night peeps! :p