Thursday, March 31, 2005



Haha... I also don't know how I got in. The story goes:
I was at NP's canteen 1 with Emily, just walked down from SIM after lecture. Then there was this group of people, 1 girl & 2 guys who approached us & said:"Hey! You girls are wearing so pretty & nice today! We shall not waste it. We are from Power98FM & currently we are having the "Search for Singapore's Sexiest Buns" 2005. Could you girls just pose & let us take a picture of 2?" Then we were like:"Ermmm..... Okie....." (Just take for fun also no harm right?) So we took. Then we were given free notebook, free pen & free Jennifer Lopez's poster. Seriously, I don't give those a damn. Especially the poster. Lol.

Then on Tuesday during my tuition with my 2 girls, someone from Power98FM gave me a call on my mobile & told me that I was selected for the finals. I was like: " Huh? Are you sure? Me?" Frankly speaking, I totally didn't remember about this competition until the person called me. He also asked for my jean's & top's sizes because there will be sponsors for the clothings that we are going to wear during the finals.

Initially, I was really in a dilemma to go for it or not but my family & my friends encouraged me to go try it out fun. Even if I don't win, treat it like an experience or just playing it for fun. Hmmm..... I don't know still. Hee. Anyway, if I am gng, I gotta reach at 2.30pm this coming sat (02-04-2005) at Cathay Cineleisure to get myself changed & stuffs. Haha. I shall see how. Do drop by. In case I am really there. Haha. Come there to support me. Bleah. =p

"You are my motivation to come for class everyday." - But who are you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pictures of my new hairdo

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Can't really see the combination of colours clearly from the pictures. So yeah. Meet me soon to check it out. Hahaha. ;p

Monday, March 28, 2005

New hairdo

I have a new hairdo! Went for a cut & colour at Funan Kimage today. The waiting part was super duper long cos my cutie stylist, Erwin was very busy. Can't be helped. He is just too popular. Too many people make appointments with him. Haha.

My hair is still long. Wanted to cut shorter but I couldn't bear to part with my long hair. Lol. Anyway, just had a trim, layers & shorten abit. But he seemed to have cut alot cos I saw alot of my hair dropping to the floor. But it wasn't that short afterall. Hee.

I think my hair has got 3 colours? 4 colours? Some hidden colours inside the hair. But overall the colours aren't too bright. Dark purple? Red? Light brown? Orange? Heh. Looks quite ok. Don't look like rainbow. Haha. They blend in quite well & I think the colours make my hair look healthier. -grin- I hope the colours won't fade & my hair won't qiao after washing. It's always lydat. Looks nice at the salon but looks otherwise when you wake up the next day. Haha. -pray pray- =p

Oh yeah. Gotta comment on Erwin. I think he is a really professional hair stylist. He did & attended my hair throughout for me & he was really meticulous in handling my hair. Thumbs up for him. Friendly & nice to chat to. You guys can try him out next time. -smile-

Gtg. Shall go do my work. Gd nite! =)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lancome Makeover Event

Image hosted by
Sexy Back 1

Image hosted by
Sexy Back 2

Image hosted by
Urban Cover Girl

Image hosted by
Lancome Babes 1

Image hosted by
Lancome Babes 2

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Settle down

Still in the mid of dng of my assignment. Hopefully I can finish everything by end of this week so that I can concentrate in dng other stuffs. Yes. Stuffs. ~winks~

Went to Causeway Point yesterday after lecture with Emily to catch a movie. Pooh's Heffalump Movie. I love roo! Haha. It's the 1 of the characters of the movie. A small kangeroo. So cuteEEeEee.... Hee. The whole movie is like only 1 hr & 10 min. The shortest movie that I have ever watched in a cinema. Haha. Well, the storyline is short, simple but sweet. =) But it's definitely not worth the money if you are gng to watch it on a weekend.

The entire cinema only had 5 people including us and a couple with a kid. Emily & I were actually sitting on the couple's seats. Romantic huh? Lol. We "smuggled" Delifrance sandwiches, KFC's lemonades, pineapple pies and cheese fries into the cinema. What a feast! Haha. =p

School is the same as usual. "Over friendly" lecturer who kept talking to me during break time. (ok ok. maybe to us. emily & I) Hah. & when I was about to sign my attendance after the lecture just now, i realised the box where I supposed to sign my name was written with small words in pencil. "Hi. Seeing you in class brightens my day!" Haha. I guess I know who. Unless there is another one. You never know. With my "mei li". Hai. Haha. Just kidding just kidding. Heh. Bleah~

My mum is presurising me. AGAIN. She wants me to find a bf fast. She says she is stressed that everybody is asking her why I'm not attached. I'm serious! Haha. Maybe I really need to settle down soon. :p

Sunday, March 20, 2005

To love or to be loved

To love or to be loved. Which one will you choose? Of course it is a bliss if you are being loved more than you love. It will be even more wonderful if you can love & to be loved back at the same time by the same person you wish he/she will be. However, how many of such cases can there be?

When you love someone, does that someone reciprocate your love? Or do you reciprocate love? Do I? Feelings, giving chances, creating opportunities, trying out & everything. I do ponder what it takes to start a relationship. Even now. Do you?

You don't like. You don't love. But you still want the same amount of attention. You get me? Maybe.

Haha. Nothing. Just has got an inspiration to discuss about this issue. Lalalalalalala....... Bleah.....=p

"Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me". - Samantha from Sex and The City



世界如果被残酷攻击 只要给我一个电话亭
把内裤当外衣 如果你能够开心 展开披风 带你飞行

谁赐予我这一身 无助的能力
神也不能阻挡 你想离开的心

为什么拯救地球 是那么容易
为什么束手无策啊 我和你的爱情
为什么我能飞天 也能够遁地
为什么我却没办法 长驱直入 你的心

曾经你赞美我手臂 逛街多能提 日日夜夜贴身保护你
最凶狠的怪兽 也不能与我为敌 那为何害怕你的泪滴

我给了我这一幕 难堪的结局
谁要这样超人 连自己也救不起

为什么拯救地球 是那么容易
为什么束手无策啊 我和你的爱情

为什么拯救地球 终于完美结局
为什么 我只能够 眼看着爱燃烧成 灰烬

世界如果被残酷攻击 谁来接手我的超能力

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I feel so lazy today. Wanted to go to the gym but I didn't in the end because I couldn't seem to drag myself out of my house. Haa. Haven't been going for weeks. Hmmm..... Never mind. Pilates tmr. Hee. Wanted to do my assignment but the progress was really slow. Grrrrr..... I don't care. Gonna think as I type them out later. Hopefully I can finish like 1/2 of it later. I wish. -ponder-

I didn't step out of my house today except driving out for dinner just now. You see..... I feel like a bum. Bad bad. I want to be more active. Yes. Active. =)

Met my "all time favourite" good friend (you know who you are like we always say. haha.) yesterday after school in Orchard for some catching up, meals, retail therapy, movie & gossips. Hee. Nothing interesting nor fantastic happened but the feeling of hanging out & doing things together with your good friend was great. Especially when we haven't been doing that for like sOoOoOo long. But I think we seldom did that too in the past. Right? Haha. Anyway, I'll look forward to more of such things with you. Heh. :)

We watched "Hitch" & it was really worth my $8.50. Hee. Hilarious & entertaining & Will Smith is pretty attractive too. In my opinion. -smile-

Oh ya. I didn't wish my dad happy birthday yesterday. Happpy birthday dad. But I doubt he will read my blog because he never does "interneting". Haa. -grin-

Awwww...... I missed my Lee Hom on Channel 5 just now. Was out for dinner. I hope there will be a repeat telecast. PleaseEeEe......

Yea yea. I guess that's all for today's entry. I shall go for a shower now & then back to my assignment again. I want to feel a little accomplished. At least a tiny-winy bit. Before I go to my dreamland. =p


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Those were the good old days.....

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I used to think that if I have a choice to choose my 3rd year specialisation again, I won't choose Tourism & Leisure Management. I would have probably chose Marketing instead. But come to think of it again now, I am glad that I had made the right choice. -smile- =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Time management

How good is your time management skills? I can't say mine is very good because sometimes I do come late for lectures, late for appointments, wasting precious time away doing something stupid or doing nothing at all in a day & blah blah blah. But when it comes to really serious & important matters, I always make sure that I am on time or even early. For example, exams. Haha. But hey, I'm trying hard now to manage my time properly so that I don't waste any more time & be able to get my things done more efficiently. =p

Went to the dental clinic this morning to cleanse my teeth. I made an appointment at 10am & the dentist only came at 11am. Hmmm......

Have you ever realise that some days you may feel that time passes really slow while some days you may feel that 24 hours a day is never enough? But however, for your information, time still remains the same anywhere in the universe! Ah-haa. The theory of time. :p

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Seriously I have no mood to blog. Just blog for the sake of blogging & keeping my blog updated for myself & people who are reading it. =)

My week was really normal. Nothing interesting happened & the week just past like that. Hmmm..... I am too lazy to elaborate on what I did this whole week because basically everyday everything every event was like too normal & too typical to type in here. Yup. Something like that. You get me? Haha.

Had dinner at Heeren Lemongrass Restaurant with my family yesterday. It was sort of a "celebration" for the be-early birthdays of my dad & youngest brother. The march babies! Hehe. The food was nice but the portions were very little. That is how they make money right? -grin-

Went for 2 hours of pilates sessions today. Shiok! I could really feel the workout. Something to be happy about. Haa. =p

Tests, assignment deadline & exams. They are all drawing so near! Gotta start planning my time & schedule & set down to study soon. Hmmm.......

I want to get my hair done soon too. I am like so bored of my present hairstyle. I am thinking to have it done at Gorgeous Salon (Far East Plaza) or Kimage Salon. Probably will have it done next week. (as in not this coming week) Cool. Then after that I can have my family photo taken with my new hairdo. Heh. Quite excited for the new outcome. Hope it won't disappoint me again. -smile-

My mask has been on my face for like more than an hour. Haha. Anyway, well, tmr is monday again......

I need you.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Forever Love

爱你 不是因为你的美而已 我越来越爱你
每个眼神触动我的心 因为你让我看见
Forever 才了解自己 未来这些日子
要好好珍惜 爱我 有些痛苦 有些不公平
如果真的爱我 不是理所当然的决定
感到你的呼吸在我耳边 像微风神奇
温柔的安抚 我的不安定
所以我~要 每天研究你的笑容 Ooh 多么自然

Forever love Forever love
从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由

爱情是场最美最远的旅行 沿途雨季泥泞
偶尔阻碍我们的前进 感到你的体温在我怀里
像阳光和煦 巧妙的融化 我的不安定 不可思议
证明我爱你的理由 Ooh 多么自然

你感动的眼睛 我沉默的声音 彷佛就是最好的证明
就让我在说一次 I love you oh (直到永远)

从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由
Forever Love

Friday, March 11, 2005

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Kids can be ADORABLE at times but HORRIBLE at times too. I couldn't stand my tuition kids just now during the tuition lesson. Super irritating. Especially the younger one. Grrrrr. I felt like giving her a tight slap. Come to think of it now, I still feel like whacking her. Spoilt brat. Frankly speaking, if I can & have the right to do so, I will. If kids are not taught & disciplined when they are still young, you can guess & see what kind of person they will grow up to be.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Just reached home shortly from school & I had just treated myself to an ice-cream again. Haha. Yum yum. Heh. Can't stand the weather manz. So hot & blasting. I desperately need something to cool me down. Lol. Hence, I bought an ice-cream to eat & walk my way home. Uh-huh. Ice-cream really does make some wonders. =)

Oh ya. I finally solved my cravings for MacDonald's breakfast already. Hee. I had Big Breakfast at KAP MacDonald this morning before gng for lecture. How satisfy. *grins*

Alright. I think I'm just too bored. Don't know what to do. Keke. Gng for tuition soon. Yup. Shall blog more tonight.

By the way, I think I love pilates more. =p


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Class gathering

Just had my shower awhile ago only. Don't feel like sleeping yet though I'm like real tired. Haha. Anyways, I reached home at around 2.10am. Had a really nice & pleasant outing with my primary school's friends. =)

Oh ya. I went for my 1st Yoga lesson at Amore earlier this morning. Pretty relaxing & we did quite alot of stretching too. Will definitely go again. Heh.

I'm so happy to see so many of my old pals today. ;) It has been like quite many years since we last had a gathering. We were all set to meet at Plaza Singapura(PS) at 6.00pm. I reached at around 6.15-6.20pm or so with 1 of the girls cos I thought that there will sure be alot of people who will be late.(especially the guys) But I was wronged. The guys had all reached & 2 other girls came shortly after I reached. Good time management. =p

Quite a few of them have really changed a lot. As in looks. Haha. But overall they are still recognizable. Hehe. I was also quite surprised that so many of them will turn up for the class gathering. There were 15 people. Hmmm, 16 to be exact cos Liyan(Emily) joined us at 12.20am after her work. 10 guys & 6 girls. "Onz" right? Heh.

Guys: Qun Jie, Nicholas, Melvin, Benjamin, Qing An, Han Wei, Hong Boon, Seng Giap, Li Xian, Chuan Yi

Girls: Me, Sharon, Yan Ling, Lay Peng, Masdianty, Liyan(Emily)

We walked down from PS to Heeren NYDC because we wanted to settle our dinners there initially but after queuing for awhile, the waitress told us that it would be pretty hard to find a corner in the restaurant that can accomdate so many of us especially when it was a Saturday. We might have to wait quite long. Hence, we decided to walk down to Wheellock Place to try our lucks at the NYDC over there. The waiting was also very long as well. Then a few of my friends went to queue at Nooch. We wanted to see which queue was faster & then proceed to the which ever these 2 restaurants. I felt that we were like quite dumb to queue so long & to give up the queue eventually.(refering to NYDC) Haha. Anyways, in the end we managed to find seats & tables at Nooch. The time was like already almost 9pm I think. However, the staffs were nice enough to reserve a pretty big corner for us & help us to combine all the tables together. We looked like we were having an annual meeting. Lol. We had really good laughters on our dinner tables. Chit-chatting, laughing & recalling of the past silly things that we used to do together in school. How sweet are the memories..... =)

Lixian was very funny. He took out a piece of footscap paper & a pen & began drawing columns & writing a different heading on each of the column on the paper. He was trying to compile a list of the addresses, contact no. & emails (msn) of everyone who was present. The paper was then passed around the table. I think the scene was quite comical. Ma-chiam taking class attendance lydat. Haha. Anyways, I find it quite interesting though it was like only a simple gesture of trying capture contacts of one another. It somehow showed the unity & bond of the class despite the fact that we had not see one another for so long. *smile*

Yanling was quite cute also. 1/2 way through our meals, she started to ask everyone whether they are attached or single. So she went something like starting from this person then go one round the table to get everybody to answer her question. To my susprise, out of 15 of us, only 2 are attached. 1 guy & 1 girl. If it includes Liyan(Emily), it will be out of 16 people, only 2 are attached. The answer was really unexpected cos many of them seem to have the "have bf/gf" looks. Everyone is like better-looking now & dresses better than before. It was quite a surprise to me that so many are unattached & also out of so many people, there are only 1 smoker & it's a girl. Another surprise cos some of the guys look like they smoke. Haha. Lol. & there was these 2 guys who used to be very lousy in their school works & now from what I know is that 1 of them did very well in ITE for 2 yrs & then he came to poly & in poly he was 1 of the top in his course. Another guy he was from normal technical stream to normal stream & then to poly. I think he is dng well in poly now too. Heh. Yup. So you see, Never judge a book by its cover. :p

Our dinner bill came up to about $234 in total. I was like wow. Haha. But ok lar. Yanling suggested for some billard games at this Far East Shopping Centre but the tables were all occupied. Hence, we dropped the ideas of playing billard & we like roaming around orchard. Haha. Actually, I am too lazy to elaborate more on the things we do. There are just too much to write. Haha.

Short cut abit. Eventually, we settled down at Coffee Bean. Then met Liyan(Emily), stood outside the DBS ATM to chat, etc. Wanted to go movies but it was like quite late & some left earlier as the next day they need to go back to camps & I'm gng for pilates in the morning at 10.30am. Liyan(Emily) could claim her cab fare from her company so Sharon & I went back together with her. Save on the transportation man. Hee.

I'm looking forwards to our next outing. Hopefully the destination will be sentosa. *grin*

Some photos that we took:

Image hosted by

Caught in an act.

Image hosted by

Class photo 1 - Class 6B4

Image hosted by

Class Photo 2 - Class 6B4

Image hosted by

The Guys.

Image hosted by

The Guys again.

Image hosted by

The Girls.

Image hosted by

The Girls again.

Image hosted by

Me & Yanling.

Image hosted by

Me & Yanling again.

Image hosted by

Me & Sharon.

I hope the rest who didn't turn up just now will be able to turn up the next outing!

Time for bed. ZzzzZzzzz........

Saturday, March 05, 2005


I feel better after clarifying my feelings & thoughts. Finally. He (not the guy from my lecture) is like so suddenly. I don't know. I hope everything is cleared now. Don't wanna lose a friend too.

A relationship works only when it's a 2-sided love.

Friday, March 04, 2005


I finally know who's the "secret admirer" of mine le. Haha. He passed me a letter during the lecture today. He's a malay. Lol. Well, no comments. Haha. All I can say is that I always attract the wrong people. =p

Went town with Emily deary after school. We were like super duper hungry after class. We ate KFC Zinger meal & Haagendazs Lychee ice-cream for lunch. Yummy! I'm so in love with ice-cream nowadays that I eat it quite often recently. I mean I really eat alot ice-cream lately. It's like everytime I go out I'll eat lor. Sinful right? Haha. But I don't really care much already. Don't wanna give up my new found love. (I used to love chocolates more.) =)

Retail therapy was good today. I realise FOX WOMEN has got some pretty nice clothings this season. Heh.

Suspose to go out to chill with my good friends but we always last minute cancel. Quite sad. Seldom everybody can make it. -Sigh-

I have cravings for MacDonald's breakfast. *grins*

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Secret Admirer

Morning! I'm really early today. I don't know. Can't sleep much recently though I'm like REAL tired. Probably gng to the dentist later. I hate gng to the dentist but no choice. I haven't been gng for long. I wanted to go for a jog but it's like raining now. Good also. The sun is so blasting these few days & I bet you'll definitely get dehydrated if you stand under the hot sun for just a few couple of minutes. I think I'm getting darker now. Or should I say more tanned? Thanks to Mr Sun. But I still prefer my skin to be smooth & fair. =)

My secret admirer in my lecture hall reacted again! Haha. He put a Birthday card on my seat yesterday. When I came it was already there. Same handwriting so I knew it must be from the same person who gave me the Chinese New Year card. So sad. Now I know the Chinese New Year card is not from my cute lecturer. He's in Melbourne now. He can't possible put the Birthday card there yesterday right? Haha. I guess I'm thinking too much. Heehee. But I'm really amazed by how this secret admirer of mine know my Birthday? Lol.

Uploaded my Birthday photos 1/2 way last night. I shall continue now. Will blog later in the day if I have the mood & inspiration. Heh. Cheese~