Sunday, February 28, 2010


今年的春天好像..... 有点不一样.

I love spring.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

~The important thing is to not be bitter over life's disappointments. Learn to let go of the past & recognize that every day won't be sunny. & when you find yourself lost in the darkness of despair, remember that it's only in the black of night that you see the stars, & those stars lead you back home. ♥~

How enlightening huh? Hee...

Just drove home from work. Waiting for daddy to buy supper back for me. Isn't he sweet? In and out of love times and times, the only man who never forget to love me, the only man whom I can be very sure who will love me forever, is him.
Muacks daddy!

2cents worth

Had a nice home-cooked dinner at danny's place. Didn't know he can cook so well. Along with his friends, it was dinner followed by wine and more wine. And I was vomiting while walking home. Pretty lousy huh? Passer-bys stopped and asked if I was okay. And hey I am good at rolling eyes, someone said. Haha. Though I couldn't remember how I replied those strangers, I think probably I was rolling my eyes at that point of time. HA!

In life (my life), there are many passer-bys. And they all add on to the chapters of my life. And some passer-bys aren't really that passer-bys actually. Seriously I wish they do stay. But I am weak. I don't know how to tell. There is a phase, there seems to be an imaginery deadline. Once I bypass it, I won't be able to get it back. Like I always believe, once you miss it, it's gone forever.

My 2cents worth.

Super random thoughts at these hours...
I can't stand myself too! *laugh*

Off to bed.
Still have to work in the afternoon later.
Good night=p

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


我要加油, till a day when I don't even feel a bit of grief at all.


a lighter note

I don't know what's wrong with me. First it was mouth ulcers, then it was rashes and now I woke up with a phelgmy sore throat. All three not a single one recovered, and they are all together now. #$%^&*!

Called up for Jarkata turnaround tomorrow afternoon and then I will be taking a short break from work for a few days. That's a lighter note. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What happened when someone is so eager to see you for that 1minute, just to pass you Bonjela, because he heard (or rather read from facebook) that you have ulcers?

I was just plain ranting about my mouth ulcers and I didn't know there are people who actually take it so seriously. Or maybe he has been doing this to many other girls. Sometimes it's how they get plus point. Haha. Mean it or not, still....
Thank you. =p
Much appreciated.

I have been having red patches all over my legs and they are so itchy Someone says maybe it's eczema and it happens to people who fly a lot. Boo!


Heya! Pretty much awake at this hour, time checked, it's almost 2am Singapore time. I didn't catch a single wink last night. Was tossing and turning, and my stupid iphone alarm burst out real loud at 430am, i jumped out from my bed, feeling that tad little bit of disappointment, that I didn't sleep at all, and it's time for work already. To add on, I discovered 2 ulcers on my lower lips! My idiotic younger brother is horrible. He said, "jie, asked you don't kiss so hard with the guys already. you see la, now 2 ulcers." And then he went "hahahaa... I go shower le..going camp..don't ask me give you a lift to airport huh...not very on the way..." Hell, is that my brother? *laugh*

Good thing it's not long working hours just now. Managed to check in hotel pretty early, I logged on to the net, downloaded my shows, showered, read Cleo and dozed off, woke up in the evening, just nice for room service and my shows were ready. Went back to sleep again after my dinner and shows. Didn't manage to get into deep sleep though. But I don't care la. Coming back home soon, I can't wait.

Love from gmt+7

Sunday, February 21, 2010


It feels so strange, like when I was working non-stop consecutively for many days, I kind of enjoy the momentum and the idea of being away, away from family, friends and everyone. But when I have more than 3days in Singapore, the thought of going back to work the following day just dragged.

How's your weekend? Mine was calm, peaceful, relaxing, well spent. Having meals with people whom I haven't met for ages, talking to people whom I wanna talk to and not forgetting spending some quality time at home, even if I am lazing around, doing nothing. Highly selective. Haha. Sorry. I was just feeling pretty much anti-social for the past few days. Living in my own world, indulging in my own fantasy. Quite good actually. No disturbance. I don't have to bother or care about what others think or say about me.
Love it. =D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

early birthday

Birthday came early this year.
I was granted 3 wishes.
I hope they all come true soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

too busy

Have been embracing a lot of cold weather for the past few months. Just when I was contemplating earlier on if I should make a work trip to Switzerland right after I come back from my 9days work trip from Frankfurt New York, it was a decision between extra income and the time spent in Singapore. I have decided to give it a miss eventually.

Ya... I was "too busy" to come out with a conclusion, and that's why it took me forever to even conclude such simple quotation. To think I am so busy to even reply the simplest message. Yes, I think I am very busy showering, packing stuffs, and yet trying very hard to stay very awake on the computer screen after not sleeping for 36hours, just to catch up with the people whom I deem are important in my life.

When life gets hectic, work gets busy and my mind and body get drained out, all I need is for you and you and even you, to say, I understand.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

17 Again

Just finished watching "17 Again" on the HBO channel, and had a great cry over it. And.... Zac Efron is super hot. *hehehe*

Time to head to the sack. Good night!

Dancing to the cold

Happy new year and Happy valentines! How's the atmosphere in Singapore? A little miss home, a little miss to be around with the loved ones. Thank you all for the well wishes. Still get that bit of excitement receiving messages from certain names. I was frozen in Frankfurt, and now the Big Apple is the same, or perhaps even worse. Snow covering both cities, strong wing blowing at your face, that thrill chill all over your body. Still love the Big Apple anyway. Dancing to the cold. :p *cover mouth and giggles*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My mood is a little calmer today. Like someone said, there will never be another you or you or you. Everyone is unique. No one can replace another one. So, I am thankful for each and everyone of you in my life. Maybe my feeling for one may not be as overwhelming as I felt for another one, but I can't deny that feelings still trigger and for all you know, it does matter after all. *shrug* I don't even know what I am typing now and if they even make sense. Haha... Well, I am glad the spring is here. Happy Lunar New Year everyone. I will be away to Frankfurt and New York for 9days. Will be a tiny winy bit late back home for the festive, but I know you'll wait. =)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Haven't met you, yet

Michael Buble, Haven't met you, yet.


Even since yesterday, that sense of madness seems to be coming back again. The courage that used to be so unbelievable, that strong urge to believe a miracle seems to be happening anytime, soon. I can't sink myself into that mode again, I kept reminding myself. But I can't help it but to wonder if it is such that god is returning what he has taken away from me?

Maybe, I just haven't met you, yet.

Good day everyone. Should be heading to the bookstore to get some new books later. Been so long and I crave for some new inspirations. Hehe.

Love~ =)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Crazy night

Came back home this morning. It has been a great getaway to Italy. Would definitely love to visit the city again with the loved one. Now back to hometown, thinking maybe certain things didn't change after all, only to realise at this point of time, they have already changed.

Wishfully thinking portraits are always beautiful, story lines are always written specially for me, but I am wrong. I can't help it but to stir my emotions. And for moments like when you thought certain people are different from the rest, and you let your guard down, and to end up slapping your own face and to realise certain people are the same like any other one. After a whirlpool of emotions and troubled unsorted thoughts, I guess I am okay already. Some things, some people are meant to be given up in order to get emotional and mind peace. Right to say so?

Back to today, I was catching up some time with mummy, then headed out for awhile to run some errands, and to meet the unexpected. And I kept questioning myself was that an illusion? Or was that a sign from god, to make up for what I had lost? Been having too much emotions lately. Getting worked up for the slightest things, and feel like crying when listening to sad emo songs. Perhaps no one understands, and I can't bring myself to explain. It wasn't a bad month actually. I am just....lonely maybe. Been flying too much, away for too long, missing out so much, and perhaps people have already forgotten me, forgotten to say "I miss you".

Crazy night.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

belle & roma

Time was spent visiting the famous architectures of Italy, eating pasta and pizza, indulging in red wine, tiramisu and gelato. And I just realise running outdoor in this cold weather can be so satisfying and mind calming. You get to sweat all out and you can just practically beat the cold and keep yourself warm. *applause* =)
Enough of pasta and pizza. I am missing chicken rice and mee pok dry already. =p

Saturday, February 06, 2010

battle with the rain

Weather wasn't too friendly in Roma. It was a battle with the rain and the cold wind. Drenched, hungry and tired. Far away to a foreign land, and yet there are people whom I met for the first time, actually care and listen, more than the people whom I was hopeful for. Somehow it makes me feel I am still that little bit of more important than the rest. Thank you. It feels so good to know there are people paying attention to you and actually bother a lot about your feelings and well-being.

I have a temper that not everyone can tolerate. I whine about the silliest things, get upset over the unnecessary matters, and get pissed off at people for maybe unexplainable reasons. But at the end of the day, I am still the Yolene that all of you know. Thank you for bearing with me.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

clap and dance

Working to Roma later.

*clap and dance*


You know sometimes you really have to crack your mind and squeeze your brain juice to come up with phrases and sentences to update your facebook's status. And when you run out of ideas, perhaps it's better to keep it blank. Came across a friend's status this afternoon,

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give you a baby. Give her a house, she will give you a home. Give her groceries, she will give you a meal. Give her a smile and she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit..."

I can't help but to laugh and agree. =p

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

love london

I seriously think I am more suitable to live in the european gmt. 5am sg time and I am still widely awake, despite the flight delayed and hectic work earlier on. London is beautiful and cold, as usual. Had quite a bit of shopping for the loved ones and myself, and still don't feel quite enough. My internet was down for the past few days but I had a good time all to myself, roaming one of my favorite city. :) I am kind of used to the cold weather actually, sipping a tall black cafe americano from starbucks was a bonus, besides enjoying the bus rides, the crowds that I walked past, no worries, no disturbances, just smiles that kept me accompanied for the past few days. =)

And those thoughtful phone calls that I received from some people after flight were comfort to the hard 15hours of work. Thank you. Those were just what I need.:)