Monday, September 26, 2011

This September....

September has been a really busy month. Doing frankfurt new york consecutively, (am currently doing the 2nd one, still a couple of days away till I reach home.) I scream tiredness, like seriously. Last trip, I met Joey in frankfurt. We had pasta, pizza, spinach and ice cream, visited museum with the boy in new york, had our favorite banana pudding, chicken over rice, lobster bisque, lobster roll, lobster ravioli, alice's tea cup for breakfast, thai food in frankfurt and a whole lot of time together, though there were moments when little squabbles and tension arise, but probably he didn't know, there was always this indescribable of joy whenever I wake up from sleep, to find him sleeping next to me.

And yet, I find us not understanding each other as time goes by. Is it the love just not enough or we are not that meant to be after all? Me, being ultra sensitive maybe is an issue. Perhaps I should not have taken everything around us so seriously after all. So what if things have change? So what if feelings have change? The journey ahead of me is still way too long to predict. Lots of challenges to cope with. And who knows one day, when I look back, I would be thankful that all these incidents happened after all, and thankful that I gave us a chance to break our friendship chain and move on into a relationship. I know I have tried.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back from Frankfurt and New York!
Will be back for more updates!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Why is everything revolving around the word called "wait"?

Waiting for someone proclaiming to turn into a new person.

Waiting for a future that I desire but I just have to WAIT.

I begin to wonder if this is what I want.....

Like seriously...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

AMS - Life is good.!.

Life has been good. Meeting up with the girls almost every other week, work and more work, but I try to keep myself positive, by reading books, sweating out in the gym during the "i am not lazy" days, indulging in food and bubble tea. Hehe...

Am currently in Amsterdam. The weather is gloomy. Been raining yesterday and today. Had ribs yesterday and thai food today. Ribs was excellent but thai, I could get better one in SFO. Keke... Am satisfied too, cos I went gym in the morning for 1.5hours. *giggle* Didn't get any single bit thinner but yeah, good enough, that my lazy bum was off from my computer chair in the room. Hehe..

Probably going out to buy dinner in the evening, and da-bao MAC back. Haha. Am super craving for the fries. Lol.. And probably a scroll along the river and walking streets if it's not raining and not too cold.

Alright, I hope your day has been good. Can't wait to play lanterns, fly kites, drink tea and eat mooncakes on Saturday! :p

Take care all! =)