Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from London this morning. Slept all the way till now. And it's Sydney tomorrow. By the way, my two cargo bags have already given me way. It's time for a new one and I am excited! =)

Ok. I am super random again. Ha.

Probably hanging out later.

Love ya.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night was dinner and a mini drinking session of sparkling wine and champagne in my room. :) I love the wines from Marks and Spencer. Not only they have many varieties, the qualities are good, and the prices are really affordable. So most of the times, I never fail to buy wines from UK. And I love those groceries from Marks and Spencer, which you cannot find in Singapore. The supermarket always makes me loaded myself with lots of foods, drinks and wines at the cashier counter. :p

Oh...And I actually bumped into a friend, Calvina inside my hotel lift when me and some of the crew were going for the briefing yesterday. She is here for some Singapore's Day event in which I don't know what is that. Fancy bumping into someone who is not a crew, someone whom I haven't seen for a long while in this foreign country. Heh...

Checking out later and will be back tomorrow morning. Glad to be home, though I don't have any off days. A long list on my agenda.



Sometimes I'm just like a little girl. I love those. *smitten-ish smile*


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirty Dancing

Yesterday was great. We had duck rice, endless topics about boys and people we know, shopping and more shopping (i told myself i don't wanna shop but the girls were very bad. they kept telling it's nice! but they too shopped, hence I felt less guilty. ha), cab rides (we were too lazy to take train with our barang barang. :p), watched Dirty Dancing, late dinner at Nando's, and we still have wine in our rooms.

And who says the weather is good? It was raining and freezing yesterday. And we have standby briefing in half an hour time. Wonder why the company only does that to 318. *roll eyes* Gotta get ready.


Monday, April 27, 2009

beautifully imperfect

Was watching this video on facebook. A video that makes you look at relationships from a different light through the eulogy of a woman who's recently lost her husband, whens she spoke at his funeral to their family and friends. Her husband snored, and had many imperfection. But it's the imperfection that makes her marriage perfect. And she hoped her children would find life patners who are beautifully imperfect like how their father was to her.



Morning. =)
Am in London and I just woke up.
The flight was physically and mentally exhausting.
Toward the end of the flight, most of us couldn't feel anything anymore, cos our limbs were numb, or like some others said, their limbs had all broken, so couldn't feel any pain and tiredness anymore.
That was how tired the flight and we were. *nod head and pout*

If you wanna lose weight, please do London 318. Confirm guarantee chopped, your uniforms would feel looser at the end of the flight. Hahaa... =p
I couldn't recall how much saliva I used, cos I talked so much, and my jaws seemed like dropping anytime during the flight, when you just kept smiling.
Plus.... there were so many weirdos working colleagues.
But I simply couldn't be bothered. :p
At least there were friends onboard. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Read these somewhere, and I thought it's enlightening. :)
可悲的是 它不能重來,
可喜的是 它也不需要重來.

Many of times, we wish time can be rewinded, to amend certain decisions we had made, to do things better so that we wouldn't miss or lose those precious ones, to reminisce the happiest moments of our past.

Treat ownself better, love others truthfully.
一起期待未来的精彩吧! =)
Happy Birthday Xiu! I hope you will get the pleasant surprise that is specially prepared for you, even though I will be away.

Happy happy ever after! =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Did a Bangkok turnaround today. It was tiring, not because of the work, tiring because I only slept 3 hours the night before, and I still wasn't feeling exactly well. And I am off to London tomorrow again. *hur hur* It gonna be a busy month ahead.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Met Emily today, and we always never failed to have the best of time together. Japanese food, shopping, laughter and girly talks, the little pressies for each other, ice cream and dinner. The silliest part was I forgot to turn on the adapter when I was trying to charge my fone this morning and my fone was only left with a bar of battery when I left my house. I tried to charge it on the go using my car adapter but it didn't work. I turned off and on my fone several times, thinking I could conserve some energy, and Emily's fone was a saver to me for the whole day. =)

Just when I was driving on my way home, I started to feel nauseous. It must be weather or the food? I wasn't sure either. I felt like puking at the highway but I kept enduring till I got home. Was feeling feverish and cold at the same time when I reached home. Daddy bought me cold relief panadols, I popped two and immediately I was so much better, perspiring like nobody's business. Haha. Thank you Daddy for being so sweet, and my 2 brothers for fetching me water and things I wanted whenever I uttered just now. Suddenly people around me are angels. =)

One of the little pressies from Emily. ;p

Bangkok turn in the morning. I better sleep.

Good night! love. =)

duty free shopping

I love shopping at airport duty free, for perfumes and cosmetics. They are really so much cheaper than outside, and on top of the crew discount given, they make very good deals. *cheeky grin* Okay. Maybe I am just trying to convince myself that my expenditure earlier on after the Jakarta flight was fundamental. Haha... I bought Shishedo loose powder and Chanel perfume at very attractive prices. I could have walked and shopped around longer, but daddy was waiting for me already and he gave me a total of 13 missed calls! Before he could yell the hell out of me, I better return his call and appear right in front of him. Still, I am a happy shopaholic now. =)

I am looking forward to more shopping on Saturday noon after I come back from another turnaround. Probably I would drive, so no one will yell at me for keeping him/her waiting. :p
Work schedule will been rather packed for the next few weeks. I have been changing my flights and all. The only bonus is I have leave in the last week of May and I am kind of looking forward. The Japan Holidays! =)

Actually I have some off days in the mid of May too and if I really can't get to change away for flights, I really won't mind going for a short trip too. Like Macau? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 days

2 days of recurrent training and tests, I finally got my new card to fly. Fancy doing my recurrent when my licence to fly had already expired, but luckily there were off days and I am around in town. Bumped, met and seen so many familiar faces around in the training centre. You will be amazed how people (especially those in my job) who haven't seen or met for so long, when they see one other again, they can look happy, sound excited and behave like as if they are best friends ever. Haha.. =p

Some colleagues from my recurrent class were engaging in a conversation together, talking about many of our stewards actually date or marry our japanese stewardesses, and how these japanese girls are realistic about the social world, how high maintenance and materialistic they are. Then I spotted some of them were looking at each other with the side of their eyes, looking embarrassed, and one turned to me and say, "actually we aren't talking about you, just a general statement about some of our japanese girls. i hope you don't mind." I laughed and said, "oh well, but I am not japanese nevermind all can continue. i enjoy listening." They went, "huh?" "These 2 days we thought you are the japanese in our class! you mixed or what? or korean?" I said, "I made in Singapore one lei....haha.."
It was quite funny la... Ha.

Anyway, anyone know what kind of food are good to send speed post/parcel to california? I can only think of chicken rice paste (my friend says he misses singapore chicken rice and the best I can do is to get him the chicken rice paste and he cooks himself or ask the girlfriend cooks for him. ha), bak-kwa, bak-zhang (will grown mould or not huh by the time it reaches california? lol...), what else? I have no idea already.

Till then, good night loves. =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



People come.
People go.
People come again.
People go again.

Complications of life. Or rather complicated relationships with and among human beings.



Monday, April 20, 2009

Royce Champagne Chocolates taste soooooo GOOD!

Thank you!


laugh. cry.

Yesterday...the guy in the Handsome Suit said..."I want someone I can laugh with."

But I am greedier. I want someone I can laugh with. And I want someone I can cry to. =)



Handsome Suit

Watched "Handsome Suit" after dinner and I like it. Very entertaining yet touching at times, keep you pondering if looks are really so important, overlooking certain traits in human beings. Certain thing may bring you big happiness, but you may also because of these, end up losing all the little trival things that make you happy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No time to go bugis temple. Sorry sorry. Will make it up tomorrow. I am running late for dinner with R in Orchard. I hope he doesn't kill me. Lol. Was held up by the whole changing of flights thing online.

And Miss Broccoli just bribed me with a photo she taken of me last night, when I was so unglam and so not sober. Good friend she is you see? Haha...

Okay. Got to go. Till later. I hope no traffic jam ar!

Bless me. Love. =)


Wine, both red and white, cheese and crackers, subway, marina barrage, good friends, a perfect way to spend a Saturday night away. We had supper after the wine. And all that I remembered now, I vomitted a few times, feeling so sucky, head damn pain and still felt a little hangover when I woke up an hour ago.

And I just realised I have SEP on Tuesday and Wednesday. Batchies and friends all around my time had already done theirs! Stupid planning left me out, probably unintentionally but mine is expiring on Tuesday! Fancy going back for recurrent on expiry date. *roll eyes* I remember last few years I always did the recurrent 2 months before expiry. *hur hur* Okay, I have yet to practise the quizes, too. =p

Meeting R for dinner later. Maybe before that will head down to waterloo street, bugis to offer prayers. Been awhile since I last went.

Good Sunday people! =)

Love love.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

da di

A sudden browse through my photo albums in my lappy and I spotted this. *laugh out LOUD* My da di took part in this Mr Business competition a couple of years back when he was still in poly, looking so ah-bengish. And now he's 23 already. But people always say he looks older than me. Whahaha...good good. =p
Out for wine!=)


Just came home from dinner with mummy and xiao di. Da di went pak-torING with gf. It's a Saturday night. Probably going out later for some wine. =) Before that, I want to introduce a new found song that I really like. "梁文音-可以不愛了"



Yesterday was a little catching up session with S & G over dinner. After which I went Acid Bar with S and had wine together. Within less then 2 hours, we had 4 strangers coming up to us, trying very hard to be friendly, which is so.......*diao*...turn off. Had a good whole 13hours of sleep till just now. Am feeling rather satisfied. Hehe..

Realise human relationships can be really complicated, especially in my line. 想简单,认真,幸福的享受恋爱,还真不容易。

Friday, April 17, 2009

Home sweet home

Home sweet home. =)

Finally. I kind of miss being around. :) Am very tired, but still wanna blog down some thoughts before they run away. Hehe...

That day, as I was doing boarding in business class, a pax walked over to me and asked me if I am Yolene. He claimed he have seen me in Facebook. And the thing is I don't even know him. Lol. Just something to share, cos I think it's quite funny. Ha... =p

Just when batchies and friends tell me there is always or at least someone who will know me almost every flight they go, the realization came only when they were chatting during lull period, and came to realise I am the topic. Is this a good or bad thing? It doesn't seem too good to be high profile actually.

And when people make remarks or comment on me and my "scandals" in the airline. I wonder what and how these people have been thinking. Sometimes guys just make better company and friends.

Scandals...very scandalous ar! Haha...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

food and desserts...indulgence. =)

Hello. I am in Hong Kong now. Everything was good, has been good, and still good. =) Work was meticulously physical and mind exhausting. Thus, I have been rewarding myself with all the mouth drooling food and desserts that I have been craving since yesterday. We had dim sum, my favorite pork liver (the sauce that comes with it for dipping is unbelievably delicious), my xuliushan, nissin noodles with eggs and luncheon meats, yuan yang, and blah blah blah. These was like the 2nd round (okay, maybe already 3rd or 4th round) of indulgence since day one in Hong Kong. Haha...

Just when I was laughing away on flight the other day with J, telling her how lucky I am to always get 322, both way night flights, best London allowance flight ever, J sent a sms yesterday, "eh babe, you have just thrown a curse on yourself. we are doing 318 together lor in may. we are so "heng" hor." *diaoz* As much as I love London....some things you really have to cross fingers.

My favorite pork liver. =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

saltwater daffy

Just finished a whole pack of saltwater daffy that I bought from Pier39 yesterday, all by myself. *guilty grin* I think I may die of diabetic or teeth erosion anytime soon. Lol.

It looks like a perfect day to shop!

Monday, April 13, 2009

delightful easter

I had a delightful Easter Sunday. Shopping at stores that were opened, though not the major brands, taking the tram to Pier 39 Fisherman Whaft, eating big portion of mint chocolate ice cream with huge chocolate cone, enjoying the cold breeze, checking out the sea lions, people watching, scrolling down the stores along the pier, had clam chowder and dinner while viewing the sunset right in front of my dining table, met the special friend and he was so nice and sweet enough to drive us to the top of Golden Gate Bridge and Twin Peaks. The views at the top of everything were spectacular. Though it wasn't my first time to witness the night beauty of San Francisco, I still again found it amazingly beautiful. =)

I am going to miss my special friend again. The man I knew when I was 13. The man who is always so sweet to me, even till now. The man who gives me warmth under the cold. :) Till I visit you in California again. =)

"Westfield San Francisco Centre will be closed April 12th in observance of Easter Sunday. We will re-open and resume regular business hours on Monday, April 13th. Have a safe and happy Easter."


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good morning SFO

Good morning SFO. :) Just when my eyes were half-opened, I saw Mr Bean on TV. I immediately took the controller, increased the volume, and had a good laugh for one whole hour. It's not a bad idea to start the morning. Heh. The morning light is shining into my room, still on my bed, surrounded by many pillows, drinking my hokkaido melon flavor soyabean milk, and the TV is now on the Disney Channel. One unspoken truth, I still love cartoons as much as when I was young.

Guess what's my view outside my window? Abercrombie and Fitch. =)

Somehow, uncontrollably, I feel the morning is peaceful, is perfect. :)


gmt -7

San Francisco. GMT -7. Current temperature: 12 degree, night. Eating pad thai, chix salad, not showered, yet, still very stoned and tired from the outrageous sector. Just as when I was so excited about coming to San Francisco again after so many months, I was reminded that tomorrow is Easter Sunday, which means most of the shops are closed. Maybe? I don't know. *a big big disappointing sigh*

I look forward to Monday then. :)

The nightstopping in Hong Kong was spent eating my favorite pork liver noodles, my tang dynasty dou hua, my dim sum, my century eggs congee, my xu liu shan. And I am feeling fat, all over again. Lol...'s photos-taking day tomorrow.

P/S: I miss my Cheesecake Factory! =/

Friday, April 10, 2009

My neverfull

It supposed to be a joyous day to meet up with the best friend for lunch and girly session. The waitress at Ding Tai Feng actually spilled chilli oil on me and best friend! Our legs, our arms, my white watch, my top and my short, her legging, her white pump, her longchamp, my LV neverfull bag! That's the angriest part for me. I know it was unintentional. It was an accident.'s a very bad start of the day. And now my bag is stained! *roar*

Nevertheless, it was still a wonderful day meeting up with the best friend. :) We are looking forward to the day when we will be each other's prettiest bride maid! Haha!

Not feeling very well now. But still have to go for work later. Bag half-packed, nails not painted, bar-order pad not prepared. But I am too tired to continue. Going to set alarm to wake up early to complete my tasks and to head down to the pharmacy to get some medicines. Or maybe if mummy or daddy is nice, they will get for me right? *grin & pray. :p*

Till later when the sun is up and shine, I hope I will feel better. It sucks to be sick, especially when you have to be away for 8days...

Love everyone.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

thousands and one

Finally collected my uniforms after months, made the auntie do alteration for me cos I wanted them to be more fitting. Sorry auntie but I gotta admit she is really nice and patient. I am fussy when come to small details. :p I bought my Mikimoto Jewel Pearl pen with the letter "y"! And I am so in love with it now! Can't wait to clip on my uniform this friday. Heh.. Had batch dinner! So happy cos I think I really miss some of them. Haha... I am so sorry that I couldn't make time for everyone. Especially you, you, you and you. There are like thousands and one things to do, many errands to run, tasks to accomplish and complete, different people to meet and catch up with, but with very limited time. And I have to make a choice. Trust me, many of you are of equal importance to me. =)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


My friends (look at it carefully. not friend but FRIENDS) say I am very random. Random? Haha... Always ask random questions, talk about random things, my mind can suddenly divert somewhere when I am in a conversation and I would suddenly change to a different topic that is so not related. I always ask something out of the ordinary. Is it true?

Maybe it's true. I think it's true. Ha.

Another random day tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


SUPPOSED to go out but I practically slept, woke up, eat, talk to mum, use net, slept again, woke up, eat, watch tv, disturb the brother, and still feeling I can continue my sleep anytime. :p

Just realise I have bottles of wines, liquours and cans of beers at home. And I just bought another bottle of red pinot noir and a small bottle of sparkling rose wine from the duty free at the airport this morning.

Am cheering, toasting and enjoying the sparkling rose wine with my brother now. And he is having a totally mismatch combination with the wine. Twisties.... *roll eyes*
Work was tired, as usual, in the business class. 是累的咯! Was watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" during the rest period and I fell asleep halfway through. It's a pity that I couldn't finish cos it's really a good movie but my eyes and my body were not in consent with my mind.

Just some random stuffs....I got myself more bruises. My cargo is spoilt again for the hundred times? Ok. I am exaggerating. Maybe 10 times, throughout my these few years of flying career. Maybe it's a sign. A good indication that I can get a new bag. *cheeky grin* My colleague said his wife is exactly 12 years my senior, born on the same month same date as me. He claimed he knew the girls born on this day extremely well. Haha... He said I am extremely stubborn, very difficult for me to say sorry, but I love my boy a lot, and I have a very kind heart. Maybe what he commented were meant more for my love life, which was like so true? Hoho... And Oh, I feel like getting a Mikimoto pen for work, cos it gonna looks so perfectly pretty clipping it on my uniform, =p, and a new camera! Haha... The pink camera which was a gift from someone close to heart before, isn't that likable anymore. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

It's so disappointing! I totally forgotten that today is Sunday and most of the branded shops in Paris are closed, except for LV. And I ended up there, like AGAIN?... Something new, at least the supermarket is still opened. We went supermarketing! =p

Sunday, April 05, 2009


The pursuit of happiness

Seldom leave Louis Vuitton empty-handed, even if it's just something small. :) Helped mummy to buy her monogram long wallet, and a red monogram purse for myself. The red is utterly too pretty to resist! *excuse, haha..* Worked so hard onboard every time, I think I deserve some kind of treat, pamper, from people who love me, people who I love, and from the luxury of materialistic happiness. I guess... these few years of flying really kind of make up part of who I am right now. The pursuit of happiness.

Looking forward to Galeries LaFayette tomorrow. Most of the brands are there. Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada. Hahaha... And a few birthday presents to buy. I am scratching my head, pouting my lips already, thinking what to get for them.

Cartoon Network is showing Ben10 now and I am munching on cheese rings. Nothing. I know I am being random. =p

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Belle in Paris

Belle in Paris. And she is deadbeat, with more bruises. And she doesn't even know how she gets them. Yes. She admits. She is very accident-prone, especially when she has to load meals for so many recent consecutive flights. Maybe her boss thinks she is ugly. Better stay in the galley, and stay away from the cabin. Haha...

Time to get some sleep, before waking up for lunch with the rest. And oh.... maybe shopping too. Shopping will never go wrong, for Belle. Heh. =p

Friday, April 03, 2009


2 days of course had ended. My class was quite fun, though most of the time my mind was drifting elsewhere. I think I am beginning to miss some of them already. Ha... ;p

Met with up alexis. We went for movie, Race to the Witch Mountain, and had dinner together. It has been quite awhile. And it was like everywhere today. Errands to run and all.

Standby called up for Paris. Hahahaha... Disrupted my Narita but it's okay. After Paris, it will be my Hong Kong San Francisco. How I miss SF! *dancing grin* It has been so many months since I last visited SF. Perfect. Love. Hehe... And I can meet up with a friend who has been staying there for years. Oh, Perfect. :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

new day

"为什么 越相信谁能依靠
越换来 又一次灵魂寂寥
有没有永远 再不会让心绝望的解药
如果说 越踏出世界一脚
越不能 保留住天真微笑
那从今以后 我一个人过 就很好"

One great song. :) So much for today. I look forward to tomorrow. Nothing special. But I am beginning to really look forward to a brand new day every day.