Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sprained ankle, throat inflammation, and the stress from work have been pulling me down, adding some weights to my already tired-out body, mind and soul. But I suppose things will be good as the time goes. The new year is meant to be fruitful. =)

2009 has been a good year, in general. It marks the complete end of my relationship with someone who used to be very important to me. No more strings attached or left-over emotions. Had some qualities time with friends and loved ones. Made some wonderful friends, had some genuine relationships together. Work was smooth, quite. Money wasn't quite well spent though. I could have been a little more careful with my expenditures. Some time was wasted, missed opportunities and stuffs. But we all learn right?

Look forward to a greater year ahead. ;p

Monday, December 28, 2009

aussie moments

Maybe sometimes it just wasn't your day. I shall not elaborate much. Those unhappy moments shouldn't even be remembered.

Off to Sydney later evening, for some aussie moments. =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Sometimes I wonder what's next. I don't want to waste any more minute of my life waiting, guessing or hoping for something that is not for my own good. Occasionally, I got lost. Got lost with my own emotions and thoughts. I let my thoughts run too freely at times that I don't even know which is real, which is superficial. Very often I have to draw myself back, in case I get too overboard. I reminisce the past, imagine the future. But I guess what is more important, should be the present I am in now. Be it good or bad, I am living in it. This is something I have to keep reminding myself.

Good night for now. Back to work in a couple of hours time.



Received a call this afternoon, claiming I won a lucky draw from watching The Broadway Beng. I am like...okay...but I didn't take part in any? Then a loud laughter bursted out over the other end of the line.

Thank you ah...popiah ah beng!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Was browsing the change of flight board and I saw this posting....

"My life very bad, dun offer me anything worse. i will bang wall, if u dun hear from me, means i banged wall. thanx pp! happy flying!"

What's up with her?
*roll eyes*

merry christmas~

merry merry christmas~
I hope your christmas is filled with love.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

It was quite an comfort to receive those cards and small little gifts in my mailbox, after my unforgetable, drama-mama frankfurt/new york flight.
Thank you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cosy gmt+8

Frankfurt airport closed, heavy snow, delayed for 5hours on ground, diverted to Bangkok, paxing back to Singapore, it was whole lots of drama. Total tiredness. Just like that day out of New York. But whatever it is, I am back. :) Back to the cosy gmt+8. Just in time for Christmas, though I really don't mind being around in countries that snow for a white Christmas. Hee...

We have worked hard enough.


Monday, December 21, 2009

playing with snow

Was out playing with snow.
It was hell loads of fun! :)

Was just skyping with a guy friend, and he just gave me a hell of time.
Maybe the problem lies with me. I just get agitated easily.

less than perfect

Some words being said, some actions being taken, some things being done, perhaps, maybe they shouldn't be erased. After all, they are your histories. In some ways or another, one point or another, I am sure people do mean what they have said or done. If not, why in the first place even bother to pen those thoughts down?

I guess it isn't about being the perfect icon in the other person's heart or mind. It should be more like being a less than perfect icon, so that people can all learn how to perfect one another together. Sometimes, it's the less than perfect attributes that are attractive! How irony.

Cold snowy night in Frankfurt. :)


Another reason why I always love New York. The minature stuffed cupcakes. Perfect for my sweet tooth. =p

cosy mood

Snow in New York seem extremely beautiful. It was too beautiful and too cold to be true. Was stuck in the plane for 5hours, waiting for de-icing of the snow. The journey from snowing New York to snowing Frankfurt seem to take forever. Frankfurt is all covered with white snow. The trees looks like Christmas trees. Looking at the state of it, I think Santa Claus is coming to town. =)

Crispy Duck Rice with Bean Spouts in the room.
Such cosy mood.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

frozen red apple

New York is nice but extremely cold. Starbucks was my best friend for the past 3days. American breakfast, Christmas shopping, Christmas crowds, those Christmas trees, Christmas songs and the Christmas snow. How not to heart the frozen red apple? =p

Friday, December 18, 2009

new PINK toy!

Belle and her new PINK toy!
Location~ New York City.

Love. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I LOVE you.

" I LOVE you 2day, 2morrow, 4ever. " Awww... Simple yet utterly sweet, especially in this cold weather of minus one degree. :) It was lightly snowing today. Pasta, pizza, spinach mushroom, haagandaz ice cream, jumbo sausage, the xmas market, gummy bears, the light-hearted mood, quite a perfect day.

All ready for NYC. =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

almost frozen

When two persons are having different goals in their life for the next few years, is it still worth being together? Maybe not? When priorities in life are not the same, maybe letting go right at the beginning is the best decision, than to feel the pain and lost in the end. Just something to ponder on, in general. :)

Anyway, I am almost frozen, at zero degree. My room seems exceptionally cold too, even with the air conditioning off. Can't wait for lunch later~ *beams*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

you have been missed.

Belle has been good, and busy. =p Sleep seems like a luxury to me at times. Been trying to squeeze every possible time I have left, minus off the time working and the time spending abroad, to at least hold a decent conversation or have a proper meal together with the friends and the loved ones.
Though I never/seldom say, most of you have been missed. :)
Love from Osaka...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Deserve love and loved.

Hello~ I was missing for a few days. Pretty much wanted to grab that few minutes to blog down the little events in my life for the past few days. But the new internet connection at home is really disappointing. It is not stable and I can easily get myself disconnected within minutes. I hope this will last for awhile before it dies on me again.

Life has been good, so far. No hiccups. Maybe it's also because I am looking at things differently now. To those who matters, you know who you are. =)

Happiness isn't the fruit of a day or two. It's a journey that you ought to go through, it's a blessing you have to enjoy.

Deserve love and loved. :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

morning in Dubai

The morning in Dubai seems a little more perfect than usual. Last night mini surprise was a success. Happy Birthday dude~ =)

Captain said today has got sand storm and it's better for us to stay indoor. I guess so. Anyway, we are heading back to Singapore this evening and eventually reach tomorrow morning. I can't wait. Heh...

People who don't know you well make unnecessary remarks and comments about you. How do people actually find time to do that? Do you think I should even care? Maybe they do bother for a while. But I know my conscience is clear. And to those who truly care, I believe they are on my side. Are you?
Was blow drying my hair, thinking about it. Maybe it's a vicious cycle. Conclusion. That's it. Perhaps, the ultimate result will surface soon. And it's over, or going to be over, almost completely and totally.

Right. The food is here. My buddy for the flight is waiting for me to eat together. "I wash clean clean wait for you." What the hell... Can't believe it comes from him. Haha... Famished.


Monday, December 07, 2009


I just got woken by a very scary and horrible dream. I dreamt of a very fierce vampire who was going after me. I kept running. And he kept chasing. No one was there to help. He bite the left size of my face and it turned really damn ugly! ( was NEW MOON too much? no lei...ermmm...)

And worst, someone decided to leave my life, completely.

I jumped out of my bed, perpetually.

p/s: the room is freaking hot because it's winter now and there is no air conditioning, only the heater is on. i tried opening the windows, the wind was too strong to come in. what the f***!~

When life becomes a nightmare.....

at least...

I always love to hear nice things from people. Words that are sweet to the ears, maybe some are just for shows and they may not have truly meant what they said, I just adore the fact that at least they make efforts to please me. The occasional smses and calls whenever I am overseas, work like wonder dosages that keep me going before I come home. Lies or truths, maybe they aren't that important after all. At least, I am not being left alone, for too long.

@ Istanbul

I ordered American Breakfast for Dinner, (yup, since it's 24hours all round the clock and breakfast is yummy & tasty isn't it...=p), my stomach almost burst. Someone said he wishes I will grow from Abercrombie size 0 to Abercrombie size 10. That will be his Xmas's wish for the year. Such a nice and wonderful friend I have. Gave me his only wish. Bloody hell.

And someone said during work just now... "yolene you damn M.F. lei...." I was like what the hell, scold me vulgarities.. he said...M.F. = Man Fan.
*diao* *laugh~*Thank you very much lei. And people could actually call from door to door to ask if I was having earache....cos he claimed all of them were talking about how "M.F." I was at the back of the galley.

Belle @ Istanbul.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

hearty afternoon

When a place is too big and we don't know where to start, a map comes in handy. We spent the whole afternoon inside Dubai Mall. Food, shopping, random ransack of shops, Starbucks coffee and cheesecake. Quite a hearty afternoon. :)

I am not an angel. A little spoilt, a little overwhelming at times. So you think you still like belle? ransack thoughts at gmt+4 when I woke up. =p

I am weird. I think I am in love with occasional bickering with certain people. But eh...maybe it shows some level of importance. If not why I even bother that level of engery? Ha. Madness. Okay...maybe keeping up with me and my temper isn't that easy after all. Ha.

Off to Turkey laterrrr!~ Gmt+2~

Catching some rest first.

Happy Sunday peeps!
Love. =)

Friday, December 04, 2009

the journey to UAE

The queue at the terminal 3 crew check-in counter was the longest ever. It was until the entrance. I kept looking at my watch. I had only 10 minutes left. I felt like cutting queue. Telling some fellow colleagues up ahead that I was really pressed for time. But on a second thought, I thought everyone else could be rushing for time too, plus the queue was long enough to annoy and people smacked their foreheads.

Reporting was at 2140. I managed to check in at 2138. I never walked that fast before. Reached the briefing room at 2140 58 secs. Phew. I made it. Shake hands and smiled like angel. I was welcomed. Haha.

Had the most ridiculous group of middle eastern mums with their overly-pampered kids and maids in the premium class. The 7hours they gave us was hell. Mum asked me to wear socks for the son, excuse me, I am not your maid. Kids with no mannerism, maids who acted as if they were queens as well. Worst, the mums thought they were kings. Even other passengers were annoyed by the noise and the discomfort they had caused to everyone. Worse than indians. Sorry. I am that racists.

Everyone went to tap internet in the crew room once we checked in. All in uniforms, plugging in and out the cable and my this old laptop, the battery was a killer. It didn't work long. I brought my adaptor to the crew room, tapping internet while charging. Once tapped, I practically had to run back to my room in case the battery went off and the lappy shut down by itself. My friend had to run with me. Cos I carried my lappy while he carried his and held my adaptor. We were fast enough. Heh.

Was so tired. Had a pretty good rest but it never seemed enough. We had late lunch at silver eagle and I am pretty motivated to head to the gym later, since it's just on floor and 24hours operation, Hola~ =p

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Time is a magic

Am eating nasi lemak, home-made winter melon soup, home-made barley. Yummy, warm and tasty dinner at home. :)

Going to be away for 7days later. It's amusing that I know many people due to my job and there are many important people in my life, but yet it's so hard to find time to come together. We always say real good friends, true loved ones don't need you to see them every time that often, occassional phone calls, smses, msn, facebook will do the trick. But I like seeing them, talking to them, in persons. I may seem very independent, but somehow I think I need quite a bit of attention. HA. Please start rolling your eyes now. Ha. Yup, that's me. Phone calls, smses are important, the time spent together are equally important. Despite quality is always better than quantity, but somehow we have to agree that, feeling does fade over time, not only to the intimate ones but also to friends. Friends drifting apart, relationships turn bland and boring. Time is a magic. Really. You will get over things and people that you initially thought were impossible.

Sometimes you just lose things, lose people, lose feelings, lose relationships, without you realising it. So.... it's good to back track la! Make sure that everyone is served. *laugh*

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Osaka was nice and cosy. The people I were with, were great company. Ramen, strawberry shortcake ice cream, sushi. Drools~ =p

Going Osaka again next weekend, and am still looking forward to it. Going to be away for 7days to the middle eastern region tomorrow. Am looking into some self-improvement moments like heading to the gym, reading books, do some soul-searching and stuffs. Haha... Should be wonderful. *beams*

Was reading a quote that someone wrote..."You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel."
True isn't it?
Quite impressive and I kind of like it.

You know we always have impressions of people. Some make greater impressions than others. Just when I want to perceive a good impression about certain people, I heard things and rumours which totally go against my idea. I am in no position to judge, and I thought I want to believe what I see and feel, but somehow some stuffs are just....ermmm...fishy? Maybe. It triggers me to think perhaps the sudden rush that I thought I have was temporary and it wasn't real. It was just a moment of fascinating. Haha. Oh well, rock and roll la.... That's life. Hehe... At times we just need phases like these to help us to realise and appreciate the genuine ones around us. But very often, being a little bit superficial, I tend to overlook. We all learn, right?