Monday, February 28, 2011

觉得很幸福. :)


Received so many overwhelming birthday wishes from friends, but yet from the most important one. *roll eyes* *laugh* I want to thank you everyone for remembering. Life has been such a blessing. *wide grin*

Gonna pack for work tonight. Am off to Frankfurt, and back for the weekend. Have a great start of the week people. February is short, but yet it's still so beautiful, with so many lasting memories to linger about. Hehe.

Take care, and loves. =)

a tad emotional

Nothing beats seeing the loved one after work, eating supper, playing with the swings, enjoying the sea breeze and watching aeroplanes, together. :)

But I get a tad emotional lately. Getting upset over unnecessary stuffs, and getting overly excited and happy over the slightest thing. I thought I just sounded agitated and pissed off over the phone. Made me feel like a spoilt princess throwing tantrums. Why am I so uptight about stuffs? Maybe some things are too good to be true and it kind of suppress me. I could do better.

Don't know since when, and when did it all start, that I actually care so much about the new relationship in my life. I pray for guidance and enlightenment from god. I will strive to be a better person.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am happy, like really happy. Good things all fall in places, best pals who are always there, and my other half. :) Not the expensive pressies, not the expensive meals, but being around with all the loved ones make me a blissful and lucky girl. Why is god always ever so kind? Thank you very much. I can't ask for more. :)

Can't help falling in love, all over again.

I just need a little more faith to believe everything is positive, and will continue to be positive. :)
Jakarta turnaround later. Jia you!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

to realise...

I wanted to take a short nap (apparently) after dinner last night before heading out for supper with besties. Who knows, it was 8hours later when I woke up! Alarm didn't wake me up, 147 whatsapps messages (the group chat thing, i somehow hate it because the messages will keep coming in even if it wasn't you talking but you are still in the same group), numerous missed calls, and I still slept like a pig. I seriously want to ROAR to myself. Wasted the Friday night away. *sigh* But.... I am so looking forward to next Friday already. Hehe... :p

I had a really long and tiring day at work and it practically drained out all my energy, plus I never slept at all the night before. I am superwoman no more. Getting old and body aching all over, after a sleepless night and a hard day at work. Just hanged up a phone call with a friend, mummy is back from morning's jog, the birds on the trees start chipping, the sky is turning to blue, I am hungry actually, but I guess it's more advisable that I go back to sleep.

I was just thinking, I remember talking about the superstar and the ordinary thingy. And now I realise I was so stupid. The superstar will not shine forever, but I love how the ordinary glows in its own beauty, and how mesmerizing it is in its own shell. And then to realise actually ordinary isn't that ordinary after all. It gives me simple happiness that triggers and still lingers, but most importantly, I find myself getting greedier and keep wanting for more. No limelight, no superstar fame but yet I like it more.

I remember saying I miss being crazily in love, and someone says he doesn't know how to make it up to me for that. I guess it has came back for me now. I have fallen for the ordinary. The ordinary who isn't that ordinary. The ordinary who shines more than the superstar. The ordinary whom my life can't live without now. I only just realised it, and hoping it isn't too late.

Friday, February 25, 2011

completes me

Many people and YOU always say my entries are very ambiguous. Many of the times it seems like I am referring to a particular someone, and yet I go one big round telling story, but the someone still remains unknown. That is me Yolene Peh. You either love her or you hate her. There is no in between. Haha... =p

On a lighter note, I have met the guy who completes the current me. 3 years of friendship which went through more ups and downs than any other friends together, and only blossomed 2 months ago. You see how much time we have wasted. He was always there but I couldn't see him. He tolerated my nonsense and bad-temper. He never gave up on me even when I almost gave up on myself. He was one of my best friends, and he still is, and always will be. Just that now, love has came in, and it has brought him to a higher importance in my life. :)

And for YOU, I wasn't worried and scared about opening up our new status. I was just being skeptical about how everything is going to work. But now, I want to tell everyone that you are the man of my happy life now. =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The overwhelming encounter.

I never fancy Auckland. The timing is totally off for me, and the work load is tiring. But this time it just somehow felt different. I thought I would never feel this way. I always thought being loved more is more fortunate, and this kind of blessing usually lasts longer. And when I begin to feel more attached and emotionally involved, I always have this negative feeling that the happiness will become short-termed. God will take the blessing away from me. It happened like a few times to me before. Every time when I really like something and fall for it, somehow some events have to happen to take it away from me. People may think all these are unnecessary thoughts and worries. But I am pessimistic. I fear the feeling of having strong feeling for something, owning it, and then losing it. So the best solution? To be less hopeful, maybe.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Paris. Basilica Sacre Coeur. Eiffel Tower. Champs Elysees. These words conjure up word images in the heads of thousands of folks who've seen the pictures in glossy magazines, watched the documentaries, and dream of one day visiting Paris.

When I visit the Sacre Coeur, my heart skips a beat when I see this glorious church on a hill atop Montmartre, with winding cobblestoned streets weaving around the hill all the way to the bottom where the textile and fabric district is.

No Chanel. No Miu Miu. No Balenciaga, No LV, but full of accomplishment that I didn't get from my previous Paris trips.
And of course the man who has been taking good care of me for the past few days.
I am quite a cynical person.
I do not know how formulas derive. I do not know how theories and answers explain. I do not know how feelings come together and form many other kinds of feelings. I have an attitude that not many people can tolerate. And yet, love still comes to me. For real or for not, I am still skeptical. Thank you all for the blessings of my current life.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All good things..

Had a short work trip to Melbourne, came back yesterday morning. Minimal rest, and tons of errands to run before the whole series of night activities begin. :p

Had Korean BBQ for dinner, Caught Black Swan, the movie that was captivating, and champagne indulgence at The Lantern located at the roof of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. The view was mesmerising, and was so tempted by the pool at the roof top. And the night came with the sweetest gifts. Pink roses and homemade raspberry cream chocolate cupcakes. =)

I am counting my blessings. As much as how the yearly prediction says 2011 isn't a good year for RAT, I am embracing every little bit of happiness granted to me. Heading off to another work trip tonight. Will be back on the Saturday for dinner with the girlies. :)

Thank you YOU.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I love February actually. It's different from the rest of the months. Or should I say it's special? It has the least numbers of days and yet it's always flustered with a lot of meaningful occasions. Like Valentine's Day, as much as I always deem that it's way super over-rated, more like a day for the florists to make money, it's a worldwide known festive made known in the celebration of love. I remember some years ago, I was in a faraway land. The boyfriend had way given me a disk with a cover that was drawn by him a few days ago before my trip, and wanted me to open the disk only when it's 14. In a GMT-8 time zone, the weather was barely bearable, the wind was strong, but I felt extremely warm in the heart. The PowerPoint slides that I kept playing through the night, and the watch that became my favorite watch then.

Love shouldn't be celebrated only on Valentine's Day. It should be always celebrated because you are in love. Not necessary in monetary terms, but priceless time, efforts and love you are giving to each other. I always have an imagination. 2 lovebirds sipping champagne, eating strawberries and chocolates, cuddling together, enjoying and appreciating the moment of each other. No expensive gifts but something called love that no one else can take away unless one party has given up.

And February is "Fantabulous". Fantastic and Fabulous. It's my birthday month! Yay! Haha... And I am always struggling to add one more year to my age every year. LOL. Oh well... I am thankful to be living till now, aging gracefully I hope (haha..), going after dreams, and being loved.

Very busy month for the next half of February. But... I am kind of looking forward... :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

back from munich!

Am back from an amazing 6days trip to Munich. It's a beautiful city. I visited BMW museum, castles that spell fairytale, overdosed with mugs and mugs of beer and laughter. Definitely am going back again to explore more. :)

Today is the 7Th day of Chinese New Year and in tradition, it's the birthday of everybody. So Happy Birthday! May life treats us well, grant us with good health, wealth and unlimited happiness. And on our part, let's treasure what god has given to us, and look forward to what's lying ahead of us. =)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy CNY

Happy Lunar New Year!

How was the reunion dinner people?

Mine was simple, a yearly affair with the closed ones over steamboat, and the countdown programme on TV. Then it was nails-painting for mummy, praying for a good year ahead, and late night movie. First day was celebrated with visiting from and to relatives, filled with wishes and greetings and yearly repeated questions like "eh today never fly ah? (in my head, obviously right? if not why am i here??), where is your fav destination?, where is your boyfriend? how old are you liao ah? getting married soon not, so that you can give birth and upgrade your parents' status..." And they went on and on... Haha. But it was all good, for good cause and good reason. :)

I wish I can be around over the weekend,'s time to go back to work. Heading off to Munich on Chu Er's night, while most of you get to enjoy the weekend, on my behalf. Lol..

Anyway, may this Rabbit Year brings good health, wealth and happiness to everyone out there. Huat Ah! =p

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A feast with the good friends...

The must needed supper after a Saigon flight...

Boys at work... :p

My childhood fav. sweets...

Sinful indulgence...

Alright, another KL flight later and I am off for the reunion and the first day of Chinese New Year. In a holiday mood, totally... :p Good night, wakie up in 2hours plus time. I still need to drive to work. *yawns* Good thing it will be a short work trip. Hehe.