Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just like excursion...

Haha. Today we didn't have to bun our hair & doll ourselves with the typical makeup. Whole day we were out & we didn't have to report to the school. 4 cars, 19 of us, we made our way to US Embassy for our US Visa application, then we went Tanglin Mall for Mac's breakfast. After which, we headed down to Shaw House for some shopping, an hour or so later we drove to Loyang for the collection of our uniforms' accessories. The weather totally cannot make it manz. Super duper hot & I'm a person who perspires easily, so I think it's quite disgusting la. *laugh* After the collection, we went to make our airport passes & eventually some of us landed in Tampines Mall for some Express Teppanyaki which were really delicious. Yummy! Heh.

Left my uniforms' accessories in my friend's car. Simply too heavy for me to carry home. Dad is picking me up tmr so can take from my friend tmr la. Hehe.

Stress sia. Thursday is the exam. Sheesh! Wish me good luck! =p

I can't wait for it to be over!

Just like excursion...

His smile...


Highlights of some moments in my life...


Sunday, June 25, 2006

NRT & SYD =)

Yeyyyy!!! I'm flying to Narita Japan (NRT) & Sydney Australia (SYD) in around slightly more than a month time! So exciting! Hope it gonna be fun & enriching! Hippeee! =)

& know what? I was wearing this white bottom yesterday & there was this group of three boys (secondary school kids i pressume) standing behind me, discussing to one another what kind of underwear I was wearing & I overheard that they concluded that I'm wearing g-string. For goodness sake, I'm not lor. I didn't know my coverage can be so good till people can mistaken that I'm wearing something that I'm not. Hahaha.

I didn't go & support today. Next week maybe. Hopefully. =p

My favourite singer?

dbl O

Went dbl O yesterday (friday). My friends came to fetch me & we met the rest at the place. The night was quite okay - a little fun yet a little not so fun. Haha. & one of my ang mo trainers supposed to join us but he was in his sandals so he was being barred from entering. Hence, he went somewhere else instead with his friend instead to meet their other friends for chilling & drinking.

We spotted a pretty cute looking eurasian looking guy at the club. He was very shy & all but we did manage to get to know each other & chat a little in the end though. Opps. Haha. But I still prefer my favourite singer. I still think he is cuter. =P

I drove my friend's car back (in case of police's road block) because he was drunk. Then after I reached my place, I returned the car to him & he drove the rest back. Luckily, all still in a piece. Lol.

I haven touch any of my notes today yet. I went vocal, cut hair, shopping, dinner & shopping again. Damn. I gotta start. I better. So worried sia. Hmmm....

Will upload more pictures when I recieved them.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Community Service

Been like so busy till I don't even have time for the latest MNG sales. Lol. & practically I sleep like 4 hours or so everyday only. Oh well.....

Anyway, we went nursing home today for community service & had a nice time mingling around with the old folks. But some of the old folks are really very poor things. Many of them are bedridden & wheelchair-bound & they do not have the ability to look after themselves. Some of them cried when they saw us & they looked sad when we were about to leave. It's really saddening & my heart goes out to them. Probably I should engage in more voluntery work like this to contribute to the community. I think it feels very good when you are able to help others & share your love, care & concern to them.

Mock exam tmr! (friday!!!) Sian...... & next week is the real exam already. S.T.R.E.S.S!

Should I cut my fringe short? Couldn't stand it now. Hmmm. Wait till then.


It's all about my life. Now. ;p

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Anyways, it’s in chinese, so those who can read, just read & understand. Those who can’t, ask me & I'll help you to translate. Bwahahaha.

Orange + Yellow

Red + Yellow

Purple + Pink

Green + Pink

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do you want to know why you are single?

Between the four colour combinations, please choose one:

a. Orange + Yellow

b. Red + Yellow

c. Purple + Pink

d. Green + Pink

Will reveal the answers tmr!!! So do check back okay!:D

Alright. Gotta go. Byeeee!

P.S. I chose green and pink. We will find out why the singles are single tomorrow! OMG! =P

For fun

Haha. I can't help it. It's too eye-appealing! Paiseh la girl, if u happen to see this. =p

For fun only. =)

You dream what you think

It's really TRUE that when you keep talking & thinking about something, you will really dream of it & the moment when you open your eyes from your beauty sleep, it's still that something.

You dream what you think.

I didn't sleep well.

They met T & J for some dinner or coffee yesterday's night but I didn't go. It was quite rushed & last minute for me. Got stuffs to do & all.

Food Module~

Everything was okay until you appearred again.....


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Smile like you really do

Happy or sad, life still goes on. Things may not always get in my way. But I know one day it will. With hopes. =)

"I can be you anytime but you can't be me anymore." - A small enlightment from dear evie. Haha. I love the quote manz.Thankie! *bleah*

Smile like you really do. ;)


Sunday, June 18, 2006


Friday had food module lesson. The trainer was quite firm. But overall I have learnt a lot of things. We had food-tasting on the various kinds of food available onboard for both the business & economy classes. What a feast manz & I ate till I was like super full lor. =p

Some of my batchmates went momo on friday's night but I didn't join. I met michelle after training & was really exhausted from the whole week of training. Totally too tired to party & mock exam is this coming week & there are like so much stuffs to study. I wish I have superb memory.

I love photos. *winks*


Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy mode

Oh yea. Did I mention that I watched The Omen on monday? Anyway, it wasn't as nice what I thought. Only some scary parts that made people scream. Still watchable though. *grin*

At the steamboat last friday.....

With Greg.....

Happy family.....

*happy mode*

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wine & Liquor Lesson

We had wine & liquor lesson today & it was really fun! We mixed cocktails, prepared alcoholic beverages & we had happy hours! Luckily none of us got drunk. Haha. A much interesting day. =)

I have so many pictures that I wanted to share but I was told to be discreet about the pictures that I'm posting online. SO.... Selective la huh? ;p

More pictures soon! =p

Going to cut my fringe soon. I can't stand it man. So UGLY!!! *pout*

Meet up soon girls, boys & everyone! :)