Monday, July 31, 2006

4 more days

I didn't know there are so many things to prepare & so much homework to do before flights. & I just went to trim my fringe today. It was touching my eyebrows & I don't want to be zapped on my grooming on my very 1st SNY flight. It was cheap la anyway. Only $4.20 after discount. So can trim pretty often if I don't intend to leave it long. =P

Doing wet run tmr & wednesday. Gotta be in full uniform, makeup & hair. I'm quite excited actually. Hehe. It's the 1st time that I'm going to dress in full & all. Gotta take lots of pictures if possible. Haha.

Alright. I think I better go read up my notes & stuffs. 4 more days to my flight. Heh. Night! =)

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I think club momo is really a boring place. Don't think I want to go there again. Unless it's the people who are going. J got drunk & G had to drive J's car to send him back while I had to drive G's car. By the time I got home it was like almost 5 in the morning. Then I woke up at 10plus in the morning, went to the tailor to alter my uniforms, cleo makeover, shopping, food republic, shopping again & home sweet home. My heels almost killed me. Lol.

I love my shopping loot but I also think it's time to start doing some financial planning about my savings like what michelle had said. I can't believe my eyes when I received the statements from my bank. Haha.

6 more days.....

Feeling fat & flabby.....

Friday, July 28, 2006

My new found.







My new found.

Too bad, we aren't even friends yet.

Soon, he will leave & shortly after, I will leave too.

I guess nothing is going to come out again.

Maybe it's just another phase of feel.

Stop falling any deeper.

Am feeling quite emotional lately. Both work & personal. The coping part isn't easy at all. Sometimes I just feel so helpless.

Going aircraft visit again tmr (friday) & after that there's a test. Practically there are like tests every now & then.

Finally, the weekend is coming. But it doesn't really seem like a weekend to me. Have got so much things to prepare & to get ready. How I wish time can be kinder to me.

Alright. I think I shall go study one last round before I sleep.

Gd night! ;)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fly away.

Will be away on 04 aug - 06 aug, 09 aug - 10 aug, 26 aug - 28 aug, 31 aug - 1 sep. =)


Watched a tape on childbirth today & it was damn gross & disgusting. At that moment, I was telling myself I don't wanna give birth next time already. Lol. I could imagine the pain & suffer that my mum had gone through. I'm going to buy her a prezzie on her coming birthday. Haha.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Did lots of practical assessments yesterday. Almost gone breathless, painfully palms resulted from too much decompression/cpr doing, aching knees from kneeing down too much & long. Didn't know doing cpr & some first aid could be so tiring.

Passed everything but it wasn't a smooth & flow day yesterday. Kanna zapped by her for don't know how many times. Okay. I was not the only one. But then. Zapped. Dampen a little of my mood already. Oh well. I got over it anyway.

Saw joey huang yuxia from mediacorp at my company yesterday & it was her first day of training. Looking so arrogant & stucked up & all.

Have so much things to do before my 1st sny flight next week. So much so that I'm passionate about what I'm doing now, sometimes I do miss the old times, old days, old me, when things aren't as complicated & everything seems simpler. But well, things change & we have to change. Neither good or bad. Depends on how you look at them. You can only sigh at things that aren't changing to the way you want. What to do right?

This kind of mixed feeling sometimes I really wonder who would understand.

Me & my baby! Hee.

Good day ahead! =)

getting over it...

Monday, July 24, 2006


I lied. I didn't gym or jog. ;\ I went bugis in the afternoon, thinking I would be back by evening time so that I could still go for a jog at the stadium. But instead, I returned home at around 9pm. I missed my exercise again & I ate a lot the whole day. Chicken rice, carrot cake, bird nest milk tea with pearls, crystal jade breads, homecooked food..... (countless calories added. i feel so fat suddenly. arGgGhhH....)

On a happier side, thankfully, I have learnt to curb my impulsive buying/spending. So it's still not that bad afterall. Hehe.

Beding time! Night!

i really don't know what you want & what you want me to do..........

Sunday, July 23, 2006

First aid

First aid isn't that easy afterall. Bandaging, armslinging, infant cpr, adult cpr & more to come this coming week. Had some assessment & test on first aid for the past one or two days & phew, I had cleared them all. Hee. But monday I'm having the adult cpr test, the killer practical. I think I can make it la. I think. Haha. *bleah*

Went dinner on friday with some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Then we went home, changed & went zouking. Saw quite a few celebrities & eye candies there. *wink* It was particularly crowded on that friday's night & we didn't really have much space to move & dance around. Bumped into some schoolmates & friends there. It always feels really nice to see someone whom you haven't seen for long, even though it was just a short hello greeting & conversation.

Woke up in the late morning on saturday. Then I went banking, came home, lunched, changed, went out, sang (it sounded horrible. i swear. ha.), shopped for less than an hour, met lynn for dinner at hg mall's pepper lunch (she said she dreamt of me & him. lol. that was like so hilarious. haha. we updated each other's life. ;p)

Itinerary for sunday: Either go gyming or jogging, dieting (like real. guess it gonna be tough for a big eater like me. heh.) do some reading, maybe go do some shopping to get some stuffs.

12 more days to my 1st SNY! =p

Friday, July 21, 2006


Just got to know my the other 2 training flights for aircraft B777. *hee*

26 Aug- SIN (Singapore) - BKK (Bangkok) - KIX (Osaka)
28 Aug - KIX (Osaka) - BKK (Bangkok) - SIN (Singapore)

31 Aug - SIN (Singapore) - PER (Perth)
01 Sep - PER (Perth) - SIN (Singapore)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

1st half

Managed to finish 1st half of the test today & 2nd half of it will commence tmr. Think it went well & hopefully for tmr as well. ;P

& we spent almost 2 hours for another uniform fitting today. Some alterations still need to be done though. The size of every set just differs although the tailors claimed that they are all the same.

Wish very much to post some pictures of which we had our uniforms on but I think better not. Maybe I'll share them with some closer friends discreetly. Hehe.

Gotta bun up my hair tmr for first aid training. *siansation*

Till next entry~

Beautiful night~

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Only Love

Maybe I should remove my links of other people's blogs & people should also remove me from their links. Sometimes I don't really like the idea of letting some strangers, unknown figures or invaders to read about my life. Though I know blog is not really a private space. But still.....

Been listening to this song repeatedly just now. I used to like this song a lot & now I still do! One of my favourite english songs. *winks*

Only Love

2 a.m. and the rain is falling
Here we are at the crossroads once again
You're telling me you're so confused
You can't make up your mind
Is this meant to be
You're asking me

But only love can say - try again or walk away
But I believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So I'll just play my part
And pray you'll have a change of heart
But I can't make you see it through
That's something only love can do

In your arms as the dawn is breaking
Face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
There's hope beyond the pain
If we give enough, if we learn to trust


I know if I could find the words
To touch you deep inside
You'd give our dream just one more chance
Don't let this be our good-bye

Alright. Shall continue to mug for my test tmr! Byeeeee!

Evacuation Training

I'm starting to feel lazy to type out my blog in words & that spells out the recent increment in the contribution of pictures to replace the usual words in my blog. =p

I had an entire week of safety evacuation training last week. The practicals were quite fun & I pretty much enjoyed myself though the theories could be quite boring too. We had water evacuation (ditching) today & it was really fun "playing" in the water with our swimwears beneath the old uniforms provided for us. I will never want to use my own uniform to dip myself in the water. Hehe.

Gotta pass a test this wednesday before I can proceed to the next stage of training, the first aid training. Good luck to me. *grin*

Anyway, there are really a lot of things to learn & know. But like what many trainers have told me, be humble, be tolerant & be willing to learn, you will definitely survive & enjoy the lifestyle kind of job. I really hope so. ;p

I'm flying off in slightly more than 2 weeks time. Excited yet nervous. Yey! Haha.

Friday I sent sophia off at the airport. She went back to aussie for her studies. Then after that I met michelle & liyan at bliss cafe for dinner & catching up session. It always feels very nice to meet talk to people whom you havent been seeing for sometimes. It was an enjoyable session. =)

Saturday met evie to go for her church event called "asian superstars" at expo. It was pretty interesting with the planned performances & stuffs. After which we went for dinner at tampines mall's fish & co & updated each other with the recent & latest happenings in our lives. Almost a decade of friendship & it's still going strong I should say despite the fact that we don't meet up as often now. It's a wondeful feeling & let's hope it continues forever. *beams*

Sunday met meifang for lunch at compasspoint's sakae sushi. I have been eating a lot of japanese food lately but it's okay cos I love jappy food. =p Great seeing her too! & we are going to the cleo makeover together! Yey! Hehe.

I have been meeting girls & where are my guys? I think I should start doing or planning something. Haha. Get out of it before it gets any deeper & hunt for better possible catches. Right evie? Lol.

No new pictures these few days. Didn't get to take pictures today during the water evacuation. What a waste. But everyone does look good. Still. Lol.

I was too "bo liao" so I took pictures of some of the tops which I wore over the past few days:

I know I look silly in this picture:

Spot my shoes:

Hee. Good Night~

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We had practical today which was pretty fun. Live safety demonstration & jumping & sliding down from evacuation slides. The evacuation slides were quite scary at first because of the height but after a few jumps, you would realise it wasn't that scary afterall. Heh.

Then we had dinner at ICHIBAN BOSHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT at ESPLANADE. Very nice! The price is really affordable ($1.90 per plate) & there are more varieties and creativities than SAKAE SUSHI. Gonna frequent this jappy place more often for my fetish for jappy food! *grin*


Adidas rulez~

Tele-tubbies in white~




His arm is so long. lol~

Sunday, July 09, 2006

For a change.....

For a change.....

I wanna buy a hair curler for myself soon! It seems so fun to play around with curls! =p Great~

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I saw a MONK carrying a LV wallet

Just finished another exam yesterday & yay! I survived! Haha. For the next 2 - 3 weeks I can wear casual (but no jeans) for my next stage of training. How time passes & very soon I'll be all on my own. The path to the high flyer's life is never easy.

& I love coffee club's mudpie! Sinfully delicious! Been eating a lot of chocolates, ice-creams & desserts lately. I think I better start watching my diet. =p

Oh ya. I saw a MONK carrying a LV wallet yesterday! Haha. Ok la, maybe he got it from pasam malam or bangkok I don't know la but it looks really real. Lol.

Quite a few things to do today. Going for my cousin's wedding tonight. Need to do some shopping to get more polo tees & casual pants. Going for fringe-cut again. (maybe) Vocal ( not confirmed yet) & meeting friends or what.

I feel that I'll always be losing someone or something in every phase of my life. It's saddening but maybe that's part of growing up, part of life. Like what my trainer said, the truth always hurts.

Sometimes you just have so much things to say but you just don't know who to turn to.

Life has been great so far but it could have been greater.

I need an understanding soul.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Aircraft Visit

Was at the airport the whole day. Went for aircraft visit & it was really an eye-opener. I didn't know there are so many procedures to follow. Beginning to feel the stress for my SNY & SOLO already. Things just not gonna be easy as what some people may think. I believe no one will see the "shit work" that we have to do behind all the glamourous fronts we put across.

Nonetheless, it was an enriching day! =)

I love this oldie & it does spell out my feeling sometimes. *giggle*


我和你 男和女 都逃不过爱情
谁愿意 有勇气 不顾一切付出真心
你说的 不只你 还包括我自己
该不该再继续 该不该有回应

有那么一点点动心 一点点迟疑

有那么一点点动心 一点点迟疑

难以抗拒 Oh

我和你 男和女 都逃不过爱情
也许应该放心 让爱一步步靠近

always like the wrong things but i'm sure i'll get it right one day...

Monday, July 03, 2006

met up with xiu

Sometimes it's just hard to please everyone.

Anyway, on the happier side, I met up with xiu yesterday. It has been quite sometimes since we last met up with each other. So yup. Very happy to see her again. Hehe. & we went KTV-ing. Haha. After that, we went to watch some performance. Hope it didn't bore her. =p

Sunday, July 02, 2006

General comments

I feel.....

1. people should learn to be more tactful in their own words & actions.

2. you may be the sadest person today but who knows you may be the happiest person tomorrow. why choose to make yourself so depressed when everyday still goes by no matter you are happy or sad?

3. i seriously look down on people who always say they want to end their lives or have attempted to end their lives. before you really do anything, do you know that you are very selfish? you want to end your precious life that your parents give you & you want to leave your loved ones in grief & to suffer when you die? think about it manz.

4. stop pin-pointing faults at anybody when you yourself don't even reflect on yourself.

5. it's okay to make mistakes so long as you learn from the mistakes & do not repeat the same mistakes again. who on this earth doesn't make a single mistake?

6. forgive & forget.

7. if everything else still fails, maybe we should just lead our own way. seriously, i don't mind since you choose to do that.

8. these are just general comments. not pin-pointing to a specific person or group. like me or hate me, up to you.


Saturday, July 01, 2006


I just woke up like an hour ago only. =P Anyways, had my exam on thursday & the whole class passed! (with fairly flying colours!!) Hehe. My trainer bought prezzies & flowers for everyone of us. That was like so nice of him. He always gives us surprises & he always does so much things for the class. Everyone was like very touched. I think we are really lucky to have him as our trainer for our foundation course. I have really learnt a lot of things from him & he is definitely one man that worths every single cent of our respect. Now we are moving on to the next stage of our training & he won't be teaching us anymore. But whatever it is, he is really a good mentor & he really cares a lot for the class & each & everyone of us. He plays a part in my training life & up to this point of time, I will still insist on the decision that I have made & I love what I'm doing now. =)

We played some games on thursday too . Pretty fun la. Especially hunter & squrriels. Brought back those childhood memories. Hee.

Then we had birthday cake on friday for the january to july babies. Yummylicious! The chocolate was very thick & rich & I love it. Haha.

At night, a whole group of us went velvet, phuture & zouk to party with our pass. Haha. Then after that we went supper & by the time I reached home it was like already 4.30am, nearing 5 this morning. But it was quite fun la. =p

& I do wish to meet up with my friends & everyone more often & I really mean it. Let's see when.

Oh. & I keep having this illusion in me. One illusion after another. Probably no one knows. & I think I should stop this illusion because I scared things might go out of place. I don't know. Really. Maybe things should just remain as they are & no more.

Going town later & after that to my cousin's son 1 year old birthday chalet.

Bye! *beam*

pictures up soon~