Sunday, May 29, 2005

Over the weekend

Oh well, my weekend was pretty tiring. Met Evie for lunch at Compass Point & we talked about the past which was kind of memorable. Our crushes, our doings, our childishness, our stupidity & everything. Heh. I never knew I would miss those days so much until when I have grown up, moving into a different phase of life. Frankly speaking, I miss being childish sometimes. Those memories are what make life worth recalling, reflecting and living upon. *yeah* hehe... =p

Been to 2 Birthday's parties over the weekend. Marvin's & Boon Kiat's. I was especially touched when Boon Kiat was giving his birthday's speech. Ha. His siblings used straws to make stars to form and decorate the wall with the wordings, "Happy 21st Birthday" & they made him a soccer trophy. So sweet right? He was kept in the dark & it was really a surprise to him. I was so touched by the scene & I almost teared. You get the picture? Hah.

Birthdays' parties are good for catching up with friends. You see friends who are getting prettier, cuter, fitter, fatter & slimmer & I realise I didn't change much too. I don't know is it a good thing or not or I did change afterall without my own realisation. Hmmm... I was hesitating to go initially but I'm glad I went. ;) *bleah*

Oh by the way, pilates was good as usual & the class was so popular now that we must reserve for the class 1 week in advance. Woohoo... I don't care. I only want to go to her pilates' class! =p

*smile widely* See my teeth? Hah. Gee. ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

oPPs, I did it again!

Yes. I spent money on my hair again. Straighter, shorter & darker. Hope it will turn out to be just as nice or even nicer after I wash my hair. Ok. I don't even know if it's considered as nice now. Haha. =p

Saw my secondary school teachers. Miss Rachel Chong & Mr Andrew Wong. She has long rebonded hair now. But who cares? I don't like her still. Heh. He looks haggard. As if his wife has ran away from him or he has lost some money in the shares. Lol. Whatever. ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


我听见你的声音 有种特别的感觉
我记得有一个人 永远留在我心中
如果真的有一天 爱情理想会实现
不管路有多么远 一定会让它实现

我爱你爱着你 就像老鼠爱大米
我想你想着你 不管有多么的苦
这样爱你 我爱你爱着你 就像老鼠爱大米
我想你想着你 不管有多么的苦
只要能让你开心我什么都愿意 这样爱着你

ooOoohh... I am soOooo in love with this song now. Can't get it out of my mind. *heehee*

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Hohoho... It's a saturday night & I'm at home blogging away this entry. Shouldn't youngsters like me be partying outside, having lots of fun & enjoying myself with no worries or anything? Opps. I feel so un-happening at this very moment. *beams*

Saw my friend's hippiest hairstyle yesterday. Looks great on her! I don't know why she says it's ugly but I think it's cool! Haha. So glam & everything. *hee*

I had a good workout of Power Yoga at Amore just now. I realise I really need to improve on my flexibility. Bend here bend there. I'm not that elastic actually. =p

Life still goes on without you.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Let me summarise my life for the past 3 days. ;)

Met up with Lynn on Monday. Told her some secrets (or not really secrets? cos all along i thought i told her b4 or i thought she knew? hah. whatever. blah. =p) & we really had a wonderful evening.

Tuesday supposed to have tuition but the it was cancelled last minute.

Had a lunch date with Meifang at Tampines before gng for my tuition. We ate at Hans & it tasted so yucky! Grilled ham ma-chiem luncheon meat & it was super salty. I don't wanna die so fast. I still have got a long way to go. Lol. I think I can cook caborona with grilled ham better than the cook.

The service was very lousy too. Attitude problems looking faces. Ok. Maybe I was wrong. But just too bad. I just hate that knd of face, that kind of attitude. I am definitely discriminating them. Lousy food + lousy service. Oh gosh. I shouldn't have my money there.

A friend had told me before the food of the various different outlets of Hans taste different. Well, now I know it & I agree.

Tuition was not too good. A leopard doesn't change its spots. Too many things & they just make me feel so agitated even until this very moment. I don't know why am I still staying & on. least I have a month no need to see them because of their school holidays. A peace of mind.

Retail therapy is getting me again. I have been dng some shopping yesterday & today & I never came home empty-handed. There are more things I wish I have bought, I wish I can have... Still, I need a good financial planning. I predict I'll need to spend a bomb on my hair already!

Feeling-less. I desperately need something to hold on now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I love these...

Image hosted by

GAP Green Hobo Bag

Image hosted by

GAP Pink Hobo Bag

I wanna get one of these bags but I don't know which colour to get. I like the green one cos I find it more special & chic but the pink one looks very sweet too right? =p

Monday, May 16, 2005

A Monday's Diary

Met up with my girlfriends, Evie, April, Yeun & Lynn at Orchard on Saturday for dinner, coffee & catching up session. It was fun as usual. Just hanging out & being together with your long time good pals. We took some pictures & video clips which were very amusing. Haha.

I don't know since when we have cultivated the habit to take pictures everytime we meet. But I am pretty sure that photography is one of our common shared hobbies. Right girls? Haha. The whole night was really enjoyable. Don't feel like typing out what really happened & what we actually did that night because my friends were all writing about it in their blogs too. No point repeating the whole story again. So read their blogs if you want to know more. Heh.

I'll try to upload the photos to one of my photos folders one of these days. You can check out there later.

Yesterday I went for my pilates class as routine & then I was at home the whole day, reading book & magazine, watching tv, surfing the net & talking on the phone. Not very productive ya I know. Hah.

Can't decide to take up a part-time job or not. I am teaching tuition but I still got some time to spare. Should I take up more tuiton assignments or should I look for a part-time job? Tuiton gives you more flexible timing but a new part-time job may give you new exposure & experience. My school reopens on the 4th of July by the way. Ok. Nevermind. I think I am super indecisive. Contradicting myself at times too. Right. I shall work things out.

Lunch time! Maybe going gym or meeting up friends later. I don't know. See how things go. Heh. See you later! =p

Friday, May 13, 2005

Are you afraid of marriage?

A friend was telling me yesteday about her ex-colleague who is still a newlywed for 2 months, her marriage is already on the rocks. She said that her husband approaches her only when he needs sex, if not he would just ignore her. He wasn't like that when they were still in their courtship. He seems like a changed person after their marriage. She was sobbing very pitifully when she was talking about her marriage problem to my friend.

I have seen & heard many examples of failed marriages. The process from courtship to marriage is a pretty dramatic change to a certain extent. Things change. People change. Quite scary huh?

Some say marriage spells the graveyard for love, some say, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in life. Some say life is not complete without it, and some let fate be their captain. What do you think?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It is supposed to be blissful & happy. But it's never easy.

Some people marry just because they think they have reached a marriageable age & they feel that they ought to marry themselves off. Some couples may have been in their courtships for many years but their marriages may not necessary turn out be blissful & happy. Some may have only been together for less than a year or maybe just a few months, their marriages can still possible to turn out to be blissful & happy.

In my opinion, time is not really an important factor to determine how potential a relationship can transform into a marriage. To me, it's more of the feelings, the values & the futures that the both of us will want to see in the relationship that we hold together. I think if you are not ready to commit, never ever rush into things & get yourselves hitched too hasty.

I have always wanted to marry early. Like 25, 26. It's considered as quite a young age to get married in this century. This is what I want but a lot of things are really beyond my control. So the best is to let nature takes its course. The most old-fashioned way of saying. Haha. Well, fate is something you never know. :)

Newsroom Bar

Ok. I just came home, showered & feeling restless right now. Haa. Went to attend a career seminar in school this afternoon. It was sOoOoOooo boring & I was totally not interested at all. So Emily & I sneaked out during the break. *giggle* Clever right? Heh. So she went for her tuition & I went straight back home.

Went to Newsroom Bar for some Power98 thingy just now. I tell you. It's never fun to go to a pub or a bar alone. I only know the Power98 people there. Ha. Anyway, the whole event was quite spectacular. The Finals for the Singapore's Sexiest Buns 2005. That time mine was for the tertiary students & this time was open to everyone. Yup. The 6 contestants were so much more "on" & daring than us. They danced & shake their bums like nobody business. Quite cool actually. Haha. The last part of the competiton, the pole dancing, really make people go "wow, woohoo, weewee". Lol. Hah.

Then some ang mo (guys & girls) asked me to join them for drinks at another bar but I rejected. Someone bought me a drink too. But I didn't drink it. Don't know who's the guy too. Can't really see the face when the bartender pointed to me who was the guy. Hehe. Anyway, I can't be bothered too. Nah. Not interested. Heh.

I did a catwalk. Yeah. With Oliver. The guy winner from my competiton. A bit weird but yea, I did it & it's all over now. But best of all I had received my phone finally! It's Nokia 6230i. I'm still waiting for the $$$ though. =p

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Chilli Crabs

I always try to refrain myself from eating suppers. Especially late night suppers. BUT..... I failed today! I simply couldn't resist the temptation from the lip-smacking red hot chilli crabs!

Feel like strangling my daddy now. Haha.....

I am greedy. Yes. I blame my gluttonous mouth. ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Layout Makeover

It's a new layout again. I guess a lot of you will feel that this skin suits me better. Maybe it's more me. Somehow. Some ways. Some senses. I don't know. Haha.

Give me some feedbacks. ;p

I'm glad I have changed to wireless modem. I forgot to mention in my previous entry. The singnet guy came to fix the modem at 8.30am yesterday! He was early somemore. I think he reached at about 8.20am. By that time, I was about to go school. So I just gave my youngest brother's some instructions to deal with the guy.

I always thought that using a wireless modem means I don't need to connect wire-line to my phone but the real fact is that I need to. I still need to connect the wireless modem to the phone in my room. The only difference is that I don't have to dial up to the internet anymore. Once I on the computer, internet connection will automatically be ready & I can also use the internet at the same time with my brother with him using his laptop & he don't need to connect anything to connect to the internet as long as the main switch of my computer that is connected to the wireless modem is on.

My singnet broadband 1500k plan will only be activated in july after my singnet broadband 512k plan is over. Yup. =)

My back is aching after sitting for so long in front of my computer. Need a good massage man. Haha. Ok. Alright. I think I shall go do some stretching exercises 1st before I bathe. Heh.

It's a long long time.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Yey! I'm back. Finally everything is over. Phew~ I'm feeling much more relieved now. After all the weeks of studying. Hee. Frankly speaking, I don't mind going school for lectures but I really dread exam periods. I'm not going to think about it anymore. Shall enjoy myself to the fullest. Wait till the result is out then I will cry if I need. Haha. Ok ok. I hope I won't. Or maybe I will just cry out of joy. You never know right? Haha. Nah. I will be happy to pass all the papers with acceptable results. Heh.

To pamper myself a little, I went lunching with my friend at Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken BBQ Korean Restaurant. They serve mostly beef dishes actually but the food is yummy! They are not oily & they make me feel so healthy & guiltless gulping them down into my stomach. Hehe.

After lunch, we went shopping & I got myself a demin mini from Fox Women. The price is reasonable & it looks pretty good on me. Don't I look good in everything? Lol. Alright. I'm kidding. Haha. I'm still far from it manz. I need more exercise & toning. Heh. Anyway, I love the feeling of buying something I like for myself. =p

Then we went to catch a 4.20pm show at Cathay Cineleisure. By the way, the movie ticket price at Cathay is still the same. They never raise the prices of their tickets. Yup yup. Shall patronise there more often if I want to watch a movie. :p

Kingdom of Heaven is relatively nice. Good plot & actors. But somehow I feel that it would be even nicer if I hadn't fall asleep for like 20 seconds or so I presume I did during the show. Haha. Well, I was just so tired & sleepy. Only manage to catch 4 hours of sleep last night till this morning. So I assume I missed that 20 seconds or so story. Heh. My friend tapped me up & after that I was attentive throughout the show again. grin~

Ok people. I'm free now. Please date me. But appointment 1st ok? Haha.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

When tadpoles become.....

This is hilarious. Haha.

Image hosted by

Loving you. Loving me.

I am feeling so full & bloated now. I had delifrance's mango chicken sandwich, kfc's cheese-fries (supposed to be my bro's share but he doesn't dare to eat cheese. weird him. i love cheese soOoOo much. Hah. =p) & grass jelly with sea coconuts for lunch. I went for pilates lesson just now. (you see, my effort is down the drain with food I ate just now. especially the cheese-fries. hah.) It's good as usual. Hehe. Today's class was much crowded than before. So I had to like squeeze my mat to a corner & I couldn't make too "big actions". No space. Lol. I haven't been going for lessons for like almost a month & there are already quite a few new moves. Pretty challenging. :p Feeling so great going back to the class again & seeing my pretty pilates instructor. (don't misunderstand. i only like guys. haa. )

I was browsing through a friend's blog & I came across & read about an entry in which he wrote about his dad. He was never in good terms with his dad. My friend & his dad always quarrel & one day they got into a huge arguement & ever since then they never spoke again. There were no communication & they were just like strangers living under the same roof. His dad wasn't an healthy man. He was diagnosed with kidney failure ever since the very day my friend's mum conceived him. He was a bitter man & he always felt that he was a burden to his family. His condition worsened a few months ago & he was diagnosed with complications in his colon. His last words to my friend was to ask him to take care of mum & sister. Now he is gone & my friend was soaked with guilts & regrets. He wished he had treated him nicer.

I feel kind of sad reading this entry. Yes. We are young now & we have many many friends. But our families, our closest kins they are the ones who will stand by us all the time & they are the ones who won't give us up no matter what things happened. They obviously love us but some just don't know how to express themselves. We often take things for granted & regretted when things happened. Treasure all your loved ones when you still can. You don't have to go around telling them you love them & stuffs. I think if I tell my parents or my brothes I love them they will say I crazy. Haha. My family don't express our loves for one another with mushy words. Actions tell more than words right? Heh. But I hope next time my own family will be the kind where my husband, kids & myself can express our love for one another with all the lovey dovey words & hugs & kisses. Haha. =)

It hurts a lot when your life is filled with regrets. Trust me.

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

dAnCe To ThE pArTy

There are so many 21st birthday parties this year & I had already missed a few. :
Ponder ponder...

I just came back from Jillyn's birthday party. I drove there with my 2 cousins. Surprise how she knows my cousins right? They met during my birthday party & they made friends with one another. Haha. Quite interesting yea? =)

Parties can help to widen the social circles! But... Sad to say it's not always. Sometimes only ok. Keke. So far it hasn't happen to me yet. I have yet to meet any new cute & nice dude. Haa. Oh manz... *grin*

Anyway, saw some poly people & colleague there. I'm not very close to them so we were like just smiling & saying hi to one another. Yup. & my cousin kinda interested in 1 of the girls. Lol. Haha. Ok. Alright. I shall not reveal here. Bleah* =p

Image hosted by

I look so tired & haggard after weeks of studying. Lol. It's time to do something. =p Jillyn looks like she is at her ROM. So prettily dressed. Heh.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

In a kid's world

I was super angry with my tuition kid just now & it was definitely not the 1st time that she made me feel so pissed off with her.

I tuition these 2 sisters. The elder one is not so clever but at least she is more sensible, well-mannered & well-behaved. The younger one is pretty good at her work but she is very naughty, likes to talk back to me & love to throw tantrums. Everyone in her family is like so scared of her & she is like so well-pampered (or should I say over-pampered), dominating her whole family. Spoil-brat. Boooo.....

Do you know what's her secret weapon to make you surrender to her? She will cry & cry & cry & shout & shout & shout like mad. But seriously, I don't eat her story. When I feel like it I will go & comfort her a little, if not, I will just leave her alone & let her cry herself out. I can't be bothered. It's just her way to get attention. When she knows that I am not taking notice of her even though she cries like nobody's business, she will purposely come & disturb me. Throw things like pillows at me, paste stickers behind my back, shake my chair, use crayons or pens to drew on me & blah blah blah. Sometimes she will also order or boss you around to ask you to do things for her. Eg. Pick up books & pencils for her, carry things for her, feed her (sometimes she eats her lunch/dinner during tuition), etc. I am like hello? I am not paid to be your maid ok! You shall pick up your own books & pencils, carry your things yourself & you are definitely big enough to eat yourself! Buay ta han. Arrrr..... There are just too much irritating doings that she does & they really frustrated me.

The most I do is to shout angrily at her & totally ignored her. Sometimes I really just feel so much like slapping her but I don't have the right to do so come to think of it. So contradicting. She always loves to disturb me as well whenever I am teaching her sister. I did tell her mother about it & she would like just scold her daughter in front of me & ask her to be a good girl, study hard & don't fool around. But from the way she talks to her & stuffs, I can already guess this is not going to work.

She threw tantrums at me again today. Why? Because she said she wants me to buy her sweets & pocky next week if not she doesn't want to study for her spelling & exams. Well, I do admit I did give her some sweets & goodies sometimes but I am not going to give in to her everytime. Again, she cried & shouted like mad just now. It happened during the timeslot when I was tutoring her sister. I scolded her & asked her to keep quiet & go study for her spelling. Actually I did try to comfort her & talk nicely to her but she just refused to listen. Threw things at me, pasted stickers on my back, used glue-stick to draw on my waist (you know sometimes when you sit down your shirt will lift up a little from your back), & kicked my chair. Grrrr.....

This time her mum came in with a cane & pretended she wanna cane her & the call her dad to complain about her. This made this little naughty cried even louder & said she doesn't want she doesn't want. Her mum also threatened her & said she is not going for tuition anymore. Knew what she did? She pulled up her dress, pulled down her panty & pee on the floor! Then she continued to cry & cry & throw everything that she could find in her room!

I let her cried for awhile more before I went to comfort her. Well, my comforting does wonders sometimes. Heehee..... I can say that she always feel better whenever I am the one who go & comfort her rather than her elder sis or mum. She listens to me. But frankly speaking, though she is mischevious, she has her good & innocent side too. She will give me hugs, kisses & put her hands around me without me noticing or when she is doing her work. Haa.....

One thing also. She will always apologise after every tantrum & whenever I forgive her. She will tell me she is sorry & she will draw me a nice card to tell me she loves me & she is sorry & she won't do it again. Well, sometimes looking at her young & innocent face whenever she says sorry & makes me cards & stuffs, I really can't make myself to feel angry with her more.

Today before I left her house, she whispered to my ear & told me she won't anyhow cry & pee on the floor anymore. Haahaa. Quite hilarious la when she said she promised not to anyhow pee anymore. Lol.

Nevertheless, I can truly understand how it feels like to be an educator to young children. It is so much tougher than you may think it will be. I know it is nothing compared to my friends who are schools teachers & childcare teachers. They gotta face so much more problems in schools. But I can't deny children do make our days sometimes. I believe all teachers feel that. =)

It is not easy to be an educator. Especially a good one. & it never will be.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I wanna...

Yipee! Another paper down today! Woohoo... Heehee...

Open book exam doesn't seem to be any easier. Hmmm... Who cares? It's over now. I just hope everything goes well. *wink*

1 last paper to go. Yey! Not much mood to study actually. Haahaa... Looking forwards so much to Monday! 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5! Countdowning 5 days more! Keke... =p

I have already started thinking/planning what I wanna do after my exams. Lalalalalalala...

:: Meet-ups with all my friends
:: Ktv-ing (It has been quite sometimes since I last went. So... Hehe...)
:: Pilates & Yoga (I want to exercise more! *smile*)
:: Shopping (I'm a shopaholic. :D)
:: Rebonding for my hair
:: Spa (To pamper myself. *grin*)
:: Movies
:: Partying
:: Going on a short holiday (Anyone gaming for that? Heh.)
:: More night-outs
:: Family Photo
:: Braces (It depends. I'll do a check-up 1st. :p)
:: A nice part-time job

Ok ok... The list just goes on & on & it just keeps changing. Haha...

Alright. Time for some tv. I shall convince myself to study a bit later! Lol.

Byeeeee! =)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

How to?

Can someone tell me how to study for open book exam? Especially when the module is Law of Investments. Or should I say Law of Finance & Securities. My textbook & my lecture notes have different names for it. Whatever. They are the same anyway. Heh.

I was watching this channel 8 variety show just now & I heard Sly's new song, "Di Yi Ge Yuan Ying". Nice song. This is the 1st time I heard it & I love it. I am trying to find the lyrics but I still can't find. May post it up here if I can manage to find it. =p

& the kids who took part in the competition are really great! They were dancing so well! Those who watched it just now should what I am talking about. Haha. -smile-
Ok. I shall go study a little bit more before I head to my dreamy-land. ;)

**Muacks** Good Night kiss to all. Haha. Nitey! =D