Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh No!!!

Know what? My younger brother kanna chicken poxs!!! Oh No!!! I heard it's contagious right? My youngest brother & I never had chicken poxs before yet!!! It's really freak me out. It's better don't infect me now. At such critical time period. If not I think I'll cry man.

*touchwood* *touchwood*

2 more papers to go & I'm done! Yeah! Am counting down the days already. =p

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My brother!!! Hope he gets well soon!!! *cheerio*

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

G. A.


Guardian Angel降临


天使它一定能够 感应

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I crave for..........

Love. Money. Dreams. Faith. Happiness.

Not in order by the way.

How about you?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

One more week

Went to orchard yesterday. Like after sOoooOooo long. Ha. Walked around. Things are almost the same. Fashion isn't really any new. Bought a new water bottle from nike & it's pink! One of my favourite colours. Hehe. Bought some snacks too. For me to binge on when I'm studying.

Left one more week to the real exams. I can't wait to get over it soon! I shall look forwards to my life after that. I'm still trying to tune my mind to think positively. Sometimes it's really hard. My mind will just wander off.

Not much updates for the time being. My life is plain BORING now. *laughs*

Hope you & you & you & I myself will see a different me after exams. The more cheery side of me. & more. Can't wait!

Bye peeps! =p

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thinking & thinking & thinking.....

I have been thinking a lot lately. Thinking is good but thinking too much can be a negativity in which I can't control. But still thanks to people who have been offering me advices. I really hope this phase of my low time will go away soon. It has really affected me in one way or another.

Feel like giving up but I am still holding on. I am still holding on but yet I feel like giving up. Quite contraditive I know. I don't want to make a mistake & I also don't want to continue making the mistake if I am really making now.

I don't wanna regret later.

Sometimes you just need someone/someones for you to rant, hug & cry upon.

Okay...I shall continue with my revision later. Gotta try to buck up. I realise that although I was reading the notes but my mind just wasn't really concentrating.

May all the good things come along soon. =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mood swing

Hate myself for the evil thoughts.

But I just couldn't help it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Blues

I went for my 2nd treatment today. Everything was done & hence the dentist said I didn't have to come for the 3rd treatment. *hurray* Hehe... I'm glad I don't have to. Imagine you have to open your mouth really big for nearly an hour. It's quite ermmm..... Hah.

I don't have the mood to study today too. Monday blues. =( Indeed it is. I have no motivation to do anything. How I wish I can be very happy at every moment everyday but too bad I'm not. Not say I'm sad but I just can't find a reason to be happy about.

PMS or what. I just feel that things are just not right. I hate the feeling of waiting.


Get over it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


So..... Eventually I didn't go to my friend's birthday chalet yesterday. I guess a girlfriend of mine was quite pissed with me for not going. She said the birthday boy came to my birthday party earlier on this year & it wasn't very nice if I didnt go to his. She thinks that I am just plain lazy to go down to the party. Oh well, it's quite depressing to hear these words from someone whom I had known for ages. I don't wanna explain further why I don't wanna go. It may sound like I'm finding excuses for myself.

I think my presence at the chalet isn't that important afterall because the birthday boy actually smsed me just now to thank me for coming to his party. Did he see my twin? I presume he mass-smsed everyone who was on his invitation list. I wished him anyway.

I'm going to the dentist tmr for my 2nd treatment. It's so scary. I have always hated to go to the dentist. Let's hope everything goes fine. =)

Okay. I shall go remove my mask (yes. i am doing my facial-masking now. heh. most girls are vain pots. *grin*) & continue with my revision. Life is soooooo boring now! *pout*

Where is my guardian angel? I need you to guard & guide me along.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Still in a dilemma if I should go to my primary school's classmate 21st birthday chalet later in the evening. Frankly, I'm getting a bit bored with all the parties & celebrations. I had been to countless 21st parties this year & things aren't that new anymore. Hmmm.....

Haven't been shopping for quite a while. I miss my retail therapy!

Can't wait for these few weeks of study breaks & critical exams periods to be over soon. *sigh*

Looking forwards to my holidays! *smile*

Friday, October 07, 2005

How fast is your pair of eyes?

I played until stage 4 & my eyes became blurry already. *lousy me* =p Will play again! Hehe...

Try it out!

I love singing! =)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Cool. I think I'm getting much better now. At least I'm not moaning in pain like the past few days. I can still feel the thing but it's like so much comfortable than before. *relieved*

I don't know is it my psycological problem or what but after the treatment yesterday I feel that there is more saliva in my mouth. How? Haha. Quite ironical.

So. My girls, you all wanna k too right? Shall we go this saturday when I suppose all of us can make it? Let's go partyworld! It's like $28+ for a 3-5 persons room plus a free drink for each. (for sat 2-6pm) It seems much cheaper than kbox. Heh. Let me know! =p

Monday, October 03, 2005

Feeling lousy

I went to the dentist just now & he suggested that I shall do a root canal treatment. It was so damn painful though he injected aspirin to my gum. & I need to go three times in all for the entire treatment. Today I did one & still left two more treatments to do. *faint* He gave me some painkillers for me to take home too. These few nights I haven't been sleeping well and I don't really have any appetite to eat. So unlike me right? Those who know me will understand. I am a food lover & I can eat a lot. I look so ugly now too. With the "not enough sleep" look. Hai...

The treatment is so bloodly hell expensive as well. Hmmm... But what to do? I don't know why it happens to me. I am feeling very lousy. Really. It's like there is always a hurdle in whatever I do lately. Things aren't in the way I want. *whine* Hope all the good things & good news shall come along soon.


Sunday, October 02, 2005


My mind just keeps wandering off. Too many things to make me think. My right jaw/gum/teeth is killing me too! I can't concentrate doing anything. Gonna go to the dentist tmr or else I think I will die of pain. Grrrr. So damn saddening. I hope it will get well soon if not I can't sing this week. Yeah. Sing. I wanna go ktving. Still.

I think I need somebody.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


My right jaw is so painful now. I wonder is it my teeth or my gum. Have a problem eating or even drinking on the right side of my mouth. It is just so painful. I think the pain is making me feeling feverish.



It's just not my day.


Superstars' Concert

Yoyo! I just came back from the superstars' concert not too long ago. Bathed & now doing some stuffs online, gonna pack bag after that & prepare the things I need tmr & then going to my bed. I like the last doing the best. So tired but yet so many things left undone.

Anyway, the concert was really cool! I enjoyed myself very much! Heh. Yup. Shall blog more about it tmr. Going to pack my stuffs now. Wonder how's the interview like tmr. Hmmm... Ha.

Ok. Good Night!