Monday, May 28, 2012


Am I really behaving like a princess? Everything has to be the way I imagine they should be? People has to do what I think they should do if not I get upset? Should I stop being so sensitive to people and things around me? Should I just be more relax and open minded so that I would be happier?

Am I really that hard to please? I hate myself for that actually. Tantrums thrown and sometimes I really don't meant it. But too late to admit I am a bit overboard and continue to act strong-headed. Haha.. Quite an ass I know... Lol

Back to work tomorrow. London here I come! Praying for good weather and a great new month ahead!



Greece is indeed an absolute beauty. The sun (despite getting sun-burnt), the sea, the paranomic view, the friendly and helpful Greeks, the freshest seafood, cheap beer and wine. It was kind of an adventurous journey for me. Being a scaredy cat who is afraid of heights and animals. Lol. Nevertheless, I still think I wanna go back some days. Be more brave, embrace the beauty and take more photos! Ha!

Love holidays but it's about time to tidy up the feelings and mood, and get the momentum right to go back to work. Am hoping I can be more discipline and save more money. Then... probably start thinking about the future all over again. The job, finding the one to spend the next phase of life together, settling in all the commitments. I guess it's never easy. To let go and walk out of the comfort zone, to have a fairytale love story and being happily married. Never easy. Never.

I believe god will lead the way and give me what is the best for me. Looking forward actually. :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dear diary

Dear diary,

You are always my best friend whenever I am down. It's a weekend and I did not have a date even though the other half is in town. 30/31 days a month, how many days are given to me? And how many days are officially mine? Even the upcoming holidays, we have to discuss through the phone and not a meet-up to plan the itineraries and book the flights and hotels together. I seriously feel something is missing.

You dislike me for flaring up so often, and I too, dislike you for smoking your health away and you always make false resolution about quitting it. I can't even see the future together because you are not creating one. Tell me what should I do diary? I am lost and confused. At my age of 28, I should move on if things didn't work out right? I don't know. Really don't know how. May god keep lighting up my path, so that I know what to do.