Monday, August 30, 2004


Yes. Weekends are precious & precious things never last. :/

Ate Nasi Lemak for lunch than went Coffee Club for desert. Mud pie. Shared it with Mia cos the mud pie was like so big. But it was really nice lar. How to lose weight like that? Lol. Saw the Chen Hong Yu (XIao XIn from the Holland V drama) at the 7-11 near my office. Filming. Pretty charming. Woo. Haha. Went straight home right after work. No clubbing. No shopping. No anything. Yup. No life huh? Cos I got no date. So sad. Lol. Anyway, I was also too tired to go out. Been sleeping really very little & I felt so weak somehow. Moodless to do anything. Hmmm.

Saturday was better. I met up with Yingxiu for lunch. Suntec was caught with human jam. It was like so terrible. Yup. Comex 2004. Made so many people went ga-ga over it. Heh. We settled our lunch at Country Mania. The food was nice & price was gd. Haha. We ordered half grilled spring chicken with mashed potatoes & carrots as sides, salmon penne lunch set (over-baked salmon penne, cream of mushrooms soup & a glass of lemon tea) & brownie with ice-cream. Sinful. But we simply can't resist from not ordering it cos it was like only $1.99? Haha. But it was ok la. We shared. Hehe. We took some pictures. Shall post some here:

Went for tuition at 7.30pm. My legs were wobby & I was like damn tired. But to save bus fare, i still chose to walk. Heh. I took 20 min or so. From Hg Mrt Station Woo. I was like dragging & pushing myself to walk. Phew! i got there in time. It was like 7.32pm? Haha.

The boy was playful at that tuition. But he was rather cute lar. Keep complaining that he wanna slp liao, huh so many to do, can i don't do? etc. Kids are still kids. They talk kids' languages & do real silly things. I mean REAL. The boy told me that everytime when he was careless in his work, he would bang his head HARD on the table. He said he got bruises & bumps on his head sometimes. Silly boy. Haha. Oh ya. His mum bought ice-cream & my tuition susposed to end at 9pm. At ard 8.15pm he actually asked me: "Yolene jie jie... Are you going home already? If you never go back, I can't eat my ice-cream leh. Can you go home?" Wah. This xiao gui was chasing me home! Lol. Well. I was thick-skinned. I stayed put till 9pm. Haha. He also kept asking me to switch roles with him. I would sit for his exams & he would sit for my exams cos he told me his exams so difficult. Hmmm... As if he can do mine. Hai... Kids... Hee. The mum gave me an ice-cream too. Though I don't feel like taking but due to mannerism, i took. Hah.

Went out for a "date" with emily on Sunday. Haha. It had been 2 wks since we last met. Not long lar but we would meet once a wk to catch up but she was ill last wk. So yup. Heh. Starbucks for coffee. Pizza Tanglio for Pizza-Calzone (yummy!). Gusto for deserts-strawberry cheesecake for me & mixed fruits tarlet for her. So full! Chat & chat & chat alot too. 1 of our favourite hobbies. Haha. Then it was time for home sweet home.

There it gone my precious weekend... Am looking very forwards to the next one...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I want to be a mummy!

Found 2 very nice & sweet blogs.



These 2 blogs are created by 2 married couples, specially delicated to their children. The 1st blog is a girl. Clie Pan. I think she looks really cute & sweet! I like her! Haha. Her mummy is also quite pretty. The 2nd blog is a boy. Ethan Ong. Very adorable looking & the current blog design is really nice.

Their parents are doing blogs for them so as to keep track of their growth development & personally I think the blogs will create really wonderful memories for the kids when they grow up. They are able to reflect & see what they have done during their childhood times and how much their parents love them. More and more parents are creating blogs for their children & this idea actually stimulate me to wanting to create blogs for my kids in future. Ethan's parents even have other toddlers' blogs who are also done by their parents linked to their son's blog. I think this is really cool.

I suggest that PM Lee can use these blogs to urge & encourage Singaporeans to get married & to give birth to more children. I'm smiling when I was browsing the blogs. =)

Children are gifts from god. When i looked at Clie's & Ethan's blogs, I suddenly felt that it's so great to start your very own family & having your own babies. A doting husband. Adorable kids. =) Hopefully I'll settle down at 25. Having my 1st baby at 27. Haha. Things are unpredictable. Who knows I may be someone esle's mummy before 25? Anyways, this is not the most important issue now. More important now is the Mr. Right issue. Hohohoho...


Yeah! Today is finally THURSDAY! Looking soOoO forwards to my weekend. Hee. Well. Work is pretty routine. Boring sometimes. Should i change a job? But I'm like super lazy to go look for a new job again. Search the newspapers, surf the web, go to agencies, go for interviews & blah blah blah... The process makes me sick.

Feel like coloring my hair. But my hair's condition is like hmmm... I dunno. Heh. Maybe I should seek some advice from my hair stylist. Gonna spend $ if I really gonna do & I have been like spending really quite alot recently. When I went to update my bank-book. I got a shock. Dun dare to look at the remaining balance & the transactions. Haha. Ok la. I WANT & am DETERMINED to save $ but it's hard leh. I love shopping & there are so many temptations outside! Help!!!

Ok. The main topic for this blog's entry. Should I go on diet? Some people commented to me that I seem to put on a little bit of weight, look more tone & fit & better. Haha. I'm sad! I don't wanna put on weight. Mabye cos I frequent the gym & that's why i appear "bigger"? Alright. Diet has always been my all time favourite resolution. Some people keep asking me to eat more. Well. Are you guys simply jealous of my figure? LOl. Just kidding. I dun think I have a very good figure. I adore Fiona Xie's good figure! I wish my busts are bigger, arms are slimmer, legs are longer, thighs & calves are smaller, smaller waist, slimmer face & flatter tummy. I am like so greedy. Haha. Typical girl. Hee.

So guys, any good dieting advices, share share la? I admit. I am VAIN. =p

Monday, August 23, 2004

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Alright. I shall update my happenings for the past few days.

My Friday
Took 1/2 day leave from work. Woohoo... I was pretty happy cos i had been surfing the net in the office for the past 2 days. But when I was supposed to leave during lunch hr, Brenda gave me some quotations to ask me to update to the PC. It was quite alot but she said I could take my time. Cool. I am really taking my own sweet time to do now. No rushing. Hehe.

Well, the leave I took was because I got an interview with a kindergarden at Punggol North. I want to be a teacher? Uh huh, not really. But not sure what went into my mind that make me keep looking for a lookout for the position of a teacher in the newspapers. Anyway, talking about my interview. I got down at the wrong bus-stop. Suppose to get down at Punggol but I got down at Seng Kang. All becos of an ECON Minimart. When I called up the kindergarden to ask for the direction to the school, the teacher or whoever told me to take bus 83 & get down the bus once I see an ECON MInimart. Ok. ECON Minimart then. I saw one when the bus reached Compassvale. I was still hesitating to get down or not & hence I called up the school again & asked. She said yes. See ECON MInimart you must get down & cross the road. Alright. I did as she told. I got down. Crossed the road. I don't see BLK 105D. They were all BLK no. 200 plus & I saw Compassvale Pri Sch. Fine. I thought it may be further down the street, so I continued walking till I saw Rivervale Mall. I still couldn't find & I was already perspiring like don't know what. The sun was so blazing. How I hope I had a sunglass at that point of time. Haha. I called the school again. I guessed the girl who answered the call must have find me irritating cos I keep calling & she kept telling me to faster cos her boss gng for interview. Shortly, I managed to board another bus 83 & got down at the right bus-stop. Phew.

Punggol is pretty deserted. Like so "wu lu wu lu". Lol. I crossed the road & I finally found e kindergarden. Went in, filled up the empoyment application form & met the big boss. We had a pretty long interview. She said my faculty of studies in poly don't telly with the job scope of being a teacher. I agreed. We really had a long conversation. Talking about being a teacher, life goals & achievements & blah blah blah. She was a nice lady. She gave me some really wonderful advices. She said "Do not job-switch too much that is completely out of what you are currenty doing." I find it quite true. You may not be able to adapt & if you really regret, it will be quite hard to you to make a U-turn. She said she enjoyed talking to me & she said she found me as a very postive person. I know my goals & ambition & I got my sense of direction of what I want. Well, seriously, I was thinking in my heart, "Do I?" But I am happy with the way I presented my interviews and views to her. She also said she could see that I am a more biz person. Before that, I told her frankly that I wanted to study & she said she knew that I wouldn't stay long even if I really become one of their teachers. She said this may hurt the children's feelings as they would feel sad & a kindergarden that has a high teachers turnover rate doesn't reflect well on the kindergarden itself in the pre-sch industry. She said she can offer me relief teaching but not as a real full time teacher with them. Not sure what happened, but after the interview with her I am more sure of what I want. I don't want to be a teacher for long & even if I really wanna be one, it will not be a pre-sch teacher. I want to get myself more established & with more knowledge in the biz world. Pursing a degree in biz is undoubtful for me.

It was pouring really heavily after my interview. It created a chance for me to use my newly bought Espirit umbrella. Haha. But the rain was really big. Either the umbrella is too small or I am too big, I got drenched. Waited awhile at a nearby shelter near the kindergarden. Feel so pathetic. LOl. Rain got smaller & I took bus 82 & i got home. Rested awhile, washed my face, ate something & touched up my make-up.

Meeting Sher at Bugis Mrt Station at 4. I was late though. Guess i reached at about 4.20-4.30pm or so. Heh. We went Swensens for ice-cream. 5 scopes of ice-cream only cost you $1.39! After service charge & GST, it is only $1.60! So damn cheap! We were so happy! Haha... But the flavours were quite limited for us to choose from cos all had finished by the time we went. But nvm. The ice-cream was nice. Hee. We chatted quite abit. Tok about sch, friends & update on the happenings ard us. After that, we walked to Clark Quay cos Sher said she felt like chilling out at Brewreks. It was alright with me but just that I don't really feel like drinking & I seldom drink. Yup. We walked there. I insisted. Don't wanna waste bus or mrt fare. It is so expensive now as we no longer can buy the student concession stamps. Along the way, we settled at Funan the IT Mall for our dinner. The food court. I ate ban mian & she ate yong tao foo. She ate really little. I feel like a big eater with her. Haha. One thing i don't like about the food court is that the guys working at the stalls keep staring at us. As if they never see girls before. Should be pretty girls, to be more precise. Haha. Ok. Dinner done. We went to Brewreks. It was full. Sher worked there before & she knew the people there lar. So we jointed down our names & once they had vacant seats, they would call us. During the waiting part, we took some pictures using my digital camera. I think I looked terrible. Sleepy look & my face colour didn't look well that night. Very shortly, Brewreks called & said we got a table. Ok. We went. Take two sips of ice water. Looked at the menu. Nothing seemed to fancy us. We decided to leave but feel abit paiseh lar. But we didn't really care. Sher just told the waitress that we were not ordering anything & we were leaving. The waitress looked speechless & said, "Oh, It is ok." Of cos you have to say ok. I am not gng to stay there. Haha. So we walked down the Clark Quay street, Sher wanted to show me to the lesbians pub (i forget the name le) but it was like only 9pm. Too early for them to hang out. No where to go & so we went home. Had quite enjoyed myself. But Sher did something that really surprised me. But I am not gng to say it here. Other than that, we clique quite well. =)

My Saturday
Saturday is always a good day to sleep. Hee. I slept till 10 plus or 11 in the morning. Can't remember the exact timing. I never really slept very long cos I slept late but at least I don't have to wake up at 7 in the morning. Grinz. =p Nothing much. Woke up. Ate "brunch". Read newspapers. Watch some TV. Slack around. Head to the gym. Back. Got a new student for tuition. Primary 1 boy. He is pretty cute. Heh. Went for tuition at 7pm. Luckily dad fetched me or else I would be like too lazy to walk to the boy's house. Had my dinner at 9pm. Watch Tv again. Read Cleo. Online. Back to my beauty sleep! =)

My Sunday
Suppose to meet up with Emily but she fell sick. Got a bad sore throat. Poor girl. Ok. I was at home the whole day except in the evening I went to Hougang Mall to buy KFC with my dad. Haha. Watched SCV, read & onlining. Yup. That was my Sunday. Heh.

This is a super long entry. Haha.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Office job is BORING!

This topic spells out my thought. Haha. Office job is BORING!!! Sometimes I really got nothing to do that I can surf the internet the whole day till I don't know what else to surf already. Haha. A super slacking & stressless job. I am seldom busy. Which may be good in one sense & bad in another sense. Just some basic reception cum administrative duties. Frankly speaking, I don't think it needs a diploma holder to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. Hiaks! A waste of my talent. Lol.

Pretty determined now that I don't wish to go into the administrative line in the future when I am really out into the real working world. (This is only a temp job. Most prob studying next yr to get my degree.) I prefer jobs that are challenging & can provide me with great career opportunities and advancements. Seriously I don't think I can go far working in this office. (Though it is a german MNC) :/

I am a job-hopper! Haha. Make it sounds nicer, I wanna gain more different working experiences before I go for my studies. Of course the pay$$ wise is important but I think the process is even more imperative. Been flipping thru newspapers & browsing jobstreet. Hopefully I will be rewarded. Hehz.

Alright. I shall stop here. Going to the toilet. Haha...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bye Bye Ngee Ann

Today is my school's graduation ceremony. I didn't go. I doubt many people will go also. If most of my friends are going, then perhaps I may consider going. Actually I find it quite pointless to go as in you suppose to reach by 0830 (the ceremony starts at 1000) to practise or rehearse the procedures and I don't think it will start on time either. Must be draggy with the Principal's speech & blah blah blah... Then after the ceremony you will proceed to some reception & yeah... After that, you will mingle around with your lecturers, schoolmates & classmates & most probably you will be bombarded with questions like "So are you currently working or studying?", "Where are you working/studying?", "Don't you intend to further your studies?", etc... Scary... Don't know why. I just hate it when people keep asking me about my future plans. Make me so paranoid. Perhaps I am just unsure of myself. Haha. Nah. I think I know myself & know what I want. I am just "occassionally" fickled-minded. Lol.

Time seems to fly sOoOoO fast. I think many people have been saying that. 3 years in Ngee Ann have gone. Today eventually marks the official end of my poly student life in Ngee Ann. No more lectures, no more tutorials, no more projects, no more common tests, no more exams, no more skipping of lectures & no more taking bus 74. Haha. I always take bus 74 to school. Now I don't take bus 74 anymore unless needed. NEL takes me to almost everywhere in the fastest time conveniently. Haha. Studying is still SO much better than working. I would say I will rather study. Really miss my school days. Hai... Sometimes I just wonder why isn't Ngee Ann offering any degree courses? If there are, I sure take up. Haha.

Bye Bye Ngee Ann! My story in you ends today. You have left me with colorful memories. I am proud to be part of Ngee Ann's history. Muacks! =p

Welcome to my Diaryland

Hello! This is my first entry. Always wanted to start my very own blog but I am just plain TOO lazy. Haha. Well, here you are to my bloggie! =p Created this blog in my office. Got TOO much free time to waste anyway. Lol. But at least I got myself started. Heh. Guess it is time for me to brush up my IT skills as well. Hmmm... Hope I don't give up half-way. Haha... Lalalalala... I am so excited. Welcome to my Diaryland~